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Meg’s New Career and First Business Trip
My friends say I’m over sexed, I think they’re under sexed. By the way, I’m Meg..

I’ve kept my self in shape, watching my diet and exercising. From the way men stare at by beasts and turn their heads when I walk by, I’d say men like what they see. Paul, my husband, and I make love almost every night, and love to start our with morning sex. We don’t have to make love twice a day, we want to. My friends blamed Paul for being over sexed, demanding to much of me. That stopped when they saw me ‘propositioning’ him one afternoon. I’d never hear the end of it if they had any idea we sometimes jump each other during the night. I just smile, telling them sex is a very important part of my diet and exercise program, can’t you tell how well it’s working!.. .

Paul and I share everything, from the mundane to our dreams and fantasies. It was the fantasies that got us into the Lifestyle. I had a rape fantasy, which Paul arranged a rape for me, with the help of a friend, he fulfilled one of my fantasies. That led Paul and I into the Lifestyle. And fulfillment of Paul’s fantasy, seeing another man fuck me.

We’ve been enjoying the Lifestyle (swinging), and living out some of our fancies with 7 other couples. Just a small intimate group of like minded people. Our group has become quite close as friends. We party as a group and occasionally, Paul or I will meet individually with one of the group members in between parties.

I decided I’d been an at home mom long enough, the kids were in school and old enough to take care of themselves after school, so felt it’s time for me to start a new career. After college, I’d worked in sales and marketing, and thought I’d seek employment in that field. Didn’t think it would be so difficult to find employment, just getting an interview as difficult, even getting an entry level position seemed impossible.

Not quite sure how I got on to the subject of employment at one of the group parties, but I did. I asked Ed for advice, he‘s a senior account executive with a large firm.

A couple of weeks later, Ed calls and wants to get together, we’ve met several times and we’ve always had great sex, so I didn’t give it any more thought. Next day Ed arrives at the house, I greet him wearing sexy lingerie that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. Seeing me, he smiles ear to ear, says I’d get hired real quick in that outfit. I playfully hit him for that remark, he pretended he was hurt..

To my surprise, he says how would you like to work for me. I have an opening in my group or an account executive, and I’d love to offer the position to you.. Before you say anything, it’s a new position, I’d start you our learning about our company, products and customer base, then assign someone as your mentor, and we’ll see how it goes.. Think about it…

NO thinking required, I jumped at the offer, than at Ed, I was horny before he arrived, the excitement of a job offer was more than enough for me to want to celebrate, and having sex with Ed was a fantastic way to celebrate. Ed carried me to the bedroom and stripped me. I could tell Ed was as horny as I was. He slowly removed my thin top, than my panties. And I removed Ed’s clothes, his cock was hard and popped out as I removed his boxers. I wanted to pleasure him, so knelt in front of him and began sucking his dick. Almost immediately there was the taste of his pre-cum, I was really getting into sucking him off when he picked me up, and put me on the bed. Once we got into a 69 position we continued with our oral sex. After we both came, we laid down next to each other and relaxed some. I wasn’t satisfied yet, so began stroking his cock, he sprang back, I climbed on top of him and he inserted his dick in my moist cunt. I love being in control, riding a man’s cock. I pumped his cock and had two great orgasms before he filled me with his hot cum.

Six months later, I’m sitting in Ed’s office, listening to him say how happy he and the CEO were with the way I learned the job and how impressed they are with my work. Then goes on to say they’ve signed a new account, and the CEO wants me to manage the account from this point forward. Ed goes on to say that based on the number of employees, it’s a small company, but financially, it’s a very big account for our firm. I tried to hide my numerousness behind a smile, saying it sounds like just the challenge I’m looking for.

Ed said “Great! I’ve already discussed this with the company’s owner, he wants to meet with us informally, to get to know you us better. He’s invited us to join him in Key West next week. We’re flying out Monday. “This is a great opportunity to get to know the client”.

I went home all excite and nervous. As soon as Paul walked in the door, I began explaining the feedback Ed gave me on my performance, and the little I knew about the new account, and the business trip next week.. He was happy for me, knowing I’d worked hard to get my new career going, and said he knew all the time I could do anything I put my mind to.. He’s always been my biggest supporter.

