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Story of a King 4
….. I sat back and thought about the turn of events that had expired in the last few moments. My horrible roommate had just blackmailed me into having sex with her, to save my girlfriends job, and after a night used to recharge myself we were all ready to go.

We met up that next night, the three of us, and I was ready for anything that may happen. As I lay in my bed with Jessica stoking her hair and whispering sweet nothings into her ear my bitch of a roommate entered the room. Jessica moved closer to me on the bed like she was scared of a monster in a horror movie. I moved to the edge of the bed and sat up facing my roommate Brittney who stood arms crossed.
Brittney did look good that night, almost better then ever. I had only lived with Brittney for a short while, but I had always thought she was attractive in her own way. Asking me how she looked, I took my time answering looking every inch of her over. She had all the curves, in all the right places. She stood at 5-10 and measured in at 34D-25-35 (I asked her before I wrote this). She had a Italian family history and it showed. Her skin was natural tanned and it looked good in the dim moon light. Her long brown hair that was in curls rested on her broad shoulders. Her green eyes had a soft glow, and her nose was small and cute. I enjoyed watching her ass jiggle as she walked; it was fat but very sexy. I spent a lot of time just watching her as her hair swung across her body while she moved across the room. Dressed in a nightgown that was too small for her, she showed off a lot of skin.

Jessica got off the bed and sat down backward in a small swivel office chair at the foot of the bed and said, “You are looking good tonight Brittney, I can’t lie!” I stood up and said, “Ya, I have to agree, you do look good.” Attempting to get this over with as soon as possible Jessica said, “Let’s say we get comfortable here, and strip ok?” Jessica removed her shirt and pants quickly, and walked over to stand next to me. Brittney took a moment to admire Jessica’s nude body. In the dim light of the moon shining from the only window, she looked it over and over. I noticed that soon Brittney’s nipples had gotten hard and she said, “I had always had thoughts of pleasing a woman, have you ever had those feelings Jessica?” My sexy teacher nodded in agreement. Finally after day dreaming for a second about her deepest fanatics Jessica asked “So you guys want to fuck each other while I watch, and then maybe the three of us can have some fun, ok?”

Brittney agreed and looked over at me and I just looked at her massive chest and began to think about how much fun I would have with her tits very soon. Brittney looked at me from the chair and said, “You want to come over here? “I can’t do this with you over there!” She then stood up and walked to me because I was too entranced to move. She straddled me as I sat on the bed, sitting on my lap, face to face, pushing her enormous tits against my chest. Jessica took the seat at the end of the bed and looked on saying, “You know what baby, I’m getting hot just watching.” I looked to her and sure enough she was getting flushed just watching so it was time to have fun with my roommate Brittney.

Brittney took my hands in hers and put them on the small of her back and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed her lips, they were soft. I kissed her softly at first, just meeting her lips with mine, then I pushed hard allowing her to slip her tongue inside my mouth. As we were kissing her hands moved to my waist, and then around to the front to unbutton my pants. She whispered into my ear with a soft sultry voice “I did not really get a good look last time, let me see that thing.” She began to unzip me and reach inside for my rod. As I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft, I grew harder in her hand, then she unleashed my hard, ever growing bulge, and she gasped loudly. “O, my god, that thing is huge!”

Jessica looked on sitting in my chair and spoke up saying, “I know he is big, right? Wait until he puts it in you!” Brittney loved the sound of that, saying “So, Cooper why don’t you show me what you can do with that thing?” Then she laughed and began to move her hands up and down my shaft. I stopped her by placing my hands on hers. “Now, now, don’t rush it, I want this to last and I want to be in you first!” I moved my hands upward and under her nightgown from the sides and then ran them up her curvy sides. I loved the bit of cushion that I felt as I reached her breasts. She tossed her head back in joy, and cried out, “Yes, I have wanted to do this since you moved in.” I loved feeling her breasts, they were quite firm and as I began to pinch the nipples between my first finger and my thumb she just looked in pure delight. I could tell she was getting hot, and I could feel the warmth growing on my lap.

