Hey here's chapter two.
Chapter 2
Old Man Henry

Bobby laid crying in cum and dirt. Suddenly he heard foot steps. He looked up and saw his neighbor, Old Man Henry. Henry was eighty-seven years old, black, and lived right next door to Bobby with his wife Ria. Bobby had never understood why they were married. For one thing Ria was twenty-five and very pretty. And she was Indian. Henry was old, wrinkled, and black. They seemed to love each other though.
Old Man Henry knelt and helped Bobby to his feet.
“You ok boy? Did you fall down?” He asked.
Bobby nodded. He didn’t want any one to know about what had just happened. Henry though saw the wet spots and smelled the cum.
“You sure you ok boy? What happened here? You smell like a whore house.”
Bobby looked down, too ashamed to say anything.
“Did somebody take advantage of you boy?”
More silence. He didn’t have to say anything. Old Man Henry guessed enough. He took Bobby by the arm.
“Come on boy. Come to my place and we’ll clean ya up.”
When they reached Henry’s house, Henry told Bobby to hop in the shower while he washed his clothes. After the shower Henry gave Bobby a robe to wear until his clothes were dry. He then sat Bobby on the couch and started to ask him questions.
“Who did this to ya boy?”
Bobby just looked down ashamed. He didn’t really want to talk about it. Henry kept asking though.
“Come on boy. Ya gotta tell me what happened. Who took advantage of ya.”
“…..Rick…..” Bobby managed very quietly.
Henry raised an eyebrow, “Rick Stanton, Becky Stanton’s boy?”
Bobby nodded.
“Well what’d he do boy? When I found you, you were covered in spunk. Did Rick rape ya?”
Bobby nodded again.
“Was it just Rick?”
Bobby shook his head no.
“He had his gang with him, huh?”
Bobby nodded.
“What’d they make ya do boy?”
At first Bobby didn’t say anything but with some prodding from Henry he opened up.
“He made me lick his peepee.”
Henry’s eyes got wide, “Did he now? What else did he do?”
“He pushed it in my mouth.”
Henry shifted a little, “And what did you do?”
Bobby looked down ashamed, “I sucked on it…..”
Henry gasped, “Y-you sucked on it…. Did that mean ya liked it?”
“No!....Yes….I don’t know. At first I didn’t but then I did. I don’t know why….”
Henry sat back and looked at Bobby with consideration, “What happened then boy.”
Bobby told him the whole story up to when Henry had found him. Henry just sat and listened to Bobby’s telling of his rape. How Rick and his gang made a fag out of him and how he had liked it for some reason. When he was done Henry just sat looking at him and thinking. Finally he seemed to come to a decision.
“You say you actually liked what them boys did to ya, Bobby?”
Bobby nodded.
“You know that makes you gay, right boy?”
Bobby looked down ashamed and nodded.
“Well can I tell ya something Bobby…..I’m gay too.”
Bobby looked confused, “But you’re married to Ria….”
Henry nodded, “Yah I know boy. That just means I’m bisexual. I like both guys and girls. Now you say you liked the stuff you did with Rick and his boys. Would you like to try some more?”
Bobby looked a little scared, but something inside him said that he could never go back the way he was. That he needed to find out more about being gay….that he needed to be used again. He slowly nodded.
Henry smiled at that, “Good. Now boy, you know that anything we do has to stay a secret between us, right?”
Bobby nodded.
“Good now take off that robe and let me get a look at ya.”
Bobby did as he was told. He stood in front of Henry and let the robe fall to his feet revealing his young body. He was pink and clean from his shower and still a bit damp. Henry eyed him hungrily as he considered what to do first.
“Ok boy. Just follow my lead ok.”
Henry reached out and held Bobby’s tiny cock in his hand and began to massage it. Bobby gasped and breathed heavy as his small cock grew hard.
Suddenly the front door opened and Mia walked in. She halted abruptly at the sight of her husband jacking off a little boy. Bobby tried to jump for the robe but Henry still held his cock and wouldn’t let go. The old man kept pumping Bobby’s dick as he smiled up at Mia.
“Hello dear, back from work so soon?”
Mia kept her eyes glued to the sight of Bobby’s masturbation as she set down her purse, “Decided to come home early. Thought you might be up for some fun but I see you already found a playmate of your own.”
Henry grinned, “Yes. Seems Bobby here got himself raped by young Rick Stanton and his boys….and it also seems he liked it. I was just about to show him the pleasures of being gay, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you joined in. Would ya Bobby?”
Bobby was frozen in place. He didn’t know what to think. At first he had panicked at being walked in on. Then he was embarrassed at being jacked off in front of a grown woman. He was really hard though. It was like the embarrassment excited him. Finally he just shook his head. It was all he could manage as he and Mia stared wide eyed at each other.
It was enough for Henry, “Ok then Mia why don’t ya come over here and put Bobby yer lap. I want to see how this nice little cock tastes like.”
Mia sat on the couch and pulled Bobby up and onto her lap. Bobby thought it felt weird to have his bare ass rub on her skirt. He was a little shocked when Henry got on his knees in front of them. He forgot all else though, when the old man bent over and captured his hard little cock in his mouth. Bobby couldn’t believe it. Yesterday he hadn’t known hardly anything about sex. Today he had become a gay hooker and was getting his peepee sucked by a nasty old nigger.
