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My life had been change ever since i was sixteen
My life has changed ever since I was sixteen. I guess that it was mostly because my mother had passed away and in search for a new mother, my father had married some girl who was old enough to be my sister. I was used to being an only child, loving the way i got everything and anything I wanted whenever I wanted. But now... She had a son and a daughter. I was now a sibling by marriage, not by blood, but then again, things usually sucked. Sure, Mary was thin, blond, bit tits, bright blue eyes, but truly... She was only twenty, my dad, well.... He was forty-five. Her son, Bryan, was like an exact replica of her, except with brown hair and green coloured eyes. I guess that's what his father had, but me.. I didn't really care.. At the moment.

Bryan was nice and everything, but he was a real self centered fag. He begged his (now our) mom to kick me out of the room i was currently staying in and move me to the basement. Dad had sided with her when i begged and pleaded for him to let me stay.. I hated Bryan as soon as he took away my room. I had enough space in the basement as long as Alice stayed on her side... I just didn't like him taking my space. Whatever i had, he always wanted that same thing except better. I hated it...

Okay, now I'm going to break in with my thoughts. My name is Maya. I was sixteen and very average. I was five-foot four inches and my breasts were fairly big, being thirty two "c"s. My hair was a light, creamy brown that hung past my shoulders, just beneath my breasts if i pulled my hair into two parts and pulled them to the front of my body. My eyes were blue, just like the ocean on a stormy day, and my skin, no imperfections. I was more pale then anything, but not a freckle, beauty mark, or scar intruded the creamy white of my skin. Most people say I am pretty, but I think of myself as just plain. My waist was only thirty two inches around the waist and i was glad about this. My body was in the shape of an hourglass and I didn't see how that made me so special. I guess it was because most males were drawn to me. My facial features were simple. My nose turned upward slightly and my lips, oh my lips, were very full and beautiful, most guys tried to kiss me, but i was saving my first kiss for someone special. I didn't like to rush things.

Alice was another story. Her blond hair fell down to her waist and her eyes were a cloudy blue, more brilliant then mine. I was glad of this because none of them looked like me. Her waist had more boyish curves even though she was just fifteen, and her breasts were smaller mounds. No bigger then a pair of 32 "b"s. A size smaller then mine... I would have to keep careful track of my bras. She kept looking at me, smiling warmly. I only had a scowl on my face, even after the day of the wedding. I guess she was a little sorry for intruding into my life, but i guess it was just one of those things that happened Bryan was eighteen and he always gave me the creeps. He would stare at me like i was something to eat. I trembled under his gaze.

I began to talk to Alice more often, wondering why her brother kept staring at me. Bryan was adopted and she was an actual part of the family. But according to her, she was a mistake and her mother was only using my dad for his money. I shrugged. So what, it was his mistake for marrying her. So Bryan and Alice weren't related in any way, where my family was not related to them in anyway. The more I concentrated on this, the better i felt.

After awhile, Alice and I started to become good friends. We both shared secrets and such, but little did I know my whole life was going to change for ever in these past few months. I know now that everything i told he was reported back to Bryan when I was asleep. I hated her for that, but at the time, I had no idea. I told her everything about me. How i secretly liked bondage and i was waited for the right time for someone to take away my first kiss. I thought we had actually become great friends. But now, she was being used just like i was.

We had a pool in our backyard and Alice and I would go out there all of the time. I would always apply sun lotion (with Alice's help of course) many times, not wanting to get burnt. Bryan was always out there, showing off his tan. His eyes would sparkle as he saw me in my blue bikini, and I wondered why. My mouth would become dry, but Alice payed no attention to this at all and I soon forgot about it.. Or learned to ignore it. Alice and I would always dive, head first, into the still water below, racing to see who could get in first. I started to become outgoing around her. Again, I slowly let myself get comfortable with this family, allowing them into my life, little by little, with the help from Alice. Now i am glad that I had let them into my life, comfortably. You will learn everything later. But here I was, swimming in the pool with my new best friend, my brother and my mother and father on the side. I sometimes wondered what would have happened if My father had not married my step mother.


