Slavery Begins


*This story involves sex....It involves a LOT of sex!!! It involves phycological torment, interracial sex, interracial domination, and all sorts of interracial sex acts. It IS a true story! Despite how it may seem. It involves me and, a Black sex crazed police officer...with a VERY BIG secret for me in her pants!!! If you are facinated by rape, domination, transgendered people, gay sex, and/ or interracial sex....Then this IS the story for YOU!!!!!

Also there are ONLY two people in this story. One is myself and, the other is a HUGE Black transgendered police officer that I will refer to as both "SHE" and "HE" "HIM and HER"

- My story is VERY VERY VERY long and, is broken up into thirteen chapters to make it easier to read.....It is a long but, I think its a really good story....I am sincerly asking for you to take your time and, fully read my story and, provide feedback!!! I would REALLY appreciate that!!!!....Thank you!!!!!.....Please enjoy!!!!

I. Chapter One... " THE INTRODUCTION "

It all began in late December five days before Christmas.
At the time I was working as a legal assistant at a small
privately owned Law practice. I was fresh out of high school,
and I always wanted to be a lawyer. So I was working there for
some experience... but the experience I got was very different
than anything I could have expected!!!

Well let me back up a little bit, and say a little about myself.
My name's David Dubois. I'm a pretty small guy standing at just five foot five, and I'm a little chubby or, plump weighing about 160 pounds. I was always a quiet kid, and some might say I was petty dorky, but despite all that... I've also always considered to be REALLY "good looking." I've got a real baby face, and have always been called a pretty boy. As a child I was approached frequently for modeling and, did some photo shoots. The biggest problem I ran into with this is that... even as I got older I was always more "pretty" than "handsome." Despite being a really good looking boy my looks had a feminine quality to them that eventually led me to stop the "modeling thing."

I don't know... its sad but, I've just never been a "macho" guy. Even though I always wished I was... I've never really been athletic. I was always physically weak and small. To make things worse I have a shy and timid nature. This led to countless insecurities that have always plagued me and, can sometimes consume me. On the other hand I always did well in school. I scored a 1640 on my SAT's. I was always really smart, and really Awesome at video games! Aside from these qualities In most ways you could say I was a typical Mid-Western white American boy.

My parents were also American... However,....In terms of descent I'm one half French (northern France) and, the other half of my back round is a Dutch and, Swedish mix. The French side gives me my small sharp button like nose and, delicate facial features....and, my short height. I received my coloring from the Dutch/Swedish half giving me my big and, very prominent...Very Blue eyes, Bright boyishly blonde hair, and my rich cream colored very white skin. I have three sisters two younger and, one older but, I always got brunt of things. Even though I was a shy and quiet kid that never got in trouble. I was ALWAYS good! See I had a very strict father who adamantly believed in disipline....Which strongly contributed to me becoming very obidient, and submissive....on top of that being my innate nature any how.

I look REALLY young even for my young age. I keep my hair nice. I always had a narrow face, I have really long and thick prominent eyelashes... to the point that it looked like I wore eyeliner, and a couple distinguishing freckles on my cheeks, and I was often ridiculed for having a very big bubble butt. Being a boy it was kinda embarrassing because I looked like a girl from the back, and sometimes guys cat called and hooted at me until they could see I was a boy! And, If you've ever seen Milk then you would know the exact color of my skin just like milk, or Cream... see...A lot of fair skinned people are actually sort of pink or peach in skin tone....this is NOT the case with me....I'm white! Like milk. So much so.... that where I'm from they call me "milk bottle" and, what's funny about that is that....I'm from Wisconsin!!!!

II. Chapter Two... " THE LONG WALK HOME "

Any how back to my story. I got a scholarship to go to college in New York, and being from a small town in Wisconsin it was a BIG change for me! I mean here I was a small, scared, 18 yr old virgin boy, from a little town... feeling even smaller, and lost in a great big city. When I wasn't going to school I worked at the law office I mentioned before. It was really hard for me though NOT knowing anyone, trying to fit in, getting picked on, and just feeling lonely and homesick. On top of that at work..the lawyer that I worked for was really mean to me, always yelling and screaming at me for no reason. She always left early, and made me work really late...which was tough because her office was in a REALLY bad predominately black neighborhood.

