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Chapter 19

Jason was adding some of Karen’s breast milk to his coffee when he heard the girls talking outside the kitchen door. “You are such a cock tease Nancy,” Karen said as she unlocked the door with her key.

“Come on Karen, what was I suppose to do? The only seat left on the bus was the one next to Chuck.

“But you know Chuck has the hots for you,” Karen pointed out, “I saw the way his cock reacted when you sat next to him and started rubbing your belly through your blouse.”

“Yeah,” Nancy said with a chuckle as she followed her sister through the open door, “I saw the bulge in his pants too. And when my milk started coming in and leaking through my blouse I thought he was going to cum in his shorts right there. Of course you know that the only cock I’m attracted to is daddy’s, until one of us has a son old enough to fuck us daddy’s cock is the only one to fuck my pussy.”

“I know,” Karen giggled as she closed the door, “but it’s still fun to see the guys getting hot and bothered when they try to come on to us.”

“Hi girls,” Jason said as he raised his mug to his lips and slurped the milky coffee between his lips.

“Dad, you’re home early,” Karen said, stopping in surprise as Nancy came up next to her to stare at their father.

“Yeah,” Jason said as he placed his mug back on the kitchen table, “things were so slow at work I decided to take the rest of the day off and surprise the two of you with dinner.”

“You cooked?” Karen asked suspiciously.

“Do you smell water burning?” Jason asked with a chuckle. “I know better than to try cooking, I just picked up some Chinese on the way home.”

“Sounds good to me,” Nancy said, patting her swollen belly as she licked her lips in anticipation. Jason couldn’t help but notice her erect nipples as they poked out against the wet spots on her blouse.

“So just what were you girls talking about when you opened the door,” Jason asked without taking his eyes off the expanding wet spot on Nancy’s maternity blouse. “What is this about Nancy being a cock tease?”

“It’s nothing,” Nancy said, blushing as she shrugged her shoulders and had another dribble of milk to expand the spots on her blouse. “Karen was just teasing me.”

“I was,” Karen admitted as her father glanced at her before returning his gaze to the twin spots on Nancy’s blouse, “but that doesn’t change the fact that Nancy’s a cock tease. Chuck Nichols has had a crush on Nancy since kindergarten but Nancy was never interested in him. Ever since Nancy’s belly started growing it’s been even worse. He has the hots for her - bad - and the fact that she hasn’t returned his interest just makes him that much hotter for her.”

“I can understand that,” Jason said with a nod. “So you’re saying that he’s so horny for Nancy that even the most casual and innocent contact gets a physical response from him.”

“That’s right,” Karen said with a grin, “and even though Nancy doesn’t encourage him I tease her about it every chance I get.”

“As long as I’m the only one fucking you girls I don’t care who gets an erection around you,” Jason said with a sigh. “In fact, just thinking about how much those other guys want to fuck you makes me hard when I realize I’m the only one getting what they want. Now, why don’t the two of you get undressed for dinner?”

“Now how often do we hear a line like that?” Karen asked her sister with a giggle as they headed for the bedroom they shared with their father.

“In this house?” Nancy asked with an even louder laugh as she skipped after her sister so her milk filled breasts bounced enticingly as her father followed her with his eyes. “In this house we hear it every day.”

Once the girls were out of sight Jason took his coffee and the pitcher of Karen’s milk into the dining room and filled the two glasses on the table and was just sitting down as the girls joined him. “I see your milk isn’t dripping any more,” Jason said as Nancy scooted her chair up to the table.

“Yeah,” Nancy said with a grin, “Karen offered to drink enough milk so I’d stop dripping. Don’t worry dad, we made sure there’s plenty left in the jugs for you.”

“Well, I’m glad you kept me in mind,” Jason said with a chuckle as he opened the take-out cartons and helped himself to some of the fried rice before he passed it to Karen. “So, anything new at school?”

“You ask that like you already know the answer, dad,” Karen said as she passed the rice on to Nancy and started making selections from the other cartons.

“Well, Ted did tell me something at work,” Jason admitted.

“So you already know that they bumped Cheryl up to our special class because she’s already starting to show,” Karen said.

“That’s what Ted told me,” Jason said with a nod. “Seems strange that she’s already showing at just a little over two months, but Ted says she is.”

“Not much,” Nancy said before Karen could, “but since she’s only ten her belly is more noticeable than ours was at ten weeks.”

“Did she have any problems fitting in?” Jason asked.

“A couple of the older girls started teasing Cheryl whenever the teacher was distracted,” Karen said with a sniff, “but Nancy and I stepped in and made them stop. After that we had an excuse to team up with for the rest of the day.”

“Good for you,” Jason said, giving both of his pregnant daughters a proud smile before he helped himself to some more food. “I’m glad you were able to help her like that.”

“Well we are partly responsible for her getting knocked up,” Nancy pointed out with a chuckle. “If she hadn’t followed our advice on how to seduce her father she could still be a virgin.”

“Even so it’s nice that you took her under your wing like that,” Jason said as he grabbed a fortune cookie and broke it open so he could pull out the folded sheet of paper and read it.

“Nothing nice about it,” Nancy said, “Cheryl’s a friend and when the other girls started teasing her it gave us an excuse to let her join us without revealing that we were already friends.”

“It also gave us a excuse to get Shannen and her friends in trouble,” Karen said with a frown. “Those girls have always been bullies but they managed to keep themselves out of trouble until Cheryl showed up in class. Since she’s only ten they couldn’t resist the temptation when Miss Evens turned her back on the class. Standing up for Cheryl was a double pleasure because I’ve never liked bullies, and it felt good to do the right thing.”

