This on is more on the sweet and gentle side of erotica. Two best friends find a little more than friendship.
Chapter 4
Best Friends

Bobby woke up the next day sore and tired. But he had to go to school so he took a shower and headed down to breakfast. His mother gave him his cereal and left for work. Soon the bus arrived and Bobby left for school. It was a nice day and he didn’t have too much trouble with the school work. He had a good day, up to recess that is. He and his best friend Ben were eating lunch at one of the picnic tables when Roger Stanton walked up to them. Roger was a grade higher than Bobby and Ben, he was big, he was mean, and he was the school bully. He was also Rick Stanton’s little brother. Bobby had always been afraid of him but Ben had always stood up to Roger, even though Roger was bigger than him. Roger wasn’t interested in Ben this time though. He was here to talk to Bobby.
“My bro says you’re ‘is new bitch, that so?” Roger grabbed half of Bobby’s sandwich and started to eat it. Ben started forward angrily.
“Put his sandwich back Rog!”
Roger didn’t even look at Ben. He just kept looking at Bobby. “Well?”
Bobby looked down ashamed. Why had Rick told his little brother? If too many knew it would get back to his parents.
Roger took his silence as affirmation, “Well Rick says for you to do what I say here at school. I’m supposed to keep you trained. So meet me behind the lockers in the gym room tomorrow. Rick says you know what’ll happen if you don’t.” Roger finished off Bobby’s sandwich and stalked off. Ben would have said something further but he was too stunned. He looked at Bobby waiting for an explanation.
Bobby just looked at the ground and mumbled, “I’ll tell you after school, ‘k Ben?”
Ben looked at him curiously but nodded. The bell rang and Bobby and Ben got through the rest of the day easily enough. After school they walked to Ben’s house and went up to his room.
“What the hell was that all about with Roger at recess, Bobby? What did he mean you’re Rick’s bitch now?”
Bobby was uncomfortable and ashamed but he managed to tell Ben all that had happened. He left out the parts about Old Man Henry, but Ben heard enough to put him in a state of shock. After Bobby was done he stared at Bobby for a long, long time. Bobby just hung his head and looked miserable. He was sure his friend would be disgusted by him now. Finally Ben found his voice again.
“Y-y-you mean he just pulled you into an alley and..and……….And you went back!? Why Bobby?! Why would you go back?!”
When Bobby looked up there were tears in his eyes, “I don’t know Ben! I don’t know! It’s like I need it. I’m a fag I know. If my parents ever find out they’ll hate me! I guess you hate me too huh?”
Ben shook his head, “No! I don’t hate you Bobby! You’re my best friend. I just don’t understand why you let then do those things to you. Why would you want someone to use you like that?”
Bobby shrugged, “I know it ain’t right. It’s just when they f-fuck me and do stuff to me it gives me a funny feeling. And I like it. I can’t explain it Ben. You’d have to be there to know.”
Ben looked at his hands, “So you like boys now huh? You’re a-a…”
“A fag?”
Ben grimaced at the word, “I was gonna say homosexual.”
Bobby grinned, “Its ok. Yah I like boys. I think I like girls too, but I like boys the most.”
Ben shifted uncomfortably, “Why?”
Bobby looked thoughtful, “I don’t know. I mean I know what I like to do. I like to suck cock. It’s real fun and it tastes kinda salty. And when Rick puts his cock in my butt it hurts at first but then it starts to feel good. And for some reason I even like it that he doesn’t care what I like. He just uses me how he wants. I like doing what he wants.”
Bobby looked over at Ben to see that his friend was in deep thought. Then Ben looked up nervously. He seemed to have reached some kind of decision.
“Yeah Ben?”
“Could you….could we…..could you show me what it feels like? All that stuff you were talking about. Could I do it too?”
Now it was Bobby’s turn to be shocked, “You wanna be gay too?”
Ben looked sheepish, “Well you seem to like it. I want to at least try.”
Bobby looked at Ben in a whole new light now. They had always been best friends, but now Bobby found himself noticing Ben’s sandy blonde hair and his startling green eyes. He was even getting curious to see what Ben’s cock would look like.
