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The unraveling of the young secretarial slut we have all come to love as a teenager
Chapter 2

Weeks later, Gina was still angry and spiteful regarding her defeat. The semester had begun and she spent most class periods trying to formulate another plan to get revenge for her humiliation. She wondered what the thirty three year old headmaster could want with her panties, and shivered with every nasty thought that entered her na? little mind. Her teachers were particularly annoying and boring, but perhaps more so because she could not concentrate. Gina was embarrassed most of that first week, pressing her thighs together to subside the wetness she felt thinking about Mr. Ellis’s big cock.
“What’s the matter?” Stephanie said upon seeing her roommate slam the door to their room.
“That miserable fuck Mr. Daniels put me into detention today!” Gina blurted out.
“Why?” Stephanie sweetly asked, her manner as steady as can be.
“I hate that fuck, every year he torments me. He finds an essay that needs to be re-written, he finds a homework assignment late, he puts me into detention for…..oh fuck who cares.” She said collapsing on the bed in a frenzy.
“For what?” The hot little blonde persisted.
“I wouldn’t get up to answer a question on the board.”
“Why not…”
“Because I couldn’t okay!” Gina spat, trying to hide the fact that she was self-conscious about being so horny. She thought that maybe the cum would slide down her legs. She was so wet today in class. Her cheeks turned bright red thinking about it. Stephanie turned a smug grin upwards, noticing her roommates expression.
“He never puts me into detention.” She said pleased to cause Gina a surge of rage.
“Uuuuuuugh.” Gina grunted into the pillow. “Ya, I know why too Stephanie.”
“Do you?”
“I’m not going to do that.”
“Can I help it if Mr. Daniels has a taste for young, sexy, girls?” She devilishly replied. Gina wanted to smack the smug expression off of her pretty face. Stephanie continued, “I didn’t even have to do the final last semester.”
“Fuck!” Gina said realizing she was very jealous. She buried her head deeper in her pillow.
“I should be really fucking pissed at you.” Stephanie said suddenly changing the subject. Gina rose a little too adjust her skirt realizing her round, little bubble ass was peeking out from underneath.
“You didn’t tell me the other night when Mr. Ellis needed to see me in his office. You got me into a lot of trouble.” Stephanie said eyeing her roommates attempt to hide her ripe, tender cheeks from view.
“Really.” Gina said blandly. She couldn’t have cared in the slightest. She was disappointed Headmaster Ellis hadn’t called her back in. Madison had fucked Coach Morgan and Coach Alex that week and her hot little redheaded friend, Sarah had been caught between two freshman girls naked in the locker room showers doing god knows what. The school staff was malicious and manipulative, but her friends did not need rescuing like she had thought. Gina felt furious. She was wondering now if all the years of dirty stories and blame really fell on the ambitions of her closest girlfriends.
“What did he to do to you?” Gina finally asked, pretending what little interest she had left in Stephanie’s slutty intrigues.
“The usual.”
“Whore.” Gina retorted.
“Ha, you want it to be you. He showed me your panties Gina.”
“What??” She leapt from the bed in shock that he would do that to her. Stephanie looked up laughing.
“Aw Gina, its not that bad. But back to Mr. Daniels. I’ll tell you how to get him off your back” Gina stared at Stephanie in amazement. Both girls scanned each others figures clad tightly in the short uniforms they were made to wear when school was in session. It had been months since they had seen each other. Stephanie was really maturing. Her breasts had swollen to a large full size and could barley sit in her bra cups under the white, opaque material of the school shirt. She wore it two buttons undone, and from Gina’s height she could see right down her blouse. Stephanie’s eyes were on Gina’s bare thighs. Gina had been very active this year, keeping herself busy in extra curricular activity and it showed in her muscularly. The tone-ness of her young body did not suffer her smooth sultry curves however and she looked slim and sexy in her short skirt and socks.
“How?” Gina finally asked to break the silence.
“You know I hate Mr. Ellis. I was really happy when you said you were going to get him. He has punished me for being hot since I was ten.” Gina scoffed a little at the statement, rolling her eyes as her delicious looking girlfriend shot herself a sexy look in the mirror.
