A secret revealed
Daddy’s Girls branch out (pt 2)
A Secret Revealed

It had been a week since Maria and I did the nasty in the ladies room at work. When I finished and we were cleaning each other Maria revealed to me that whomever she fucked that her sister has the privilege to fuck as well. She said, “Its a sister thing that we do together, we like to share everything. We share wearing our clothes, same friends and when it comes to boyfriends.” Maria was 19 so fucking her wasn’t a legal problem but Elani was 17 and her age could get me thrown in jail if I wasn’t careful.

The next Saturday afternoon at work things seemed to be normal. Maria and I agreed while we were at work to try to keep a low profile so that people wouldn’t catch on to what we had done. Saturday afternoons are usually slow between lunch and dinner. I usually grab something to eat then, because once the dinner rush starts there isn’t enough time to eat. I usually eat alone and watch sports center or whatever game is on TV. About half way through my meal the girls (Maria and Elani) sat down at the table with me.

Maria sat across from me and Elani sat next to me. Elani didn’t waste anytime once she settled into the booth. She put her hand on my thigh and said, “So, I know that you fucked my sister and she told you that we share everything and I mean everything. It would be great if we could hook up real soon.”

I tried to ignore her by changing the conversation to some idle chitchat. Several minutes later George popped his head out of the kitchen and saw his daughters sitting with me and said, “Hey, you two don’t take too long there’s a lot of work to do and Paul you’re going to have a delivery soon.”

Then in unison the girls chimed out together “Yes, Papa.”

Elani knowing time was short put her hand on my thigh and rubbed it up and down then smiled at me and cupped my manhood. “So, when can I get this out of your pants and play with it?”

Trying to pry her hand away from my manhood a little wrestling match ensued under the table. After realizing that it was pointless that Elani was not going to stop I left her to her devices. I turned to her and said, “Elani, I don’t think that’s such a good idea, there are three strikes against this happening. One, I’m married, two you are only 17 and three if your dad every found out he’d fire me or kick my ass or both. There is no upside for me on this one. Your sister and I doing what we did in the bathroom was something that – it just happened on impulse – if I had a chance to do it over I’d probably have to think real hard about it.”

Maria smiled and said; “You didn’t think that hard about it when you started the whole thing by smacking my ass. Then threw me in the bathroom and fingered me. I guess fucking me like a porno stud was uncharacteristic of you too. What about pushing me down on my knees as you came all over me? Paul you know the deal, I told you that night, my sister and I share all men, whoever they are. Don’t make this rough on yourself. Don’t make me tell my Papa that you used me and threw me out like a Saturday night whore.
My sister wants her turn and if you’re smart you’ll give it to her.” With that Maria got up and walked back to the kitchen and just before she went through the door she turned back to look at me and blew me a kiss pointed at me and silently mouthed ‘I loved you fucking me, stud’ then disappeared back into the kitchen.

My mind was concentrating on Maria as she walked away from the booth; she had such a great ass to watch. I was so hard watching her but then when I snapped out of my little daydream wishing I could fuck her again. Then Elani whispered in my ear, “God you get hard real easy. I’ll make this easy on you. This Tuesday Mama and Papa have to work all day because Paul and Ginger are off so the best time for you and me to hook up would be then.”

“Why do you think this is such a good idea?”

“Because, I love to have sex especially with older guys. This is real simple you either have sex with me or I tell my Papa you already did. I’m going to make this real easy on you. I get home a little after two in the afternoon from school. Maria will be gone because she has a late afternoon class and Mama and Papa will be at work. We will have hours and hours of time to do all the nasty little things that I like while nobody is at home. Besides I do the things that Maria doesn’t do.”

“What in the world is that?”

“I’ll let you cum inside me wherever you want and I’ll let you fuck my ass. Maria hates it in the ass; this one guy hurt her so she doesn’t do it in the ass anymore. She won’t swallow your cum either, she thinks it’s too salty. Besides I’m younger, tighter and love to fuck more than she does.”

George popped is head out “Paul come on you got some deliveries, Elani, leave him alone and get back to work.”

“Okay Papa.”

“Elani, I’m still not sure about you know.”

Elani grabbed my hand and pushed it down her pants. “See it’s softer and smoother than my sister, now try to get your finger inside.”

It was like I was back in High School again trying to cop a feel from my girlfriend before her mom or dad walked in on us. I couldn’t resist the urge anymore and got my forefinger inside of her. She was really hot and moist I sat there for another thirty seconds fingering her then pulled out just before Tammy her mom came back out into the dining area.