Now I'm NOT racist, but I'm really NOT used to seeing black people, and I was just very intimidated by them you could say. SO... it was five days before Christmas, and I didn't have enough money to go home for the holidays. Which really had me depressed. At my job my boss had me working late hours by myself at her office, because her paralegal, and her secretary were on vacation. This is how IT happened...

It was Dec 20, and I was swamped with papers to file, copies to make, documents to prepare, letters to send, and all that kind of stuff. I wasn't able to leave the office until after midnight. From there I needed to catch a train home, so I locked up and started walking. Because I was in such a bad neighborhood I walked through secluded areas sticking close to abandoned buildings, and was trying not to be seen. When a big bright light shined on me. And, heard a powerful voice saying...

" Oh!!! MY MY... What do we have here? Where YOU going at this time of night? Little white boy??? You lost???" Is what I heard the black cop say to me as she rolled her squad car up beside me. The light blinded me a little bit, and the cop... honestly, just startled me quite a bit, so I didn't say anything. Then she took a good look at me, and said "Get your hands up, and put them on the hood of my car RIGHT NOW," so of course I complied. As she got out of her car she said "don't fucking move fuck boy, or I'll fuck you up!"

She stepped out of her car, and she was HUGE!!! She had to have been at least six foot 5, or Six foot 6. She had a tall and a thick well built frame. I mean she was built strong!!! She was NOT fat AT ALL either. She was REALLY muscular... like the She-Hulk or something! She was also REALLY black!!! Where as typically black people are actually just brown...SHE was BLACK! Jet, raven, midnight BLACK!

She was probably in her mid to early 30's and, was actually Very attractive.... especially in the face! She was a curvy, hard bodied woman with very long legs, fairly large breasts, wide hips, and like most black women she had a large ass. Although, she also had huge man hands but, they were perfectly manicured with french tip polish.....She also had big broad shoulders, and REALLY uncommonly Large muscular legs, torso, shoulders, and arms but, somehow put together in a feminine way!?!? I was really taken back at how beautiful her face was! She looked like a black skinned.... negro style Wonder Woman!BUT,... The look she had on her face was like she was gunna beat me to death. AND,.....seeing as how she was at least an entire foot taller than me, outweighing me by nearly 100 pounds, and was black....I was ligitimately intimidated.


She was being REALLY aggressive, and started frisking me. She started saying racial slurs as she ripped out anything that was in my pockets, and threw it all all over the floor. She took out my wallet, and looked over my licence and said "Hmmm... lets see David"...... "NOW You KNOW.... white boy... your little lily white cracker ass sure is a long ways from Wisconsin!"... and before I could say anything she said "shut the fuck up!"

Then she took out her handcuffs, and cuffed my hands behind my back, and then she even hand cuffed my legs at my ankles. At this point I just had to ask..."Officer Am I being arrested? What have I done???" And, she turned me around facing her, and PUNCHED me right in the stomach! The punch was SO HARD my knees buckled out from under me and, I collapsed face down to he floor. It felt like I had been hit with a 40 pound bowling ball shot from a cannon at point blank range. My insides felt like mush, and I couldn't breathe! She then said "I told you to shut the fuck up, and your gunna have to start getting good at taking directions." She then picked me up off the floor..... like as if I weighed nothing at ALL and, slammed my body face down on the hood of her car.

She tossed me around like a rag doll!!! Her physical strength was UNREAL....I have NEVER seen ANYONE nearly as strong as she was! Not even the BIG football players that played for the college were on THIS level. She then started to really grope my body aggressively, but also very sexually. Then she was really feeling up my ass.... saying "MMmmm... fresh white meat. Boy you sure have a big fucking ass!? Mmmm just look at this big fucking ass! Big ol' WHITE marshmellow ass!"

