These Young Kids Didn't Know How This Was Gonna Turn Out...It Turned Into A Reality.
The name is Matt and this is my story of something that changed my life into something better. The feeling of love and closeness of my companion, my sex fantasy turned into a sex reality.

My gray eyes glanced over the classroom as I felt my head nod to every word the teacher was saying. I'm a senior in high school and I already know all this crap. I rested my heavy head onto my right arm as I leaned onto it, with my fist curled, I felt it sinking into my face. Then, the bell let out a shriek and everyone bustled around as they packed up their belongings and ran out the door. I jumped up of course to alarm of the bell.
"No homework and no school Monday!" the teacher yelled out down the hall.
"Hey Matt" I heard a familiar feminine voice behind me call out as I was just packing my book into my mesh bookbag. I turned around and there stood the girl of my dreams. Her name was Madison, but all her good friends called her Madi. She was 5' 8" and weighed about 120 or so lbs. She had perfect sized breast, not to big and not to small, and they were tight to her chest making them oh so beautiful. She was wearing a pink tank top with with a short jean jacket and a jean skirt. She had brown, almost black hair, that reached down her shoulders to the small of her back. She tucked her bangs into the side of her ear, and a pair of sunglasses fit on top of her head. She had greenish eyes with a tint of hazel and a small studded tounge ring. The rest of her body was just perfect. I've had my many fantasies of her and they were all great.
"Hey Madi" I said with a small grin on my face, hiding those thoughts to myself.
"So Wassup?" I asked her, my grin fading wondering why she was stopping me all of the sudden.
"I wanted to show you something, follow me," she finished that and walked out of the classroom waiting for me to follow. I slung my bookbag over my back and obeyingly followed her. She waited for me by the door and smiled and started walking off. I noticed all the teachers have left for bus duty and the janitor wasn't here today. I followed her down the hall and then she went into the girls restroom. I stopped infront of the bathroom thinking she might have needed to put some make-up on or something like that. Her head peaked out behind the wall that turned into the restroom.
"C'mon it's ok," she said.
"'s know" I started to stammer, but Madi rolled her eyes and came out and dragged me by the shirt into the restroom. My bookbag dropped off my shoulder right when I entered the restroom and Madi closed the door and locked it behind me. I stood there confused with a blush on my face since this is the first time I've ever been in a girls restroom. It looked exactly like a male's but it had no urinals, just some stalls. The wall with the sinks were on the left side with a large mirror above it, just opposite from the stalls and the farthest wall was a blurred window so no one can see in or out. Then Madi comes up to me all of the sudden and puts her hands on my chest and gently pushes me into the wall beside the sinks. Of course I'm taller than her by three inches so she has to look up at me.
"Matt, I just want you to know that," she pauses for a moment and then lets out a a sigh and then takes a deep breath and smiles back up to me.
"I notice everyday, that you stare at me and I notice how tense your body is, but how peaceful your mind and expressions are. Also when you stare at me I..." she trails off and then a blush comes across her face and giggles.
"I also see how your dick gets erected when you stare down at my legs," I know felt nervousness and guilt fromt his as my face turns into a cherry and make a nervous smile.
"Uh...sorry about that" I nervously say. She places her right index finger on my lip, her other hand lightly pinning me down into the wall.
"You don't have to be Matt," She starts to speak. Her eyes fill with nervousness, but shakes it off.
"I have the same fantasies about you, your perfect slender body, I get wet just...just thinking about it," she continues on until a mischevious face appears and a very dirty grin smiles to me.
"And now, it's time for us to turn these fantasies into a reality." she finishes that and then my head fills up with all the fantasies I've had about her. She steps back a little and she pulls off jean jacket and comes up to me and grabs my face and then starts kissing me. I was filled with shock, but then I grab her back and start giving her my love as our tongues intertwine. We were breathing so hard on each other all I heard was our breath. She pulled back and kissed me on the lips and stepped back again. She pulled off her pink tank top and I stared at her bra from Victoria Secret. She gave me another dirty smile and asked me.
"Do you want to do the honors?' Madi said in a teasing voice. I nodded and grinned back as I went to her and unbuttoned her bra. It fell to the ground and my hands grasped boobs, rolling them around in my hands as her smooth skin started making me hard. She giggled, but then grabbed my hands and made me start rubbing her titties. They were so soft and this made me get even hard. My throat fillled with anxiousness.
"Step back for a minute, your in for a real treat now if you like these." she spoke. I obeyed and stepped back against the wall and she slowly slid off her skirt. I stared at her breast. They were so perfectly round, I just love them.
