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Thanks for the kind words, keep it comming and I'll keep the stories comming.
I woke up and heard some rustling in the kitchen, I looked down a little worried, but I guess Veronica had covered me up because my boxers were on and there was a blanket over me. I just put on my T shirt which was next to me, it wasn’t unusual to walk around in my boxers when no one was home, and I had been caught on occasion. I’m not a shy guy in the least but I did have a small sense of modesty. Torre walked past the living room quickly to her room, I only had the chance to say, “Hey Tor!” Before I got a quick, “Hey and she darted to her room.”
Now one of the reasons I loved staying there, besides the convenience and the obvious NEW benefit, was because we would all eat together and talk so it would be like a family, so Tor was acting weird. I went to her room and knocked on the door, all I heard on the inside was, “Yea?” “Hey Torr, it’s me, you doing ok?” I probed. “Yea. Fine. Just eating lunch.” Her response was a bit odd because none of us ate in our rooms, we either ate in the living room in front of the TV or we ate in the dinning room together. Plus they all were really close to me so I was a bit upset that I was talking to her through a door. “Hey Tor, can I come in?” There was way more silence than I would have liked when finally I heard, “Yea… I guess so.” When I opened the door Torre was on the floor barely picking at her food but not looking up. “What’s the deal Jelly bean?” I always called every girl in my life by some nickname, but I usually got a better response than, “Nothing.”
I couldn’t take it. I walked over to her and asked, “What’s up Tor? You’re not OK I can tell.” She still didn’t look at me but finally she talked to me, “Well, it’s not a big deal, I just… when I came home I saw you.” Oh crap, it must have been Torre that covered me up, but how much did she do and how much did veronica do? I decided to assume the best, “I’m sorry girlie, I just fell asleep when I didn’t expect to, you know I sleep in my boxers, and I just knocked out from work.” I hoped this would be enough, but to my dismay she still wouldn’t look at me.
“It’s fine that you fell asleep, I just covered you up.” To which I could only respond a quick, “Thanks.” She finally started to turn to me when she quickly looked away, “I should tell you I saw a lot,” I looked down and realized my dick was still hanging out of my shorts, I wasn’t embarrassed but did tuck it away quickly. “I’m sorry honey, I’m a guy, and I guess our boxers are made for quick release.” She turned to me again, “No, I mean I saw… you and V.”
HOLY CRAP! I was in trouble now, “What do you mean you saw me and V?” I already knew the answer but I wanted to see what she made of it. “I saw you guys FUCKING! What do you think?” OK, now I know. “I’m sorry it just kinda happened,” I figured I’d try the old lines one always hears, “I don’t know, one thing led to another, I’m sorry you saw that.”I got my wish, she was looking at me, but now I was the one having trouble keeping eye contact.
“Why are you sorry?” She asked, but I didn’t know the answer. “Were you ashamed of your performance?” Finally one of us made a joke to lighten the mood, at my expense. “Well no,” I almost objected, “I was just thinking that’s not something you should see, other people fucking is not really a class or something.” I was more comfortable now and I could look at her again but this time, things were different. “I wish it was a class, you know about my one guy and how bad he was. I wish I could just sit him down and say, ‘HERE’S WHAT TO DO!’” She was joking now I wanted to get one in so I said, “Well you CAN yell at him like that, some guys need the lesson.” She moved closer to me which I was not expecting. “I have no idea what to tell him… but you certainly seem to know what you’re doing… maybe I should learn from you.” With that she reached down through the hole in my boxers, “hmm… quick release or easy access?”
Now I would love to say that I tried to stop her, I’d love to say logic took at least a little control, I’d love to say I evaluated the situation and did the right thing, but in all honesty, I couldn’t control myself anymore. I just pulled her to my face and started kissing her, this tiny girl whom I had known most of my life now had her lips on mine. She had her hand on my dick and my hands were traveling down her back. I reached down and cupped her ample ass. “Well the only things you need to know about sex are the fallowing: Learn what you like, guys will always work to please… at least the keepers. You hold the keys. Guys will do what works to fuck you never the other way around. And lastly, you have control until you decide to give it up. Fallow these three rules and you’ll always have great sex.”
