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This is chapter 6 of the story about now Tori. After discussions with her new best friend she is faced with the possibility that her popular boyfriend arranged for her gang rape and she doesn’t want to believe it. Can he convince her it isn’t the truth? Read on to find out.
Sunday I spent most of my day at home alone trying to remember anything I could about Friday night. I knew from my sister and my mother I had came home drunk so drunk I slept most of Saturday away. But how did that happen Friday and how could I remember so little. I remembered going to Billy’s with Scott and remember there being a lot of people there. I remember Mike and Lisa being there. I remembered birthday spankings and I remember that hurting and not being funny very long but the rest of the night I don’t remember at all. What scared me the most was how sore I was inside. I felt like someone punched me between the legs and I couldn’t explain why I felt like this. I decided to call Lisa but either she didn’t want to tell me much or she wasn’t there for much. She kept asking me what I remembered and when I told her I remembered the spanking she said she saw that and thought they were hitting too hard and shortly after that Mike took her home. She said because of that she did not know anything else that went on that evening.

I took a chance and called Scott and told him I couldn’t see him for the rest of the summer for now. He told me he was sorry I had gotten that drunk and that he didn’t realize I had drank that much. For some reason that felt not like the truth but I couldn’t remember anything so how could I argue. He didn’t seem to upset about me not being able to see me and told me we would work it out. So I was pretty disappointed and got very little new information from him. The rest of the day passed very slowly and was unextraordinary.

Monday I timidly checked with mom to see if I was allowed to see anyone and when she asked whom I asked her could I invite Elizabeth over. She hesitated but gave in and I quickly called and invited her over for lunch. I was very excited when she arrived and we all had lunch together including Elizabeth, Sheri, mom and me. Like Scott Elizabeth was very charming and had my mother at ease before long. My sister seemed stunned to have her in our home and I was happy about that as she didn’t manage to talk very much because I think she was too intimidated. I was relieved when lunch was over and we were able to go to my room.

I was a little unsure if I wanted to bring up about what happened Friday night as she wasn’t invited and I didn’t want her to think less of me. But the whole thing had been such a mystery and I was feeling very isolated that I could not talk to anyone about it. Obviously I couldn’t talk to Sheri about it or she would go to my parents if she knew anything. I couldn’t talk to my mom or I’d be in more trouble. Scott wasn’t telling me much of what went on and Lisa had been so vague too. So I carefully slowly explained what I knew of the evening to Elizabeth. As always she listened to my every word and asked me some questions about what went on. Most of her questions I just couldn’t answer and she said something that sent a shiver down my spine, “I think you might have been drugged.” I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t believe it. Who would have done such a thing? When I asked her that question she said one name that again sent a shiver down my spine, “Scott.” I didn’t want to believe her so I changed the subject. As always she seemed to understand people and let me change it without bringing it up again.

As we made small talk the subject of cheerleading came up. Like everything she did, Elizabeth seemed to love cheerleading. She asked me had I ever cheered and I told her I had at a gym when I was in sixth grade. I had taken gymnastics for several years and the coach also coached the all star cheerleading team. So I tried out and made the squad. She asked me why I had not continued with it in school and I was hesitant to tell her the real reason but gave in and told her anyway. I had not been very popular then and with new braces on my teeth and being tall I just didn’t fit in. I watched her reaction to this and she just kept looking at me softly and said, “Why don’t you try out when school starts for the freshman squad.” I was stunned she was asking me to do this. Before I could answer she continued, “You’re not too tall anymore, your braces make you look cute, you have beautiful long legs and you are going to be popular so there is no reason for you not to try out.” I let out a little chuckle and said, “I’m not sure I’d be good enough it’s been a couple years.” To this she replied, “Well if you want to, then leave that to me because I can teach you to cheer.” I looked at her stunned and could hardly believe her offer but when I looked into her eyes I realized she was being sincere and I finally agreed, “Okay, I’m all yours.” She smiled a huge smile and said come on and took my hand pulling me to my feet.

