Chapter 5 may be the last for a while. I'll probably write a few more chapters before submitting again or maybe start a new story. We'll see what happens
Chapter 5

Bobby got up the next morning worrying about what the day would bring. Roger had said he would keep him trained. Bobby didn’t imagine that meant anything pleasant. After breakfast he headed off to school. He met Ben halfway to school.
Ben smiled at him sheepishly, “You want to come over again after school?”
Bobby grinned, “Sure. You wanna do some more stuff like yesterday?”
Ben blushed violently, “Maybe.”
Bobby just grinned. The morning schoolwork was pretty much the same as any other school day. Bobby began to sweat more and more though as recess drew closer. Finally the bell rang and he headed to the gym. Roger wasn’t there when he arrived, but Bobby knew better than to go anywhere else. After a few minutes Roger came storming in. He immediately came up to Bobby and slapped him hard enough to knock him down.
“I told you to meet me behind the bleachers! Not out on the floor. From now on you do as I say. Now get back there!”
Bobby scrambled under the bleaches with Roger right behind. Once there Roger yanked down Bobby’s pants and forced him to his knees.
“Start pumping your cock Bobby. And spread your knees more. Every day I want you to meet me here with your pants off, knees spread, pumping your tiny cock, and make sure you’re showing your ass to the entrance. If you are not in this position I will really punish you. Do you understand?”
Bobby nodded as he masturbated in front of Roger. The older boy smiled at his already hard cock.
“My you are a little slut aren’t you?”
Bobby nodded.
“Ok now, lesson number one: how to take a spanking without making any noise.”
Roger reached into his pack and brought out a paddle, “Rick wants you to be able to keep quiet unless told to scream. So we’ll practice. I’m gonna spank you bloody red and if you make a sound I’ll crush your little nuts. Understand?”
Frightened, Bobby nodded.
“Show me your butt bitch.”
Cringing in anticipation for what was to come; Bobby bent over and displayed his bare ass to Roger. Roger gleefully began assaulting the six year old with his wooden paddle.
Bobby whimpered but kept from crying out as the wood slapped against his skin.
Whack! Whack! Whack!
Tears flowed down his young cheeks and he buried his head in the floor but Bobby managed to keep somewhat quiet. The blows kept falling and it wasn’t long until Bobby’s whimpering turned to sobs and groans of pain. Roger suddenly stopped and pulled Bobby’s head up by his hair.
“Listen fag boy, if you keep making noise someone is going to hear you. And if they come in and find you like this everyone is gonna find out what a whore you are. So be quiet!”
Roger pushed him back down and continued the spanking. Bobby’s ass turned blood red as the paddle fell over and over. He still sobbed but he tried to do it quietly. Fear of being caught helped him to keep silent as the brutal rain of blows destroyed his ass cheeks. Suddenly Roger stopped again. Bobby breathed in relief but tensed up again as the handle of the paddle slid into his anal canal. Roger pumped it in and out several times before pulling it out and tossing it aside.
“Good slut. Now we’re gonna see how deep you can be penetrated. Stay here a minute”
Roger left and was gone a couple of minutes. When he came back he was holding a mop. Before Bobby had time to wonder what was going to happen Roger rammed the handle of the mop up the little boy’s anus. Bobby cried out and gritted his teeth. He tried to loosen up and take it but Roger just kept shoving more of the thick wooden rod into his ass. Finally, when he didn’t think he could take any more of the pain, roger pulled it out. Then he took a ruler and measured the mop handle.
“Nine inches! That’s a lot for a kid your age.”
Then he shoved the mop handle into Bobby’s mouth and down his throat. Bobby gagged and choked as he tasted his own ass on the wood. Roger shoved it in as far as it would go and then retracted it and measured it.
“Thirteen inches! Bobby, Rick is gonna make a shit load of money with you!”
Roger removed the mop handle and tossed it aside. Then he pulled a strap on dildo out of the bag. He slid down his pants and put it on. His seven year old dick fit inside the dildo making him eight inches instead of three.
“Ok lesson number two: Working your ass. Rick said you’re a natural but you need to get the finer points down. And the only way to do that is to practice. I’m going to stick this in your ass and you have to massage it with your ass cheeks. If I’m not getting pleased through the dildo then you get spanked. And as before, no noise, understand?”