She then started walking to the side of her car, and with her HUGE hand gripped like a bear trap on the back of my neck... She walked me to the side of her car with her. She then opened up the driver side BACK door and positioned me... facing her with my back towards to back seat with the door open. If she were to push me back I'd fall back into the back seat. But, I was standing with on my feet still on the street.

I was Still in serious pain from the punch she hit me with! I buckled again with my knee's hitting the cold wet street... with the back seat and, the open car door right behind me. And, with this GIANT BLACK AMAZON she cop towering over me, in front of me, looking down on me, while I'm quivering in pain... hands cuffed behind my back, feet cuffed at the ankles, and on my knees, looking up at her.

IV. Chapter Four... " INTERRACIAL LUST "

She then bends down low so that her face is in front of mine, and puts her huge hand around my chin, and says "there there little white boy don't cry now." NEXT she opened her mouth up wide, and licked the entire right side of my face... soaking it with so much saliva it was dripping down my chin, and said " Oh! YOU wanna know why I've got u here hugh?"..... She then sticks her warm wet tongue deep in my ear, soaking it... and whispered..." Because I can! Because I want to! Because what I write in MY report is what THEY believe, and BECAUSE I happen to be craving marsh mellow tonight, and your gunna fill my sweet tooth... marsh mellow boy.

She then grabbed me at my throat with her massive black hand...and stood me up. She then put both of her giant hands on my chest, and used her thumbs to wedge in between the buttons on my button down shirt, and ripped it wide open pooping most of the buttons straight off. She wrestled the shirt around until it was totally trashed, and ripped completely removed of my body, and tossed it on to the floor. She proceeded caressing my chest and stomach area with her large leathery black hands... with seemed especially large, and black pressed against my small milky white torso.

Then one of her hands went right around my neck again was lightly choking me as she lowered her mouth to by exposed naked upper body... My skin was SO COLD and, I was shivering wildly both from the cold and from fear.... when she wrapped her thick, warm, and wet African Negro styled full lips around my nipples.... licking, slobbering, and sucking on them followed by biting them on the tips, followed by more licking, sucking, and slobbering. She kissed them,... and then she kissed and, licked me all over my chest and stomach. Always with a firm grip tight around my throat.

As I quivered from her huge, warm, wet, black mouth, and lips on my cold white body.... she said " OH!!! You like this hugh... fuck boy? You like my chocolate kisses don't you marsh mellow boy???" Petrified with fear and disbelief I just moaned a little, and she picked her head up... with her face pressed against mine...she said "don't you fuck boy, my little vanilla treat?" Then she pressed her body tight to mine, and started kissing my mouth deep.... her huge lips seemed to wrap around the whole lower half of my her heavy long tongue seemed to slide in and out of my esophagus.... she started licking and biting my small pink lips, and said MMMmmm.... gimme more Caucasian kisses marsh mellow boy!

After a while she went for my pants lowering them down to and around my ankles. She squatted down to my waist and, using her hands and teeth she cut the elastic band around the top of my underwear....and then ripped it open. She then took my shoes n' socks off...throwing them who knows where??? ........ Leaving me 100% nude with only my pants around my ankles caught up in the handcuffs that she had already put down there.

My head was spinning as I was desperately trying to process what was going on... as just then, the pain from the punch she gave me was just beginning to subside. And I just knew, I was totally powerless against this big Black sex crazed monster... I understood that she WAS GOING to get what she wanted, and nothing I could do could stop that! And,... with that thought... MY small four and one quarter inch white prick began to swell up....HARD like a tiny little rock... SOme how..... this was actually making me sexually aroused?..... I could NOT believe what was going on with in my own body.... As she saw my swollen little white cock.... standing up erect because of her! So she cracked a big smile! She said "Ohhh mmmm is that for me....look at how cute! What a cute... tiny lil' cock you've got.... and I think it likes me 2.... doesen't it David?....isn't that precious little cock of yours swollen up ALL for ME?"