Then she started pulling down her panties, my heart was racing and she just adored the expression on my face. She licked her lips and turned around and bent over, taking her panties off all the way. Her ass was beatfiul and white with no dimple in it, it was the best ass I've ever seen, all the pornstars never compared to her. She took off her socks and shoes and threw them with the rest of her clothing. She was still bent over and I saw the small buldge of her pussy. My eyes widened and I couldn't take it anymore. I started unbuttoning my blue, Aeropostale button-down shirt and threw it off. Madi now turned around and gave me the smile that I will always love and she kept nodding as she knew I liked it. I then saw it, the thing I've been waiting to see the first time I laid eyes on this angel. Her pussy was perfect, it was perfectly shaven, it looked so tight, and it was wet, ready for my cock to heat it up. I threw of my white T-shirt, my chest was bare, it was slender and toned. I pulled my shoes off with my socks and threw them over with Madi's belongings. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans, and my buldge popped out, almost completely visible behind where my boxers are. The smiled at her hand went down she started rubbing her pussy which put dick at full length. I pulled down my boxers and dick was aiming towards Madi. A giant smile grew on her face as the last of my clothing went off and we stood in the school restroom naked. My dick was pumping with blood and my testosterone was at it's highest. Madi had already started getting herself prepared for me and I thought this might be a good time to get the best jack-off ever. Her middle finger was like a machine as it went in and out of her tight pussy. She was already making noises as she watched my dick at it's huge length. I grabbed my dick with my whole hand at started pumping. My legs tensed and the feeling of excitement sped through my body was I was stroking my dick starting off slow and working my speed up. It as amazing, I stared at Madi with passion, lust, and pure, utter love. Then she pulled her finger out a licked it and tasted it. This turned me on even more. She then went down and reached in her purse with all her belongings, including school materials. Out she pulled a dildo, just a bit longer than my penis. She licked around it a little and then slowly put it into her vagina. I could tell that she must have already popped her cherry because the dildo went all the into her pussy and she started pumping it in and out. Her noises would start to get louder. She got down on the ground and curled her legs up a little and put the dildo in from behind and started up again. I could tell she loved it because she looked at me and smiled and her groans got louder. Then I noticed she was saying my name everytime she pumped.
"Matt...Matt! Matt! Oh fuck yes!" her eyes were no closed and she was starting to go even faster. Everytime I heard her say my name, I started grunt and her name would slip from my lips.
"Madi!...Oh hell yes! oh!" Then she reached her climax and screamed my name as she pulled the dildo out and spread her legs wide open and her juices rushed out her leg and body. She was breathing heavily and she opened her eyes as she new that was her best masturbation ever. After seeing that and her peaceful body on the ground laying there, breathing from the feeling, I reached my orgasm. I hand went it's fastest as my legs tensed and the head of my dick swelled with blood and my cum sprayed seven powerful shots all over Madi's body. It was great as my body trembled with all of the feeling running thoughout my whole body. My legs were trembling and I slid down the wal as the cool ground touched my ass. I was breathing heavily, my heart racing and bounding. Madi got up and looked at my cum on her body. She got her index finger and wiped it up her body licked it. She made the face that you see when someone loves the taste of something delicious. She then looked at me, tired from the amazing orgasm I just had on the ground. She took both index fingers and wiped the cum off her body and rubbed it on her nipples. This made my dick stay erected even after that. She came down infront of me and stood on her knees. She looked at me and gave a soft, considerate smile. I let out a great sigh, and I smiled a half grin back and I lightly grabbed her globes in my hands and I went towards her nipples and started playing with them with my tongue. I never tasted my cum, but on her, they were always going to taste great. I looked up at her and she gave a smile of happiness as I still gently played with her nipples on my tongue. She then lightly put her hands on my chest and pushed my up as she went down towards my throbbing dick. She placed my right in between the twins and started rubbing up and down with her soft breast. It felt like nothing I've ever felt before, they were soft soft as they caressed my life's joy, soon the be Madi's aswell. She was rubbing up and down and then she licked the top of my dick. I tensed up and my fist clenched as had nothing to hold onto. I was pushing my back into the wall behind as I knelt there now putting her ass in the air and her soft hands grabbing my balls and the bast of my penis, her whole mouth on my dick now. Her tongue ring would hit what the spot where guys loved it most, where the head and shaft meet, that one sensitive spot that made everything sexual feel out of this world. She let go of my penis with her mouth and spoke to me, almost in a whisper.
"Do you like this?" she asked me, always in a point of time a female will ask that and I told her my response, the response every guy gives.