I began to grind my exposed cock against her thin nightgown and started to feel the light fur that made a strip above her pussy. She reached down with her both of her hands and with a moan of pleasure, slowly inserted me in between her legs. She was very tight, so I asked about her experience in her past. She laughed and said, “I have had a just a few guys but not for a while now, and none of them were as big as you!” She moaned loudly as I rocked her up and down slowly on my cock. She began to drip wet juices on my leg, and I was so hard I could hardly believe it.

I grabbed her ass in both hands as she rode my cock, and lifted her up pushed hard once before lifting her off so that I could stand to remove the rest of my clothes. She was patient and watched as I stripped, looking over every inch of my rock hard young body. Still wet she started to finger herself. I got all of my clothes off and walked over to her lifting her nightgown over her head, and tossing it to the floor. I stood before her looking at her nude body, and admiring her heavy figure. I reentered her from the standing position lifting her sexy round ass up on my cock.

When I pushed into her I was in pure ecstasy and I watched her toss her head back as she had an orgasm. I looked in Jessica’s direction and saw that she was watching me moving her hand around and inside her pussy, inserting up to three fingers at a time. I walked with Brittney over to the bed and lay down with her all the time never exiting the soft warm cavity of her body. I pushed harder and harder, attempting to get as deep as possible.

She held my head in her hand and pushed my head down into her chest, and I inhaled her sent. Her sweet perfume reached my nose and I was taken aback in pleasure. I had to exit her briefly so that I could work her giant tits. I grabbed her left tit into my hand and moved it to my mouth taking it and sucking hard. She moaned, I flicked my tongue over the tender nipple and sucked harder. I lifted off and took the other tit into my mouth and licked the nipple getting it very hard. I lifted my head up a bit from her body and grabbed both of her breasts in my hands and squeezing them hard I told her “These things are fucking great I can’t believe how big they are!”

I climbed up a little on my roommate and laid my rock hard cock in between her two huge tits. I began to rock up and down as I felt the softness against my cock. I was in pure pleasure and came closer to orgasm. “I think I going to cum, O god, I want to blast your tits!” I was closer and closer with every second until I could not hold on anymore. She smiled as she looked up at me and I rocked harder between her tits, exploding over her tits and face. It was like a fountain of cum, running down her body. She just smiled and ran her finger between her tits and covered them in cum, then sucked her finger dry. I leaned in and kissed her, and then turned to Jessica and beckoned her over to the bed with a wave.

As much as I wanted to fuck them both I needed a minute to recharge so I said “you girls get acquainted, I will jump in when I am ready. They both agreed and Jessica pushed me away and grabbed Brittney around the waist, kissing her. Holding each other close they both engaged in what I believed had been only deep fantasy until that moment. They kissed passionately for many minutes while I sat in the chair and watched. I started to move my hand across the top of my shaft and felt as my erection grew. I looked back as Jessica pushed Brittney down on the bed kind hard, and then lay down on top of her. She started to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples smiling saying “God these are fucking huge!” “So you ready to get nasty or what?” Brittney reached up and grabbed Jessica’s tits in both hands pulling her in closer. She then took Jessica’s right breast in her mouth and began to flick the tit with her tongue moaning softly as she did so. Brittney sucked hard on the tit as she smiled and laughed. Then it was Jessica’s turn to return the favor, she backed off a little from Brittney tossing back her hair so it was no longer in her way. “Now it’s your turn!” She grabbed Brittney’s right tit and started to lick it until it was just as her own tits were. They went back and forth licking and sucking on each other until they were both more then warmed up.

