Second story, C&C please.
When I was 5 years old, my younger sister, Kierra, or Kiki as we call her now, was born. Unlike myself, she would have blond hair, but instead of blue eyes, they were bright green. We were always close, as close as siblings 5 years apart could be, but even so, we were inseparable. I was in my senior year, and she knew that I would be going off to college the following fall, as she learned from our older brothers, Sergei and James.

Oh well, my name is Zeke and I was 17 years old, 5'11”, and a lead spiker on my varsity volleyball team at school. In my senior year, I was going out more and more, getting drunk, and having unintentional sexual encounters with my fellow students, none of which I regret.

On a Friday night of a three day weekend, I went out to a party in my town, hosted by one of my good friends, and got as drunk as possible. I woke up the next morning in bed with a girl who was a year younger than me, and I had never even really spoken to her before. Either she was more drunk than I was, or my charm was better inebriated than sober! I got out of the bed completely naked, got dressed, and headed into the main room of the house. Beer cans littered the floor and several other kids were already up.

“Peace out guys” I said, “I gotta head home and make sure some shit gets done in the house.”

“Alright Z, call us tonight to see what's up!”

“Yeah, yeah, will do.”

The thought of more alcohol in my system made me want to throw up. I grabbed my keys from the stash where all the keys were kept (safety first!) and headed out the door. It was a brisk fall morning, somewhere in the 40°F – 50°F range, and I only had a t-shirt and hoodie on. My clothes reaked of weed and beer, and I was anxious to get home and throw them in the wash. Thankfully, my mom wouldn't be home.

I reached my house in about 10 minutes, and backed into my usual spot in the driveway. I got out of the car, and punched in the code to open my garage door. 3-5-7-9. The garage door opened at its usual slow speed, and once there was enough room, I crouched down and got under the door. I opened the door to my laundry room and closed the garage. I took off my shoes, and entered my house. Like I said, no signs of Mom in sight. All I heard were the sounds of cartoons coming from upstairs, presumably Kiki's room. I took off my clothes and threw them in the washer, put in the detergent, and set it to go. In about 30 minutes, I would come downstairs and put them in the dryer. Now almost completely naked, save for my boxers, and sneaked my way up stairs and past Kiki's room, grabbed my towel out of mine, and shut the bathroom door behind me.

I took off my boxers, and got into the steaming shower. I washed my body and hair, and as usual, sat under the hot water for about 10 minutes. I cracked my back and neck, and got out. I dried my body and wrapped my towel around my waist. I opened the door to find Kiki waiting for me.

“Hi Zeke!!”

“Why hello there! What's up?”

“Oh nothing really...just wanted to say hi to my favorite big bro!”

“Haha, just don't let Sergei or James hear that Kiki.”

“But...I don't even really know them! They're both not even living here!”

She really didn't. Sergei was graduating from college this year, and James was graduating from law school at the same time. Even if she didn't, they're her brothers, and she needed to know that. I looked down at her.

“Kierra. Sergei and James love you, just the same that I do. Even if they aren't here as often as we would like, it doesn't mean that they don't want to get to know you better! Its just that they aren't close enough to come home freely and visit you. You know that they love you just from the few days at Thanksgiving that we have together! Its almost summer, and Sergei will be back for a few weeks before going off to a job in Texas. You'll see.”

She looked up and smiled her unique smile. Even though I needed no assurance of this, her smile let me know that every would indeed be as I said it.

“Alright, now scram girlie, I gotta get dressed.”

She giggled and skipped off into her room (which was once James').

I stepped into my room, and saw that my dick was slightly hard. What could that even be from? I ignored it and got dressed into my usual blue jeans and solid color t-shirt. I opened my door, and sat back down at my desk. I signed onto my computer and opened up my music player. I don't know what it was, but music calmed me down, and everything seemed in its right place when I was listening to it. A song by The Killers was playing, and Kiki popped her head into my room.

“Hey mister, could you turn that down, I'm trying to talk to some friends in peace and quiet!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.”

I noticed it again, my dick was a little hard again, and I was overheating a bit. No way. How could Kiki be getting me horny? She was my twelve year old, little sister. But...well...I could see how my mind saw her.