She had me put on shorts a t-shirt and my tennis shoes and we headed to my backyard. Soon she was showing me the basic arm and leg movements. It was slowly coming back to me and after awhile she smiled a lot so I must have been doing okay. She was really excited when she asked me could I tumble and I was a little nervous but before long I was able to make a few passes of tumbling runs I remembered from gymnastics. She was excellent at building my confidence and told me, “You’re a natural.” We worked for the next three hours before I was exhausted and then mom yelled for dinner. She joined us for dinner and again mom and Sherri seemed to like her and even dad seemed to enjoy talking to her. It might have been how gorgeous she was but I didn’t care.

Everyday for the next several days she worked with me. Friday she took me shopping to the mall for school clothes. It didn’t take long before we ran through the entire $500 on the gift card but she was great at picking out mix and match skirts and tops that could be worn together to make different outfits. She was building my self esteem back up. I spoke to Scott on the phone every other day but he always changed the subject when it came up about that Friday night and he just said he was sorry he let me get that drunk. He had started summer football practice so he was okay that we couldn’t see each other. He told me to hang in there that eventually my parents would give in just to give them time to cool off. He reminded me how much he missed me and wanted to be with me.

I was so happy that Elizabeth had talked me into considering cheerleading because it took up a lot of my time practicing with her and the last few weeks of summer passed quickly. Then school started and I began my first year of high school as a freshman. Varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders also had summer practice but because the freshman had not yet been chosen as they could come from multiple middle schools there was not yet a freshman squad. But from the first day of school flyers were posted for freshman cheerleader tryouts. You had to sign up by the third day of school and practice started the following day. I did not realize until the first day of practice how huge a favor Elizabeth had done for me. Most of the girls were unprepared to start practice except those who had been cheerleading in eighth grade. If she had not started working with me one on one I never would have even had a chance to make the squad. I was very surprised when two weeks later I had made the freshman cheerleading squad. As always I was the tallest girl and was definitely going to be a base but I didn’t care I had made the squad. My place in the high school was set. I was very excited to have the same lunch period as Elizabeth and I got to sit at the lunch table with the varsity cheerleading girls. Many heads turned starring at me wondering who the heck I was especially girls from the junior varsity and freshman squads. I tried to model myself after Elizabeth and was nice to everyone.

I was relieved when school started because again I got to see Scott on a daily basis. Soon we were walking the halls hand in hand and kissing when there were no teachers around to fuss about it. By the third day of school Scott had gotten access to a janitor’s closet and convinced me to get to school a half an hour early. We met that morning and he quickly took me to the closet and had his cock out within seconds of getting inside. “Kneel,” he commanded and I was so happy to see him again I didn’t argue and just knelt. “Open,” he continued and I did so. Again I had his cock in my mouth and felt him moving his hips hard and fast. He was being so aggressive I could hear my mouth making sounds echoing in the janitor’s closet. After multiple strokes I heard the familiar command, “Swallow,” and did as I was told and swallowed his cum down. This became a morning ritual for us and two days later we did it after school too.

Elizabeth was not very happy with me for me staying with Scott. She reminded me what she thought, “I think he drugged you.” But I defended him saying back, “He wouldn’t do that. I just can’t believe it.” I was a little worried about her not being happy that he and I were together again because she was one of the judges for the freshman cheerleading squad. But I made the squad anyway and I decided she must have voted for me as she almost seemed happier that I made it then I was. I was stunned as more and more kids new my name in the school and I was feeling so popular. I couldn’t wait to get my cheerleader uniform and my school letter jacket. My parents seemed to ease off too and again I was allowed to see Scott but “still in groups” based on the old rule.