Bobby smiled, “Ok Ben! You want to see my cock or do you want to show me yours?”
Ben grinned back, “Can I show you mine? I want to know how Rick felt when you sucked on his.”
Ben stood up and slid down his jeans and underwear. His six year old penis hung before Bobby’s eager eyes.
Bobby leaned in eagerly, “Can I taste it?”
Ben nodded shyly. He was still nervous about showing Bobby his little cock. Bobby grinned happily and took Ben into his mouth and sucked. Ben’s eyes flew open as Bobby’s little tongue caressed his cock. He grew hard instantly and Bobby took him all in and lathered up his best friend’s pole.
“Ahh! Bobby that feels great! No wonder you like it!”
Bobby took Ben’s cock out of his mouth and grinned up at his friend, “Haha! Now you’re gettin’ it! Now that you’re hard I wanna show you somethin’ else that’s cool.”
Bobby stood up and removed his pants and underwear. Then he bent over Ben’s bed letting his tiny ass stick out.
“Wanna stick it in my butt?”
Ben gaped at him, “Well, I mean, well……..sure ok!”
Ben got behind Bobby and poked his ass with his hard cock, “So I just stick it in? You want me to go slow?”
“Do it fast if you want to. I’ve had worse in the last couple of days.” Bobby grinned back at him.
Ben shrugged and placed the tip of his penis at Bobby’s opening. He started to push forward but his cock slipped side ways. He tried again and managed to get the tip to slip in. Bobby moaned and arched back a little as his best friend penetrated him. Once in, Ben swiftly buried himself all the way in. He gasped as Bobby’s ass wrapped around his cock. He had never felt anything like it! He pulled out a little and then shoved himself back in. He began to pick up speed. As he did his breathing became heavier. Bobby began to flex his tiny ass cheeks, massaging his cock as it pumped in and out. Heat flushed to Ben’s face as he lost control and climaxed into Bobby’s ass. He cried out as his sperm splashed against the walls of Bobby’s rectum. When he withdrew his cock was a steaming mess so they went into the bathroom to clean up.
Bobby grinned at his friend, “So how’d ya like ?”
Ben grinned back sheepishly, “I….it was g…great! I see why you like it so much. But it sure makes a mess.”
Ben glanced meaningfully at his cock. Bobby laughed and they stripped the rest of their clothes off and got into the shower. Bobby hugged Ben to him so that their bodies were flush.
“Well in here we can make as much of a mess as we want.” He giggled.
Ben laughed back and turned on the water. The shower came down in a hot stream and they both got well soaked. Bobby guided Ben’s hand to his unsatisfied cock.
“You wanna find out what I taste like?”
Ben nodded and sank to his knees in front of Bobby. He gulped nervously as he gazed at his best friend’s very hard little cock. Bobby thrust his hips forward and poked at Ben’s lips with his penis. Ben looked up at Bobby and saw the need in his eyes. Then he opened his mouth and licked the tip of Bobby’s erection. Bobby gasped at the feel of his friends tongue on his sensitive member. Ben licked up and down the shaft and then swallowed the tip whole. Bobby held onto the wall for support as his best friend sucked on is dick head. At first Ben just awkwardly sucked on Bobby’s dick, but then he started to get a feel for it and experimented. He started to use his tongue to caress his best friends cock. Then he started to bob his head up and down gaining speed and rhythm as he tried to make Bobby cum. Bobby tried to hold back but he was soon spilling his seed down Ben’s young throat. Ben eagerly tasted and swallowed the white liquid as he milked Bobby for all he had.
Tired, spent, but well satisfied, the boys cleaned up, dried off and were dressed before Ben’s parents got home from work. Before Bobby left he leaned in close to Ben and whispered in his ear.
“Well, what do you think?”
Ben whispered back, “About what?”
“You know….being gay.”
Ben’s face flushed, “I could get used to it.”
Bobby smiled and waved goodbye. On the way home he realized he should get plenty of sleep. Roger probably had a big day planned for him tomorrow.

To be cont…..


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well i liked it


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This has to be your worst one yet..... sorry dude.......

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