Elani and I got up from the table and walked to the side of the dining area. When we were out of view she grabbed my hand and put my finger that was just inside her pussy into her mouth and sucked on it. “Don’t you wish that was your big dick covered in my moist pussy juice? Having me sucking it off, licking it up and down, swallowing it down my throat? Letting you put back inside of me until you explode?” She let go of my hand walked down the hallway to the door that goes into the kitchen, she turned, smiled at me, and said, “Listen don’t be late on Tuesday I’ll give you my cell later today. Get out here before Papa gets pissed at us.”

Elani blew me a kiss and walked in the kitchen. I took a couple more seconds hoping that my throbbing hard on would subside a little before I walked into the kitchen. I worked the rest of the day but just before George and the girls went home, Elani slipped her phone number into my pocket.

I got home that night and just, as I was ready to take a shower my nose got a little itchy and as I went to scratch it I could smell the sweat aroma of Elani’s pussy. Over the next day or so whenever I was alone I would daydream of fucking Elani. I was also arguing in my mind as to whether I should, a 41-year-old man, even entertain the thought of fucking a 17-year-old junior in high school. It was bad enough that I fucked her very impressionable 19-year-old sister Maria.

Monday morning rolled around at my real job. It was a typical morning no one wanted to be there, it was the start of another depressing week at work. It didn’t help that my department cut of a lot of people and the rest of us who were lucky enough to keep our jobs were cut to part time status. We work nine days straight with four days off. This was day number nine for me and all I wanted to do was get through it because I was off for the next four days. Just after two o’clock in the afternoon I was getting ready to take a late lunch, I was just out the door when the receptionist called for me and said, “Paul you got a call.”

“Okay Jill, can I take it here?”

“Sure I’ll transfer it over to the courtesy phone.”

“Thanks, Hello this is Paul –

“— Hey, sweetie you haven’t forgotten about our special date have you?”

“Elani? What are you doing calling here I’m at work.”

“Just sitting here on my bed naked with my legs spread open and I’m fingering my clit. Got my eyes closed thinking about you and what you’re going to do to me tomorrow. Whoooo I just slid two fingers in but it’s going to be so much better when you put your cock inside of me. Okay honey I’ll let you go for now.”

When Elani hung up the phone I couldn’t turn around to face Jill, Elani created such a raise in pants. Embarrassed I just walked out the front door. I got to my car and sat there for a while and thought, “You know girls weren’t as aggressive as they are today. I believe that if no one is at her house tomorrow that I’ll take a chance and see where this adventure leads.”

The next morning I woke to the cell phone ringing. I looked at the number and noticed that it was my wife calling. I married a Thai woman and when I got cut back to part time I sent her to our home in Thailand. We just sold our house and my brother let me stay in the guestroom until I pay off about $20 k that’s why two jobs. I talked to the wife told her that I loved her and hung up.

As much as I love my wife it has been six months since there was a steady stream of sex. Now, fucking Maria about ten days ago was great but now I was about to commit statutory rape by fucking her younger sister who just turned 17 a couple of months ago. Relaxing on my bed and my hand slowly stroking myself I was thinking about Elani. How she played with my cock at the restaurant; how she shoved my hand down her pants and let me play with her pussy. The image of her naked fingering herself thinking of my fucking her got me so hot that I erupted all over my hand.

It was around 12:30 in the afternoon when my cell rang again. I noticed that it was unknown caller so I let it go to voice mail. I got three more calls right in a row. I finally answered “Hello.”

“I thought you would never pick up, I thought you got scared about coming over and fucking me today.”

“Where are you calling from Elani?”

“We snuck out of school and went to McDonald’s I’m calling from the payphone. Listen be at the house a little after two I’ll be waiting.”

“Will there be any cars in the driveway?”


“Okay I hope your ready for this young lady, I’m not going to be one of those young guys you’ve been fucking, I hope your ready for some real cock. Maria found that out the hard way when I made her cum three times in 20 minutes.”

“You say the nicest things. Just be there a little after two and you can do anything you want.”

She hung up I went got a shower threw on some clothes and needed to get to the pharmacy to get some condoms and K-Y Jelly just in case.

It was just about two and I rode around Elani’s neighborhood seeing if there were any cars that I would recognize. I went past her house a couple of times, there were no cars out front but I was so damn nervous it was just like I was back in high school.