“Mr. Daniels will do whatever you want if you seduce him. So do it, and help me get our miserable fuck of a headmaster to do what we want instead of what he wants.” Gina didn’t want to argue with her. Instead she listened for a half hour to any advice Stephanie would give her to get revenge on Mr. Daniels and then, what they would to do to the headmaster.
The next day in class Gina sat on the highest platform in the back of class. Mr. Daniels classroom was very modern and had carpeted steps where the desks where placed, almost like a drama classroom with the students on stage. Every glance he made her direction she used to execute a flawless performance, uncrossing and refolding her legs. It worked, grabbing his attention long enough to notice something bad she had done. Sweet little Gina had clearly forgotten to wear her panties today. It was working, her freshly shaven pussy stole his eyes to the left of the room like a falcon flying down to its prey. She smiled in a sultry way, delighted to see a bulge in his pants by the end of the first hour. She giggled with Madison when they noticed the swell. She made herself horny rubbing her thighs together, pressing them tight, and pushing on her lips till she could feel the sticky wetness all over her.
“You’re a bad girl.” Madison teased. She seemed a little envious. Gina started to wonder if her friend and Mr. Daniels had shared intimacy. Gina found it entertaining to think of Mr. Daniels as a good fuck.
“Ms. Martin I need you to stay again after class.”
“Well that’s nothing new.” Gina lamented loudly as her classmates left the room at the end of class. Madison winked, leaving quickly as the bell rang obscenely loud.
“This essay you turned in last week needs some work and I’m afraid you will have to re-write it.”
“Mr. Daniels I already have two papers due this week. This is ridiculous, its like all you teachers get together and decide to make my life hell.” Mr. Daniels laughed coldly at Gina’s complaint.
“Ms. Martin I’m sorry but you can do much better than this.”
“Alright fine, I will get to it next week and turn it in as soon as possible.” Gina said snobbishly as if her teacher had no authority.
“You will turn it in on Friday.”
“Friday??! Are you serious. That’s the day after tomorrow. That’s not enough…”
“Friday Gina.”
“Mr. Daniels it’s not possible.”
“Really? You will have to make it possible.” He paused to watch the frustration build in Gina. She bit her lip trying to keep herself from screaming “fuck” right in his face.
“You can start on it today in detention.” He teased.
Gina scowled at his reference. She softened her glare into a small smile and pushed her long blondish auburn hair behind an ear. She propped herself on the edge of his desk, scooting her ass far back on the wood. The action caused her skirt to creep up where the soft skin of her bare thighs showed.
“I really should send you to the office.” He said staring at her slightly tan legs.
“Why?” Gina said sweetly ignoring the obvious lust creeping into his body.
“You know why.” He shot a knowing look deep into her hazel eyes. There was a pause of breathless silence between the two. Mr. Daniels suddenly wondered who was the cat and who was the mouse. His literary mind working out all the possible twists in the coming plot. Then she said it.
“Mr. Daniels I would do anything to get out of this essay. I have been working soooo hard on it and I have so many other, obligations this semester. I am head of two clubs, I’m on the dance team, I study all the time and when do I have time for fun….. or English?!” She said mockingly. Gina shifted uneasily on the desk, coyly looking to the floor as if she didn’t mean to imply she was hot for sex. He stared at her waist and hips as she grinded them back and forth on the hard, cold surface. She spread her legs slightly apart and stared up into his eyes like a puppy hungry for affection.
“Maybe I can give you until Monday.”
“Oh Mr. Daniels why should you. I should devote more time to being a good student.”
“You are a good student.” He said noticeably gulping as he emphasized the word good.
“But I couldn’t have it done on Monday.” She said continuing to toy with him. “I understand that you and Stephanie have an arrangement that works well.” She ventured. Mr. Daniels face went white. His eyes widened understanding what the young girl knew. He was married and felt ashamed for his lust for young girls. He felt guilt the entire time Stephanie was on her knees. He would thrust violently into her mouth anyway, loving the way he could force her down on his exploding cock when he would cum, and yet pray the same night for forgiveness. His wife was the love of his life, but the lust for girls like Gina made him crazy with desire.
“Couldn’t we do the same thing for me?” She said temptingly. Mr. Daniels said nothing. He sized the girl up for a few moments before stepping in front of where she sat on the desk.
