Amy goes to school.......
Amy has more fun, this time at school.

John felt a movement in his bed, a small warm body snuggled up behind him. He could feel her warmth.

Rolling onto his back, John wondered whether he should have worn something in bed, but he preferred to go nude.

Amy knew he was nude, that was part of her plan. Little did she know that her dad had ideas of his own.
John’s cock was hard, he knew she only had on her nightie. Her arm draped across his chest. He fell asleep. When she was sure he was asleep, Amy moved her hand down and placed it on his cock, it was massive and hard.

John dreamt well, he dreamt he was being wanked, his hand moved and found what he dreamt was his wife’s hairless pussy and caressed it.

This sleepy masturbation went on for quite a while, Amy was getting fingered by her dad! She kept on wanking John, she felt his fingers penetrate her more, stretching her vagina.

John realised whoever it was was very tight, but he didn’t stop. Sleepily he pulled the body onto his, letting go of the fingering, he started to kiss the face.

Amy responded as well she could, she had to let go of her dads cock to keep up with the kissing.

She felt her dads hand go to his cock and placed the end near her slit, just like the pictures and movies, she thought.

Then his cock was there, it was a good job she was wet, the cockhead was huge and it started to stretch her small pussy, but managed to penetrate her hymen. She gasped as the cock started to slide up inside her.

She pushed down as her dad pushed up.

Then her father opened his eyes, what the f… he cried.

Don’t stop she said. More, put it in further.

NO, I can’t he said, you’re my baby girl.

Yes, I am said Amy, and I want your stick in me.

John succumbed to his penis and as Amy pushed down on him, he pushed upwards.

Amy gasped, her pussy was stuffed, she moved up and down her dads shaft, John groaned.

John felt a surge as he started to come, all Amy felt was his cockhead swell even more, and then John released his cum.

Amy felt her insides get warm, she knew that he had put his white wee in her, John thrust in Amy, his penis catching her sensitive clitoris.

Amy shuddered as her dad fucked her, her pussy was wet from cum and she began to orgasm again. John felt Amy stiffen and cry out as she came, he realised that she was a bit of a squirter, like his ex-wife. Their entwined groins were soaked from cum and juice.

They fell asleep, his cock still limp inside his daughter. During the night, John felt his cock swell again. He pushed his daughter off, and turned her on her front. Prising her legs apart, he aimed his penis for her vagina once again.

Amy woke as her dads cock entered her, she managed to get into a doggy position as he grasped her thighs, pumping his cock in and out of her.

Once again he unleashed a load of cum into the young girl. After he came, he slumped over as Amy fell forward and asleep.

The following morning, Amy rose as normal, but this time from her fathers bed. Her pussy was sore from the fucking she received; her pubic area had flecks of dried spunk and juice.

She had a quick shower and dressed for school. Thong, skirt, blouse and socks. She had her breakfast, picked up her bag and bade farewell to her father.

Amy whistled on the way to school, she felt grown up, could she tell anyone what she had done?

Her class teacher was a little younger than her dad, about 30. Miss Smith was very pretty, she thought, she was also quite small – petite was the grown up word.

Coincidently, Miss Smith, was also thinking about Amy at that very moment. Her school work was excellent, clearly the brightest pupil in the class, she also seemed very grown up as well.

But there was something about Amy that she couldn’t quite place, a nagging doubt that she couldn’t put her finger on.

Miss Smith, Olivia, shifted in her seat, a pleasant sensation emanated through her groin. Duo balls, she thought. Christ, they’re good.

Olivia was highly sexed, she had left her previous school, a secondary, after an affair came to light. She had been caught fraternising with a 15 year old male pupil. Luckily, they hadn’t caught her fucking the boy, only kissing.

She had decided to take a job in a primary school, no distractions with younger pupils. She had, however, still decided to use her toys at every opportunity to keep her satisfied. This included having duo balls in her pussy every minute of the day and keeping a small vibrator in her hand bag.

The duo balls were brilliant, although the first day she used them at work, it took all her resolve to stop fainting.

Being of a small frame with small breasts enabled Olivia to dispense with underwear in hot weather, no-one was usually any the wiser, and today was one of those days when she wore just a summer dress.

The class convened, and Olivia sat on a chair at the front of the class. Amy was sat just to her left, facing her.

Olivia looked at Amy; she seemed to be flowering recently, curves starting to appear and puppy fat being lost. In fact Amy looked like an angel today, a fleeting thought crossed her mind that if she was not that young, she would have looked like she had been fucked.

