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Sunday morning was a beautiful site. The sun was rising and I had a naked goddess lying next to me. The sight of Rochelle lying next to me, half her body covered with the sheet. Her breast hanging out, nipples hard thanks to the cool air as the sun kissed her. My heart is starting to beat fast as I lean in and softly kiss her cheek. She sighs as her eyes slowly open and she smiles at me. I lean in and kiss her soft lips as I roll her on her back. Our tongues merge together as I kiss her, my hands massaging her round breast and pinching her nipples. I feel her heart begin to beat faster as my hand slowly moves down and begins to rub her inner thigh. We continue to kiss passionately as my hand glides over her soft pussy and slowly opens her pussy lips. My finger presses down on the top of her clit and begins to slide over it. My finger begins to move faster as I feel her pussy begin to become wet. I begin to kiss down her neck, up to her ear lobe and slowly pull on it. I whisper, “You are so beautiful, I need you now.” She giggles as I kiss down her neck, all the while my finger pressed harder and moves a little faster. She moans, “Oh baby, I’m all yours.”
My lips slowly worked down her body, first moving down her neck to her round breast, licking just the aerial first and then focusing on the nipple. My finger sliding up and down against her clit, feeling her pussy become wetter. I engulf her breast into my mouth, sucking hard as my tongue rubbed against her nipple. She moaned and arched her back, “Oh god baby, what has gotten into you?” I smile at her as I let go. “You,” I reply as I lick her nipple up and down. My finger slows down a bit, then moves down and deep inside her. I move my whole body down between her legs, watching her open wider for me as I push another finger inside. She moans a little louder as her eyes close. Her hair draped on her body as I softly kissed her inner thigh, feeling the warmth coming from her sweet pussy. I pushed my fingers in deeper and turn them where they will bend down instead of up.
I slowly feel around inside her as I continued to kiss down her thigh. My fingers wiggle inside her till I feel a bump inside. Rochelle softly moans and smiles at me as I begin to rub up and down against the bump. “Did you find what you were looking for?” she asks with the sly grin on her face. “I hope,” I reply as I move my fingers against her gspot. She moans a little louder as I press my tongue against her clit. Her pussy is grinding against me as I move my tongue and fingers faster. “Oh my god,” she moans as her eyes roll into the back of her head. Her moans become louder and louder. My fingers press hard on her spot, rubbing up and down, faster and faster. My tongue moves the same speed on her clit as my eyes look into hers. “OH FUCK,” she screams as she arches her back and her body begins to shake. Juices squirt out reaching my wrist and forearm as my fingers rub faster. Her body collapses as I slowly pull my finger out and clean her pussy up with my tongue.
“Holy Shit, when did the fuck you learn that? And why haven’t you done it sooner?” she asks, trying to catch her breath. I laugh, “My own little surprise. I found a video on the web that explains how to do that and I thought I give it a try today.” She laughs as she kneels on the bed and pulls me down. “Well guess it is my turn now,” she replied as she pulled my boxers off. My cock is hard as a rock with a little pre-cum already dripping out. She smiles at me as she licks her hand, then slowly wraps her fingers around my shaft and begins to slowly stroke me. I moan as her hand glides up and down my long, hard shaft. She bends down and slowly rubs the tip on her nipple. She then lifts her breast up to her mouth and licks off my cum. “Mmm, you always taste good, baby” she says as she leans down and kisses my inner thigh. Her hand moving up and down slowly, driving me crazy with each motion as her lips move close. She softly kisses my balls, then rolls her tongue up and plays with them. I moan as my body shakes to the new sensation. I bite my lower lip as I feel her hand begin to move a little faster, her tongue working my balls. She slowly sucks one into her mouth while her tongue flicked against it. “Oh shit,” I moan as I look down at her. She looks up at me as she lets my ball pop out of her mouth. She then looks at my cock and spits on the head.
She lets the spit slide down my shaft before her hand rubs it into my cock. “Your cock is so beautiful, baby. Do you like what I’m doing?” she asks. I moan, “Yes, baby.” She smiles as my eyes roll into the back of my head. Her hand moves a little faster as she kisses my stomach, her tongue sliding down towards my cock then back up. “Oh god baby, you are driving me insane,” I cry out. She smiles as she rubs my cock faster, leaning up to me and kissing my lips. She then kisses down my neck and up to me ear, whispering to me “You ready baby?” “Yes,” I moan feeling my cock pulse in her hand. She strokes my cock faster and faster, putting her other hand on it and pumping it hard. I moan louder and louder feeling cum build up inside me. “YES!!” I scream out as cum explodes from my cock again and again. “Oh yes baby. Keep cumming,” she commands as she continues to stroke me. I cum over and over again, covering my stomach and her hand. She empties me out, “Oh wow baby, surprised you had that much in you.” I smile at her as she leans down and licks cum off my body. “Oh fuck baby,” I moan as I watch her clean me, “You just bring it out of me beautiful,” she replies with her devilish grin.
