Well, I'm back, months after writing "2 Guys 1 Sleepover," with another one: Teens Ryan and Alex are brothers that really don't get along. At all. Older brother Ryan lusts after the girl in the apartment below theirs, and little brother Alex is caught in the middle. What happens when the sexual tension in their lives cums to a head? (doyouseewhatididthere?) WARNING: This one gets thematic and emotional ;) But don't worry, there's still plenty of lusty sex.
His eyes opened, and shortly afterward his mind calculated that it was probably time to get
up. With tragic hope, he rolled over in his bed and checked the clock. Yup, 6 AM, definitely time to rise
and shine, as they said. He rolled the other way and stumbled to his feet next to his bed,
the way he always did in the morning. Having peeled off the blanket that had settled gently over the
outline of his body during the night, he felt the chill in the air nip at every bit of skin not
covered by his boxers, which was a lot.

And like the way he always did, Ryan walked over to his brother's bed and punched him in the

- Hey, Alex, get your ass up!
- No!
- School's in a half hour, just like it always is. Now, get out or I'll beat you out.
- NO, Ryan!

True to his word, Ryan grabbed his brother around the waist, pulled him up, and dropped him
directly on the ground.

- Oh my god, Ryan, I hate you!
- Get over it.
- Hey Ryan?
- What?
- I call the first shower.

Now, Ryan was a high-schooler. His younger brother Alex was in his last year of middle school, but
he was still a middle-schooler nonetheless, and possessed every quality of a middle
schooler that Ryan despised. He had braces, for one. That was the stereotypical middle-school look,
and Alex had it. Also, he worshipped Ryan. But it wasn't flattering; it was just annoying.
And he still had that annoying middle-schoolboy voice, which was still cracking with the early
stages of puberty. Oh, and whenever Alex spotted a porn site in their computer's history, he
giggled madly. He was the annoying little brother nobody wanted.

- You call the first shower, huh?
- Yeah.
- Well, how about this, Alex? I'm the oldest and you take the second shower like you always
do, you little punk-ass kid.
- Shut up, faggot! I want first shower!
- Hey, fuck off. I'm taking the first shower, so you know what? Suck it.

Alex turned away from Ryan in defeat. He was probably fighting back tears. Good, Ryan

- Wait, Ryan, can I just go pee first?
- Oh, my god! Fine!

Ryan flopped down on Alex's bed and watched his little brother skip off to the bathroom
outside their room. Ryan hated the way Alex started pulling down his pants before he made it
to the door, the way he had since he was little. Every time he caught a glimpse of his bare little
ass, Ryan scowled with disgust.

Basically, ever since their family had been forced to move into a two-bedroom second-story
apartment, relations between Ryan and his brother had just gotten worse and worse. Alex was
always in the way now that they had to share a room, and having only one bathroom caused
fights nearly every morning. On top of all that, Alex had to be in his way all morning because
Ryan drove him to school. They couldn't afford to pay for his school bus.

Ryan heard the tinkle of Alex's piss hitting the toilet water cease, and Ryan took the cue and
headed for the bathroom. He bumped his brother's side as they passed. In the bathroom, Ryan
shut the door behind him, and would have locked it too, but there was no lock. He started up
the shower, threw his boxers on the sink ledge, and stepped under the hot water.

Just as Ryan was beginning to recline his lean body back against the side of the shower,
pumping away at his 7-inch cock as he fantasized about the twenty-something chick who lived
in the apartment below them, he heard the bathroom door open. He had planned on cumming
at last after having an almost-wet dream about that girl when he was asleep, but Alex's big
head peeked around the shower curtain as Ryan was mid-stroke.

- Hey, Ry, have you seen the toothpaste--ooooooh! One of these times, I'm gonna tell Mom and
Dad why your showers take so long in the morning!
- Okay, for one, I'm pretty sure they won't give a damn if I jack off in the shower, now quit
looking, fag!
- But can't you tell me where--
- No! Either blow me or get out!

Ryan watched Alex process the demand, the boy's lips puffing out, half from the displacement
from the braces, and half because of his pondering. He eventually picked his second option,
closing the door behind him as he left the bathroom. At least he had the consideration to shut
the goddamn door.

It wasn't so much modesty that pissed Ryan off about Alex's frequent interruptions into his
shower time masturbation--Ryan had no problem changing in front of his brother or letting him be in
the room while he looked at porn. It was that he didn't have the manners to talk to him WITHOUT
looking behind the shower curtain. He could understand and embrace the whole it's-nothing-he-
hasn't-seen-before thing, but come on, have some courtesy!