Olivia called the register, then as they were all sat there, asked if they were doing anything exciting at the weekend.

The normal things were said, then it was Amy’s turn. Just me and dad being together and having a good time was all she said.

Olivia looked at Amy, she could have swore she winked at her. Olivia noticed the girl sat cross legged, Olivia gulped as she realised the girl was wearing a thong, Amy’s freshly fucked labia bulged obscenely out of the side of the material.

Olivia went instantly wet, the duo balls swirled as she contracted her muscles in her vagina.

Ok to your seats and reading books out. She said.

Olivia put the sight of the young girl out of her mind until assembly.

As the children filed in to the hall, she grabbed her handbag and rushed to the toilet. Closing the door behind her, Olivia leant against the door and pulled up her dress. Holding the dress under her chin, she pulled the duo balls from her pussy with an audible ‘plop’. Her free hand took the vibrator and she switched it on.

She gasped as she placed the buzzing device against her clitoris, the fingers on her free hand worked into her soaking vagina.

Minutes later, she came, cum oozing from her vagina, and juice running from her urethra. Satisfied, she cleaned her pussy and placed the duo balls back into her sensitive vagina.

She washed her hands and left the toilet as if nothing had happened, then went out of duty. She hoped the fresh breeze would cool her hot pussy.

Later in the day it was time for PE Olivia was hoping for a quick glimpse of Amy. As the children changed, she noticed Amy had her back to her. Amy slowly undid the skirt and let it drop, Olivia gulped, the thong cut her pert arse in two. Amy put on her shorts, not looking at Olivia at all.

Amy was aware that the teacher was looking at her all day, but didn’t realise why.

After PE, Amy took the shorts off, as she did, she realised there was a wet patch on the crotch. She hadn’t peed herself, so she inspected her thong. She pulled the material up, checking for a wet mark. As she did, the material sliced up her slit, her labia exposed on either side.

Then she realised she was dripping from her pussy. It must be the last of her dads cum in her.

Olivia saw Amy inspect herself and nearly fainted at the sight of her pussy lips being exposed.

Now she knew, this girl was possibly the most sexually aware 10 year old she had met, and obviously didn’t mind who knew.

Olivia wondered what she should do, tell the head, tell her father, confront the girl, or keep it to herself.

The same thoughts were nagging her as she made her way home. She didn’t realise it, but she lived just two streets from Amy and her father.

Olivia closed her front door behind her and closed all the blinds in the front room. She stripped off the summer dress, she stood naked apart from her high heels.

She fell back onto the settee and lifted and opened her shapely legs, once again she pulled out the duo balls, letting them fall to the floor.

For the next hour she lay there, masturbating, rubbing and fisting her pussy until she had a huge orgasm, juice squirting high from her vagina and splashing onto the carpet and settee.

Slowly she recovered and slipped the dress back on, she made herself dinner and switched on her computer.

She took her dinner and sat at the PC eating it. She checked her emails and started to surf. She was heavily into porn, but had a predilection for boys.

Usually she liked sites that showed young boys together or with older women. Olivia liked boys about 13 or 14, just starting with hair on their balls and that had long thin penises.

There was a site that showed boys and mothers, usually fucking, she liked that one, and another that showed boys jerking off.

Idly she played with her clit as she looked at the pictures.

Amy had reached home, again before her dad. She let herself in and thought about going on the computer again. However, she remembered that her dad kept some videos in his room. She went upstairs and started to look for them.

She was about to give up, when she opened the last drawer, and there they were six videos. She picked up the first, it had a handwritten label. Janet and James.

Putting it in the video machine, she turned on the TV and started it.

It seemed to start quiet innocently, just 2 children playing by a river. Then they took off their clothes and went for a naked swim, Amy thought they looked a little bit older than her, about 12.

The two splashed about in the river, the girls breasts bouncing slightly. As they got out, Amy noticed that the boy’s stick was hard and pointing up, the girl on the film also noticed it and grasped it with her hand.

The girl put her head to the dick and started to suck it as the boy lay back on a towel. Whoever was filming went round the back of the kneeling girl and showed a shot of the girls pussy, - the girl was stroking her wet pussy with her free hand.

The camera went back to the girl sucking the boy, and Amy jumped as the boy came. His white seed went over the girls face and his groin, the girl continued to suck and lick up the semen.

The girl lay back and the boy mounted her, there were lots of close-ups as the penis entered her vagina.

Amy noticed that she didn’t cry or bleed, obviously she had done it before. The boy seemed to cum again in the girl, as he took his penis out, more white cum appeared at her pussy.