“You really want to do that?” He said regaining his composure and letting himself be overcome with lust. He had always wanted to fuck Gina. He had stared at her ass semester after semester wanting to sodomize her like the bitch in heat that she was, fondle her growing breasts, and bury his prick deep inside her tight pussy. His dick tingled thinking about entering her tight walls. He masturbated a few times in between classes just thinking about bending her over his desk.
“You’re a very bad girl Ms. Martin.” he whispered, lowering his face over hers. Gina tilted her head back to look deep in his eyes. Mr. Daniels reached down to her bare thighs and moved both his large hands up her smooth legs. He went under her skirt. Gina flinched a little feeling his fingers play with the creases between her legs and coochie. He brushed a hand over her warm little mound buried under the skirt.
“Mmmmmm silky smooth. I love a bald pussy. Its so much easier to eat. You are a very naughty little girl Gina.” She squirmed as he continued to rub her pussy, freely moving his hands back and forth. His fingers drifted down the cavern of her cunt, and moved up and down her slit. Her lips hungrily surrounded his fingers as he played with her.
“Your so wet.” He said. “You wore no panties on purpose didn’t you……. bad little girl. I’m going to have to punish you for that aren’t I? No student of mine is going to be a slut. You’re a sweet little girl Gina. You always have been. When did you become such a naughty, little slut?” He said breathing hard on the bare skin of her neck and chest. Gina shivered. Mr. Daniels let his tongue roam her neck, up and down until touching the tip of her ear lobe.
“You make me so horny Mr. Daniels. I can’t help it.” She said enticingly playing into his game. At that he slid down the desk and spread her legs as if her words had set him on fire. He parted her legs and buried his face in between.
“Ohhhhhh” Gina said letting the cry easily escape from her lips. His mouth was on her wet pussy, gently licking and sucking just the outside flesh. He parted her young, soft lips with his semi hard tongue, and pressed firmly into her hole.
“Ohhhhhh God, Mr. Daniels.”
“Shhhhhhh” Mr. Daniels pulled his head away long enough to whisper seductively.
“Mmmmmm” She moaned pressing her mouth tight to keep from making loud noises. It was exciting for her to imagine that any moment they could be caught. Little did she know that Madison stood outside partially standing guard but mostly so she could watch when no one was looking. She left the heavy door with opaque glass cracked, smirking every time she heard a small whimper escape Gina’s lips.
“Ohhhh fuck Mr. Daniels, mmmmm yes lick me right there.”
Mr. Daniels had started to move his tongue around her labia, swirling and pressing a little harder with his mouth with every movement. She grabbed onto his thick, dark hair and pushed, holding his head to her cunt.
“Mmmmm yes…” She delighted, thinking he may not be able to breath. The naughty school girl enjoyed thinking about the suffocation as her punishment to him for being so hard on her this past year. She grinded her curvy hips into his face. Mr. Daniels looked up to see Gina gritting her teeth, trying hard to keep the grunts and groans silent. She suddenly threw her head back, her body convulsed releasing the first wave of orgasm into his waiting mouth.
“Mmmm” came a muffled groan from her teacher. His tongue lasciviously lapped at her flowing juices. She tasted sweet, and he savored every drop. Gina felt her knees slightly weaken and her legs collapse onto his shoulders. Gina had closed her eyes trying to imagine he was one of the hot young football players they would meet in the woods. She was so caught up in cumming and fantasizing she didn’t even hear the zipper slide down Mr. Daniels suit trousers. He held his rock hard prick at her barley used entrance. He was like a young boy himself, eager to stick his dick in her and ignore foreplay. The second he felt her warm juices flood over his head he couldn’t restrain himself and plunged absentmindedly into her tight, wet pussy.
“AHhhhhhhh shit!” Gina yelled with the sudden twinge of pain, not ready for the sudden protrusion. She was still very new to taking dick, she had only fucked two or three times. Gina still clung a little to the idea that sex was special and wanted to save herself for the prep guy she had a crush on. When she realized Mr. Daniels was fully in her and she wouldn’t be able to stop him, Gina focused on her mission and rocked her hips back and forth on his thick cock. Gina couldn’t help but stream juices all over his girth as the intensity of his thrusts grew harder. Gina was holding back the tears from the pain and trying her best to remain sexy for him.
