“Welcome class, to the first lesson of...” the young male teacher walks to the blackboard, picking up the chalk and writing it in large letters “BONDAGE 101”

A roar of giggling and laughter breaks out among the students, a relatively small attendance of only 10 or so people, 9 of them being male and one female that didn’t look at all like she belonged there. Dressed in a long skirt with pigtails and classes. Light freckles to go with her pale skin. Her eyes down in a book, not paying much attention to the teacher or the other students for that matter. The teacher continued on “If you came here for immature reasons that I suggest you leave now”. But not a single person moved, the sound dying down as all eyes once again followed the strict and serious teacher.

“good, now we will continue. Bondage is about control, power. For the dominant, it’s complete ownership over the submissive and just as so, for the submissive it is the feeling of being helpless and restrained. The feeling of rope or steel against their skin as they fight for freedom. Now can I get a volunteer up here?” everyone in the class immediately began staring at the girl in the room, still reading her book calmly, after a few moments without looking up, she raises her hand and closes her book, laying it at the desk. Standing up and walking up to the desk and waiting patiently for her orders

“Alright Miss, straighten your arms behind your back” She did as she was told and the teacher pulled a small length of rope from a drawer in his desk. Tying it around her wrists and knotting it tightly. He grabs her by the back of the shirt and turns her to face the rest of the students, her breasts more clear through her shirt due to her arms pulling the fabric tight to her body. The teacher smiles a bit and speaks in a loud voice for everyone to hear “do the ropes make you feel more confined and submissive then before?” and with a faint smirk and a clearly sarcastic tone in her voice she says, just as he, loudly enough for the class to hear “Not at all, I’m more comfortable then ever”

A few students in the back laugh but it quickly dies down. The teacher grabs her shirt once again and turns her around, forcing her against the desk and she bends naturally at her waist, bending over the desk just as he had intended for her. Her long skirt still covering half her thighs. He asks the question again, and once again he gets a sarcastic answer. She laid her head against the desk with a grin on her face “he couldn’t possible do anything more”’ she thought, but of course he was willing to take it as far as it had to go to prove his point. He reached down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it up, over her back, revealing her panties to the entire class. She began fighting and wiggling but he held her at her shirt down against the hard wooden desk. He didn’t have to ask again, he knew from her reaction that she realized how helpless she really was. And just at the most tense moment, when the class sat in shock, the girl blushing and embarrassed, not sure how to accept a humiliation that she volunteered for, the bell rang. The students didn’t move a muscle, every single one of them sat motionless with their gazes on the intense scene at the front of the classroom. The teacher waited a moment and as they stayed he started to usher them out with his hand, “Are all of you deaf? Get going” he released the girl and walked over to the door, opening it and holding it open, a look of impatience clear on his face. The boys slowly got up and walked out, each taking a final look at the girl still paralyzed at the edge of the desk. Some of the boys even considering the idea of running up and grabbing at her, but after seeing such a strict look on the teachers face, they decided against it.

After all of the boys had walked out, the girl managed the courage to say “alright, lesson’s over, let me go” with a slight tremble in her voice. The teacher closed the door and ignored her. Walking back over to her as she started to stand up, he grabbed her by the hair causing her to arch her back and whimper in pain a bit. Putting his mouth close to her ear he spoke in a soft tone and as calmly as he could he asked the question from before once more “do the ropes make you feel confined and submissive?” She pauses a moment and he reaches up and aggressively grabs her breast through her shirt, she screams “yes!” he squeezes firmly and says “yes what? Be respectful, you know how to be respectful don’t you?”

“yes sir!” she says in a whimper and he releases her. She collapses back onto the desk and once again he lifts her skirt, she stammers “w-w-what are you doing?” and in the strictest and coldest voice so far he responded. “Giving you a spanking for your behavior. You not only disrespected me, you also embarrassed me in front of the class.”.

“b-b-but you c-c-an’t do that!” she stutters again. but he ignores her, pulling her panties down and letting them fall to her ankles, sliding his hand over her ass, getting familiar with the shape of it. Sliding his fingers between her legs, probing against her pussy. A chill goes down her spine as she feels so violated and weak, even more so because in a sick way, she feels excited by it. She feels pressure on her inner thigh, it’s his hand leading her to spread her legs, she follows his direction unconsciously, leaving her legs wide enough to keep her balanced. Then a moment of peace as his hand rears back into the air and it all comes to an end when his palm plants against her waiting skin. It stings at first but starts to become more of a burning. Her body tenses up and she flinches when it hits. Followed by her muscles relaxing beyond her control, her whole body is sore from fighting the ropes, she gives into it and accepts it, once again a hand lifts up and comes down at the other side of her bottom. Heavier then before. She tenses up again but each and every time she recovers quicker then before. He continues to punish her for what seems like hours. And by the end of it, she doesn’t want to admit it to herself but she is so turned on by the whole thing, she leaves a small puddle of her juices at the edge of the desk.

The teacher unties her wrists and then walks around to his chair behind the desk, “stand up” he says and she immediately obeys. Her cheeks glossed with tears, still sobbing a bit and trying not to let the teacher know she enjoyed it more then it hurt her. He looks her in the eye “Do you think you were punished unfairly?” she takes a moment and shakes her head, admitting that she had deserved it while secretly thinking about how glad she is to have done so. “Now, you will return for this class on time every day, you will help me demonstrate or you will get an F in this course, I own you now, understood?” she nods and reaches back to rub her burning cheeks. The teacher stands up and walks back around to her, she doesn’t move “...and one last thing.” he bends down hooking his finger into the waistband of her panties, still at her ankles “I’ll be keeping these, you are not to wear underwear for the rest of the day, nor sleep in any clothes tonight, is that clear?” she says in a low voice “yes sir” as she steps out of her panties and he lifts them up from the floor, tossing them onto his desk and walking back around to his chair. “Now get going, you have other classes to attend to”

She does as she is told, walking off slowly and opening the door, taking one last look back at her panties on the desk and then to him, the final thought of wether he’s her new master enters her head right as she closes the door, taking a moment to adjust her skirt and pull it down as far as it will go. The whole thing playing over again and again in her mind, the bruises on her wrists and the welts on her bottom a sore reminder of the whole thing, another bell goes off which yanks her back into reality and she hurries off to her next class.

The End.

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2016-07-17 20:42:12
How you are saying that if it was socially acceptable that is True but not if it was one step off from a study hall they say that you can do this emplace of it I mean. But you did need to take more into the year and at her home that was a dumb way to end it

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well written but the plot needs work, bondage class really. if this "bondage class" was socially acceptable there would probably be more than one girl in the class.

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I looove this please write more

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Totally got me wet! Plz write more!!


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I loved it. More please! The setting is a great fantasy setting!

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