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Now entering the second trimester with her dad's baby inside
Nicole is now in her second trimester with her dad’s baby growing inside her. Her belly is starting that familiar bulge and her breasts are getting that lovely darkening around the nipples that I love, knowing they will soon start filling with milk. She has been texting her dad at least one every weekend with updates and sending him pictures of her bare belly and shaved pussy for him to admire. I enjoy taking the pictures for her. We go outside and I pose her in front of the spa, in the bed of my truck with her legs spread on the tailgate. One week I even shot her naked body at the front door of house where our neighbors could have easily seen her in her birthday suit if they had been looking, but since it was cold outside, causing her nipples to grow large and tight, no one was interested in looking outside their window at 5 in the afternoon.

I go with her to her doctor appointments. Of course, as I look around the room full of pregnant girls and women, my mind starts to wonder how many of them also were impregnated via incest. Was that girl knocked up by her brother, uncle, dad, or grandpa? She’s cute, young, and alone. I notice she is without a wedding ring and looks barely old enough to drink legally. Nicole watches me as I eye the other pregnant patients and knows what is going on in my mind. She nudges me and smiles because she knows it turns me on. I think having sex with a pregnant female is awesome because you can cum deep inside them without a condom and not do any more damage than is already done. Most women I’ve spoken to also love fucking while pregnant due to the same reason and their hormone levels are through the roof, so they are like nymphomaniacs. Nicole is no exception, and having the added kinkiness of knowing her own father’s sperm invading her womb caused her bloating uterus sends her over the edge whenever she thinks about it.

She has been making it a common practice to take “Mr. Green”, her glow-in-the-dark and waterproof vibrator, with her to work and when we go out. With the kids safely buckled in their seats in the back and watching a movie with headsets on, Nicole will pull out her favorite friend while I’m driving and start pleasuring herself. She closes her eyes, bites her lip, and talks dirty as she rubs and rams “Mr. Green” into her juicy baby-filled pussy. I hear her say, “Fuck me, Daddy!” as she plunges it in her hole and “Can your cock touch our baby inside me?” while she holds the vibrating toy high and deep inside herself. It doesn’t take her longer than ten minutes of this before she explodes into a sweaty heap of orgasmic bliss. After she licks “Mr. Green” clean, she takes note of the tent in my pants and rubs me while I try to stay focused on the road. When we get to our destination, she finishes me off in the parking lot within one minute of stopping and sucks my semen off her hand. She is HOT!

Now that her bump is noticeable, and with just a handful of people knowing how she got into this predicament, I can’t seem to last long while fucking her. I look down at her with her knees up to her chest causing her belly to be even more exaggerated in the look of pregnancy, her tits slowly swelling ready to produce milk, and my dick buried inside the same wet vagina that her father and brother in-law emptied their nuts into. I think I can still feel their greasy warm sperm-laden semen lubricating the underside of my prick enticing me to add my own wad to the collection of seed coating the walls of my wife’s vagina. Perhaps it’s the primal need to compete with other males, but that need pushes me to shove myself as deep as I can into Nicole where I blow my load knowing it’s too late to do any good since I’m fixed and she’s already impregnated with an incestuous baby.

Her favorite position to fuck me is doggy style on our bed facing the vanity mirror. She looks into reflection and sees her engorged mammaries hanging below her swinging in rhythm as I enter her pussy or ass from behind. When she reaches between her legs, squeezes my balls, and says, “Fuck your little girl. Cum inside your pregnant baby girl, Daddy”, I usually can’t hold back any longer. I see her face contort in ecstasy knowing she is imagining Frank pounding her and planting more of his baby-making batter into her tight love hole.

Frank, her father, sends her picture mail to her phone of his cock wrapped in his fist and another one of the results the pictures of her caused. His wife, Carol, leaves him alone in his office, so he has plenty of time to think about his daughter and their second child together. He sends her checks every other week which covers the doctor appointments, food, and a little extra for the kids.

Well, that’s about all for now. Nicole is just as horny and fascinated about carrying her dad’s love child again as she was when they tried making it. I told her not to find out the sex of it until it’s born. She said she’ll discuss it with the baby’s father. Frank said he is looking at coming back for a visit in the spring and again when the baby is due to be born. I know she considers her dad to be her first love, and you never forget your first, but I figure I’ve been able to get some pussy from Nicole’s sister and now that I’m fixed, I can fuck whomever I want without consequence, but knowing my wife is truly into the incest scene, I don’t really care to go elsewhere. She’s fulfilling all my desires and takes time to make me feel good, too. Who could ask for more?


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whoever posted this: "anonymous readerReport
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Daddy and my uncle are trying to knock me up, I get fucked about 6 times a day. I love this story!!! very hottt!!!" please message me on Instagram at Scottie7464


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unusual documentation

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2013-01-28 13:08:24
Daddy and my uncle are trying to knock me up, I get fucked about 6 times a day. I love this story!!! very hottt!!!


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I have a daughter that belongs to my father..i was there when he fucked my woman and i loved fucking my step mom while he did child is 19 and has fucked her grandfather many times and once in front of me and her mother...good stuff


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Are there many people interested in incest? It seems that there are many and I share that interest. The idea of wife`s Dad being father of two successive babies seems to turn the writer on more than many would be turned on. One wonders at the birth registration: who is registered as Father on Birth certificate? Incest is still regarded in many countries as criminal, mainly said to be because of the ill-effects of "in-breeding" on any resultant offspring. but in majority of recorded cases of Incest both "perpetrator" and "victim" proclaim great pleasure from enjoyment of the deed. Decriminalising of Incest should happen sometime when the world is rid of religious & racial superstition. Reducing the Age Of Consent to 14 years (from 16 years) in democratic western countries seems inevitable in the not too distant future. Wait & See. In the meantime, more incest from jack831 would be appreciated by all broadminded readers.
but should not be.

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