When Ryan was finished, he rinsed the cum off his hands under the water, turned off the
shower, and wrapped a towel around his lower half. He plodded back to he and his brother's
room, his flaccid dick proudly bobbing with each step. Alex's eyes caught on his brother's
good-sized package, then quickly brought their gaze up to Ryan's face.

- Okay, punk, you can go in now. That wasn't such a long wait, now was it?
- Yeah, yeah...

Ryan once again flopped down on Alex's bed, letting his towel fall open slightly. Alex looked
back and the boy's eyes gravitated again to his crotch. Ryan smirked. To be honest, he only sat
on Alex's bed mostly because it was in front of the mirror, not to annoy his brother or
anything. He actually wished the mirror was elsewhere, though, because once again he saw
Alex's backside moon him as he turned in to the bathroom. Ryan did just flash him his cock, so
technically it was a fair trade, but still.

As he was changing into his clothes, he heard a quick moan that immediately caught itself.
Ryan's dick twitched at the sexual utterance. He thought wishfully that maybe it was that girl
downstairs, perhaps fucking herself with a big long dildo, powerless but to cry out in ecstasy.
But, no. He realized it must have just been his stupid brother, probably pumping furiously at
what Ryan had estimated to be a 5-inch-long-hard dick. He thought of what Alex's O-face must
look like, and chuckled to himself. Okay, so little brothers weren't totally frustrating; they
could be cute, but mostly just annoying.

When Alex tried to strut back into their room, clearly walking with an exaggerated hop in his
step as to make his dick bob like his older brother's, his towel fell off and he tripped over it.
Ryan burst out laughing and slapped Alex's naked ass the boy tried to get up off the floor.

- What a fag! Wow, I'm gonna grab a Pop-Tart and meet you in the car. Retard.
- Whatever.

Poor kid. His soft, normally pale cheeks were flaring red, and he was definitely crying now. He could
tell because his lips were red and he wouldn't look up. Ryan loved every minute of it.

Ryan plopped down in his car, and revved the engine after turning it on. After about thirty
seconds of waiting, he honked the horn angrily. Fucking brother. Ryan again remembered why
he couldn't stand the kid. At last, his brother's skinny, short frame covered with a hoodie,
jeans, and probably something like Spider-Man briefs under the jeans. The middle-schooler
lugged his backpack over to the car and sat down in the passenger seat.

Wordlessly, Ryan backed out of the driveway and took off for Alex's school. They were listening to
some Top-40 pop radio station that was shamelessly blaring highly inappropriate sexual
innuendos that were clearly going right over Alex's head.

- Ryan?
- What.
- Why is this guy singing about lollipops?
- Fuck, Alex, use your imagination!
- I tried, but I don't get it!
- He wants a bitch to lick his lollipop. You follow?
- No...
- His DICK, Alex, he wants a girl to suck his dick, give him a blow job, lick his lollipop, get it
- Oh. Yeah.

Stupid middle schoolers. They call you a faggot, and then ask you what "licking a lollipop" refers to.
At least it the two were at Alex's school now so the conversation didn't have to go any

- Bye, Ryan.
- Later.

At around lunchtime, Ryan figured Alex must be telling all his punk-ass little friends what a
lollipop was. At that moment, his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. It was a text from Alex:

- ryan, tyler invietd me 2 his house fter skool, dont need a ride k?
- k

He just HAD to ask if it was okay and waste ten seconds of Ryan's life responding with a single
letter. So annoying.

Once the end of school came and Ryan drove home alone, he whipped into his driveway and
slammed on the brakes, like he always did in the afternoons. Racy thoughts about the girl in
the apartment below them quickly returned to his brain when he saw her look out the window
at him, checking who had arrived. Ryan usually didn't get home until later because he would
have to go pick up Alex, but not today, which was probably why she looked.

As he got out of his car, the girl came out, too, to his surprise.

- Hey, there. It's Ryan, right?
- Yeah. What's up.
- Oh, I just figured you saw me through the window there and didn't want you to think I was a
creep or something.

Far from it, Ryan thought.

- Naw, it's okay. I'm home early, you know?
- Yeah. I'm Amanda, by the way.

She held out her hand for a handshake. Ryan returned with the most firm grip he could muster.
Wouldn't want to give the wrong impression.

- So, do you like your apartment, Ryan?
- I guess. I have to share a bedroom with my little brother, so it's kind of tough.

She laughed...flirtatiously? Ryan's hormones interpreted it that way, at any rate.