There was another close up of the girls pussy, Amy could see deep into the girl and see all of the cum swilling in her.

The boy and girl sat talking for a while, still nude. Suddenly a smaller girl appeared wearing a summer dress. Amy estimated she was about her age.

The little girl asked why the other two were naked. Because we have just had a swim they replied.

Join us they encouraged her.

The little girl shook her head, but the big girl grabbed her and forced her onto the ground.

Janet, the big girl, pulled Jane’s dress up revealing a pair of white panties, as James held the girls feet.

Soon Janet had removed the dress and flung it on the ground with theirs. James had let Jane go, who was shouting at Janet. After a bit of face pulling they were laughing.

The young girl Jane, motioned towards James’s now erect penis. What do you do with that? She queried.

This, said Janet, and she leant over and licked the penis. Soon both Jane and Janet were sucking and licking James’s penis. James came fairly quickly, spunk oozing out of his penis and over the girls tongues and faces.

Jane then stood and Janet pulled off her pants. James lay on the towel, his dick sticking upwards. Jane then lowered herself onto his penis.

Again Amy was surprised how easily his cock slid up her pussy. Yet again there was no sign of blood.

Amy watched intently as the girl bounced on the boys penis. There were various close up’s of the action, all of which Amy found fascinating.
James spunked in the young girl, and his penis popped out, Jane then lay down and Janet then ate the young girls pussy, licking up the semen.

The children then dressed and wandered off. The film then finished. Amy had been sitting with her legs apart as she watched the film, idly playing with her pussy, stroking the clitoris.

She stood and took the video out of the machine and went to the drawer. Her father would be home in about 40 minutes, time to watch bits of another movie.

She found another tape, this one said Mummy’s girl on it.

She put it in the machine and switched on. Amy sat and pulled her skirt up to her thighs.

The film started and showed a Mother and daughter shopping, as the film progressed, Amy found the girls name was Mary and she was 11, the mother was called June.

They were shopping for vegetables, carrots, cucumber, leeks, courgettes and bananas.

So the pair arrived home and June started to put away the shopping. Mary laid the table for dinner, just two places, so obviously just the mum and daughter.

Amy noticed that as Mary laid the table she bent over, showing her bottom under the short skirt.

June also wore a short skirt, and kept glancing at her daughter laying the table.

June turned and walked over to were Mary was bent over the table. June’s hand went and caressed Mary’s bottom, feeling between her ass cheeks.

Oh mum, cried Mary. Make me wet!

June slipped the thong to one side and rubbed her daughters pussy, occasionally slipping a finger between her pussy lips.

I’ll do more than that she laughed and reached out for a carrot.

June eased the carrot into Mary’s anus, spitting on it to ease it further in. Mary gasped, and so did Amy.

Then, whilst the carrot was sticking out of Mary, her mother placed a courgette at the entrance to her daughters vagina.

She pushed and the vegetable slipped into her daughter. Mary gasped again.

Amy was shocked, but at the same time her mind was racing, perhaps she could try that as well.

Quickly she switched off the TV and removed the video, carefully placing it back in the same place in the drawer.

Her preteen pussy was wet, she slipped off her panties and went downstairs into te kitchen.

She rummaged around and found a leek and a cucumber. Sitting on a kitchen chair she opened her legs, she held the cucumber to her pussy and pushed.

It was quite thick and she found it stretched her a lot. She managed to get about 2 inches in and stopped, it was huge and she needed more lubricant.

Amy took out the cucumber and looked around, nothing. She paused to think, hand lotion, she thought, she raced upstairs and retrieved it from the bathroom. She smeared a handful around her pussy and into her passage.

She tried the cucumber again, it was easier this time. She eased about 5 inches into her and started to push it in and out more. It caught her clitoris on each stroke, her pace quickened.

She cried out and came on the last big thrust in, when she managed to get 7 inches in her preteen twat.

She pulled out the cucumber, cum and juice squirted from her and ran down her dress and legs.

Excited by the sensation, she grabbed the leek, it was fresh and had no roots left on the end, just a bulbous end. She eased it into her fanny, her labia splayed obscenely.

Again she pushed it in and out of her pussy, and again she came. Juice leaked from her vagina, running down her legs, reaching her socks. She pulled out the vegetable and more juice ran down her legs.

Amy staggered upstairs and lay on her bed, her vagina was plump and sore from the fucking she had had. She had thrown the soaking thong into the washing basket.

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