I was still SO scared I couldn't really speak and, I was still trembling before her power over me. And,... my body was still shiverring from being exposed fully naked... to the night frost of the New York winter.... as my body quivered her massive leathery black hand went over my little hard white cock and balls totally encompassing them..... my genetals litterally seemed to dissapear in her huge black hand and, she began caressing my hard little penis, and stroking my balls as she said " Mmmm.... feels good hungh marsh mellow don't it?... don't it? Look at that!!"

I couldn't stop moaning... As she was rubbing, caressing, and stroking my genitals. While still in some kind of petrified extasy... I began wondering how this was going to play out. I mean I was feeling so fearful, terrified, excited, and confused about everything. I began thinking about my virginity, and how I always picured lossing it to a beautiful white girl in college, or something... NOT to a Giant sex crazed Black lady cop.

Which had me wondering.... what could she possibly want with my tiny little white cock??? As massive as she was... would she even feel it inside her? Then she began laughing mocking and making fun of my tiny little penis calling it a "mini vanilla twinkie"... "a joke", "a happy meal toy" and lots of other demeaning things.... which crushed me a little bit but, also confounded my curiosity... I mean I couldn't really picture myself thrusting my tiny penis into HER. Or having her forcing me to do so....but, never the less I was still sexually excited beyond anything I had ever known, and terrified more than ever as well!!!

V. Chapter Five... " THE TASTE OF MARSH MELLOW "

Just then, she turned me around and started caressing my ass. Questioning me, saying HOW... could I have such a big fat ass and,.... have such a tiny little dick???... She startled laughing about it.... telling me how she prefers it that way!!!! Saying how she loves a little white slave with a precious little cock and, a massive white ass! She was now smacking my ass up with those big black hands of hers.... Which REALLY hurt!!! My whole world was upside down and, meanwhile... she's just rubbing and ass slapping me senseless! She then pushed me down... face first.... into the open back seat of the police car face down....positioning herself behind me and then she positioned ME.... so that I was on my elbows and knee's doggy style across the open back seat.....

Then she started literally kissing my ass... with big sloppy wet kisses all over my ass cheeks... those huge African Negro style lips making audible smacking sounds as she gave what she described as my "creamy white ass" her "chocolate kisses"..... then she started licking my ass cheeks too... commenting about how much she loves the taste of marshmellow and, how huge my ass was, and how white it was.... she even giggled about a freckle or two she could see on my Big white ass... followed by her kissing them, licking, and sucking on them. Followed by a few hard slaps to the sides of my ass cheeks....followed by more rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking, and hard grabbing.... followed by more brutal ass smacking.... THEN....

I felt her massive hands palm my ass cheeks with her long fingers digging in deep...with her thumbs creeping toward the middle between my ass cheeks...crawling deep inbetween then and pulling my ass cheeks apart exposing my asshole.....I locked up stiff too petrified to move until I felt her LONG WARM wet tongue press up against my asshole trying to wiggle its way inside....I began squirming around frantically flailing about while her tongue dripping wet was wiggling pressed HARD against my asshole... It felt SO weird!!!

I kept on squirming trying to get my ass away from her tongue when she said " STOP fucking moving marshmellow I'm fucking trying to eat here! " When I didn't obey her she punched me HARD in my side... which hurt enough to get me to stop moving while her tongue penetrated deep inside my asshole soaking the inner walls of my asshole with her saliva...her tongue moving and wiggling itself in and out.....which in the weirdest way imaginable... felt UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!

She tounge fucked my asshole, as she ate away tossing my salad.... I was twitching trying hard not to move so,... that I wouldn't be hit again but, it was so hard because of how strange it felt.... I felt SO weak and uncomfortable being sexualized this way! She continued on feasting wildly as if my asshole was actually food, and....she had not eaten in months! She was depositing SO MUCH saliva that not only could I feel it coating and sloshing around inside my rectum but, it was also running out and down my scrotum to my testicles.