She finishes cleaning me up and then lays down beside me. “Well that was very different,” I said as I held her in my arms. “Very, and something we need to do more often,” she replies. I look deep into her eyes, “Rochelle, you are amazing and,” I nervously say, “I’m in love with you. You are all I think about, and you are just so incredible...” She kisses me before I could finish, “I love you too, JC” she says, “You are so amazing and I don’t want to be with any other guy.” We kiss again and hold each other. “I guess we are truly exclusive now, huh” I say. She sits up and looks at me, “Well yeah, but you can still fuck who you want.” I look back at her shocked, “What?” “I love watching with another woman, and all the perks we get at work. The deal still remains. If you just be honest and let me know when you do, and give details, then everything is perfect.” I smile at her and kiss her passionately. “You are too good, beautiful,” I said. “And don’t you forget it,” she replies.
Sunday passes by fast, and both Monday and Tuesday are over with no incidents. Wednesday arrives and another day of me closing the theatre. Unfortunately, Rochelle would not be closing with me. “I’m going to tell that bitch that she better fix the schedule or no more play time with you,” Rochelle says clenching her teeth. We are both sitting out back taking a 5 minute break, “I know babe. I think next time we just get some money,” I say holding her. “Hmm, maybe something better. I think next time she comes asking I have the perfect payment,” she replies giving me that sly grin. “What?” I ask. “Oh, you should know by now that I love surprising you,” she replies. I roll my eyes at her and kiss her cheek. Soon we are both back at work and before I know it Rochelle is heading home. We jump into a cleaning closet and make out a little before saying goodnight. She leaves and the fun of closing the place soon arrives. I finish up around 1:30 am and run to the break room to clock out. Just as I was putting my time card into the system, Mrs. Williams walks in. Mrs. Williams is a tall, curvy black woman in her late 30’s who is always great with the staff. Every guy loves to admire her amazing, tight body with her round breast and very round, big ass. When the crew talks about her, they always talk about those thick lips and just how perfect her body curves. And even with the curves her body just had the tightness that shows she knows how to ride with those sexy thighs. She has long black hair, glasses and always dresses to show off her goods. She is the coolest of the managers, especially when a coworker brings some weed to work. “You done with everything, J?” she asks. “Yeah, would have been done sooner but someone had a party in theatre 10,” I reply.
“Well I need to talk to you about something,” she says. I look at her, feeling a little concerned because you never know what you are going to get with Mrs. Williams. She sits down on the couch, patting the seat next to her, “Come here,” she says. I walk over and sit down at the opposite end of the couch. “So for the past few weeks, I keep hearing rumors of employees enjoying the theatres for more than what they were made for,” she says with a concerned look on her face. “I keep hearing some really raunchy stuff about how employees are hooking up. And each time I hear these things I hear two names, yours and Rochelle’s. And to be honest I thought you be the exact opposite of someone who would do that. So tell me what is going on?” I look at her, feeling I’m caught but praying I can cover. “I don’t know what you heard but I know that I’ve not done anything like that to be honest I don’t know why you are listening to these rumors,” I reply. She gives me a little sarcastic look, “Ok, you sure that is what you want to go with because I can tell you now that if you just step up and be honest then I might be a lot more lenient on what happens next,” she says. I look at her and realize I am caught, “Fuck, you know what? You got me. I’m sorry Mrs. Williams but I can’t lie to you. I’ve been hooking up with girls here,” I said knowing I’m caught and getting ready for my ass to be fired.
She stares at me, giving me a disappointed look, and suddenly she starts smiling and busts out laughing. “I’m just fucking with you J,” she says laughing. I sigh, “Oh thank god. Thought you were going to fire me for a second there.” She begins to calm back down, wiping the tears from her eyes, “Oh god that was good. Nah, I don’t care if you are fucking in the theatres just as long as you don’t get caught.” I smile at her and lay back into the couch, “So who the fuck told you?” I ask. “Ms. Victoria, she has been walking around here with a big smile on her face. So I ask her what’s with the smile. She tells me that she has been getting some good fucking,” Mrs. Williams says. “So I know it’s not her man because she always complains about him all the time and I know that man won’t change. So I ask her who the new toy is. She tells me you and how you two hooked up. And she told me how you are being pimped out,” she says. I laugh, “Well damn I guess I am being pimped. But it is damn worth it.”