I was catching glimpses down her shirt as my kisses moved down to her neck, but I knew this inexperienced girl was giving me the keys to the kingdom right away. I pulled her top off and cleared her bra immediately, my own shirt quickly fallowed. For a girl without experience she sure knew how to fallow along. Now I’d been in and out of that house for a while, but I never knew it was home to some of the greatest tits, not only Veronica’s big ones, but now Torre’s B’s were toped with the perfect chocolate kiss nipples, dark brown and about the size of a dime, with nipples that jutted out just a bit. I looked around and her room was a mess. “We’re gonna need more room to learn if you’re gonna get a proper, hum, lesson.” With that she lead me out of her room by my dick, what is it with these girls knowing just how to lead a man, and took me to Jo’s room.
Jo was a bit of a neat freak so finally a clean room. I pushed Torre down on the bed and pulled off her jeans. All she was left in were a pair of pink thong panties and I knew that having a guy loom over her in this state wasn’t the most comfortable she’s ever been. I laid down next to her and kissed her hard. She grabbed the back of my head and moaned in my mouth, now she was learning to take control. My hand slid over her young perky tits and played with her nipples a bit squeezing and rolling them around between my thumb and fore finger. She pushed herself harder against me. My hands immediately went around her to her back and slowly traced her spine until I had reached this girl’s personal testament to the existence of God, her round tight ass.
My hands quickly went under her panties, which barely coved anything back there, and cupped her ass. She threw her leg over mine and I pulled them completely off before taking my hand to every man’s promise land. Tight, pink, 18 year old, shaved pussy. I didn’t want to take it too fast with this girl, but I could barely contain myself. I started by kissing her lips while my hands spread her pussy lips, I just ran them up and down, I felt her get a bit wet so I started to rub her clit. I don’t think she was expecting me to do all that, her eyes widened, “OH MY GOD! Wow, what are you doing?! Oh wow, God that feels great.” She had no idea what foreplay was and though I was a man on a mission, I had already cum that day and I knew I could be a good teacher.

I held her arms down against the bed and kissed her, slowly kissing lower, circling her nipples and never moving my tongue away from her body. I kept a trail all the way down till I reached my newest Mecca, Torre’s pussy. I was a bit softer with her than I had been with Veronica, honestly because I didn’t think she could handle the rough stuff just yet and also I wanted her to have a nice fuck. I licked her pussy up and down she was almost sweeter than V had been. Her clit was smaller too but having my share of girls in my life I was able to find my way around. I licked her clit and played with it for a bit until I felt my fingers, which had never left her pussy, start getting pulled, she was gonna have an orgasm. This was actually a problem for me, well one I liked, and I couldn’t get Jo’s bed dirty and full of cum. I had no choice right? I mean what would you do if you knew this pretty young girl was gonna have her first orgasm all over the bed? I did what any normal man would. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and started sucking out all the juice.
This proved to be a far more dangerous idea than I had imagined, being her first and intense orgasm she squeezed her legs together around my head and dug her nails into my scalp. It was a wonderful sacrifice to make so that this girl could be happy… and honestly so she’d let me fuck her again.
I kept sucking and licking until I heard her breathing come back and my head feel like the vice loosened. I started to move up slowly and she surprised me, “How do I taste?” She asked. I don’t know if it was out of curiosity or simply an attempt at being sexy, either way, I let her find out. I moved up to her mouth and kissed her dead on, her cum still on my lips, but so that she wasn’t cheated by my own flavor I dipped my fingers into her pussy again and stuck that in her mouth. Maybe it had been simply to be sexy because she looked shocked when I stuck my fingers in her mouth, but she must have liked it because soon she was sucking my fingers like it was a cock.