“Oh shit your one tight little girl, I’m gonna rip through that little cunt, take it bitch.” She shirked hearing the vulgarity but continued to allow him to spread her wider. Mr. Daniels railed her, sliding his throbbing dick in and out of her, forcing her walls backwards and causing her immense pain. Gina felt like he must be in her stomach since he was ramming it so deep inside of her. His head banging against the back of her pussy, chills running down her spine as her body tried to accept his size.
“OOOOHHHHHHH God!!!!!” She screamed very audibly. Madison thought for a moment he was killing her and closed the door. He scooped his arms under her legs lifting her knees to his chest and began pounding mercilessly.
“Fuck ya….TAKE THAT DICK….TAKE IT!!!” He screamed violently into Gina’s face. She leaned back, pushing her palms into the wood of the desk to stabilize herself. He fucked her hard, pulling rapidly in and out of her tingling pussy. She was still tight but her pussy gulped down his shaft as she came over and over on his dick. She had never been fucked like that, and reveled in being able to let him do her so hard.
“Mmmmmmm I’m gonna cum Mr. Daniels…..I’m gonna……Ahhhhhhhhh god…” She yelled as her pussy convulsed, squeezing and surging her hot, sticky cum all over his prick.
“Again you little slut…..soak my dick……bad little bitch aren’t you…..take it…I’m gonna make you guzzle down my cum….soon……ooooo real soon…and your gonna swallow all of this load!!”
“OHHHHHhhhhhhh YYYYYYYYEeeeeesssSSSSSS!!!! MR. DANIELS FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!” She screamed, still cumming, wave after wave of sweet, satisfying orgasm.
“Ya? YOU LIKE THAT?? ………You like having your little twat beat to a pulp by my big dick??!” He said obviously oblivious, concentrating on the slow rise of sperm surging up his shaft. It was going to be a big one. He imagined her sweet little mouth over his cock while he came on her. He almost came but stopped just before the eruption. He wanted to enjoy her as he had imagined so many times before, massively orgasming all over her face.
“Oh please don’t take it out Mr. Daniels. I love your big dick! I can’t believe how it feels! Mmmmm it fills up my sweet little pussy, touching every crevice and…..oh Mr. Daniels don‘t!” Gina said pouting as he pulled his glistening shaft from her.
“MMmmmmmm please??” Gina continued begging, seeing the look of determination in his eyes.
“Get of my desk slut.” He ordered. Gina slid her bottom of the wood, confused by his sudden command.
“Turn around, you gorgeous piece of ass.”
Gina reluctantly turned. Her skirt fell over her tush. He pushed her shoulders down until she was bent vulnerably over his desk. She felt his large hands move under her school shirt and up under her shirt. He rubbed her back free of the stresses and pain she had been feeling from holding her body up for him to fuck. While he massaged her, he slipped his long rod into her unsuspecting cunt. Gina groaned loudly.
“Mmmmmm Mr. DANIELS!”
“Such a bad girl. You know how bad I’ve wanted this? Do you know how many times I’ve imagined you over this desk begging me to fuck you?”
“Ohhh God,” Gina moaned loudly, understanding what he wanted to hear, “PPPPllllleeeeasssse fuck me Mr. Daniels!! OH MY GOD PLEASE FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK!!” She wailed.
Mr. Daniels felt his erection grow even larger hearing her response. He started to slide in and out of her, one hand on the bare skin of her back and the other under her skirt on her ass cheek.
“Yes deeper! DEEPER Mr. DANIELS! Ohhhhhh please…..mmmmmmm….FUCK ME DEEPER” Gina said feeling him pull her body backwards.
“Good girl.” was all he could manage to say.
“Oh FUCK!!! Ohhhhhh YES!!!……please ……..ooooooo…..give it to me like that. Ohhhh your hands feel so good, ohhhh god! It feels soooo goood.”
He pulled her skirt high over her ass so he could watch it bounce down on his crotch. His hands moved up and over her tight bubble cheeks. He slapped her ass, the loud smack sound echoing in the classroom as he started to beat her pussy again. Gina cried out obscenities she wasn’t even entirely sure what they meant, only repeated from listening to her slutty roommate. Mr. Daniels held the helpless girl under his heavy grip, clutching onto her shoulders and pushing her down hard on his dick.