Without any predetermined feelings, I could say that for twelve, she was, for a lack of a better word, a stunner. Bright blond hair, green eyes, and like I said, a smile that could make a werewolf purr. Not to mention her tight body. She might have A-cups, but she did not wear a bra, that is for sure.

Just thinking about her made me even harder. Unfortunately, what would come the next day, would made it ten times harder to keep it in my pants.

The next morning my mother woke me up at 9:00am to tell me that my grandmother was in the hospital and that she and my dad would have to fly to Florida immediately, and I would have to take care of Kiki for the rest of the weekend. Immediately I got a raging hard-on, and thankfully I was under the blankets, otherwise I would have a lot of explaining to do. They left pretty quickly, even before I was fully awake.

I got out of bed, and saw that Kiki was up as well. She was downstairs, and I needed to settle something. She must have something in her room that I could satisfy myself with. I opened her drawers one by one until I found the jackpot. Panties. Little girl panties to be exact. I looked all around the drawer, trying to keep everything as it was until I found what I was looking for. Rainbow panties. I hoped to find a thong or something, but as a twelve year old, I knew that this was unlikely. I took them, went back into my room, and layed down on my bed. I took off my shorts and rubbed my dick all around in the panties and began to jerk myself off. I layed there for at least 10 minutes with my dick in Kiki's panties, when the unthinkable happened. Kiki opened my door, probably to see if I was up so she could use my computer, but I did not hear her. I heard a faint voice.

“Zeke...what are you doing?! Are...are those mine??!!”

“Kiki wait! Let me explain!”

She ran into her room, and slammed the door. I threw her underwear under my bed and ran to her door. I opened it and saw her sitting on her bed with a very confused look upon her face.

“Hey now, let me explain. You know about how when a guy gets excited, his penis gets hard, right? Well when that happens, he has to release what has built up in his penis, or it will hurt very much. I was using your underwear to help myself because I love you very much, and you make me happy. Do you understand?”

“Y-y-yeah. So you were only doing that because you love me, and if you didn't, you would've been hurting a lot?”

“Exactly. Do you forgive me?”

“Of course. You're my older brother, and I love you. If you want...I you with that.”

Unknown to me, I was getting hard just being in Kiki's presence, and she obviously saw it getting larger and larger.

“No, no, no Kiki. This is something you shouldn't have anything to do with until you're much older. And I'm serious.”

“But I WANT to help you! If you love me, you'll let me!”

I couldn't let her do this. She is twelve years old, not even a teenager. Like yesterday, I can remember changing her diapers!

Without me telling her anything, she leaned over and grabbed my dick through my shorts. Before I even had time to scold her, she began to rub it up and down, I was speechless. I knew that this kind of stuff felt good, but with your twelve year old little sister, for some reason, it felt even better.

“Zeke, what does it feel like?”

“Kiki”, I moaned in ecstasy, “you really should NOT be doing this.”

She said nothing, and continued on rubbing. After about 10 minutes of complete perfection, she started to ease off my shorts, and even though I knew that it was 100% wrong, I let her do it. With my dick in plain sight, she just took a minute to look at it.

“Zeke, it's HUGE.”

I laughed a bit, because I knew that it was just a normal sized dick. Probably somewhere between 7 and 7.5 inches.

She looked at me, slightly confused, shook her head, and continued on. I took my eyes off my her hands, and looked up and down her body. Her ass was straight up in the air and her belly was exposed. I grabbed her ass and she let out a little yelp.

“Hey, it's only fair!”

She rolled her eyes and continued on pumping me up and down. I myself continued rubbing her ass, and even pulled her tight shorts down to get a look at her panties. To my surprise, there it was, her ONLY thong.

“Kiki, where the hell did you even get this?”

Continuing on pumping, she said, “Oh, uh, Vanessa gave it to me. She said that a few Abercrombie's were selling small thongs, and I gave her some money, and she got me one!”

I was nearing my climax, and I knew that I had other things that I wanted to do, rather than getting a handjob.

“Alright Kiki, that's enough. Its my turn to help you.”

