This chapter gets a little rougher than the previous two. Hope you like it.
Chapter 3

The next day Bobby ran out of the house to play. His mom didn’t expect him back for a while. At first he went next door to Henry and Mia’s but no one was home. Frustrated he tried to think of some one else to help ease the yearning that kept growing in him. He didn’t like them but the only other people he knew that could help him were Rick and his gang. He remembered how Rick had jeered at him and called him a fag. They scared him. They were mean and bullies and besides they had raped him and stolen his mom’s groceries.
But the feeling just wouldn’t go away. He needed to be used. And, honestly, Rick’s gang could do that better than Henry. Henry was nice and safe and Rick was mean and dangerous. But Bobby needed someone to be mean to him, to use him. He didn’t realize it but he had become a submissive slut addicted to humiliation.
He knew Rick and his gang hung out in an abandoned building a few blocks away. After arguing with himself for a few minutes he took off for it. As he got closer to it he saw the older boy’s bikes outside. They were there. The building was an old warehouse that no one used anymore. It was run down and pieces of the wall were missing. Bobby stood outside trying to get the courage to go in. Finally he slipped in one of the holes in the wall. The inside was big and open but Rick and his boys had set up dividers to make rooms. Bobby could hear them in the next one. He walked to the opening of the room and peered in. They were playing a game that looked like it might be craps. Bobby stood looking at them. There was Rick and Sam and four other boys crouched in a circle throwing dice.
It wasn’t long till one of the boys noticed Bobby and pointed him out to the rest. They all stared at him for a few moments until Rick walked over to him.
“What are you doing here?”
Bobby just hung his head. He was too scared to speak.
One of the gang jeered at him, “The fag’s here for more Rick.”
Rick looked down at Bobby, considering him, “Did you like getting raped that much?”
Bobby kept looking down. He gave a very minute nod.
Something gleamed in Rick’s eye, “Well get ready to get fucked again. And since you liked it so much we ain’t gonna go easy on ya this time. You’re a very sick little pervert and you need to be taught a lesson, right guys?”
By now the gang had gathered round and they agreed heartily, “Yeah were gonna teach’im a lesson!” “Fuck his ass good!” ”Little slut’s gonna get a whipping!”
Bobby started to tremble. This is what he wanted but he was so afraid and suddenly he wasn’t so sure anymore. He began to move for the door but the older boys would have none of that. This time they didn’t go slow like yesterday. He had come on his own, and anything that happened was his own fault. They grabbed him and tore his clothes off till he stood before them naked.
“Ooh look at his little cock it’s getting hard. Pathetic little thing isn’t it?” Sam sneered at him.
Bobby trembled from head to two as they grabbed him and bent him over a table. One by one they entered him and fucked his ass violently. Then they shoved him to his knees and circled him. Bobby was forced to suck their cocks alternately while he used his hands to jack off two more at the same time. After a half hour of pumping slippery cocks, and gobbling down on or two at a time, and getting splashed all over with cum, the boys decided to take a break. They didn’t let Bobby relax though. Sam grabbed a rope and bound his hands and feet. Then he took a shorter length and tied Bobby’s cock at the base so he couldn’t cum. Then he took a beer bottle and shoved it into the six year old anus.
Bobby thus tied up the gang sat around and relaxed. Rick sat watching the helpless boy considering what to do with him next. It was obvious the boy liked the degradation. Rick wondered how much he could take though. Suddenly he had an idea. It would test the kid’s tolerance level and also might make them some money. It needed to be tested though. Rick went over his idea with Sam and they both agreed on how to test it. They untied Bobby and had him dress. They were going across town so they needed him decent. Once Bobby was dressed Rick told the new rules.
“Bobby you are now our slave. If you don’t think so just try crossing us. I’m sure your parents and all the kids at school would like to know what a fag you are. Will you obey us?”
Frightened, Bobby nodded.
“Alright, when we tell you to do something you do it quickly or you will be punished. Sometimes you will be punished just to amuse us, but if you disobey it will be much worse. We will fuck you, spank you, tie you up, ridicule you, abuse you, and last of all pimp you. Pimping you means we will sell you to be used by strangers like a whore. Would you like that Bobby?”
Bobby looked terrified, but he could think of nothing more embarrassing so he nodded and hung his head.
Rick was pleased, “We gotta test you though. We’re going across town to the railroad bridge where the hobos hang out. You will please them and do whatever they say. Now let’s go!”
It took a half hour to walk to the bridge. When they got there Rick talked to the bums that were there. They were never the same day to day as they moved up and down the line on the trains. Rick came back grinning.
“Bums. They take whatever ass they can get. Well today their getting’ a treat. Bobby you walk over there and let them have you. In exchange they’ve promised that the hobos on this line will give us aid if we need it, as long as we supply them with a live body to fuck. They don’t care if you’re a boy or girl. They’re just happy to get some. Go on Bobby. They’ve promised not to damage you. They get one hour a week. So make it good.”