As Henry sucked Bobby’s dick Mia slipped her blouse and bra off. Her nipples became long and hard as she watched her husband suck off the six year old boy. She remembered the first time Henry had given her a blow job twenty years ago. It had been one of the best times in her life. She looked down to see that Bobby had closed his eyes and pressed his head back against her bare breasts as he lifted his hips to get more cock into Henry’s mouth. Seemed it was one of his better days as well. She smiled and reached down to caress Bobby’s balls. She softly stroked them as her other hand reached up between his young cheeks and sought out his asshole. Bobby moaned and wriggled a little as she slipped a finger up inside him. She couldn’t believe how tight it was. Soon she had two fingers in and was stroking his walls to make more room.
Suddenly Henry received a mouthful of hot white liquid as Bobby came into his mouth. Henry swallowed it all and then stood up. His cock strained against his pants at the sight of Mia fingering the boy’s ass as he lay exhausted against her naked chest.
“So boy, do you like being gay so far?”
Bobby grinned happily and nodded his head.
“Ya want to do some more?”
Bobby nodded his head enthusiastically.
“Ok but this part is a bit harder than getting yer cock sucked. Ya see my old dick is about to bust unless I give it some relief. Ya mind if I stick it yer ass?”
Bobby looked a little uncertain, but then he remembered how much he had liked it when Rick did it so he slowly nodded his head.”
Henry grinned back, “That’s good. Y’ll like it boy. Now turn around and face Mia. You can play with her while I pump yer ass if ya want.”
Bobby did as he was told. Mia opened her legs to make it easier and Bobby leaned into her and stuck out his ass for Henry. Mia thought he looked so cute standing with his butt stuck out for Henry. Henry dropped his pants to let out his big black cock. Bobby looked back and his eyes widened at the sight of it. It was a lot bigger than Rick’s. But he had said Henry could do it so he just buried his face into Mia’s tits to hide the frightened tears that began to flow. Nobody was fooled though. Mia hugged him to her and Henry patted his ass cheeks comfortingly.
“Don’t worry boy I’ll go slow.”
Henry placed the tip at the opening of Bobby’s asshole. It was already open and wet from Mia’s earlier fingering. Henry started to press into Bobby’s hole. At first he couldn’t get in the boy was so tight. Bobby just gritted his teeth as the pressure slowly built.
Suddenly he screamed as the head burst past his walls into his little ass. Mia held him as he sobbed into her breasts. Henry waited until his screaming died down and his ass adjusted to the size of the cock. Then he began to slowly inch his cock up into the little boy’s rectum. At first Bobby just sobbed against Mia and tried to take the pain. Eventually though he started to adjust to the feeling and once the pain subsided some he began to move against the old mans cock. Henry began to speed up his thrusts. Soon Bobby met him thrust for thrust. He squeezed Henry’s cock instinctively and began to massage it with his ass cheeks. He was no longer buried in Mia’s cleavage but leaning back against Henry as he tried to take more of the old man into himself. Henry held the boy to him as he stood to his full height. Bobby’s feet dangled in the air as Henry’s cock wedged itself far up into his ass. The boy groaned as the big cock filled him up.
Mia stood up and helped Henry slide Bobby up and down on his cock. Bobby whimpered for more and moaned when he got it. The black man and his wife lifted him easily and thrust him back down on the pole over and over ripping apart his bare little ass savagely as the pace increased. As Mia drew in closer Bobby wrapped his short legs around her waist for support. Mia was amazed at how light Bobby was as she and Henry gripped him about the waist and slammed the six year old boy down onto Henry’s dick over and over. Mia felt pussy juice drip down her leg as she watched the little boy’s face as he was fucked from behind. She wondered if she had looked like that when Henry first started fucking her. She glanced down at the child’s cock. It was hard and stretched and bounced up and down as he was pumped over Henry’s cock. She didn’t think either of them could last much longer.
Bobby groaned. He didn’t know what he was doing. He felt ashamed. But he couldn’t stop even if they would let him. He wanted, needed, to be used. To be a toy for the couple, for Rick and his gang, for anyone who wanted to abuse his little body. He wanted to please them, his rapists, his masters, anyone who would dominate and use him like garbage. He didn’t know why he wanted that he just knew he needed it and would get it from whoever he could from now on.
Finally Henry gave out with a groan and blasted the boy’s insides with cum. Red faced, Bobby almost immediately sprayed his own load up Mia’s abs where it splattered across her big tits. Mia didn’t cum but she knew she would later. Alot.
Henry pulled Bobby of his dick and set him down. Then they all went to the shower and cleaned up. After which Henry and Mia talked to Bobby about being gay and the importance about keeping this all a secret. Aft an hour or 2 of talking Bobby went home.
His mother had been wondering where he was. He told her he had played at the park before getting the groceries and that on the way home some boys had stolen the groceries from him. He told her he didn’t know who they were but she called the police anyway. They never found the thieves. Bobby kept his secrets and had many more experiences. He would always remember how he became gay though. He would never be the same afterwards. He had found his submissive tendencies. He would always look for people to use him.

To be continued....

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