She kept at it furiously licking, tounging, and sucking away on my asshole....that she called her "lil rose bud." While I felt those HUGE black hands cupping the sides of my ass cheeks and, felt her fingers digging in deep like she was holding on to my ass for dear life! She went on for minutes only taking breaks to make "MMMmm sounds" and come up for air!!!

Then while her lips and tongue still going to work on my ass....her hand reached around and, began massaging my testicles and stroking my penis....which was erect, hard, N' swollen with blood to absolute capacity!...still my penis felt so tiny and miniature in her huge powerful hand..... I had been moaning before but, now I just could not stop! I couldn't explain why it felt so good to be molested, and sexually dominated in this way! And, then she would sink her teeth into my ass cheeks periodically... from eating away on my ass....all the while jerking off my small penis. I began thinking again....thinking that THIS must be the end! That...we were not possibly going to have actual sex....because.... well....why?

I mean we both must know I could NOT possibly satisfy this Giant woman with my tiny penis. Besides, I can't really see her assuming the missionary or doggy position for me! It would sorta be pointless. So... maybe I will get out of his with my virginity after all! Just then she stopped devouring my ass and, gave it a few big slaps... and said...." MMMmm.... DAMN honkey I just love the taste of this big ol' marsh mellow ass! But, no more games David... Its time to fuck!"

With that... my eyes opened up WIDE as I felt one of her huge black fingers slide straight up my asshole!!! It hurt SO bad my eyes watered up and, I screamed out loud! She grabbed a sweaty.... dirty "work out" T-shirt she had in the front seat and stuffed it in my mouth...then wrapped duct tape around my face holding it in place while she finger fucked me. It hurt SO bad and, some how felt SO GOOD....her other hand resumed jerking off my little swollen prick....She didn't do this long but, one by one she would first suck on one of her fingers and, then stuff it in until.... all of her 10 fingers had individually burrowed its way into my ass at least once!

She said... " DAAAMMMN..... FUCK..... this gotta be the TIGHTEST lil' virgin ass EVER!!! DATS gunna make thangs 2 come hard for YOU white boy!!!" As I wondered.... Things to come??? What things to come??? What else.???... what MORE could she possibly do with me??? Just then, her right hand reached across my back and, was placed on the back of my head. And, pulled back... Hard on my hair!

By my hair... she pulled me out of the car and, positioned me back on the street standing in front of her.... again with the open back seat of the car directly behind me. She removed the duct tape and, sweaty T-shirt from my mouth and, said "Ok David its time we talk" After she said that one of her hands went up caressing my face then she started kissing me deep then........ she said "I gotta secret for you David!" And, its a BIG one!!! AND, it WAS!!!

VI. Chapter Six.... " THE BIG SECRET"

She told me to relax. And get ready... to prepare myself for her secret. She said that SO FAR.... I have been a good boy and, I better not fuck it up now. I tried to prepare myself but, NOTHING could have ever prepared me for this!!! She removed her police utility belt and, put her hands on the front of her pants opening them up............

AND......... What SHE pulled out was a HUGE BIG BLACK DICK!!!!!!!!!! MY stomach dropped and, I nearly feignted!!!! My mind kept saying NO NO NO!!!!! But, there it was!!! The largest penis I have EVER seen!!! It was WELL OVER double the length of mine, and at LEAST four times the width!!! Making it OVER ten inches long!!!! AND FAT as shit!!! I desprately wanted to cry but, I was in shock, and was too afraid to process all that was going on!........ A transgendered police officer!?!?!?!?!?!!! I REALLY WAS a LONG LONG way from Wisconsin!!!!!

Her... His.... her.. HIS hands came along the sides of my face while I stood there in disbelief. The She male looked deep in my eyes with sexual frustration and, sexual rage but, mostly those eyes were filled with pure interracial gay lust! Lust pent up and, building fast for ME!?!?!? And then, she.... HE said hey... "Good boy.... stay calm..... Relax, breathe............ take it all in..... REALLY because VERY soon..... YOU ARE going to take IT ALL IN!!!!!" Then he.... she..HE said " OH you look pale! AND... For YOU,.... I thought THAT was Impossible!