Sunday night, I packed and got everything ready. Ed was sending a limo to pick me up in the morning at 8am sharp. And like that I was off on my first business trip.

I arrived home a half day early, with a great tan, a broad smile, and totally worn out.. Paul gave me a big hug and kiss. I asked where the kids were. Paul said they spent the night with my parents and weren’t due home for several hours, they’ll be mad they weren’t here to greet you…

With the devilish grin I said “Since we’re along, do you want me to tell you about my trip before or after we make love?”

Both, well sorta, let’s go up to our bedroom and talk there. I’d like to strip you, get in bed, feel your body close to me, and make love, than you can tell me about the trip while we relax and continue playing with each other.

I stripped, letting my clothes fall to the floor, as we headed to the bedroom, Paul immediately noticed there were no tan lines and my pussy was swollen. With that, he said “I can’t wait to hear all about the trip, don’t leave anything out”.

I guess lovemaking can wait…

Ed and I had a good flight to Key West. On the flight down, Ed explained again how important it was for us to make a good impression with the client. This is a company that’s growing, and our CEO wants our relationship with them to grow as quickly.

When we arrived in Key West, a limo was a waiting for us, so we got in. We were more surprised when the limo driver turned into a marina full of expensive boats, guess I should call them yachts..

As we were getting out of the limo, we saw two casually dressed couples walking towards us, the driver was occupied getting our luggage out of the truck and then took them to the yacht. Introductions took place, Ed introduced me as their account manager, I would be their primary contact.

Neil is the owner of the company and is his wide Sophie, and Glenn, the company’s controller, and Amy, his wife. Neil is a tall muscular man, no fat anywhere, Sophie is a little larger boned than I, has a nice, and well portioned body. Glenn and Amy are well tanned, with athletic bodies, Glenn is roughly Ed’s height and a bit thinner, and Amy is my size.

I forgot to mention, Neil and Sophie are blacks, not that it makes any difference.

With everyone on board the yacht, Neil gave us a tour, what a beautiful yacht, 4 state rooms, large lounge with bar, sun deck, kitchen, the works, I’d never been on anything like this before. After the tour, Neil said we should get settled into our staterooms, and change into something more casual. Then let’s meet in the lounge for a late lunch and drinks before heading out of the marina.

I changed into shorts and a bright, loose fitting blouse, Ed change into shorts and a golf shirt.

When we got back to the lounge, a buffet lunch had been set up, and Neil was quick to take our drink order. During lunch, there was a lot of small talk, and more drinks. Based on the small talk and occasional looks, I got the impression there was more to these couples than met the eye. After lunch, Neil took us out of the marina on a relaxing ride to a secluded harbor, which we had all to ourselves.

With the yacht securely anchored. Neil said the warm waters looked inviting, how about a swim.. There were no arguments, everyone went below deck to change.

Think I was the last one back on deck, Neil is wearing something made of spandex, that he called a bathing suit, I tried not to be too obvious, when I glanced down at his big dick. Sophie wore a white bikini, as I found out later, that becomes somewhat transparent once it’s wet. Ed and Glenn wore these baggie bathing trunks, and Amy wore a black bikini that didn’t hide much. I kinda felt out of place in my “G” rated two piece suit..

Sophie took my hand and led me to the diving platform, Amy followed. She asked me if I could swim, I said sure, and the three of us jumped into the clear, warm, inviting water. Once in the water, I noticed Sophie’s swim suit became semi transparent. Sophie saw me looking and asked if I liked what I saw. I nodded. Sophie promised I’d get a better view later.. One of the guys threw us a floats, and then all three joined us in the water. We swam around some before getting ourselves on the floats, and basked in the warm sun and talked about all sorts of things, kids, business, husbands, the usual.

Wasn’t long before the guys were back on the yacht for some man talk…

I asked what other things they did for fun.. Sophie and Amy looked at each other and Amy smiled as she said among other things, we have a favorite club we hang out in, one that lets us live the Lifestyle we’ve chosen. “Interesting, Paul, my husband and I are also into the Lifestyle”.