“OH my GOD!“
“Ya you fucking love it don’t you…..tell me….“
“FUCK ME MR. DANIELS…..Mmmmmm give it to me…..give me that dick….FUCK ME!!”
He massaged her shoulders, slowing his thrusts into a grinding, circular motion. Mr. Daniels touched all of her walls, one at a time, rotating in her pussy while she soaked his cock, heavy in her cream. He grabbed onto her curvy, beautiful hips and started to work up a violent rhythm again.
“Oh God……I think…..Uhhhhh mmmmmmm…… I’m gonna cum!!”
Gina squeezed as hard as she could, clamping down on his cock and then she felt it. His hot, exploding load shot deep into her tight pussy. Gina didn’t realize that her teacher was cumming in her until the juices from their bodies were sliding down her shapely thighs.
“Oh my god …did you?…fuck, Mr. Daniels did you just cum in me??”
“Awww shit…..that felt good! Your quite the little whore Gina. Yes. I think our little arrangement will definitely work out.” He said still inside of her wet cunt, ignoring her fearful question.
“Mr. Daniels!!??”
“You fucking loved it, shut up. Next time I will make you guzzle it down!”
He slid his cock out from under her short skirt, letting his head pop out of her slit and drop between her legs. She was still in shock all the way up until she laid down that night in her bed. She had showered for over an hour and still didn’t feel clean. Gina felt very dirty. She had not expected for him to cum in her. Stephanie told her that he would want her to get on her knees and suck him dry when he was going to cum. She nervously shivered trying to convince herself that if she slept it would all go away. Stephanie was no where to be found, so it scared the life out of her when Madison came in suddenly.
“Oh my God I thought you might be Headmaster Ellis!” Gina said sitting up in her bed in the dark dorm room.
“Why would I be Headmaster Ellis?” Madison replied stepping in from the stream of light that had highlighted her lovely wavy hair in the doorway. Gina watched her tall shadow slip past the door and close it.
“….I don’t know” Gina said realizing how random thoughts before sleep tend to be. “Turn on a light, I can’t even see you.”
“Are you okay?” Madison said flicking on the light by Gina’s bed and sitting down near Gina’s pretty face.
“He came in me.”
“No shit……..” Madison said breathlessly. The silence filled the dark room.
Gina felt a big, wet tear slide down her soft cheek. Madison grabbed a tissue from the ornate box on Gina’s night stand and dabbed her cheek lovingly.
“That fuck. Don’t worry we’ll get him. Wow….what a miserable fuck of cock-sucker! I got lots of pics Gina, I was out there for a half hour at least.” Madison said angrily in an effort to reassure her friend. “I’m sure you can’t get pregnant though from one time….. and I know a place we can go if…..”
“It’s not that! What if Mr. Ellis finds out!” Gina shouted back suddenly. Madison’s pretty light eyes glistened in the dim room, bewildered by what Gina could mean.
“What? What does that have to do with….”
“He’ll send me back to my uncle! I can’t get kicked out of this school Madison. I just can’t. Fuck. I’ll do anything to keep from going back.”
She stared at the nurse’s office door while waiting in the offices of Headmaster Ellis. He had called her out of class. She could feel the moistness of her nervous palms as she held them clasped together in the crevice of material gathered in between her tight thighs. “Why?” Gina helplessly thought over and over, the clock sounding as if amplified in an arena, ticking away the moments before their encounter.
“You can go in now Ms. Martin.” The sweet, pretty brunette assistant to Mr. Ellis said. Gina rose unsteadily and opened the heavy office door. The office seemed so much different than when she had entered weeks before. It was fresh, ominous looking and bright, not at all the seduction scene of that night.
“Lock the door.” He ordered as soon as she was inside. She hesitantly reached over to the knob and did as she was told. For a moment, Gina stood with her hands to her sides, looking down at the floor, humiliated for nothing before walking slowly to the big, heavy chair. She rested her long fingers, gently on the tough material of the leather chair before daring to look at him. He sat clad in a very expensive, sexy suit and to her surprise, he smiled gently.
“I don’t want to be interrupted.” He justified.
“Oh.” Gina whispered in reply.
“I hear your having trouble keeping up with your assignments and your busy social commitments Ms. Martin.” He paused waiting for a reply from the young girl, but Gina sat silently waiting for the punishment she felt sure he would deliver. “Why didn’t you come to me?”