Jessica worked her way up on Brittney’s body and leaned down kissing her on the mouth and then moved down running her hands over Brittney’s large breasts then her stomach causing a light moan. She finally got to the sweet warm pussy she had wanted a shot at ever since Brittney had walked in. Brittney moaned loudly in anticipation and they both laughed. Brittney moved her hand over her pussy and began to pet it slowly. Jessica took this opportunity and lowered herself to get the perfect angle. She then inserted her whole tongue into the wet, sweet, opening that my cock longed to be back in soon. Taking the clit into her mouth and sucking on it over and over again, only coming up to spit and then going down on her again. The continuous moaning between the two women was overwhelming and I started to masturbate harder. Brittney was spewing juices all over the bed, and in the middle of her ecstasy looked over to my direction saying “You better get up here, with us, I want that cock again!” Jessica laughed at this and moved up quickly to sit on Brittney’s face, as Brittney extended her tongue to meet the warm pussy lips. Jessica began to yell out in pure joy, and rocked her hips up and down on Brittney’s face. Brittney reached down and began to fondle herself with her free hand, pushing three fingers inside her with overwhelming pleasure. I felt like it the perfect time to for me to enter the party.

I walked over to the bed and laid down just watching as the two girls in my life continued to kiss with passion in front of me. I was fully erect and Jessica must have noticed because while she kissed Brittney she leaned down and grabbed my rod in her hand moving it up and down trying to get me off. I whimpered in joy and then Brittney noticed what was going on and wanted in on the action. She pushed Jessica off of me and grabbing my cock took it all at once. She began to move up and down on my cock working the tip of the penis with her tongue. Jessica a little shocked at being pushed also looked like she wanted in and then she said, “Let me in Brittney, I can show you what he really likes.” Jessica reached over and cupped both of my balls with her warm hands, putting them in her mouth while at the same time Brittney worked the tip of my cock with her tongue. Soon enough both of the girls were working my cock, licking and sucking all over. It was incredible I never wanted it to stop.

I finally spoke up, “Ok girls lets get this going, I want my baby up here with me!” Jessica climbed up and kissed me hard once before rolling over and spreading her legs wide. I climbed on top of her and then Brittney lay down next to Jessica, seemingly waiting for her turn. I entered Jessica, and her pussy was the red hot, like an oven I loved the warmth it was nothing else. She was dripping juices all over my cock, and as much as I loved fucking her, I loved even more what Brittney did next. She climbed up and sat on Jessica’s face shaking her fat sexy ass in my face as Jessica ate her out and got fucked at the same time.

It was so great to give it to my girl again Jessica was moaning loudly as she ate Brittney and got fucked, I did not know how freaky she was until that night. Brittney yelled out, “I want that cock back in me now!” Jessica smiled and pulled her tongue out of Brittney and lifting her head she said, “You fuck her hard, then I want that shit blasted all over me!” I pulled out of Jessica and turned to enter Brittney. I entered Brittney and it was even better then it was just a while before. I started to fuck her hard and was not long until I could not control myself and I was going to cum. “I am going to cum, o shit, I have to pull out. I pulled out just in time, and waited for Jessica to lie down next to Brittney and they both opened their mouths waiting for my hot cum. I blasted in just a few seconds and hit both of them in the face. As they both smiled Jessica said, “that was great, baby!” She then asked Brittney about the whole situation and luckily it was resolved, and everyone was happy.

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fYI: I can write more stuff if you like but they would not be a true story because this was the end of my relationship with both of these women. If you want to see a “fake” part 5 let know or I can just write about some adventures I had in college. So let me know but for now enjoy this Part 4 story!

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that was great. I just wish that your relationship with those women had ended.

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it is a great story I just wish you could've kept going with those 2

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Very well written and way fucking hot! You put in a lot of detail and gave a very intimate picture of all the people involved without compromising the sexiness of the story. Most people who put this kind of emphasis on the sex end up with a banal jizzfest that's hard to read and even harder to get into. All that's left is have someone proofread your spelling and grammar, you're already one of the best talents on this site

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