Dan Get's More Than He Bargined For This Time Around
Dan thought about his wife's Aunt Tracy all week, thinking about what she might have in store for him this weekend. Soon it was Friday, and Dan couldn't wait till morning. Dan came home Friday evening, to find a note from his wife Kelly saying that her Aunt had called and to call her back. The note also read that Kelly was going to the movies with her girlfriend Amy, and not to wait up. She was also going shopping with Amy in the morning and afterward to brunch at the mall. Dan shook his head and heated his dinner up in the microwave.

Later Dan called Tracy to see what she had in store for him. She told Dan she needed him to put in a new garbage disposal for her, and to come early....she'd have breakfast and coffee ready. Half jokingly Dan asked,

"Is there anything else you might need?"

Tracy chuckled saying, "Oh I'm sure I can come up with something....see you tomorrow."

After hanging up, Dan hand a raging hard on just thinking about what Tracy might come up with. If it was anything like last weekend, he'd be one happy camper. Dan awoke the next morning to find his wife gone, and some cold bacon and eggs sitting on the table. Disgusted, Dan tossed them and left for Tracy's. He arrived at around eight, and was greeted by Tracy at the door. She had on a nice fitting white blouse and a short skirt.

"Good morning Dan, breakfast is ready."

As Dan ate, he and Tracy cit chatted while Dan checked out her breasts. Once he was done, Dan got under the sink and got to work taking out the old disposal. As he worked he heard someone knock at the back door. He heard another woman's voice, and Tracy inviting her in. "DAMN," he mumbled to himself.

"What Dan....did you day something?"

"Ahh, no....nothing."

"This is my best friend Erica, Dan."

"Hello Erica."

Dan was bummed, he figured his fun for the day had come to an end before it ever got started. As the two women talked Dan could hear them laughing and carrying on. Finally, a little pissed Dan asked,

"What's so funny you guys?"

"Oh nothing Dan....I was ah...well I was just telling Erica about you, and how handy you are."

Then the two of them broke out laughing again, like a couple of school girls.

"Erica thinks you're hot Dan."

"I sort of described you to her in know what I mean?"

"I think she'd like a closer you mind?"

Dan's mind started to race, "Ahh, of course not....go ahead."

Dan felt someone's hands running up his bare leg, then another pair of hands on his other leg. He could hardly concentrate on what he was doing as the hands inched higher and higher up his legs, his cock becoming as hard as stone.

"You OK Dan?"

"Couldn't be better."

He could feel their fingers slip past the opening of the leg of his shorts, and then fingers touching his balls. Both women were giggling as they groped his cock and balls. Then he felt them tugging at his shorts, so he raised up allowing them to pull his shorts down. One of the women gasped, it sounded like Erica. Then he heard Erica exclaim,

"Oh my were right....his cock is beautiful."

Dan felt Erica's hand grab his cock and start stroking him as Tracy licked and sucked his balls. Dan pulled the old disposal out, sitting it aside so he could look up and watch Erica as she lowered her head, and take his cock in her mouth. She was a very attractive woman, with short salt and pepper hair. From what Dan could tell, she had a great body as well. One thing was for sure, this woman knew how to suck cock. Tracy rose up and took her blouse off, followed by her skirt leaving her in just her panties.

With his cock still in her mouth, Erica took off her top and tossed it aside. Erica's breasts were beautiful, and just as firm as a woman half her age Dan thought as he looked her over. Erica moved around straddling Dan, while wedging his cock between her tits. As she tit fucked Dan, Tracy helped her get out of her skirt. He watched her tit fucking his cock, but what was interesting as well, was seeing Tracy caressing Erica's ass, and kissing her back. Another facet of Tracy that he hadn't know about....she was bi.

Dan was nearly cumming when Erica stopped tit fucking him. That's when Tracy suggested he scoot out from under the sink. As soon as his head was clear, Erica lowered her pussy onto his cock. Her pussy was as tight as a vice, as her vagina gripped his cock. He watched Tracy caressing Erica's tits, and sucking her nipples while Erica fingered Tracy's pussy.

Dan smiled at Tracy as she lowed her creamy pussy onto his waiting tongue. Erica was humping Dan like there was no tomorrow, her pussy still gripping his cock like a vice, while he licked and sucked Tracy's clit and pussy. He could hear the two women kissing and moaning as the one rode his cock and the other rode his face. Tracy started cumming, her juice's running down Dan's chin and neck. It sounded like Erica was cumming too, which was good, because Dan was about to explode himself. Dan felt his balls tighten and then he spewed his load into Erica's hot pussy.

Dan was spent, but Erica and Tracy had other ideas. They helped him to his feet, taking him into the den. There Tracy and Erica took turns sucking Erica's juices from his cock, and kissing and licking Tracy's cum from his face.

"Now Dan, you can take a break and watch Tracy suck your cum from my pussy."