Very soon we had a school wide pep rally for the football season about to start and I was so excited to cheer at the rally as I had never before cheered for that many people. It was exciting and exhilarating to cheer in front of that many people the whole school turned out as it was mandatory and we cheered in front of over 1500 students. It sent shivers down my spine and I felt like I was on cloud nine. Scott found me after the rally and kept me in the gym. He took a hold of my hands and led me under the bleachers. While we were waiting for everyone to clear out he reached under my cheer skirt and pulled my bloomers down and off along with my panties. I whined in protest but he just put his finger over my lips and want, “Shhhhush.” As the last of the people left I felt him lift one of my knees and pin me against the wall. Then I felt him push into me. He started kissing me hard and pushed his tongue far into my mouth and starting slamming his hips into mine. Something about that day, the cheering fans, the excitement of it all and I soon felt aroused too. I kissed him back hard and held him close with my arms. His aggressiveness was hurting me some but it also felt good. I had missed him a lot too and it felt good to feel him inside me again. I felt my butt pressed against the cold concrete block wall as he pinned me firmly against it while he pushed over and over inside me. Then it only got more intense as he lifted my other knee again holding me up by his cock, his arms under my knees, the wall and my hands around the back of his neck. He took me there against the wall like that so aggressive. I was stunned when I felt the intensity inside my own body and I felt myself shake as I had an orgasm. It felt so good and lasted several seconds as he continued to take me hard against the wall. Finally he came inside me pressing me into the wall as hard as he could. I was tired and sweaty and glad he had cum as I was afraid to get caught as we would be expelled. He finally let my legs down and then pulled out of me. My legs still felt wobbly.

As the weekend got closer each of the teams had their first game. The freshman squad played Wednesday and we won our game. It was very exciting and I felt even more excited as both Scott and Elizabeth along with my parents came and watched me cheer. The junior varsity game was Thursday and they lost to the disappointment of the junior class. The varsity team played Friday and won their game. I got to go to that game and root for Scott and watch Elizabeth cheer. She was so impressive and I only hoped I was half as good as she was as she had the crowd cheering with her the whole game. Scott played very well and I waited for him after the game at the stadium. He was so pumped up after the game and picked me up and spun me around when he got to me. We went to his car and headed to the pizza place where all the seniors were. After we had been there a while and had eaten some Scott disappeared for a few minutes. I was happy when he returned but then he took my hand and pulled me away with him. We walked around to the back of the restaurant and he took me into an office. No sooner then we were through the door he started kissing me passionately. Within seconds he was pulling at my clothes and I was growing to dislike this more but didn’t have the guts to say so and in a few moments I was there in someone’s office naked. He leaned me over the desk and for the first time ever I felt him align with my butt. I had not liked it there the times before when Mike had entered me there and I tried to protest, “Scott noooo that hurts.” But he didn’t listen and just kept pushing against me there until it started to push inside. I let out loud groans as I felt Scott push and push his dry cock forcing it inside my butt. That made me realize how uncomfortable this was and I wasn’t very happy but he kept working it and working it and slowly was forcing deeper into my butt. It was very painful and he was very aggressive and pushed harder against me until he forced it fully inside me there. I wasn’t liking it at all but I felt him finally start to move in and out and just hoped he would come quickly. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and he just kept going. “God, your so tight here I should have done this long again,” he said as he continued to work me there. As he continued to stroke he took hold of my hair and pulled my head back by the hair as he was pulling so hard. “Ouchhhhhh,” I whined as I felt him tug my head back fully. He stroked there a little longer and then surprised me when suddenly I felt him pull out of my butt. I started to get up from leaning over the desk but he pushed me back down and I felt the head of his cock touch my sex. “Ahhhhhhhh,” he sighed as he pushed his cock into my sex. “Scott that’s gross,” I whined. But it didn’t matter soon he was in my sex stroking in and out. He thrust his hips hard about 8 times before I felt him erupt inside me and I felt his spray his load deep inside my loins. He stood up and I saw him put away his cock and I started to get dressed again. Then we returned to the restaurant.

Elizabeth looked at me kind of disappointed and I swore she somehow knew what we had just done and I could hardly make eye contact with her. We all hung out there a little longer celebrating our victory before heading home for the evening. Elizabeth asked me if I wanted to hang out with her at her house tomorrow and I accepted.