“Well I’m glad to hear that,” she says smiling at me. I look over and see her eyes dart down for a second at my crotch. “Mrs. Williams, don’t tell me…” I said but before I could finish I see her blush. “Well Mr. Williams has been lazy and a woman my age just needs a good fuck,” she says as she unbuttons her blouse her coat and slides it off. Her white top strained against her breast as she takes off her glasses. She begins to crawl over to me, her hand moving to my inner thigh, “And I hear you know how to take care of a woman.” My mind racing, watching her body move towards me stirs up my cock, but not sure if she is still fucking with me or not. “Well I’m sure you’ve heard that I come with a price,” I say smiling at her. Her hand glides up and begins to rub my cock; she leans in and kisses my lips. “You tell your girl, that I will pay anything just as long as you take care of my needs.” I smile as we kiss again, my hand moves up to her cheek as I draw her closer. Her hands rubbing my hard cock, squeezing it making me moan as we kiss. I begin to kiss down her neck as my hand slides down and caresses her breast. She moans as her hand slides up and pulls my shirt out and begins to unbutton it. “Baby, I really need you to fuck me so please don’t hold back,” she says as she pulls my shirt off and leans in and kisses my stomach. “Don’t worry Mrs. Williams, I’ll take care of that sweet pussy,” I reply as I lift up her skirt, smacking her ass and grabbing it as she rolls her tongue on my nipples. She moans softly as I admire her round, sweet ass. Her thong fits perfectly between her large cheeks as they wiggle a little with each smack. She begins to unbutton my pants, “Stand up baby, let me see that big cock,” she says as she falls to the floor to her knees. I stand up and let my pants fall down, my boxers barely covering my cock as it bulges out.
“Oh my god,” she says as her eyes bulge out, “She told me it was big but damn.” I laugh as her hands rub up and down against my shaft. She then slides my boxers down, “Oh fuck, now that is a cock,” she says as she takes it in her hand and admires it. “I’m glad you like,” I say as I look down at her. “J if I knew you had this big thing you be my toy a long time ago,” she replies as she slowly strokes it up and down. She then opens her mouth wide and slides her tongue up and down on the shaft. I moan as I watch her, her hands caressing my hard cock as she admires every inch of it. She then looks up at me and slides the tip of my cock into her mouth, her lips sucking on it in a way I never felt. My legs shake a little from the sensation as she sucks my cock in and out her mouth, sliding it against her tongue. “Holy shit,” I cry out, “Never had a girl suck on my cock like that.” She smiles as her hand glides over, “Well I’m no girl, I’m a woman and I know had to take care of a good cock,” she says as she spits on my shaft and rubs it deep into my dick.
Her mouth engulfs my cock again, taking it deeper as I reach down and grab her round breast. I lift up her top just enough to expose her soft, round nipples. Her breasts sagged a little but were full and round like a melon. Her nipples hard as she pulls her top completely off. She begins to bob her head up and down faster on my cock. She lifts my shaft up and takes my balls into her mouth, stroking my cock fast as saliva drips from her mouth and my balls. I moan loud, “Oh god you do want that cock don’t you Mrs. Williams.” She smiles at me as she slides her tongue back up and bobs her head up and down, moving faster as I feel her mouth. Suddenly she shoves my cock deep into her mouth, causing me to shake again as I feel her throat. Her face turns red as she goes deeper down, almost reaching the base as she slides off quickly, gasping for air. “Come here, baby,” she commands as she stands up and kisses me again. She pulls off her skirt and lies back down on the couch, “Get nasty baby, “she says as she slides her thong off and spreads her legs apart. I kneel in front of her and grind my tongue into her clit. My hands grab her thick, muscular thighs as I begin to work my tongue on her wet cunt. “That’s it baby, eat my fucking pussy,” she demands.
My tongue presses hard against her clit as I grind it up and down. She moans louder as my hand reaches up and squeezes her round tits. I lift myself up as my other hand pushes two fingers deep inside her. “Oh fuck yeah, push them in deep baby,” she cries out as I push my fingers deep inside her. My tongue works furiously against her clit as my fingers pump hard into her pussy. She grabs my hair and pulls my face down a little, “Don’t forget my ass.” I smile up at her and press my tongue against her little asshole. My tongue presses hard on it as my fingers work her pussy hard. My tongue begins to dart in and out her ass. I taste her sweet juices as they drip from her pussy and cover her ass. After a minute of licking her ass I pull one finger out and push it into her ass. I pump my fingers hard as I lick her clit again. “Oh shit, that’s it baby fuck me hard,” she moans out. I pump my fingers deeper into her pussy and ass as my tongue works hard on her clit. I pull my fingers out and shove them into her mouth, “Mmm…fuck me now. Fuck me now and hard, baby,” she moans as she licks my fingers clean.