- Oh, well that's not so bad. I actually shared a bed with my sister for a year or two, so I know
what you're dealing with. Those hot summer nights with us both in our underwear got pretty
crazy, let me tell you!

This is not happening. This is not happening. She did not just imply that she messed around
with her sister. Oh god, Ryan hoped his boner wasn't too noticeable.

- Oh, well...I don't have to deal with quite that much.
- Well, do you want to see my apartment? While you're home early, might as well enjoy some
neighborly bonding, right?
- Yeah, sure.

Ryan hoped he had put on enough cologne that morning. He was about to enter her home. The
teenager was practically cumming in his pants as he stepped through her front door. She
started giving him a tour of the house.

- So here's the living room, kitchen, bathroom...oh, and my bedroom's right over there. But all
my dirty underwear is lying around in there. Let's just sit on the couch. You know what? There
was this one movie I really wanted to watch with somebody, to be honest, and I just realized,
since all my friends are busy...would you want to watch it with me?
- Um, yeah, I guess. What movie?
- Some sappy chick flick. I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind!
- Nah, whatever. I'll watch it with you.
- Great!

Ryan's heart was beating extremely hard. If this was going where he thought it was going, who
knows? Maybe she would "lick his lollipop."

About two minutes into the movie, Amanda "casually" brushed shoulders with Ryan.

- Oh, nice biceps! Do you work out, Ryan?
- Uh, yeah, a little.
- It shows! Ooh, do you mind if I feel your pecs? They look so firm, wait! They are! Ooh!

An extremely hot twenty-year-old babe was rubbing his nipples. If only he could muster up the
courage to return the favor. Before he could process it, she began feeling lower, down to his
abs, around to his ass, over to his thighs...

- Mind if I feel your pecs then? Amanda?
- Oh, Ryan! Go for it...

Sweet Jesus! Ryan was in heaven. He climbed over her and straddled her legs where she sat,
running his hands over her chest and through her hair. It wasn't long before they leaned into a
kiss. Ryan was feeling more like a man than he ever had, and his manhood was feeling
likewise. He ground his hips against her stomach until he pulled her up to her knees then lay
her down across the couch, pulling her shirt off instinctively.

Amanda was certainly on board, too. Ryan felt her fingers fumbling his belt and unzipping his
fly. Once he got his pants and boxers off, she grasped his cock, and moaned with delight into
his mouth. Finally, she broke their lip lock and gasped for air.

- Stand up...

Ryan stood up beside the couch. Amanda got to her knees in front of him and Ryan's cock
prickled with anticipation. At least this wasn't his first blow job, so he didn't immediately cum
on her face when she licked the head. That's what had happened several years ago when Ryan
and one of his male friends were experimenting on each other. That kid got so mad. But that
didn't happen this time.

A good five minutes went by of Amanda's skilled mouth rolling up and down over Ryan's shaft.
She then pulled away. Ryan's body was not pleased, and gave an involuntary thrust at her face.
She grabbed the cock when it hit her cheek and didn't let go as she pulled off her pants. She
wasn't wearing underwear. Then they stripped it all off.

Amanda smiled up at him, let go of his cock, and turned around, thrusting her round ass up at
him. Ryan hesitated, the fleeting thought of STD's and pregnancy crossing his mind. It was as if
she was reading his mind, though.

- I'm on the pill, don't worry. And no STD's, I swear, baby.

That probably wasn't a good enough answer, but Ryan was too caught up in the moment to
object. He grabbed his cock and teased it against her pussy entrance, getting the head nice and moist.

She let out a lusty moan. Hooking his hands on her hips, Ryan eased his member into
the girl who lived in the apartment below him, and quickly accelerated to full-out doggy-style

Soon she was moaning, and he was grunting, and she was fingering her clit, and he was
grabbing her shoulders, using all the strength in his hips to thrust in and out, over and over.
Amanda spoke Ryan's name in a long whine, her voice bouncing with every thrust. Then, to
Ryan's delight, she let out one deafening, guttural moan and felt her body clenched. She threw
her head back and he knew he was giving her and orgasm.

- I think...I'm...gonna...

And he hummed a soft moan, the way he always did seconds before he exploded. Ryan was
even too trapped in the act of sex to finish his sentence. Or to hear Tyler's mother's car pull
into the driveway. In fact, he didn't even pay any mind to the sound of the door to Amanda's
apartment flying open.

- Miss Amanda, are you oka--

Ryan froze. Amanda froze. Ryan, his hand still on Amanda's tit and dick still plunged into her
pussy, looked over to the door to see a pale-white Alex. His little brother's jaw was nearly on
the floor.