Bobby nodded. Roger knelt behind him and slammed into him. He fucked Bobby’s ass a few moments and then stopped to let Bobby go to work. Bobby milked the dildo with his ass cheeks the same way he had learned to do it with Rick. It wasn’t long however before he felt the sting of Roger’s hand on his rump.
“I can’t feel you! Try harder slut!”
Bobby clenched as hard as he could, sliding up and down Roger’s pole, squeezing and releasing the dildo, doing his best to please the older boy. Roger smiled as his cock responded to Bobby’s ass. He slid his hand over Bobby’s ass comfortingly.
“That’s better. Milk my cock, slut. If you do good you’ll get petted like this. If you don’t, well…..” He gave a mild slap to Bobby’s ass cheek and then continued caressing the younger boy’s soft skin. Bobby got the message. He kept squeezing Rogers dick through the dildo as the older boy continued caress his skin. Suddenly Roger slipped a hand down to Bobby’s cock. He grasped it and began to pump it.
“Lesson number 3: Learn to hold it. You cannot cum until I give you permission Bobby. If you do a spanking will be the least of your worries.”
Roger continued to pump Bobby’s cock while Bobby continued to milk Roger’s. Bobby tried to concentrate on not cumming while also trying to do his best to make Roger cum. Roger was finding it hard to focus as the six year old massaged his cock. He found himself thrusting back as Bobby worked his member. Suddenly he couldn’t hold back any more and released himself into the dildo. Bobby strained against the urge to cum. Roger kept pumping and pumping till Bobby couldn’t stand it.
“Please Roger! Can I cum now?! I can’t hold it any longer!”
Roger smiled sadistically and waited another minute before he said, “Ok Bobby you can cum now. Cum for me you little slut!”
“Aaaaaaaaahhhhh oooooooooooohhhhhh” Waves of euphoria washed over Bobby as he spewed cum from his tiny cock. Roger laughed and withdrew from Bobby’s ass.
“My Bobby, look what a mess you made. Clean it up……with your tongue.”
Bobby looked disgusted but bent down obediently and began to lap up his spunk off the floor. When he was done Roger made him slurp out the cum from the dildo and clean the rest of it well. The bell was about to ring so Roger let Bobby get dressed and leave.
“Be sure to be here tomorrow Bobby, or you know what happens.”
Bobby nodded and left for his next class. The day went well after that. Classes flew by and it wasn’t long until the bell rang and Bobby and Ben were walking home together.
“Where were you at recess Bobby? I couldn’t find you anywhere.”
“I was with Roger in the gym. Remember yesterday he said I had to meet him there?” Bobby told Ben all that had happened at recess. When he was done Ben had an angry look on his face.
“I’m sorry Bobby I forgot. Next time I’ll come with and make sure Roger doesn’t treat you so bad.”
Bobby shook his head, “No Ben! You know I have to do what Roger says or else Rick’ll tell my parents. Besides…….I kinda like it.”
Ben looked incredulous, “You like Roger treating you like his slave!?”
Bobby nodded his head, ashamed.
Ben just shook his head. He wasn’t sure he knew Bobby anymore. When they got home they ran up to Ben’s room and tore off their clothes. Ben pushed Bobby over the bed and entered him from behind. Bobby groaned as his best friend hammered into him as fast as he could. At that pace it wasn’t long until Ben came into Bobby’s rectum. Not missing a beat Ben dropped to his knees as Bobby turned over. Ben swallowed his friend’s little cock whole. He slurped and sucked and lapped away at Bobby until Bobby covered his face in cum. Both having cum they hopped in the shower and caressed each other as they cleaned up. When they were finally done and Bobby was heading to the door Ben caught him and hugged him to him.
“Bobby if you ever need any help with the bullies, you know I’ll help you. I don’t know what we can do about Rick but I’m sure we can think something up. You don’t have to put up with the way they treat you.”
Bobby just smiled and kissed Ben long and hard. When they finally parted said, “But I like the way they treat me Ben. I can’t explain why. I just do. I like being used by them. I like being slapped around and fucked as hard as possible. I even like getting peed on. Thanks for wanting to help Ben but I like things the way they are.”
Ben just shook his head as Bobby left for home. He really didn’t understand his friend anymore.

To be continued….

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