I parked around the corner and walked up to the house and knocked. I waited a minute or so then knocked again. Nobody answered I was just about to walk away when the door opened. There she was, my prize that I have been waiting for. Standing there in black stiletto heels white knee high stockings with a red plaid skirt that only came down to the top of her thighs. She was wearing a white shirt that she tied in a knot just above her bellybutton with no bra. That much was apparent the way her shirt was open. Her hair was done in two ponytails on either side of her head. She had pink glitter lipstick covering her thin lips. I couldn’t move as all available blood went to my dick. I just stood there ogling her perfect teenage body.

I slipped inside and the door shut behind me. Without words looking at her, it was as if I were speaking to her with my eyes. She spun around in front of me then slowly and seductively lifted her skirt. Elani wasn’t wearing any panties. My jaw fell open and Elani seeing my enthusiastic eyes gazing at her pussy modeled it for me.

On Saturday Elani’s pussy was clean-shaven and smooth when she guided my hand down her pants but now you could see several days worth of black pubescent hair had grown in around her skinny pussy lips. Elani not wanting me to shift my gaze away from her slowly and seductively untied the knot in her shirt and let glide open. As the air from under her shirt escaped away from her body it once again formed around her perky nubile breasts. My mouth became very moist or should I say I was about to drool all over my chin when I gulped and tried to get control of myself.

Elani smiled that she had my undivided attention and held out her hand then led me to the couch. Without speaking to each other I sat down on the couch and Elani straddled my lap and with her soft hand pushed my jaw upwards to close my gaping mouth. Elani leaned down and kissed me as I moved my hands to her breasts. I began very gently caressing and squeezing them and our tongues were wrestling between our mouths. Elani began to writhe on top of my lap as my dick grew larger and larger with ever thrust forward and backwards.

I swung her down onto the couch spreading her legs open. I stood up and let my pants fall to my ankles and with my manhood on display I turned so Elani could see me. Her eyes opened real wide and said, “Oh my is that for me?”

“Why yes, you have earned it.” Before I moved I wanted to take a mental snapshot of how wonderful she looked. Her legs were spread open revealing her young pussy. Her breasts stood at attention and Elani biting down on her finger anticipating what it was going to be like to take my cock inside of her.

I was kneeling over top of her trying to penetrate that young tight pussy. She was so tight that I gave up on trying to gain access just then. I decided the best thing to do was to eat her pussy. I was hoping that it would relax her pussy muscles to let me introduce my manhood inside of her. All I wanted now was to please her teenage pussy.

I spit on her pussy and gently began to lap her vagina every so softly. Elani pulled my face deeper and deeper between her thighs. She adjusted her hips to allow me to gain as much access to her womanhood. Elani deliberately began to move her hips in a small circular motion as my tongue went from the bottom of her vagina to her clitoris. Her motion then changed and combined with my frantic movement of my tongue. With my tongue inside of her we created a tango like dance between my face and her pelvic thrusts upwards and downwards.

It didn’t take long, just like her sister; the excitement of having a man’s tongue introduced inside of her vagina created a flow of her pussy juices. Elani began to whisper “Yes, Papa lick me, make me cum on your tongue.” Again there was that ‘Papa’. Her sister Maria called me Papa when I ate her pussy as well; now her younger adolescent sister called me Papa.

As my tongue began to taste the essence of this young woman I could not get enough and spent an inordinate amount of time draining as much cum from her pussy as I could. When my jaw muscles became fatigued I finally ended my assault on her vagina. Trying to recoup my energy before trying to mount my teenage goddess I asked her a question. “Elani, why did you call me Papa? Maria said that same thing several times when we were together.”

Elani thought for a moment and hesitantly asked, “Do you really want to know or do you want to fuck my pussy and cum inside?” Elani spread her legs again but this time her hands went to her pussy and opened it to reveal her fresh pink pussy.

With her pussy spread open the little head took over my consciousness it really didn’t seem to matter that much as me wanting her. I was no longer worried about abusing her petite sized vagina. My manhood finally slid into her hot, wet pussy. I slowly but deliberately used all of my manhood. Starting with the tip of my penis stretching her soft lips open allowing me to penetrate as deep as I could. I continued to use this technique as the sensation of going from her inferno like vagina back out into the open air created a sense of excitement not only for her but as for me also. It didn’t take more than five minutes or so when I finally lost control and filled her pussy with my baby making juice over and over again. As my manhood softened inside of her I began to back out of her and the mixtures of our cum oozed out onto the cushion on the couch.