The next day she came and picked me up and drove me to her house. It is the most beautiful home I have ever seen in person and have only seen better on TV. It was three stories and Elizabeth’s room was the only room alone with her own private bathroom on the third floor. Her room was very elegant and she had a window seat high above the whole neighborhood. She gave me the grand tour of her whole house and introduced me to Lucky her golden retriever. Then we had some lemonade and made small talk for a while. She asked me what Scott and I had done at the pizza restaurant and I hesitated but finally told her what we had done. She asked me, “Did you know you can get a urinary tract infection doing that. Don’t ever let a guy go from your butt to your twat.” I looked down embarrassed. She then started on the subject she had invited me here to tell me I could tell by the seriousness of her tone, “Tori, do you have any idea what happened to you that Friday night after your birthday?” “Noooo,” I replied indignantly knowing we had already discussed this. She continued, “Well I talked to a couple of the guys who were at that party and I think you need to know what happened to you that night.” She said this looking down and I had never seen her unable to look me in the eyes. “Maybe they’re wrong, maybe they’re lying to you. . . maybe I don’t want to know,” I replied.

“Well you need to know,” she said softly. She continued, “Like I told you, you were drugged. Have you heard of Rohypnol?” I shook my head no to her question. She went on, “It’s called the date rape drug because it makes you out of it and even causes like amnesia and you can’t remember what happened to you. Sound familiar?” Again I shook my head no and she kept going, “I think they put that into your margarita. Do you remember drinking a margarita?” I thought about it a little while and remembered something about a drink with salt. I asked, “Does that have salt on it?” This time she nodded then continued, “Do you remember being spanked or was your body bruised the next day?” “I had bruises,” I said very softly feeling somehow ashamed for all this. She went on, “Do you know what a train is?” I shook my head no again. She now closed her eyes took a deep breath and let it out then said, “You pulled a train.” “What’s that mean,” I asked softly. “It means you had sex with more then one boy one after the other,” she answered in a low tone.

“What,” I shot back at her indignantly. “Eleven, if what I’m hearing is the whole truth,” she said again very softly. “No way,” I responded. I felt myself starting to tremble. She must have noticed because she came over to where I was sitting and put her arms around me. “I’m sorry, but I believe it to be true and I thought you had a right to know,” she said unable to look me in the eyes again. “It was last years starting offense, and they took advantage of you they. . .raped you” she said slowly. The words cut into my heart and I felt tears run down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe she was telling me this. “You’re lying,” I said back to her loudly. She shook her head no and said, “There would be no logical reason for me to make up something like this.” She paused and took a deep breath, “I just had to know what happened and Lisa knew something was wrong because Mike took her home. I’m so sorry.” And I started to cry. I felt her hold me and I just sat there and cried for a while. How could this be true? How could this have been done to me? I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I felt low and dirty and naive and stupid. “I’m so sorry,” she again said so softly.

We sat there quietly for some time. I cried now and then and didn’t want to think about it but couldn’t stop thinking about it. “Maybe it was Billy,” I said, “he gave me the drink.” “I don’t think so,” she replied. Again we sat there in silence. I wanted to believe it was anyone other then my Scott. I looked down at the tennis bracelet and rotated it round my wrist. How could a boy so nice as to get me something like this have done that to me. I touched the pearl hanging from the choker around my neck that I wore every day. That was from his Grandmother how could someone who would do something like that give me a gift as personal as this. “I think your wrong,” I said to her but in my head I thought she was right. “I wish I thought I was wrong,” she said back to me. We sat there together for a long time in silence and I wasn’t sure what knowing this meant anyway. What was I supposed to do, break up with the most popular boy in school?


I went home and as much as I tried to not think about the things she had told me I could hardly block them out of my mind. I also felt some things from that night coming back to me. I remembered Scott holding me and remembered being spanked. I kept getting pictures in my mind of different guys looking into my eyes. And I remembered being so sore and hurting so much that next few days. But could what she said have really been true? Would Scott have allowed it? I knew there was only one place I could get the truth and that was with Scott. I called him up and arranged to get together that afternoon.