"Yeah. I love it." I said smiling at her. She smiled back and giggled again and went down on dick like never before, rolling my balls around in her hand and her head bobbing up and down with as she twist her head and her tongue felt every part of my penis. I held my eyes shut as I felt my next orgasm rising, my fist clenching even tighter and my legs tensing to almost the point of pain. She reached it and my next load shot straight into her mouth.
"I'm coming!" I told her as all my loads filled her mouth up. She pulled away and tasted it around in her mouth a bit and then showed me then proceeding with a swallow. She got the last bit of cum on my dick, still contracting from the orgasm. She swalloed it and then sat up on her knees.
"Now, it's time for you to make me have such a great orgasm." she told me. She then rolled back onto her ass and then winked at me and then onto her back. I made my move. I leaned in forward so my face was infront of your pussy. My mouth watered and the scent filled my nostrils. It was delicious. I slid my tongue up her lips of her pussy and back down and kissed it. I could feel her body shiver as I breathed on it and lightly nibbled on it. I stuck my tongue inside her warm, wet pussy. I felt it contract and tighten around my tongue. I found her dildo lying on the ground beside our clothing and I picked it up. It was still wet from when she was using it herself.
"Madi, have you ever wanted to do Anal?" I asked her. She thought about it and nodded.
"Yes I do, why?" she asked not looking at me. I smiled to myself.
"Just wait, you'll see" I told her in a mischevious way. I took her dildo and rubbed it on her pussy to make it a little wetter then rubbed it on her asshole. She gasped as I slowly and lightly pushed it in. She groaned and grimaced and lightly pulled it out.
"Do you think you can handle more?".
She looked at me and smirked.
"Of course I can,"
I laughed and looked at her, our eyes meeting. She then rested her back down on the ground.
"You said it not me." I then put the dildo back in her tight asshole. She groaned again and she bit her lip.
"Oh yes, that feels great." she said as I started slowly pulling it back and forth in her ass. She groaned more as I started to multitask. My hand pushing the huge dildo in and out of my lover's ass and my mouth playing with her peach. I did this for awhile and I noticed her hips starting to rock back and forth. Then I thought about it and told myself, do it. I licked my index finger and middle finger on my other hand and slowly moved it into her pussy. She groaned of being double penetrated.
"Oh yes, Matt this feels great oh!" she started to scream. I started moving in and out faster each time. Her pussy grabbing my fingers and pulling it in to her vagina. She was reaching her orgasm, my fingers getting warm and wet, my dick throbbing again with the feeling of her genitals. I pulled the dildo out of her ass and started going faster.
"I'm gonna cum!" she yells and then she releases it all. Her juices spraying on my face as I pull my fingers out her pussy and she sprays it all on my naked body. When she finishes she is in her tired state and she starts to laugh. She's looking at my expression of suprise with all that juice that came from this girl on my body. She then rolls my body down so I'm laying on the ground now, my back on the cold floor and her taking a dominating position. She starts to lick all her juices off me, occasionally kissing me on lips and my dick. She bites my nipple softly and then looks at me, our eyes meeting with compassion.
"I think it's time she says." I nod in agreement. She slowly creeps up my body. She looks under her, my dick and her pussy about to meet. She looks up at me as she is over my chest and we kiss as she thrust her hips and my dick is engulfed into her pussy. We both gasp and my body starts contracting as she dominates me, her being more superior at this than I am. She keeps rocking back and forth as I watch down at my dick and her pussy meeting. She groans and groans as I grunt. The hot, wet, slippery inside taking me into heaven. She leans up and it seems she's jumping up and down on my dick as the rush of the feeling and excitement take us. Our orgasms building up to meet. She then goes back to her position and holds and pushs down my clenched arms arms. My balls banging up to the bottom of her vagina. We slow down and speed up as we both yell each others names simutaneously.
"Oh fuck, of yes, cum Matt, Cum!" Madi's yelling into my ear.
"Madi you have the best pussy in the world!" I yell and Madi reaches her first as she speeds up bring mine right behind. She screams as he pussy juice flows out onto my lower body on the floor and my sperm shoots inside her body filling it up. We start to slow down and lose stamina. Were panting and gasping for air as we look at each other again and smile.
"I love you" Madi says looking at me with her huge hazel eyes. I smile.
"I love you too Madi". We lay their together. My dick inside her pussy as we are one at the moment. When we get up, we clean up our mess we made in the girls restroom. We clean each other off and get dressed. Madi put's her dildo away and unlocks the door. She slings her purse on her shoulder and I put my backpack on. It was twilight outside, the courtyard empty and no teachers around. We look at each other one more time and smile, we start walking out to my car to start a new reality together, but this is just the beginning.

[This is a fiction story and these are fiction characters - DaMadHatta]
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