Is it all REALLY SO HARD to believe my little marsh mellow???" What you've never met a She male before David Dubois....Dubois...that's French right? My little french vanilla treat. I couldn't move. I couldn't think. I couldn't speak. And, there IT WAS a HUGE BLACK COCK rock hard and, erect. Standing up... standing up straight! Straight up and, swollen up hard... swollen up ripe with some serious SICK interracial lust for me! And, what's more is that it somehow looked like it was.... HUNGRY??? ....hungry for white flesh...... hungry for MY body!

IT was swollen up stiff.... even stiffer and more swollen up than my cock! It was so hard and, swollen full of blood that it was actually... throbbing and, looking like it was about to explode! Explode, for me! It was there standing up erect throbbing... Almost as if it were looking right at me and, I could see that all it wanted was my body! This big black cock was going to have me and, nothing I could do could stop it... It stood there aroused as much as it was... for me... because she....HE was thinking deep thoughts of stretching out my insides filling me up with her ....HIS big black cock that was still somehow growing even harder for me.

She......HE put one massive hand on my shoulder and, the other hand was on HIS....her...his huge black cock and was rubbing it on my creamy white stomach... He.... she...HE looked at me right in my eyes and said in a calm and serious tone " You know it really likes know its gunna have you,,,,just look at it there's only one thing that can satisfy my black cock....and that's you fuck boy"

As I stood there with his huge black cock rubbing its massive swollen black head against my little white belly he told me how only I.... only my body could satisfy his massive cock... that his cock wanted me and, only me.... he told me that his cock was hungry for me, how it was angry, and how it needed to be satisfied and, only my soft white hair less flesh could satisfy his big black cock now and, assured me I would very soon be fully satisfying black cock like a good little white boy!

VII. Chapter Seven..... " BLACK COCK SUPREMACY "

He then took his huge black cock and, began rubbing it against my tiny white penis....demasculating me and, it was working! At this point we were practically penis fencing or penis wrestling...his penis looking like it wanted to devour mine... like a light white snack. I knew my penis was small but, compared to his it felt as if I didn't even have a penis at all.

I never felt weaker, I never felt smaller, I never felt softer, I never felt more inadaquate, I never felt more pathetic and, I never felt more vulnerable and,.... I knew he was going to take full advantage of my weakness and vulnerability.... I had already been sexualized... over sexualized by this woman that's actually a man or, a Transexual... which really is still really a Man l and, NOW it was obvious that I couldn't stop him and, I was too cowardly to even try. I was his slave...his little white sex slave and, we both knew it!

He turned me around facing the car... exposing my naked backside to him. My big white ass Now being the center of his attention.... more specifically my big naked white ass was the center of his huge black cock's attention! He quickly began smothering my timid white body with bold black cock rubbing it all over my body but, especially my ass...pressing it up against my soft white flesh watching it push in slight depressions in my skin... like he was introducing me to his cock... getting his cock acquainted with my body.

Getting my body used to pleasuring his I soon would be! I shivered as he continued rubbing me down with white ass quivering upon contact with his black monster cock. As he continued on with this primal Mating Ritual we both felt every fiber of my body tremble in the presence of his cock. He felt me trembling... as I felt the raw uncut sexual lust he had for me....his eyes...and huge black stiff cock bearing the proof as it ran its way across my body. Now! There just was no question that I was going to have to receive his every last bit of his sexual frustration with my body... while he furiously worked out his interracial gay Lust for me deep inside my guts. I was to be his boy toy... his cock pleaser, I was about to be fucked hard, and inter-racially dominated.