I got there to see him and he met me outside, his mother was having company over so he took me into the garage. Right away he started undressing me and I tried to resist, “Scott I need to talk to you, I need to ask you about something.” “In a few minutes baby but we need to relieve this first,” he said. I think for the first time ever I realized how much we always did what he wanted. But my will power was weak with him and I stood there and let him undress me. He had my shirt and bra off first then my skirt and panties down and off and even made a point to pull off my shoes. He took a moment and looked at me, “God there is not a more beautiful sight in the world then you baby,” he said looking me up and down. He then walked me over to the car and bent me over the hood. “You look so amazing there, my two favorite possessions in the world there together,” he said. And then I felt him push into my body. As he was working inside me the words he just said echoed in my mind. I knew how much he loved his car, it was his pride and joy but had he just called me a possession? The hood of the car felt a little warm and I realized he must have been driving it not to long ago. I found it surreal that I was thinking all these things while making love to my boyfriend. But was that really what I was doing? Or was I just letting him do what he wanted. I didn’t want it to feel this shallow so I tightened on him and that made him moan. He continued to move inside me taking me as I was bent over his car. I listened to him doing it, hearing his groans and breathing the effort he put into it. I felt him put his hands on my shoulders to steady me and then he started moving harder and faster and I heard my own voice grunting and breathing hard. It felt so oddly normal and natural as he squirted deep inside me and I wondered if I really wanted to say anything about the things I had talked to Elizabeth about. As usual as he finished he pushed me down hard into the car and pinned me like that holding inside me. “God I love being with you,” he said making me feel so guilty for what I wanted to ask.

He then got up off of me and I heard him put his cock away and I stood up. As I did I felt him wrap his arms around me and he growled playfully and carried me over to a stool where he sat and pulled me onto his lap. “Now what did my lovely girlfriend want to talk to me about,” he asked? I looked at him, looked into his eyes, the wide eyed look and the soft sweet smile. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t ask him something so ugly. “I. . .I wanted to know how you were feeling after the game Friday,” I said lying. “Now that I’ve had you, I feel great,” he shot back enthusiastically. As we sat there he started touching around my body on my breasts and my tummy and legs and I felt oddly much like his car much like a possession. “Now what would my princess like to do today,” he asked with a huge smile on his face? I shrugged my shoulders and before I could think of anything he quickly answered his own question, “I know lets go for a ride.” And with that he carried me to the car opened the door and set me inside naked. “My clothes,” I yelled quickly to which he laughed and just ignored me and came around to the driver’s door and got in. “Scott I need my clothes,” I protested again. He just smiled hit the remote control for the garage door and suddenly we were backing out of the garage. I could see my clothes sitting there where he had set them but he left them there closing the garage door and driving off. I slouched down in the seat. He drove for almost 30 minutes up a curvy rode not coming to a stop until we reached a hill overlooking the lake. He parked the car and came around and opened my door and I struggled to not let him pull me out but he was stronger and forced me to get out of the car. He then carried me to the front of the car and he leaned on the hood, set me down on my feet and turned me to look at the view. It was terrific but I still felt so vulnerable there naked. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my back into him and we both looked out over the lake. “Tori you’re the best girlfriend I’ve ever had and I love you so much,” he said holding me tight. I couldn’t help putting my conversation with Elizabeth out of my head and stared out over the beautiful view. It felt weird standing here outside naked but in his arms I felt safe and protected. I was surprised when I felt his cock push up between my legs and I realized the sound of the wind blowing over the hill had covered the sound of him opening his pants. I opened my feet a few inches to let him inside me more and he slowly gently worked his cock inside me as we stood there like that facing the lake. I was startled as I felt him lean back firmly onto the hood of the car and I could no longer reach the ground. Gravity held me on him and my feet went behind me until they found the bumper of the car. Like that he couldn’t really stroke very well so after I found the bumper I was able to push up and down on him and for the first time ever I was able to control our pace. I moved up and down and was surprised when his fingers found my clit and began to rub me there as I moved on his cock. I moved up and down over and over as we looked out at the lake. It felt so weird to be there naked like that, doing that sitting on the hood of his car riding on his cock. His hands went to my hips and guided me faster. It was like nothing I could have ever imagined. Then I felt him release his fluids inside me and it felt like we were sharing something special. I went up and down more until I felt him clutch me tight so he could stay inside me just a little longer. He held me there like that quite awhile before whispering in my ear, “I Love You.” And I wanted that moment to last forever. But like all good things must come to an end he eventually picked me up carried me to the passenger seat and set me down. We drove back to his house in silence and pulled into the garage and I was relieved no one seemed to spot me. I quickly got dressed and gave him a long hug and kiss goodbye. I knew I needed to head home putting the thoughts of before today out of my mind.

To be continued.

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