What a sight it must have been, though. Little Alex, just a middle schooler who had only heard
of sex through the snippets of explanation Ryan had given him, seeing for the first time in real
life the act of sex. And not only sex, but his older brother having sex. With their neighbor!

For Alex, time must have stopped when he walked in the room. There was his big brother,
naked, but not just regular naked. When they took showers together at the gym, that was
regular naked. Now, his nakedness was shocking. He was naked, attached to someone else at
the waist who was also naked. The girl. The smooth lines of that female body, something Alex
had never seen in its entirety. From her hair to her breasts dangling below her, his big
brother's big hand still cupping one, to her big round ass, which was firmly pressed against
Ryan's hips.

And Ryan, butt clenched, muscles flexed, had a glazed look in his eyes that Alex never noticed
when he walked in on his brother simply jacking off. Ryan's chest heaved and glistened with
sweat. Alex could smell their sex in the air.

A good five seconds of sustained silence, before a shuffle of movement. Ryan dove for his
clothes and yanked up his jeans, not bothering with the underwear. Amanda fled for her
bedroom. Alex grabbed the backpack he had dropped on the floor and ran out of the

Feeling a need to get back upstairs as quickly as possible, Ryan grabbed his shirt and boxers
without putting them on and bounded up the stairs, out the door, and up to he and Alex's room. Alex

was on his bed in the fetal position, covering his head with a pillow. Ryan sat down on the bed next

to him. It was an odd site, seeing the broadening shoulders and narrow waist of a
boy becoming a man, curled up in a ball like a child.

- Alex? Hey, buddy? Little bro? Come on, man...

Alex just shook his head beneath the pillow. His pants were down slightly below his butt
because of the position he was in, and Ryan noticed his underwear. It was the Spider-Man

Ryan suddenly felt extreme remorse for everything he'd done to Alex, and not just that day.
Ryan pet his brother, running his hand down the boy's side in long strokes from his shoulders
to his leg.

- I didn't mean for you to see that, buddy. You just kind of walked in at the wrong time.

Alex was silent. Ryan rolled around until he was lying on his side facing Alex. He continued to
pet him gently.

- I...I'm really sorry, you know. Mostly because, well, I'm not really the nicest guy to you
sometimes. I guess you just sort of push my buttons is all. Look, everybody has sex. Well, not
everybody, you shouldn't, yet, but usually people do sometimes, and when they do, it's not all
glamorous and stuff like they sing about on the radio you know? Sometimes it's just in the
apartment downstairs, and sometimes it turns out to be someone you care about and maybe
they're not with the ideal person, but look...It's not that big of a deal.

Ryan didn't know where this came from or where it was going. He was just trying to
understand what must be going through Alex's mind. It sort of dissolved the bitterness he
usually directed towards the boy.

- I mean, it's not that different than when you're doing homework and I rub one off at the
computer desk, really. There's just a girl in front when it's sex.

This kind of talk clearly wasn't helping.

- Look, what I really want to say to you is I'm, well, really sorry. I'm sorry you had to see me
with Amanda, and I'm sort I treat you like shit most of the time, and I'm sorry I'm pretty much a shitty
brother who's not worthy of a great kid like you.

Alex pulled the pillow off his head. His face was red and his eyes were quite watery. His voiced
cracked when he spoke.

- No! You're the best brother ever! You just don't know it, but I do, and I love you for it!
- Hey, I love you too, kid.

Ryan didn't know whether to cry or vomit, but he either way he was feeling really guilty right

- If there's anything I can do to make it up to you...
- Well...
- What? What is it? I can take you out for ice cream, I can buy you a new toy. Hell, I'll give you
a fucking lap dance if it makes you happy.
- Actually... there was one thing I always wondered...
- Yeah?
- I always wondered what...what a girl's juice tasted like.

That caught Ryan by surprise. He let out a nervous laugh.

- Uh, what's that?
- A girl's juice. You know, pussy juice. I want to taste it.
- And how do you want me to help you with that? I don't exactly have a pussy. I hate to break it
to you.
- Well, you're thing was just in one, so isn't there some juice left on it?

Ryan really didn't know how to respond to this. It was pretty awkward, to be honest. But that
guilt was getting the best of him, so rolled over and stood up next to the bed.

- Are you seriously saying you want to...lick...
- Her pussy juice off your thing? Yeah. Yeah I do.
- Um, if you have to, kid. I'm not going to stop you.

Hesitantly, Ryan unzippered his fly and let his jeans fall to the ground. Again, Ryan stood
before his little brother fully naked, and his limp, swollen dick was still glistening with
Amanda's lubricant.