I lift myself up and grab her legs as I rub my hard cock against her pussy. Teasing her at first, rubbing it against her clit then just pressing slightly against her pussy. I grab her hair, “You ready for me slut,” I said. She smiles at me and nods as she looks down and watches my cock slowly enter her. “OH SHIT,” she moans out loud as I push my cock deep inside her. I push my cock deep, feeling her walls squeeze my cock hard as I lean down and suck on her hard nipples. I begin to pump my cock hard in and out her pussy, taking her leg and putting it on my shoulder as I push deeper with each time I push into her. Her eyes wide, “Motherfucker,” she cries out, “How the fuck are you getting so deep?” I smile at her as I pump faster and faster, causing her to moan louder and louder.
Soon her body begins to shake as my cock feels her walls squeeze harder and harder on my cock. “Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming,” she screams out as her body shakes over and over again. I feel her juices cover my cock as I begin to slow down. Her body begins to relax as I slowly pull my cock out. I lean in and kiss her full lips as I stand up. She pushes me off of her and sits up, pulling my cock towards her mouth and sucking her juices clean off of it. She moans as her head bobs up and down on my cock again, “Time to show you big of a slut I am.” She stands up and kisses my lips. Then she bends over on a table, lifting one of her legs up onto it as she spreads her ass cheeks for me. “Fuck my ass, sweetie,” she begs. I smile and grab her firm cheeks. I spit once on her ass and lick it up and down covering it with my saliva. Then I stand up and press my tip against her ass, teasing her again. “Oh fuck just push it in all the way baby. Don’t worry baby you won't hurt me,” she moans. I smack her round ass hard as I position my cock.
I guide my cock into her asshole, feeling the walls press hard against my cock as it enters. “Oh god,” she cries out as I see tears run down her face. I feel her ass fighting me to go deeper, but I grab her hips and push my cock as deep as it will go. “SHIT!” she screams. I stand still for a moment, letting her ass get use to me before I begin to pump my cock slowly inside her. “Oh god you are so tight,” I moan as her walls squeeze hard against me. “I know, it has been a long time since I let someone in my ass,” she says as I feel her ass begin to get use to me. “Oh that’s it, fuck me hard now baby,” she commands as I begin to pick up the pace. My cock begins to slam hard against her as my hand reaches up and pulls her hair back. Our moans begin to become one as I fuck her ass harder and harder. Her body begins to shake a little as I reach under her and rub her pussy. My balls begin to smack against her as I pound harder and harder, her moans growing louder and louder. “Jesus Christ,” she screams as her body shakes hard again. I feel her walls quivering as my cock works her ass hard, pumping in and out before finally popping out of her ass.
“Time to ride that cock now,” she says as she lifts herself up and pushes me onto the couch. “How do you like this black bitch’s cunt,” she says as she straddles over me. I smile up at her, “I want more.” She smiles back and kisses my lips as her hands guide my cock back into her pussy. I feel her juices run down my shaft and balls as she lifts herself up and down on me. Her eyes are locked on my as she lifts her breast up to my mouth. I suck them hard making her moan, her pussy squeezing my cock each time it slides down on it. I smack her ass, “Oh shit you feel so good. I can’t believe how much of a slut you are Mrs. Williams.” She grabs my face and pushes back into her tits, “Shut up and fuck me.” I suck on her tits again, biting on her nipples as she begins to pound my cock with her wet pussy. I feel my balls begin to tense as her body drops harder and harder down onto me. She then begins to grind her pussy hard against my cock. I grab her ass, smacking it hard as I grab it, and begin to pump my cock deep inside her. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum soon,” I moan as I pump harder and harder. “Cum on my face, J. Don’t cum in my pussy or I’ll kiss your ass,” she moans. I smack her ass again and fuck her harder and harder. I moan louder and louder, feeling my cock begin to fill with cum. Soon I push her off, down onto the floor and stroke my cock. “FUCK!!” I cry out as cum explodes from my cock. I cover her face and tits as wave after wave of cum hits her. She moans as she watches, and then when the final wave drips out my cock she sucks me into her mouth and empties it out. I fall to the couch, exhausted as I watch her clean cum on her face and breasts. She savors every drop as she lets it drip into her mouth from her fingers.
“Thank you, baby,” she says as she stands up and kisses my cheek. “I haven’t been fucked like that in years. I think I will be calling for your services again.” I laugh as I stand up and gather my clothes, “Anytime Mrs. Williams. I definitely want to do more with you.” She smiles as she gathers her clothes. We both finish getting dressed, clean up the mess we made. She pulls me towards her and kisses me passionately, “I have to say I never thought I white guy could do what you did.” I smile, “Well I’m glad I could open you to a new experience.”

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“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum soon,” I moan as I pump harder and harder. “Cum on my face, J. Don’t cum in my pussy or I’ll kiss your ass,”


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