Sweet little Gina felt confused, wondering how he wanted her to answer. Finally she said, “I’m sorry sir.”
“Sorry for what?” Ellis said as if not knowing what she had done to keep her grades up.
“Sorry for fucking Mr. Daniels to keep your grades up so you wouldn’t get into trouble with your parents?” The headmaster said answering his own question.
“Mr. Ellis I…” Gina stuttered.
“Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out? Ms. Martin I know EVERYTHING that goes on in my school.”
Gina stood from the chair and stood idly for a moment, thinking what to do. She reached under her school uniform and pulled the thong she was wearing from her soft, naked skin down to her ankles. She stepped out of it and put it on the desk before her principal. Gina bent over the desk ready for her beating, pulled her skirt over her plump little ass and laid, exposed and vulnerable over the desk. Her breasts pressed firmly into the wood, showing enough cleavage to arouse any man, let alone a pervert like Headmaster Ellis. He laughed seeing what she expected as her punishment. He had much worse planned for her then the simple ass beating he had been giving her since she had first come to the school. She was such a naughty girl.
“Nice ass, but your really gonna get it this time little girl. Do you remember what I did to you when I caught you and Stephanie that one night in your dorm room?”
“Yes sir.” Gina admitted slowly, still bent over the desk.
“Much worse.” He said leaning over the desk, speaking the words softly. “Strip.”
Gina didn’t think she had heard him until he commanded again that she was to take everything off. She removed her uniform until she stood in her bra and knee socks, shivering a little from the cold office air. She knelt over to remove her dark socks but the headmaster told her leave them. She reached behind her back to the clasp of her white lacy bra, releasing her perky breasts from their prison.
“I really should make you walk out like that.” He jokingly said. “You are going to be my slave for the next two weeks Gina. Your going to wash my car, clean my office top to bottom while I watch and inspect, and your going to write an essay for me entitled Why I’m a Nymphomaniac; The Curse of Being Addicted to Cock.”
“What’s a nymphmani……”
“Come here.” He interrupted her innocent question.
Mr. Ellis felt his erection growing under his dark trousers, seeing the naked, young girl easily yield to his wishes. She pouted, looking uncontrollably sad as she wondered how she was in this situation yet again. When she sat in his lap, Gina could feel the rock hard prick against the soft cheeks of her round, little ass. His large black hand moved across her back. He watched her adjust her posture to his touch. Looking into her pretty eyes and staring at her beautiful full lips, he said “Did you enjoy it?” He asked referencing her fucking Mr. Daniels.
“No.” Gina said flatly.
“No? Are you sure?” He pressed. The headmaster watched the embarrassment flush her cheeks as she looked to the wall, denying the pleasure she had felt. He moved his hand over her waist and used his gentle touch to tickle her stomach. She giggled and let her body become vulnerable to his embrace.
“You wont tell me the truth? No matter how naughty you’ve been Gina, you’ve always told me the truth. Your disappointing me.”
“I just wanted him to stop torturing me. He was always making me do more than any of the other girls.”
“Aw. Poor Gina.” She blushed with his false sympathy. He enjoyed watching her response to his manipulation. “Did you cum?”
“What?” She said feeling shy.
“Did he give you an orgasm? I know you know what that is…..”
“How many times?”
Gina turned bright red, the color in her cheeks softly highlighting her light olive skin. “Um, three. I think.”
“Well than that’s how many times your gonna cum for me, right now.”
He smirked when he saw the fear and shock on his little student’s face. She uncurled herself from his lap, realizing what she would have to do.
“I…..I have to….”
“Show me what he did to you.” He said pushing her off of his lap and towards the desk.
He helped her onto his desk. Gina had one heel on each end, her long sexy, slender legs spread widely open revealing her bald mound for his viewing pleasure. She looked innocently at him, hoping he may change his mind seeing the humiliation she felt. Ellis kept his eyes glued to the girls naked, toned figure. He loved seeing her hip bones flex and respond to the cold while she wiggled around on the desk, getting into position. When Gina saw the powerful lust in his eyes she became eager to please him, forgetting he was twice her age at least and how wrong it was for her to be doing this. She slowly reached down to her eager, tingling clit. Pushing her middle and index finger against the little pink flap of tissue, she began to rub herself while watching her principal’s changing expression. Mr. Ellis’s eyes widened watching the girl slid up and down her slippery lips with her graceful fingers, delighting in seeing her thigh muscles tense when she felt the pleasure of her movements.