I pulled on my shorts and rolled Kiki onto her back. Her tights were down to her knees, so I helped her out a bit, and pulled them off. She was laying on her back, and I began to rub her through her panties.

“Just relax Kiki. It feels good, doesn't it?”

She didn't respond, but she moaned, so I knew I was doing her right. I continued rubbing for around 20 minutes, and then I moved forward. I pulled her panties aside, and took in the glorious site that was her pussy. It looked untouched, which it was, and I slipped my middle finger between its lips. She started to grind up against my hand, and then she started shaking a bit, and just sat there moaning for awhile.

“How was that?”, I asked her.

No answer. I stood up and saw that she had passed out. I guess I really know how to make a preteen girl feel good.

I slipped her shorts back over her panties, positioned her comfortably in her bed, and covered her up with her blanket. I closed her door as I walked out, and went back into my room.

I shut my door behind me and retrieved Kiki's underwear from underneath my bed, and started to finish what I had begun. Unfortunately, I did not get to finish with Kiki, but I would do just that right now. I wrapped her panties around my dick and began to pump. I've been doing this for a good while, and it only took me about 10 minutes to reach that breaking point. I pumped my dick even harder, and exploded. Maybe 5 or 6 streams of cum embedded itself into Kiki's rainbow underwear. Just the thought of cumming in anything that Kiki had right over her slit made it even better. I took the time to take a nice nap, to rejuvenate myself for any other possibilities for “fun stuff” later on this evening.

I woke up to a nice surprise. Kiki had slipped into my bed, with only her t-shirt and panties on, and had also fallen asleep beside me. Her head was resting on my chest, and I brushed her hair to the side to get a better look at her beautiful face. I slid my hand down her side and over her hips, and down to her butt. I caressed her ass for maybe 5 minutes, and moved onto her perfect slit. I rubbed her through the front of her panties, and even slid my finger in and out of her pussy for awhile until I woke her.

“Hey...I'm trying to sleep here.”

“Well little girl, I believe that you have slept long enough. But you're getting pretty bold, eh? Coming into my bed with such little on? Tsk tsk.”

“I was lonely, and I wanted you to touch me like you did before.”

“Ah! So you want this?” As I said this, I rubbed her clit, and nearly screamed in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss. Keep goingggg pleeeeaaaaseeeee.”

I continued to rub and finger her, and in turn, she grabbed my dick and squeezed. Hard. I looked at her, and she just gave me that devious look that girls do, and started rubbing me under the blankets. I stopped her.

“Kiki, there's another way you can help me you know. But I want to show you before you try. Come watch this video.”


I got up with my raging hard on, and sat down at my computer. I pulled up a pornographic video site, and showed her a video where a woman is giving a man a blowjob.

“It's called a blowjob, and contrary to its name, its mostly licking and sucking, as you can see.”

“Yeah, but that seems kind of yucky though.”

“Well, if it makes you feel better, I can go wash it with soap, and then you can try it out.”

“Umm, how about you let me wash it, and then we'll see.”

“Haha, that's fine with me!”

I took her hand and walked into the bathroom just outside of my room. I pulled off my shorts, and handed her the bar of soap from our shower. She wet me with some water from the sink and started rubbing the bar of soap all over my penis. I knew that this would get me hard, so I did nothing to stop it. She finished her washing and sat on her knees for awhile, contemplating whether or not to do what I wanted her to. Finally, she made her decision.

Without much hesitation, Kiki engulfed the first 2 inches of my dick, and began to suck. Now this was something. I moved her head up and down, to get her into the habit of “bobbing” while giving head.

“Kiki, try licking the head of it while you s-suck.”

Just like I told her, she started circling her tongue around my dick, and continued sucking aswell. That familiar feeling was building in my balls, and I knew that this was it.

“Kiki, I'm gonna cu--”

As soon as I finished my sentence, I began to cum. I let go of her head, and she pulled off, already with a pool of jizz in her mouth. I continued to cum, and several streams hit her face, shirt, and even one stream found its way right onto her panties. I laughed and wiped the cum away from her eyes.
“I think you should probably take a shower.”

