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This is a story about my two sisters and myself. We are triplets. Age 16. I am Mitchell but everyone calls me Mitch. I am 6' brown hair and hazel eyes, 8" My sisters are both 5'10 (our grandparents were tall as well even though our parents are shorter) Alice is 5'10 with dirty blonde and brown eyes, nice complexion, soft skin 38c-24-29 shaved pussy. My other sister Laura is 5'10 brown hair with hazel eyes and like her sister 38c etc.

Our father was (and still is) a military man. A "lifer." All throughout our lives we have moved from city to city, from base to base. Sometimes he would be stationed months, sometimes years. My sisters and I grew very close because of this and the face we were triplets.

Growing up we would always be together. During pre-school we played with each other and shared toys. As we grew older and made new friends only to lose them soon after we began to spend even more time together, as it was easier. We would take baths together (I would take them by myself as we got too old to share with my sisters) share a room (and in rare cases a bed) even sat on the same side of the dinner table.

As we came into puberty we began to get curious and would play show and tell. The first time we did this we were 12 but nothing really happened. As we got older and boys and girls entered our social calendars I got very protective of my sisters as it was my job to keep them safe when dad wasn't around. Also (to be fair) when girls came by they didn't like they would threaten to scratch their eyes out.

Around the same time we began to wonder about our bodies I was introduced to masturbation. I went home that very day and told my sisters all the fun you could have my playing with yourself. That night after our story we all got together on Laura's bed and played with each ourselves. This continued for a week until one day our dad the general came in looking for his reading glasses.

When he saw us together he exploded. The brunt of his backlash fell on me as he felt I tricked my sister's into this. He scolded us for doing this saying only bad kids masturbate. That it wasn't proper. To prove his point he spanked me right then and there.

Our nightly masturbation ended with that and the next day I got my own room. This was a real blow to me and my sister's because we had never been apart. Things changed between my parents and me, as they would always watch us when we were together. They told our teachers to watch us extra careful. The only thing that didn't change was my relationship with my sisters.. We still played together (non-sexual) and stood up for each other. They apologised for what happened but I knew it wasn't there fault. Then when we were 16 we had an experience that would change our lives.

We were 16 now and I had just had my growth spurt. My sisters and I were virgins and were fending off potential dates. Don't get me wrong, we still went out but were much happier together. Anyway. The summer we turned 16 as our present our parents bought the whole family tickets for a cruise on the sea. We were thrilled. We helped each other pack our bags, hiding the skimpy bathing suits, junk food and cigarettes (our newly found hobby we hid from our parents with good reason) as they were all forbidden.

When we got to the ship it was magnificent. The Sea Princess was a magnificent beauty with everything you could imagine. Ping-Pong, swimming pools, a games room, sunbathing deck, many activities, it even had a nightclub. We had three staterooms. One for my sisters, one for my parents and one for me and the extra luggage.

The first day was fantastic. My sisters and I won the volleyball tournament of the day, tried swordfish for lunch and spent our afternoon catching a tan and smoking on the high deck. That night our father forbade us from going to the nightclub, saying he wanted to check it out first.

The second day wasn't great but it is here where the story heats up. The weather was very bad and raining cats and dogs. We played checkers and chatted in my stateroom and then played pool in the games room. At night it was still pouring and by now the winds picked up. Laura and Alice wanted to go for a smoke. I said they were crazy for going but they were set on going so not wanting to leave them alone I grabbed our "bag of fun" and we went outside.

I immediately wished we hadn't. The boat was rocking, wind gushing. Rain came down small pellets. It was foggy. Very very foggy. We lit up a smoke and began sharing it as we leaned against the rail. Suddenly the boat met a might wave and the Sea Princess rocked wildly. The wind picked up and swirled down and caught a path as it came under our canap and umbrella's. Catching us by surprise it can down and swooped Alice up and over the rail. Just then the boat smashed into something (we later learned it was a rock but the pilot couldn't see the buoy because of the fog) and the boat split right up the gut. My heart skipped a beat. Laura and I were slammed against the rail as glass broke and we heard screaming. We looked down and saw Alice thrashing. Looking over at Laura we held hands and jumped in after her. We came down right beside her into the ocean. Waves thrashed around us as we climbed onto a piece of the boat that was floating and pulled Alice on with us. It was barely big enough for the three of us as we clung to each other and the wood.