Bobby walked slowly over to the three men and one woman that camped around the bridge pillar. Two of the men were older. The other one was maybe twenty-five. The woman looked to be in her thirties. They were all dirty. They were all ugly. They all looked at him with the same look, apprehensive but hungry. Bobby walked up to the older man who seemed to be the leader. The old man looked him up and down.
“You sure you want to do this boy? They ain’t forcing you?”
In answer Bobby slowly stripped his clothes off and came closer to the old man. The others had gathered round and seemed to be waiting for the leader to make the first move. The old man reached out a grimy hand and cupped Bobby’s penis. Bobby shivered at the contact. He looked aside ashamed to have this dirty old stranger touching him there. He realized how humiliating it was to stand naked in front of all these bums. Yet here he was of his own free will and he had an erection.
As soon as the old man cupped him the others went into action. The younger man pushed him to his knees and shoved his smelly cock between Bobby’s trembling lips.
“Yah suck this ya little bitch!”
The girl got behind him and began to probe his anus with her fingers.
“Yeh a little faggot aren’t ya. And ah know little faggots like it up the ass!”
The other old man just stood back and watched as he masturbated to the scene. The first old man slid under Bobby and replaced his hand with his mouth. He swallowed Bobby’s little dick in one gulp and proceeded to swirl the boy’s member around with his tongue as her sucked. Bobby gasped as his cock was assaulted by the old man and cried out as his asshole was reamed by the enthusiastic girl behind him. It was all muffled though as the younger hobo continued to pump his now slimy cock in and out of little Bobby’s mouth.
Bobby didn’t start to resist though until the girl started slap his ass, hard. He just yelped as the first strike fell on his tender flesh but as the blows kept coming he start to wriggle and then twist to get away. This dislodged the others from him but they held him down as the spanking continued.
“Yeh a dirty little boy and you need to be punished so take it! Take it whore! Yeh little ass isn’t red enough!” the kept abusing him with her tongue as her hand abused his rump.
The girl soon became tired of using her hand and broke off a limb from a nearby tree. She broke it down to about four feet long and tore the smaller twigs of it. It was about a half in inch thick and had several knobs where the twigs were torn off.
“Yeh a bad little slave. Yeh tried to get away and we supposed to get yeh for a ho hour! I’m genna spank yeh till yeh can’t cry anymore!”
Then with a happy grin she resumed swatting Bobby’s already bright red ass cheeks. Every time the stick struck, Bobby screamed out in desperation to get away from his punishment.
“I’m genna whip yeh bloody and then I’m genna fuck yeh tiny little ass hole with this stick! But you like it don’t ya little tramp? I can see yeh bonner is still goin’ strong. You like to be humiliated and tortured don’t ya. Well before we give you back to yeh pimp we’ll really humiliate yeh!”
The girl kept swatting his bottom while she ridiculed him. His ass was stripped with blood red scratches that fire in pain with every new swat. She stopped only to make good on her word and shove the stick as far up his ass as it would go and swirl in around.
The kept torturing him, fucking him, and berating him till finally the hour was almost up. With only a couple of minutes left they shoved him behind some bushes a ways from the camp. From the smell he figured this was where they went to the bathroom. He was right. One by one they took turns pissing on him. Yellow pee splattered across his six year old body as he curled up on the ground. When the men were empty the girl jerked his head up and shoved his face into her pussy.
“Open up! I bet yeh thirsty! I’ll give yeh a drink! Open up or I’ll tell Rick you didn’t obey us!”
As Bobby opened his mouth the girl let loose a yellow stream that poured across his face and down his throat. He gulped down as much as he could but a lot of it spilled out over his already soaked body.
The hour was up so Rick came over to collect his new hooker.
“Damn you hobos were hard on him! Did ya have to piss on him? He’s only six you know!”
The girl laughed, “You said we could do anything as long as we didn’t damage him.”
Rick laughed back, “I know. I was just kidding. The little whore actually likes it I think. In any case he deserves it for being so stupid. He’ll be here once a week. We’ll hold up our end of the bargain just see you hold up yours.”
“We will. The message is on the wall so any hobo that comes along will know to help you if you need it.”
Their business done they all went their ways. Rick and his gang split up and went home. Rick took Bobby to his house. Let him shower and clean up so his mom wouldn’t ask questions. Before he let Bobby go home though he bent the little boy over his bed and fucked him till he filled Bobby’s rectum with cum.
Then he told him, “You belong to me now Bobby, you understand? Anytime I get a new costumer to fuck you or I want to fuck you myself you have to come. If you don’t I’ll tell your parents what you been doing, ok?”
Bobby stared at the floor, “Ok.”
Bobby went home and wondered what he had gotten himself into. Well tomorrow was Monday and that meant school so he wouldn’t have to worry about it for a while.

To Be continued….


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