Erica walked over to the sofa and laid down, her left leg draped over the top of the sofa. Tracy moved between her legs and began licking and sucking Erica's pussy. Dan had a birds eye view of everything. Tracy licked and sucked her best freinds bare pussy, working her into a sexual frenzy. Dan watched as Tracy brought Erica to one orgasm after another with Erica squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples. No one heard the back door open and close as Kelly decided to come check on her Aunt and Dan. Amy had gotten a call and had to leave, so Kelly figured why not surprise them. Unfortunately it was Kelly who was in for the surprise.

As Kelly walked down the hall she heard noises coming form the den. As she neared the den, it was sounding more and more like someone having sex. Reaching the den, Kelly peeked in and was aghast at what she saw. There was her Aunt, and another woman, making love while her husband sat in a chair, stroking his cock watching it all. Kelly didn't know what to do. She wanted to run away, but the sight strangely intrigued her. As she watched she found herself actually becoming aroused, something she didn't understand.

Kelly tried to look away, but she couldn't. Continuing to watch, her pussy was becoming aroused. She found herself sliding her hand down the front of her panties, her middle finger searching for her opening. The longer she watched, the more aroused she became. Not knowing Kelly was watching them, the three continued their sex play.

As Kelly watched, her Aunt turned around shoving her pussy into Erica's face, while lowering her face back down into Erica's sex. Dan's cock was getting harder and harder by the second as he watched the two women. Dan got up and walked over to where the women were on the sofa, reaching down and caressing Erica's breasts as the orgasms swept over her. Dan then grabbed Tracy's hips easing his cock into her pussy. Kelly couldn't believe her eyes, as she worked another finger into her pussy. It was all so perverted, yet so damn arousing at the same time, watching Dan fucking her Aunt.

Dan fucked Tracy for several minutes, making her cum. Then Dan pulled out allowing Erica to suck Tracy's love juices from his cock. Next Dan suggested that Erica get on her hands and knees, and lean on the arm of the sofa. He then aimed his cock at her pussy, entering her as he began fucking her dogie style. Tracy was sitting on the floor fingering her pussy, her head between Dan and Erica. As Dan's cock drew out, Tracy licked his shaft, then Erica's pussy, all while fingering herself. Having Dan's cock in her pussy and Tracy's tongue on her pussy and clit drove Erica wild, making her cum yet again.

Tracy got up heading toward the door. Kelly quickly darted to another room so her Aunt wouldn't catch her fingering herself, as she watched them. Soon Tracy returned with a sly grin on her face, and Kelly returned to place near the door so she could continue watching, and masturbating. See the grin on Tracy's face, Dan knew something was up, but he didn't want to stop to find out. While he pummeled Erica's pussy, he felt Tracy fingering his asshole.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh'll love me."

Dan was so busy fucking Erica, he didn't see Tracy slip the strap on dildo around her waist. She quickly lubed the head of the dildo and slowly pushed it in Dan's ass.

"HEY...What the fuuuu....."

"Oh stop it Dan....just relax."

Before he could say anything, Tracy eased the dildo up his ass and started fucking his ass. He couldn't believe it, but after he got use to it, it started to be a real turn on. Kelly couldn't belive it either as she watched her Aunt ass fucking her husband with a strap on dildo. Seeing that caused Kelly to start cumming like mad. In the meantime, Dan continued fucking Erica, and soon he and Tracy were in rythem. The harder he slammed his cock into Erica, the harder Tracy slammed the dildo into him.

Dan felt his orgasm cumming, so he pulled out and spewed his cum all over Erica ass. He had never cum so hard before. Afterward, Tracy licked up the excess cum from Erica's ass, while Dan tried to figure out what had just happened to him. Kelly thought this would be a good time for her to leave, there was no way she could confront anyone at this point. Kelly slipped quietly out the door and left.

The women sat on either side of Dan, kissing him and toying with his limp cock. They reassured him that it was OK for him to have enjoyed his ass fucking, and it didn't mean anything. Dan leaned back as Tracy and Erica sucked his cock, while he played with their tits. Upon his return home, Dan found Kelly had returned as well.

"So did it go?"

"Ah, just fine Kelly....just fine."

"Did you get everything done for her?"

" took a know what a pain in the ass putting a garbage disposal in can be."

That night, Kelly couldn't sleep....too many thoughts racing through her mind. One thing she was sure of, seeing her husband fucking two other women, and getting ass fucked turned her on like nothing had ever done before. She knew she wanted to be part of it, no matter how kicky it didn't matter....she wanted to explore things that she never would have imagined before. Kelly decided she had to do it, the only problem was who would she talk to first. Kelly fell asleep knowing it would take some serious thought.


2009-04-21 10:58:46
ignore the other post on the first entry to the series...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-27 22:03:36
wtf happened to aunt laura?
tracy sounds stupid
laura sounds hot
fix it.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-22 12:09:08
She fucked him in the ass and he liked it? a bit sketchy to me...

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2009-01-20 15:02:59
Highly improbable, but hot. My cock stood at attention throughout the story.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-20 00:27:02
You're right (READER 18:13:47), the last story was Aunt Laura. Kind of off the author changed a person's name like that. The story was still amazing though. I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to find out who she decides to talk to first (and what kind of fun they have afterward.)

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