“Well I think the two of you deserve a special reward for helping out Cheryl like that,” Jason said with a grin as he crumpled his fortune and dropped it into the empty rice box. “Do I need to ask what you want?”

“What do we ever want?” Nancy giggled as she dropped her own fortune into the empty rice box. “If you want to reward us you can fuck us silly.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Jason said as he gathered up the leftovers and headed for the kitchen. “Why don’t you two warm up while I take care of the dishes.”

Jason could hear the girls laughing in the living room as he put the leftovers away and added the dishes to the dishwasher before he closed the door and started the machine. When he walked into the room he could see Nancy leaning over her older sister as they sucked each other’s tits. “Don’t drink it all,” Jason said with a grin as he came up behind Nancy and patted her naked ass, “I want my share too.”

“I know daddy,” Karen said, taking her mouth off her sister’s erect nipple and scooting out from under Nancy’s body as their father knelt behind her younger sister. “This may be the first day Nancy had milk, but she has more than I did my first day, so don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of milk.”

“Good,” Jason said as he stroked his cock a couple times to make sure it was good and hard as he ran his other hand along Nancy’s slit and then licked her juices off his fingers. “Why don’t you turn around so Nancy can eat your pussy while I fuck her.”

“Just what I had in mind,” Karen said as she spun around on her bare ass to slide her cunt under her sister’s mouth. “Eat me sis,” Karen told her sister as Nancy bent down to give her slit a quick lick, “eat me while daddy fucks your pregnant pussy.”

Nancy let out a soft little moan of pleasure as her father slid his cock into her tight pussy from behind and she rested her swollen belly on the floor as his hips smacked into her ass. “I love tight pregnant pussy,” Jason groaned as he pulled his cock out for another thrust. He rolled his hips around with just the head of his prick and he and Nancy moaned in pleasure at the sensation.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me,” Nancy said, taking her mouth away from Karen’s red furred pussy just long enough to urge her father on before her sister bounced her hips off the carpeted floor to jam her pregnant slit into Nancy’s face.

“Eat me Nancy,” Karen whined as she wiggled her pussy in her sister’s face. She reached down to squeeze one of her tits until milk squirted out from her nipple to coat her full breast and then bent her head down to lick herself clean.

“Don’t you just love the taste of your milk?” Jason asked as he watched his older daughter lick her own milk from her jiggling tits.

“I sure do,” Karen said with a sigh of pleasure, “Nancy’s milk tastes good too, but still not as good as mine.”

Nancy tried to voice a complaint against her sister’s comment but her comment was lost, muffled by her sister’s twitching pussy as she pushed it to orgasm with her lips and tongue. “Of course Nancy thinks her milk tastes better than mine but I guess we’re both biased. I guess that means you’ll have to decide who has the best milk dad.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jason said with a grunt as he shoved his cock deep into Nancy’s quivering cunt and felt it clench around his shaft hard enough to hold it in place as her back arched and she let out a muffled scream of pleasure as her orgasm shot through her body.

“I’m cumming,” Jason screamed as his daughter’s pussy milked the cum straight from his clenched balls.

“So am I,” Karen screamed as she clenched her thighs around Nancy’s head to hold her sister’s mouth against her cunt.

“Wow,” Jason said as he lay back on the living room floor with a pregnant daughter on either side of him, “how long has it been since we all came at the same time?”

“I can’t remember the last time it happened,” Karen admitted dreamily.

“Neither can I,” Nancy said with a frown, “but we’ll have to do it again.”

“So daddy,” Nancy said as she massaged her milk filled tits until a drop of milk appeared at the tip of both nipples, “are you ready for a taste?”

“Sure,” Jason said as he forced himself to his elbow and leaned over to lick the dribble of milk off Nancy’s closest tit.

“What do you think dad?” Karen asked as she rolled over on her side with a soft groan of effort, “was I right about my milk tasting better than Nancy’s?”

“Well your milk does taste different,” Jason said as he shifted to the other tit and licked it clean. “But I wouldn’t say it tastes better.”

“That’s what I told you, Karen,” Nancy said as she squeezed her tits again so a stream of milk sprayed into her father’s open mouth.

“Everyone’s milk tastes different,” Jason told his daughter’s as he licked his lips. “Not only that, the taste of your milk can change with what you eat. That’s why mothers are so careful about what they eat while they’re breast feeding.”

“So, if our milk tastes different,” Karen said, “whose milk do you prefer?”

“I don’t have a preference,” Jason said diplomatically. “You both taste good, and I’ll be very happy to drink all the milk the two of you can produce between now and when your babies are born.”

“Why stop then,” Nancy asked with a sigh of pleasure as her father sucked on her nipple and she felt her milk flowing out of her tit.

“Because,” Jason said, licking his lips as he switched nipples, “after you give birth your babies will need your milk, and I’m not going to steal the milk out of my own baby’s mouth.”

“But,” Karen said with a grin, “if you keep drinking our milk between now and when we give birth then we should be producing enough milk for both our babies and you. Don’t you think so daddy?”

“I don’t know,” Jason said as he gave his oldest daughter’s tits a quick squeeze, “but I hope so.”

“So do I,” Nancy said, rolling over and pressing her pregnant belly against her father so he was caught between his two pregnant daughters. “And if you do you’re job right you’ll have a constant flow of milk from now on by keeping us pregnant.”

“I’ll try,” Jason promised with a grin, “I’ll do my best to keep both of you pregnant with as many babies as you want to have.”


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"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 19" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)

And trail to new parenthood for Karen and her father Jason continues right along! Karen shoulde be close to giving birth to her first child, at least within two months or so of delivery!! And eleven year old Nancy has begun to lactate milk; the mother's breast milk in the Carter family should be plentiful for the next several months!!

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