“That’s it, show me what he saw when you came on him.”
“Yes Master Ellis, but I…..”
“Do as your told.”
He smiled widely. He particularly enjoyed her reference to his title. He relaxed into his chair waiting for her to reach her first orgasm. Her two fingers rubbed hard against her pussy, her lips engulfing her fingers, sparkling in her juices every time she lifted her wrist. His cock throbbed under the pressure of the thick material of his pants and the belt pressing down into his flesh.
“Awwww fuck…”She suddenly said.
“Feels good baby?”
“Awwww yessssss……mmmmmmm I think I’m close…”
“Already? Wow, Gina I would have you exploding on my cock if its that easy. What a bad little slut…”
“Ohhhh shit…..mmmmmm talk to me dirty….”
“Really?” He scoffed. “You don’t even know what that means baby girl.”
“Ohhhhhhh…..mmmmmm…feels so good……” Her hands moved rapidly up and down over her wet, bald lips, faster and faster pressing up on her clit. She shivered, opening her eyes to watch her principals reactions. Her headmaster held tightly to the arms of the chair as if it was the only action to restrain him from taking her then and there. She tensed her legs, tightening every muscle in her body. She focused all her attention on the tingling of her clit and the orgasm rising up in her body. When she released her body the cum would flood out of her like a damn breaking, so she held herself hard, refusing to let it go so easily.
“OHHHhhhhhh FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmm I’m gonna cum!”
The harder she could tighten her muscles the more powerful the eruption. She fought the release her body was craving as she rocked her hips against the movements of her hand. He watched her dainty fingers move up and down her lips bathing herself in the liquids squirting from her body. She let go.
“AWwwwwww MY GOD!!!!!OH SHIT…..OH SHIT MR. ELLIS I WISH IT WAS YOUR MOTHERFUCKING DICK…..OH MY GOD….AWWWWW FUCK!!!!! OHHHHHhhhhh yes! OH MY GOD Yes!!! Ohhhhh…. Mmmmmm….” She yelled uncontrollably convulsing with the first powerful orgasm of the day. Her superior watched silently, expressionless as she fell from the climax. Her hand still on her tingling pussy. After a moment, when he felt she had started to recover but was still obviously hot for a good fucking, he said “again.” simply and coldly.
She looked up exhausted, surprised he was serious about the order. Gina realized this man would not rest until she had carried out his orders; the three orgasms.
“But this time use this.” he said pulling a small pink, plastic shaped dick from his top drawer. She stared wondering how much pussy had been on it. Feeling a little nauseous she took it from where he had set it between her legs. Pouting, but still looking every bit the young amateur porn star, she took the dildo and into her right hand. Her left hand rubbing and caressing her breasts, that were rock hard from her arousal, hoping she could stall the situation. Gina knew better though, so she used the plastic cock to put pressure on her sensitive clit, jumping slightly from the sensation. He gave her a solicitous glance, pushing her right hand down to her entrance. The head of the dildo fell on her hole. Without a word she let him guide her hand to part her moist lips, inserting the thick, hard dick into her body. He pushed her lithe legs further apart with his large, free hand.
Gina pushed the cock deep inside of her body, until her muscles forced it out. She could only take half of it. She could see her headmaster watching to see how much of the length entered her. She pushed further even though it hurt. He stood from his chair. Gina continued to work the dick into her spasaming pussy. Mr. Ellis cupped her soft, round breasts. He bent to suckle and lick her exposed flesh. Her nipples hardened again, feeling the gentle sweet sucking of his lips on her body. His lips gently brushed her tits. She felt her pussy soak the dick as he used his hands and mouth on her. It was almost all the way in her now.
“Mmmmmm Mr. Ellis.”
“Bad girl.” he said lifting his face from her rack.
“Ohhhhh god…..I think I’m…..ooooo…..fuck…..”She said feeling her body almost ready to cum again and grinding, rotating her hips around the dildo.
“Ohhhhh mmmmmmmm are you as big as this Mr. Ellis?”
