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This is a true to heart poem about me and my X - girlfreind kayly If you read this its true for some reason i still love you
I loved you
I still do

You broke my heart
You were so smart

You were clever
In your endever

To crush my heart
you threw it out like tacky art

Yet,I loved you
I still do

You were specal
Yet your a profesional

At crushing my soul
you took your toll

Good job, you win
ill never love agin

I loved you
I still do

For love i shall no more
Since you left me sore

But its weird
Or so it apeared

Why, do I love You
Why, do i still love you

For I loved you
I still do

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2012-09-09 08:04:49
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2012-09-09 08:04:49
Hey Ron,The site's looking very well. So all this wnriitg stuff started off in Mrs O'Flaherty's English class? In between burning the bike shed down probably. I haven't quite got around to reading those revised chapters you sent me. It's possible that I might be able to in the next while but probably unlikely until I finish the term which let's face it, is in only a couple of weeks anyway. Apparently they expect us to read things here.Anyway, I trust the non-fiction (religion?) stuff is going well too.Frank

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2011-04-25 23:12:50
Ur a gay ass niqqa what the hell is this doin on a porn website go cry to yo momma


2009-05-03 00:02:42
Just a couple grammar problems, but good job.


2009-04-07 07:27:19
Well the way that poem went was good & all. But I liked the End of it. That is what made me think of my past & all that has gone wrong.

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