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It's a cool, clear, fall night. A slight dampness could be felt within the refreshing night air. An altogether perfect night to walk amongst the graves in the town cemetery.

I don't know what exactly it is about graveyards that attract me so much. They just call out to me, beckon me like some long lost lover begging to touch me again.

Sometimes the urge to go to the cemetery, to give in to it's calling, is stronger than other times. Tonight happens to be one of those nights.

Truthfully, I've never felt the desire so strongly as I have been feeling it tonight.

So, I've decided to go on the local vampire tour, which I know will lead me directly through the cemetery.

It's nearly 8pm now. I'm waiting with about seven other people at the cemetery gates for the tour guide to show up.

Most of the people waiting around are tourists. Sometimes there are two or three other Goths taking the tour too. However, I'm the only Goth girl here tonight.

The guide finally arrives and calls everyone's attention as he prepares to begin the tour.

I tune his words out of my head and start to become impatient to enter the gates. Just when I think my impatience will over-rule my actions, he opens the gates and we all begin to enter the cemetery.

I immediately feel at home. My impatience is gone, but my desire continues to build.

As we pass the grave stones, my hand yearns to reach out to caress the cool stone texture. I can't seem to help myself.

I begin to walk slower, and slower. Never taking my eyes off of the rows of graves that I walk past. Until finally I stop, almost completely oblivious to the fact that I am now way behind the tour group.

As if I am in a trance, my feet start to lead me off of the main path and into the rows of graves. I hold my hand out and lightly run my fingers across the names engraved into the headstones as I continue my slow daze-like walk.

The wind blows past me, caressing my entire body in the most erotic way I have ever felt. Every hair on my body stands on end. My nipples harden so suddenly that it almost feels as though an electric current is surging through my body.

My legs tense slightly as I feel my pussy become wet. I have become completely engulfed in desire. Suddenly, I become possessed with the burning desire to cum.

Turning to find a nice stone plot I can sit on, I notice a newly visited plot with four floral arrangements left standing next to it.

"Perfect." I whisper just under my breath as I make my way towards it.

I take a deep breath as I climb onto it. Closing my eyes briefly, I breath in the unique smell of decay all around me.

I pull a carnation from one of the arrangements as I place my foot onto the grave, leaving the other to dangle freely off the side of the plot. Subconsciously I must have known I was going to do this because this was the one night I didn't wear my fishnets or my g-string.

Playfully, I lightly trace my ankle with the bud of the flower. Then, slowly, I glide the bud up my calf, past the under side of my knee, along my slightly quivering thigh. Teasing myself, I try to prolong the sensation. I glide the bud slower as my aching pussy craves to be stroked by the soft silky petals of the flower in anticipation.

I couldn't prolong it for much longer. Before I knew it my body began to tremble ever so slightly with pleasure as the soft petals erotically caressed the slit of wet pussy lips.

I turned the flower around and teased my clit with the stem. My pussy became wetter. A soft moan escaped my lips as my eyes rolled back into my head. I ached for something more than this fragile flower could offer me. I wanted to plunge something deep into my wet, hungry twat. Of course I could use my fingers, but these cravings go far beyond anything I have ever experienced and as satisfying as my fingers usually feel, I some how think they just would not be enough to fill the void of my desire tonight.

I begin to rub my bare, wanton pussy back and forth on the edge of the plot. Again my eyes roll back into my head as soft moans make their way through my slightly parted lips.

I open my eyes, in desperate effort to find something to purge these erotic sensations that are now building up to the point where I am beginning to feel as if they would make me implode were I to wait any longer.

Just behind me there is a statue with it's hands held out. I moan trying desperately to hold back these urges long enough to turn myself around.

As I scoot closer to the statue, it begins to feel almost as if I am being pulled and it is no longer my own will which leads me towards it. With both of my feet, I thrust my pussy towards it and can not help but moan rather loudly as the stone fingers penetrate my throbbing cunt.

With my head thrown back, I begin to thrust my hips up and down. Faster, and harder, and deeper. The waves of pleasure elevate me to extreme orgasmic delight. My nipples are so hard they almost begin to hurt. My soaking wet pussy continues to thrust faster, faster, harder, deeper, craving more and more. I rip the top of my dress open in pure animalistic desire exposing my breasts to the cool night air.

The wind whips past me again, caressing my body, my bare breasts, and dripping pussy like some invisible force taking full advantage of the opportunity to ravage me. I can hold back no longer! With the next thrust onto the stone fingers I cum profusely. I can feel it dripping, trickling down my legs. My body shudders as I slide my saturated cunt off of the stone fingers and lower my body completely onto the stone plot which supports me.

I lay there trembling from the erotic sensations which ran rabid over my entire body for what seemed like hours. It wasn't until the dawn began to creep across the sky that I lifted myself, still bare and exposed, off of the plot. I pulled myself, and what was left of my clothes together. I looked to the statue and smirked as I spoke in jest: "Was it good for you?"

The whole way home I could think of nothing but the events of last night and somehow thought to myself that this would not be the last time I paid the cemetery a visit....

Flesh of the Fallen AngelReport

2009-04-15 09:10:36
I loved it. Good work.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-18 01:49:10
de-licios! creative and tantalizing! write more to this one and moonlit lust!!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-08 13:15:25
personally i like it when a girl gets relief from an actual person but the stone finger thing was a twist i did not expect. great work.


2007-12-15 00:14:20
Great story don't change a thing there not many storys that can compare to this one


2007-11-20 20:46:48

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