That night seemed to go on forever. The waves swept us away from the boat. We remember seeing dinghy's and such go in the water as people evacuated the boat. Around 3am in the morning the storm subsided but by then the Sea Princess was out of sight. We were cold and shivering. My sisters were in the white t-shirts when we had left our stateroom and now their large breasts pressed against the thin fabric. Even at this traumatic time I got aroused. Still nothing had been said as I watched my sisters drift into sleep. Slipping off the board I held on and starting kicking, hoping to reach land. When I next looked at my watch it was 10am and a small island was in sight. My sisters woke up in a daze. Laura saw me and asked, "where are we?"

"I have no idea sis. I just got off and started kicking in what I thought was the right direction. I think I see and island up ahead. Both Alice and Laura came alert and joined me in the water as we all kicked towards our refuge of the sea. When we finally reached the island we pulled up on the beach and feel asleep under the sun.

When I woke up next it was 9am the next morning. My sisters were still asleep. I looked at both of them. Their chests heaving as they slept. I look at their bosoms' and felt the twinge in my groin. Thinking back to when we were 12 and when we masturbated and how much they've grown. Thinking of my dreams about fucking my sisters. I sighed and rose from the ground. Looking around I took stock of what we had. There was our piece of wood, the bag I had when we went for a smoke and that was it. I looked down and for the first time realised how parched I was. My stomach grumbled as I looked down at my now ratty clothes. The salt and sun had done havoc with the clothing and it was now tethered and torn. So were my sisters' clothes. Laura started to moan and rolled over, waking Alice. They squinted as they felt the sun. "Where are were? What time is it?" asked Alice. Looking down at them, "I don't know girls, on an island, in some ocean in some part of the world. We've been asleep for about one day."

"SHIT! Why did this have to happen? I am so scared Mitch!" yelled Laura. Helping my sisters up I said, "I know Laura I know. I'm scared too but we have to survive. I don't know about you but I am hungry. I say we look around for food." My sisters agreed so we went hunting for food and spent the rest of the day eating berries and chips.

This continued for three days with no help in sight. We were lying in the shade, in the sweltering heat. We had found all kinds of fruit now. It was noon as we smoked in the shade. Alice looked at me as she passed me the cigarette, "their aren't going to come Mitch. No one knows we're here. Fuck, they probably think we are dead. And we probably will be soon." She began to cry and I took her close. Soothing her I hugged her, feeling her breasts press against my chest. "Look girls, I know this sucks but we have to keep going on. If we want to survive we have to do it ourselves. Not wait for someone to come. We have to make a hut, find lot's of food and try to stay out of the sun." Alice wiped her eyes, "you're right bro. What a shit I am for breaking down. I'm sorry. What should we do?" I smiled brushing a hair from her face, "don't be sorry Alice, this is a shitty situation. First lets make a hut." Laura was crying too now and we all hugged as we got up to make our new home. So for the rest of the day we made ourselves a "nice" house and collected all the fruits and vegetables we could.

That night we were sitting under the stars smoking one of our last cigarettes.

"You know girls, I've been thinking. I read once that you can get serious rashes if we keep our clothes on like this for a long period of time. With the sun and salt we could be in trouble."

Laura smiled, "you just want to see us naked you silly shit!"

Alice smiled now too, "I bet you do, ever since we were 12! But you do have a point. I think he's right Loo." (Laura's nickname) Laura sighed, "I know Ali, I'm just having fun." She turned to me, "we have been thinking about seeing you naked too Mitch." She said grinning at me. I started to grin now, "well don't let me keep you waiting ladies." Reaching down I pulled off my shirt. My tanned chest getting goosebumps in the cold night. Pulling my shorts off I revealed my now bigger cock. It was hard (how could it not be) as I watched my sisters undress as well.

Laura giggled as the sand touched her bare bum. Moving closer we lay side by side. Moving my hands around them I rubbed their shoulders. "You girls are even more beautiful than I imagined." They both smiled and looked at my erect cock, "you've grown since we last saw each other. For the better too. MUCH better." We all laughed as I pointed out their wet snatches. My hands moved as I cupped their breasts, each moaning in unison. "I hope we get off this island. There is so much I still want to do. I would hate to die a virgin." Laura rose to one elbow, her breasts bouncing softly, her nipples erect, and "I was thinking that same thing!" Feeling Alice behind me, kissing my shoulder, "so do I Mitchmmmm seeing you is just making my pussy itch!" we all laughed at her rhythm. Moving closer to Laura I kissed her on the lips. They were chapped from the sun and we kissed hotly as we let out four years of sexual frustration. Alice, not wanting to be left out came up beside us and we actually managed to have a three-way kiss.

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