Alex got to his knees in front of Ryan, the way Amanda had earlier, and put his warm little
hands around Ryan's ass. He leaned in, and Ryan felt the little tongue flick on the tip of his
cock. He felt it twitch. There was no stopping the erection that was about to happen. It didn't
matter who was licking his penis; it was still going to stimulate him.

Alex leaned forward more, sucking at the soft shaft, biting around it gently. Ryan could see
down his back past where his shirt rode up, and spotted the Spider-Man briefs faintly
outlining his brother's round little butt. On impulse, Ryan began stroking Alex's hair as the
boy licked slowly at his hardening cock.

Soon, the cock was at full attention, and Alex leaned back to look at it. He stared up at Ryan in

- Did I do that?!
- Yeah, I guess you did.
- Ryan, I'm not a fag or anything, but I have a huge boner right now.
- No problem. So do I.

As if to emphasize it, he grabbed his cock and slapped Alex's cheek with it. Alex laughed
ruefully with that middle-schooler loudness, and smiled up at him gleefully, his braces
glinting in the light from the window.

- I want to be naked too!
- Sure, why not.

But Ryan didn't anticipate how much watching Alex strip in this context would turn him on.
First, the pants came off, uncovering legs with sparse hair that was just beginning to darken.
The boy stood straight up to lift his shirt, and Ryan noticed the sharp contrast of his brother's
restrained boner against the innocent word "Spiderman" running across the front of his little

The shirt came off, and that's when Ryan saw all. Alex wasn't just a little boy anymore. The kid
had the trim figure, lean muscles, broad shoulders, square jaw, and darkening happy trail that Ryan
remembered all too well whenever he looked in the mirror in middle school.

Off came the beloved briefs, there were the wispy pubes that were nearly finished filling in. And Ryan
could tell by the way Alex's dick bounced around as he approached that they had the same walk. The
question was, did they have the same fuck?

- I think all the juice is gone, but I still want to suck it.
- It's all yours, Alex.

The boy recommenced to licking the thick, purple head and using his hand to stroke the shaft.
The kid was basically a pro. Ryan didn't mean to, but a breathy moan slipped out. Fortunately,
it made Alex go down harder, pushing the seven inches farther into his mouth. He swirled his
tongue around, and licked underneath, breathing loudly through his nose.

Soon, Ryan's body was back where it was twenty minutes ago, more than ready to shoot it's
load into Alex's mouth. It didn't matter that it was his brother and not the chick from the
apartment below them. Ryan finally understood why they said guys give the best blow jobs,
because they know what guys want. And it was Ryan's own brother, so they undoubtedly
shared similar sexual desires.

It was almost time.

- Alex...little brother...I'm...

Alex didn't heed the warning, or chose to ingore it. He only grabbed onto Ryan's ass harder. A
jolt of pleasure ran from Ryan's crotch through his body. He felt the cum run through his shaft, past

his brother's soft red lips, and flood into his mouth.

- Alex...Alex! I'm, ooh, I'm sorry!

Alex pulled his brother's squirting cock out of his mouth and kissed the head as the cum
spilled across his face. Ryan was moaning almost as loudly as Amanda had, and was
thrusting his hips forward uncontrollable as he gripped the chair behind him. Alex continued
to lick and suck the cum from his dick, swallowing as much as he could. When he thought he
was finished, Alex pulled off his dick completely, but Ryan clenched one more time and shot a
final stream into Alex's hair.

Ryan breathed heavily. Alex smiled up at him again.

- Apology accepted, Ry.

Ryan laughed, and then stumbled over to the bed, still panting.

- Hey, you got pussy juice and man juice all at once! You're a busy dude!

Alex giggled madly.

- I'd better get your cum off my face. Mom or Dad might say something when they get back.
- Good call. And hey, don't worry. I'll get you back for this!

Ryan sealed the promise with a devilish smirk. Alex smiled back, forming a crooked grin that
flashed his braces and stretched his cum-soaked lips. And he laughed again, excited that there would

be a next time.

Ryan lay back on Alex's bed, outrageously satisfied. He was only naked from the waist down, but he
felt more exposed to his brother than he ever had, even more than when they skinny dipped in the
pool at their old house, even more than when he was downstairs with the chick who lived in the
apartment below them.

As his little brother walked off, still naked, to the bathroom and turned the corner, Ryan caught plenty
more than a glimpse of Alex's round little ass. But it didn't bother him this time, not the way it always
had. No, it didn't annoy him one bit.

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