Ellis smiled listening to the moans of the hot little slut he had created, knowing what she would do to his member if released. She started to shake again. His hands were all over her chest, breasts, and lips. He reached one hand down to her tingling clit. While he rubbed, she pounded her own pussy with the cock he had given her.
“OH MY GOD!!” She screamed squirting the hot liquid all over the plastic prick. Her body convulsed. He held her hips, rocking her against her hand, holding the cock deep inside her cunt.
“That’s it my naughty little girl……cum baby……that was two… more….”
Her eyes rolled back in her head. Gina fell slightly back on the desk, the giz and cock pushing out of her sore pussy. Mr. Ellis lifted her limp body from her collapsed position and slumped her forward.
“Mmmmmm that felt sooooo goooood….”Gina moaned.
“Your not done Ms. Martin.”
“Mmmmmm but I’m sooooooo tired.”
“I bet you are. Did you feel this tired when you were riding Mr. Daniels dick?”
“I didn’t get to ride….ughhhh…..mmmmm” Gina groaned feeling her headmaster’s hands on the dildo still wedged inside her tight, inexperienced cunt. She continued to make loud sex noises as he moved the shaft of the pink cock in and out of her.
“OH MY GOD MR. ELLIS….OHHHhhhhh shiiiiiitttttt! Mmmmmmm….FUCK.”
“Sssshhhhh. Do you want everyone to know what a slut you are? What do I have to do to you to keep you faithful.”
“Mmmmmm……Ohhhhhh…..uh…. faithful??”
“Yes, faithful….your not gonna fuck anymore teachers, students or football players from the prep school down the road. Do you understand? Or I’m gonna make you do much naughtier things, you will regret it. You are a very bad girl and if you insist on getting off like a slut…you’re going to do it right here, with me.”
“Mmm….I….Ohhhhh shiiitttt….Yes sir….I‘m sorry….I will…..I….don’t mean to be so naughty….Mr……oh fuck! Mmmmmm AWWWWwwwww Yessssss……..yessssss, yes, yes!” Gina grinded her hips, burying the cock in her soaking pussy so all that was visible was her principles large hand banging against her. He had flicked on the vibrator in the head of the penis. Gina looked as if she may have a seizure feeling the sensation stimulating her g-spot. He rotated the dick against all her walls so she could feel every crevice of the girth of that fake cock she was about to convulse on for the third time!
“Your not cumming until I tell you too.”
“OHhhhhh shiiiititttttt….now???”
“Not yet.”
“MMMMMMmmmmm fucking now!!!”
“Not yet…..”
“Uggghhhhh please headmaster…..please!! OH MY GOD I…..uhhhhh….I……Ohhhhhhhh.”
Principal Ellis brought his face just above Gina’s beautiful mouth, almost touching her full soft red lips. Her dark beauty eclipsed him, he was almost overtaken. He brushed his lips over her neck and then up to her ear. Feeling him push the cock hard into her cunt, while it buzzed inside of her, She managed one last plea, “please.”
“Cum.” He said softly. He moved around to her face and planted a hard kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth.
“Mmmmmmmm” She groaned into his mouth as she shook with the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt. Headmaster Ellis felt the poor girl tremble uncontrollably. He held her hard, letting his tongue probe her mouth as she feverishly received his kiss.
“Ohhhhhh my God!!!” She wailed when he released her. She fell backwards, hitting the desk hard, the sound filling the room. He finished her off, pulling the dick out slowly, her body holding tight to plastic. He chuckled to himself thinking about how she would suffocate his long rod if it was his cock being pushed out by the shrinking walls. Gina was still moaning, lost in her own world of ecstasy. Her juices literally dripped off of the dildo, the sticky white cum she left on the cock was suddenly all over her lips as her headmaster pushed the cock into her open mouth. She licked it lavishly, tasting how creamy she was, oblivious and in sheer delight. Her mind was clouded with dancing peaches covered in whipped cream. She opened her eyes slightly to find her mouth stuffed with plastic cock.
“That’s my favorite little student. Now, go shower and get ready for dinner. Tomorrow bright and early before your first class you will report here to wash my car. We’ll take it from there. Hopefully Ms. Martin, you will learn to behave like a young lady quickly, instead of the school whore.”

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