Sophie asked if I knew anything about Ed, on a personal level. I said yes, he’s into the Lifestyle as well. Sophie and Amy exchanged ‘looks’.

After sunbathing a while, Sophie announced we should to go pretty up. We worked our way back to diving platform. As we heading below deck, Sophie said to the guys, “we be back”..

Sophie took us to her stateroom, inside the cabin, Sophie, Amy and I removed our bathing suits. Sophie got close to me, asked if I’d ever been with a woman. I said yes. With that the three of us stepped into a spacious shower. Sophie looked at my pussy, and said Neil likes his women shaved, he’s gonna love you. We washed and explored each other, making sure we each paid attention to very part of the other’s ‘sex’. Once out of the shower, we dried. By now I’m aroused, Sophie found out as soon as she stuck her finger in my wet pussy. Sophie led me to the bed, had me lay down on my back, she climbed on top and started kissing me. While she felt my tits, I was feeling hers. Amy said hold on, what about me, Sophie and I waved, for Amy to join us. At first Amy and Sophie focused their attention on me, Amy’s lips met mine, but her hands went straight for my tits, and then she started sucking my nipples. Sophie had move down my body and started licking my clit and cunt. I used my figures to reach around and spread Amy’s cunt lips, found her clit and I rubbed my fingers over it, than moved to her pussy hole. I was so turned on. We were all moaning, didn’t care if anyone heard us or not. After about ten minutes we came, changed in to a circle, where we could each have a cunt to lick. I licked Amy, Sophie licked me, while Amy licked Sophie. Our senses were running wild as we came over and over and again. Afterwards, we laid together in each other arms for a bit before getting up.

Sophie asked if I was okay with what just happened. I assured her I was more than okay and that I was looking forward to more.

Sophie said great, this trip we’ll all get our share of cock, and each other!

It was evening now, Sophie asked what I was wearing to dinner. She suggested we wear light summer dresses. With a devilish grin, “just to make it interesting, dresses only, nothing underneath”. Since I didn’t have a light dress with me, Amy lent me one of hers.

Amy said she was sure the men would go wild when they discover they can pretty much see right through these dresses when the light is just right.

The men were in the lounge, when we walked in, it immediately got quiet. Neil was the first one to break the silence with compliments on how good we looked. By the obvious smiles on their faces, that Neil and Glenn knew what was instore for later that evening.

Ed’s double take, when he realized how much he could see of Amy, with a light behind her, was something I wish I could have gotten a picture of. Before it could fully sink in, I walked over and stood next to Amy. Ed just smiled, I’m sure he would have liked to get me off to the side, to ask a few questions..

After dinner, Neil invited me to join him on the bridge. Once on bridge, offered me a seat, than sat down next to me. In a voice not much over a whisper, he asked if this dress meant want he thought it did. With the best devilish grin I could muster, I said “what do you want it to mean?”.

Without a word, he answered, Neil ran his fingers through my hair and pulled me close for a kiss..

Neil and had me sit on his lap, facing him. Than another kiss as he started gently lifting my dress off me. He sat there a minute letting his eyes feast on my breasts while fondling them. He took hold of my breasts and sucked each nipple, his tongue swirling around each nipple several times before switching to the other. I could feel the bulge in his pants rising. He asked if I’d never been with a black man. I said no, but had always heard they were well equipped. From the bulge in his shorts, I knew Neil was indeed very well equipped. My pussy was wet before he started fondling me, sucking my nipples only turned me on more. Didn’t take long for his hands to find there way to my shaved pussy, he said I like.. I just pressed my face into his chest while he proceeded to rub my clit and finger my wet cunt, than leaned back some. From this facial expression, I was sure he was as ready as I was. I got off him, undid his shorts and pulled them down, I saw he was indeed very well equipped, he had the longer dick I’d ever seen. His dick was at least 12 inches long, about 4 inches longer than Paul’s, and as thick Paul’s. Wanting Neil’s cock, I quickly returned to his lap and mounted his cock. He slipped into my wet pussy easily. I pumped him for all I was worth, bouncing my tits in front of his face as I went up and down his shaft. I had no trouble feeling him explode in me, he filled me with more cum than I’d ever experienced before. I wanted more, I used my pussy muscles to milk all the cum I could get. After savoring my own climax some, I started pumping him again. To my surprise Neil stayed hard and rewarded me with another load of cum. Rather than simply stop pumping him, I eased up and slowed my up and down rhythm, and ever so slowly worked to a stop.