That was just a preview of my life. Now the real story begins. (I will also be flashing back a lot, just so you know)


My head hurt and my mind spun as I tried to stay on my feet. Alice had gotten my a drink, and now i felt all dizzy. I tried to steady myself. My parents had gone on a four moth vacation, leaving us here. Alice smiled widely as she stared at my dumbfounded expression. I tried to keep on my feet, but I sunk to the floor, placing my hands, hard, against the carpet of our room. My vision was going blurry. I heard foot steps as Bryan, my older step-brother, walked down them, coming to a stop before me. I groaned. He looked over at Alice and she bowed her head. "I have done what you asked of, Master. I hope you will like the results." She told him, her eyes shutting as he lifted his hand up to pat her on the head. She was like a dog to him, and Her words rang in my ears until finally, i blackened out into a deep nothingness.

I didn't know how long it had been, but when my eyes fluttered open, I was somewhere else, a metal collar around my neck with a chain leading to the sealing. My muscles were sore and stiff from staying in the same position for awhile, my arms tied behind my back and my legs open, chained to the floor. I was scared. Alice smiled at me, tracing her fingers over my jaw line. Inside my mouth was a gag. My mouth was dry. Alice smiled as my eyes widened as they betrayed my helplessness. Bryan was right next to her. Around her neck was also a collar, but a pink, sparkly one with red stitching spelling on 'Slut' in clear letters on the side. A leash was attached to that and the handle was in Bryan's hand. Alice was on all fours.

Bryan grinned at me, commanding that Alice to stay, which she did, sitting down on the floor right in front of me, obediently. Bryan treated her like a dog. On the far side of the room, where Bryan had walked to, there were several things, including a chair, chains, cases, energy powered dildos and many other things.. all which i was too horrified to even speak of. I trembled. Bryan bent over, picking up a black sack before she began walking back over to me. I stared at the bag, my hair standing up on end. I could barley breathe.

Bryan smiled, setting down the bag, lifting my head up. "Aw.. what a pretty little face... You look scared. You should be." He told me, his honey voice echoing in my head. My heart began to pound in my chest. I looked away from him and stared at Alice who was licking her lips, sexily, in anticipation. "Master." she piped in. "Do you wish to go though the normal routine? or just play this game by ear?" He grinned at her. "My little Peach" he responded, his voice still having the same honey-ish tone, " I think we should start off with the usual and then play everything by ear." She nodded, laying back slightly and opening her legs. He grinned once more.

Alice's panties were white with a dark wet spot growing in the center. Bryan let my head drop before he forced his hand into the bag, pulling out a blade of some sort. My eyes widened even more, in fear and shock. He ran the cold blade down my cheek. I stayed a still as possible, not wanting to be cut at all. Bryan growled before turning back to Alice. With a few quick swipes, her cut open her shirt, ripped off her skirt and shredded her bra and panties right in front of my eyes. I was afraid for Alice, not wanting her to be cut either. She was fine.

I let out the breath i was holding, only to suck it in and hold it again. Bryan had placed the knife beside her and reached back into the sack, pulling out a vibrator. He smiled, turning it on. Poor Alice... I thought, wishing there was something I could do to free her from his grasp. She only opened her legs wider and opened her pussy lips with her hand when i finally realized that she wanted to do everything he wanted to her. Bryan looked at me before pressing the head of the vibrator on Alice's soaking cunt. Her sex hole was quivering. He grinned, devilishly.

Before she could react, he brutally shoved the vibrator up her pussy, making her yelp. Her ignored her before her turned back to me. Tears had formed in my eyes and i tried to blink them away only to have them fall down my cheeks. I knew I was next.

Bryan walked over to me, cupping my face in his hands, making my gaze meet his. I was terrified. His hands went to the back of my head, undoing the gag and letting it fall to the floor. I still held my breath. His face leaned towards mine and my heart stopped in fear before it broke out sprinting, my palms becoming sweaty from nervousness. His eyes were closed and his thumb was right below my lower lip. His lips touched my, gently at first, before his mouth crushed mine. His tongue prodded at my lips, trying to get them open, my lips softened but my teeth stayed clamped shut. Bryan growled again, continuing to crush my mouth with his. A soft yelp escaped my lips, my teeth opening. His tongue darted into my mouth, exploring the inside.

(to be continued.. please comment oh how i am doing)

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you need to work on their ages. A twenty year old woman with a fifteen year old daughter? That means she gave birth when she was five years old! And then why the hell would she then adopt a son that is almost the same age as she is?

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more sex and more leangth needed but other than that good

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only if she adopted a both of them whe was 18 or 19. ridiculous.

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