Elani still breathing heavily reached her hand to me. Pulling her back onto my lap she said, “Okay, I’ll tell you our family secret, there is something you need to know. My sister and I have only had two men in our lives. How about THAT! Papa and now YOU! Do you understand know why it was so important for me to be with you? Whatever my sister experiences I want to experience the same thing. When you came along and fucked Maria I wanted to experience that too.

My father took Maria’s virginity at the age of 13 just before she got her first period. Papa didn’t wait that long for me. I caught my father and Maria having sex one night I stood in the doorway trying to understand what he was doing to my sister. Afterwards when Papa left Maria and I talked about what he had done to her and she explained to me about the birds and the bees.

I felt left out that my Papa wouldn’t do the same thing to me as he did to Maria. I wanted him to love me as much as he loved Maria. I was jealous that she always got to do everything first but more importantly I wanted to do everything that she did.

One weekend when Maria and my mother went shopping I lured Papa to the backyard to go swimming. I began wrestling in the pool with him then I managed to get his swim trunks off. I swam as fast as I could to the other side of the pool and got out. I told him that he couldn’t get them back until he did the same things to me that he was doing with Maria in secret. I promised him that if he didn’t do what I told him that I would tell Mama.

Papa had no other choice and realizing that he could fuck me to he got out of the pool and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. I was only 11 and on that day I lost my virginity to my father. He didn’t seem to care how old I was. He fucked me over and over and each time he came inside of me. All I know was I was sore for a week.

Then the following week Papa was tucking us in when he told us, “All good Greek girls let their husbands put their cocks in their wives assholes.” It was several weeks later when Papa tried to fuck Maria in her asshole Papa hurt her terribly. Wanting to be better than Maria I told Papa it was okay to fuck me in the asshole and I wanted to be a good Greek woman. Papa wouldn’t fuck me in the asshole like he did Maria he didn’t want to hurt me like he hurt her.

A couple of months later he succumbed and fucked my asshole after I begged him endlessly. It hurt so bad that each time he did it. It took almost a year for me to get used to his large penis fucking my 12 year-old-asshole and not to mention my pussy as well.

So when Maria says she has fucked every guy that I have fucked and that I fucked every guy Maria has that just means we both fucked our Papa. So, when you hear us scream Papa we don’t know any better because we have never let any other guy fuck us. We let boys play with our tits and maybe touch our pussies but never fuck us. Do you understand now?”

“Yes, that’s messed up, its bad enough what we just did.”

“Paul what we did was tremendous. You made the decision to be with me and I ached to be with you. The only thing I would change is the hair around your balls. I’m sorry, don’t be upset with me, it tickles me, come on upstairs I’ll shave you besides guys today are all clean-shaven.”

Elani took my hand and led me upstairs her bathroom that she shares with Maria. Then I said, “If you shave me then I want to shave you.”

“No problem.”

Elani started to fill the tub with water. She ran into her dad’s bathroom and came back with a handful of shaving cr?. She covered my balls and around my cock. My cock got hard again and Elani opened her mouth and let me slip inside her warm inviting mouth. She licked the tip of my cock as she looked up at me with her captivating eyes. She wrapped her fingers around my manhood and jerked just a little and a small glob of cum reached the tip of my cock. With her tongue she swiped it away and swallowed it. Elani took her time and shaved my balls and the little hairs on my cock and down around my asshole.

The tub was full now Elani handed me the soap and said, “Here get a good lather and shave it nice and smooth.”

With the bar of soap I got a good lather between my hands and covered her above and below her pussy. With a little soap left on my fingers I began to clean her pussy I slowly fingered her and with my thumb I rubbed her tiny pink and now very hard clit. I didn’t take much as Elani grabbed my hand and began moving my fingers in and out of her. My fingers looked like a blur then she came all over them.

As she sat there on the back of the tub breathing heavily I began shaving her. When I finished I looked at my work and was very proud that I didn’t cut her. Getting a fresh whiff of her cum made me horny. My mouth went to her pussy lips as my tongue penetrated her pussy. The tanginess of her pussy juices had a mix of both of us. I rose up to my knees and entered her again. Elani was great as I fucked her pussy, then took her asshole testing to see if she was really a good Greek woman. By the end of the day Elani allowed me to finish in all three of her holes.

When Elani walked me to the front door she kissed me and said, “You know I never got fucked on my bed. How about you come back tomorrow and you can fuck Maria and me at the same time? Maria and I never tried being together with a guy at the same time. What do you think?”

“Sounds good.”

“Oh goody, okay Papa see you tomorrow, don’t worry I’ll tell Maria.”

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