I stayed on top of him, with his cum oozing out of my cunt until Sophie walked out and said “hey you two, time to join us”. Luckily, there was a towel within his reach, Neil used the towel to soak up the cum running out of my pussy and down my legs. He went to clean his dick, I stopped him, took the towel, and cleaned his dick for him, milking the rest of his cum out. Once we were cleaned up some, we left the bridge, and we didn’t bother putting on clothes.

We got to the lounge, found everyone was naked and seemed ‘well’ acquainted. Glenn was paired off with Sophie, and Ed with Amy. We stayed paired off for the night.

Neil and I got into bed, he kept running his hands all over me, leaving no part untouched. He paid a lot of attention to my breasts and nipples. Laying side by side, and facing each other, Neil had lift my leg, so he could inserted his big dick into my cum soaked cunt. I don’t know who satisfied who the most I came twice more before he finished fucking me. I know I feel asleep in his arms, with his dick still inside my cunt.. Sometime during the night, Neil woke me and fucked me again.

Next morning, I was still snuggled next to Neil, his arm still around me, his left hand on my breast, softly squeezing it and working his fingers in circles around my hard nipples. I responded with a couple of soft moans, wanting him to know it was okay to go further. Neil rolled me onto my back, spread my legs, and began feeling and licking my pussy. He found my clit and to my delight, brought me to my first climax of the day, the one during the night doesn’t count. With the way my whole body shuddered, there was no doubt he knew I climaxed. A short pause, and he starting fingering my pussy, first one finger, than two, than three. He worked my pussy to another orgasm. Than said now that I’ve warmed up you up, I want you to ride my dick, like you did last night. I pushed Neil onto his back and jumped on top. His cock seemed even bigger than I remembered it from the night before. Thinking back on it, the first time, I was on his lap, he was in a sitting position and I didn’t get his full length in me.. Now he’s laying on his back, and his full length is more than I can take. So I carefully worked my cunt up and down his hard shaft, slowly at first, then picked up the tempo as I became more comfortable how far to go with my thrusts. Didn’t take long for me to work it out, after about ten minutes of working his manhood, I climaxed again and rewarded him with a flood of pussy juices. But he hadn’t cum yet. As soon as I regained some of my strength, I started pumping him again, faster this time. I could tell he was getting close to cumming, suddenly he stopped me and said he wanted to come in my mouth. I started to say no, nervous about how much cum I’d have to swallow, besides I wanted that dick in my cunt. But I stopped, and sucked his cock, he shot his hot cum down my throat, thankfully, not the flood of cum I expected, and I finished off by licking the length of his shaft and sucking him dry. When he was done, I turned around and cuddled in next to him. He put an arm around me, letting it rest on my breast, he really liked paying attention to my breasts, and said I was fantastic. I only thought he was done.. Neil had me lift my leg, wasting no time accessing my pussy, he inserted his dick in my cunt and pumped me harder than before, I’m not sure how many times he made me cum before he shot another large load of cum into my pussy. I was amazed he could cum so much and so often, it was great !.

We got dress and made our way to the lounge, the others ‘complained’ about all the noise from our stateroom and the rocking boat, all night long.. Neil and I just laughed.

Well that guess that pretty much sums up the first 24 hours..

Paul, you’ve been playing with my breasts and pussy the entire time I’ve been talking. So from what I’ve told you thus far, I’m sure you now understand why my pussy is sore and swollen. But right now it’s is suffering from neglect, lets fuck…. I can tell you about Glenn, Amy and the rest of the week later..

Oh wait, I left out something, as Ed and I were leaving, Sophie gave us each a big hug, Neil gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that they’re love to have you and I join them in Key West, for another ‘Business Trip’. He promised he’s make it an unforgettable time!! Airline tickets are in my purse !!!

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good story, but you need to spell check some more, and space out the paragraphs a little more, blue on white makes it hard to read

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good story but needs more than just spell check but as i said story was good will enjoy more of the same

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