To my surprise this innocent little girl knew more than I gave her credit for because she started stroking my dick, “What’s next teacher?” she asked, no doubt this time trying to be sexy. I could have taught her more about foreplay but there would be another time for that, right now I needed some relief. I was hard in her hand and told her to spread her pussy lips so I could make my way in, she was a wonderful student, and she did exactly as she was told. I started entering her slowly. The feel of her pussy and the faces she made told me I was a bit bigger than her last guy, no surprise there. I pushed and pushed until finally my cock was completely inside her. I let her get used to me and slid my hands down her sides until they were under her thighs and wrapped her legs around me. She locked her ankles and we were ready. I started sliding in and out slowly picking up the pace as I went. She would learn to help later but right now she was just gripping the bed. She was moaning loudly and her head was moving back and forth in front of me eyes closed. It was time for another little lesson. I leaned down and kissed her nipples, playing with them again causing her more pleasure and then up her breasts, finally I stopped at her neck and sucked hard on her main artery. Trust me for those of you guys that need a lesson, this is the trick spot for a lot of girls. She was yelling now louder, her pussy was grabbing me tight, as tight as her eyes were in her head and her hands were on the bed. She started to learn to move with me just a bit and I could feel another orgasm coming on. She squealed and moaned yelling, the only audible words were, “YES!” and “GOD!” but I’m sure you get the message.
I kept fucking her, very slowly now to let her down off her high, and as her breathing slowed she did something surprising, she pushed me off. She almost knocked me back but for good reason, she turned over and got on her hands and knees, showing the only thing better than an 18- year old pussy, an 18 year old virgin ass. She was spread a bit at the knees and looking back at me in the classic fuck me look. Her words even surprised me, “Fuck me! Fuck me like you fucked Veronica! Fuck my pussy from behind.” This little girl still had something to learn but I decided to oblige. Keeping with my rule, guys will do anything to fuck. I didn’t want to correct this pretty little sex pot now. The only thing I was going to say to her was a little bit of direction, “if you want me to fuck that pussy, you’d better spread yourself open to receive it.” With that she reached up underneath herself and fingered herself a bit before spreading her lips to receive me. Her fingers were glistening and her pussy was dripping, I wanted a taste but knew I was there for another reason.
This girl was sexy as possible but still new to the game so I went in slowly, I let her ease her pussy to accept me and enjoy herself. That was until I was fully inside of her, that’s when I grabbed onto her luscious ass and started slamming my cock into her. I don’t think she was expecting that, but she sure didn’t complain when I did it. I just gripped her best asset and pounded her, this girl should learn all about sex, and weather she liked it rough or not. Apparently she did like it because she was cumming in no time. She was screaming loud, I was honestly scared someone would come to check on her. Fallowing what she saw her cousin do she turned and shoved her head down on my cock. She didn’t expect the taste of her own pussy on it because she jerked back right away but then went right back to sucking me off. I couldn’t last long if she was just sucking me, her liking her own taste pushed me further, but when she looked up at me and almost smiled with my cock in her mouth that’s when I lost it. I pulled me cock back so the head was barely in her mouth and sprayed her mouth with my cum. She showed me the perfect picture of her cum filled mouth and swallowed.
“That was a great lesson.” She sounded exhausted. “I guess I cheated though, I saw V doing it and just copied her test,” she laughed with confidence. I hated to burst her bubble but I had to correct her, “Well, you didn’t do everything V did. V let me fuck her ass.” Her jaw dropped, “She let you do that?! Girls like that?” She said the second part less shocked and more intrigued. “Some girls do.” I informed her. “I wanna try!” She was too excited but having cum twice already and not really slept I told her it would have to wait for another day. She was disappointed until it sunk in that we would be doing this again. “Can’t wait!” she said as she bounced out of the room, probably to clean up. I was too worn out to figure it out, I needed to rest. I curled up in Jo’s bed and went right to sleep. I hope my car never runs again.

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I love the fact that she is 18 but still inocent and eager to learn, I wish i had a neighbor like her, love the story keep them cumming.

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