“Ew Zeke, why did you do that?” She swallowed her first gulp ever of jizz. “Wait...mmmm...its kind of salty, but also really sweet!”

“Well I'm glad you like it, now get in the shower. I'll go make dinner.”


This was turning out to be quite the weekend, and it had only started.

I had just finished making dinner when Kiki came down wearing, or not wearing, one of the hottest outfits I had ever seen. She was wearing white cotton panties and tight black tank-top. She skipped all the way over to the table and sat patiently, waiting for me to bring the food over.

I had merely cooked a frozen meal of shrimp scampi, scraped it into a bowl, and brought it over to the table. I put some on Kiki's plate, put some on mine, and placed the bowl in between us. I sat down and began to eat. Kiki sat there, and just stared at me. She took a bite of the pasta, and sat there with her head in her left hand.

“What?” I asked.

“Mmmm, nothingggg...well...I wanted to say that...I love you.”

“Well Kierra, I love you too.”

“Let's go upstairs. I want you play with my clit again...”

“I guess this was inevitable.”

I stood up, Kiki grabbed my hand, and pulled me upstairs. As she walked up the stairs, all I did was stare at her ass. Side-to-side, that thing was a gem. She brought me to my room, and she layed down on my bed. I pulled her butt to the edge of my bed, and got down on my knees. I started rubbing her clit through her panties, and she immediately started moaning like crazy. I moved to the next level and pulled off her panties. I began to eat her out like a starving beast. She started screaming and shaking. I kept going until she came, and I licked her slit clean of her juices. Now that I had primed her pumps, I believed that it was time to go all the way with this goddess.

“Did you get to finish that video I showed you Kiki?”

“When the guy puts his dick in the girl? Yeah...wait, you wanna do that? You're waaayy too big!”

“Its fine! You will be in control, at least until it doesn't hurt anymore, because I have to take your virginity.”

“Okay...just tell me what to do...”

I took off my shirt and shorts and layed down on my bed the exact same way Kiki was, with my dick sticking up exactly like Big Ben. Kiki peeled off her underwear and positioned herself directly over me. She slowly lowered herself down onto my dick, and soon she hit the barrier of her hymen.

“Ahh it hurts!”

“Okay, I'm hitting your hymen. We have to break through it if we want to continue. When you're ready, just go up a little and drop. That way I'll rip right through it.”

She sat right in the same spot for maybe 2 minutes or so, and then she went for it. She lifted herself up and dropped with all her weight down on my dick. Instantly, I was balls deep in Kiki. I had felt this feeling before, but not as tight, but for Kiki, it was completely different. She must have sat in one position for 5 minutes before moving.

“You all right?”

“Yeah, it just kind of hurts, but it also feels incrediblllle.”

“When you're ready, just move up and down.”

As soon as I said it, she began bouncing up and down. It felt incredible. Everytime her ass hit my thighs, she made a little yelp. She kept going for about 10 minutes and grinded against me for another 10, and after she had cum for the third time, I wanted to switch positions. I bent her over my bed, and began to pound her. Thankfully our parents weren't home, because all Kiki did for the next 15 minutes was yell in ecstasy. When I had enough of her ass, I put her on her back, and fucked her senseless. She started to buck her hips against me and that was definitely what put me over the edge. I pulled out of her now gaping slit, and shoved my dick into her mouth. She started to suck, and I exploded. Stream after stream after stream jetted into her mouth, and she swallowed every gulp.

“Oh my god Kiki. That was incredible.”

“So right...can it aga-”

And with that, Kierra passed out on my bed. I laughed, got in beside her, kissed her on the forehead, and fell asleep with my little sister, after fucking her senseless.

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this is very poorly written and needs a total rewrite by a GOOD WRITER that knows enough to use a GOOD EDITOR before posting. this guy should be ashamed to have his name on this story.

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3/3/(9 wat part is sick and inhumane

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As comment to the person that said the multiple orgasms lost credibility I would just like to say it is verry possible for a girl to cum several times even in a short fuck my current gf cums a minimum of 3 times on a quicky so don't go talking down on others just cuz u can't get a girl off once urself

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