My mind was racing trying desperately to get out of this! But we both knew there was NO way out for me. I was already naked, my hands were cuffed behind my back, my feet cuffed at the ankles, I'd been sexualized, demasculated, dominated, and was presently getting some kind of erotic African Cock rub down while I was just trembelling before him and, his huge dick. I wasn't going to be able to escape, I couldn't possibly fight and, with his hard black cock....That was there still throbbing pressed firmly rubbing against my soft white body.... I don't think HE was going to let me JUST talk my way out of it! And, for reasons I don't understand my tiny little cock was still rock hard! My eyes began watering up... realizing what was coming my way! I became hysterical....I broke down and began crying.

With his big black cock pressed up just where he wanted it... against the crack of my milky white ass....he said C'mon boy start pleasing me...don't just be a little cock tease! He pulled back on my hair and, licked the tears off my face....which disturbed me even more! He then Turned me around Facing HIM... with one massive black hand cupping my white ass and, the other hand caressing the side of my face and, I was desperately still trying to get out of it all....

ALL I could think to say to him was....with my voice trembleing I said "PLEASE.....please don't" He looked in my eyes and, said.... "please don't what?"... and I said with tears still running down my face I said.... "Please don't...YOU know" He said "NO I don't know... tell me" and, so I said....

"Your going to fuck me aren't you" and, he said "Oh Yes!... I AM...I AM most certainly going to fuck you" and, I said ..."please don't" to which he replied "why" and, I said.... "because I don't want to be fucked. I don't want to lose my virginity to a big black MAN. because I'm really scared and, I really just want to go home! Because I'm NOT gay and, I don't want to be man handled with black cock! I'm afraid of you and, I REALLY afraid of what your going do to me....what your going to do with my body... I don't want you to make me queer"

With his black face still looking like a very mean but, also like a very attracitive WOMAN...HE paused for a second and, said "Oh David....but, my love you are queer! You SAY you don't want to be fucked SAY you don't want to loose your sweet virginity... from a big black cock and, you SAY you just want to go home but, then tell me David....why is that tiny itty bitty little white cock of yours still standing up swollen and erect???"

"Why do your bright blue eyes look up at me begging me to fuck you! Why have you NOT once fought me back or, tried to escape? Truth be told... I would have fucked you any way but, make no mistake David you ARE a coward! You are queer! You are gay! And, you ARE going to be fucked!

He said.... "David I take GREAT pleasure in intimately knowing the people I fuck. Even before I fuck them! And, I know you David... I know that you were always a good little boy. I know you always did as you were told...I know your dad was probably always too hard on you...I know you were just NEVER good enough for him

....I know that your a shy...sensitive boy who's torn apart inside by all his insecurities...I know your timid and, weak....I know you always wanted to be like the strong popular boys but, you knew you never could be...So you cried tears into your pillow every night. I know all you REALLY want in life is to "feel loved" and, to "get attention"...And, David YOU HAVE my undivided attention!!! AND,...Your going to feel PLENTY of LOVE from me the form of Extreme Interracial sex of course!!!" I couldn't believe HOW MUCH she.... he knew about me!!! He...She was 100% right about ALL those things....And we never even meet before!!!

She ...He went on to say that he's fucked countless little white boys just like me! He...She told me that he knew I was scared....AND.. That I should be if I knew even the half of what She was going to put me HER little white sex slave through....His little white sex slave! And, IF I was REALLY just THAT weak and,...... NOT actually gay....that I WILL BE because and I quote him saying.... "David I'm going to stuff your little chubby white body full of black cock until you actually like it NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES!!!!!!

"David.... look around.... do you really think your big white ass is going to get out of here un-fucked??? No! I would NEVER let that happen! Stop thinking about how to get out of this and, start thinking about getting butt fucked....getting your white ass interracially butt fucked!

No one is going to save you David! David Nothing you say, or do is going to stop the fucking! David The only way your going home is ass fucked by a big black She-man, with my cum deposited in your asshole, and my semen swimming in your stomach.

Your going to go home a full blown white queer boy....fucked brutally by black cock. When you go home you WON"T be a won't even be a man... you won't be'll go home "nigger fucked" and, that will NEVER change. In a few moments you will forever be my lover....because once someone has fucked you they are your lover forever!!! I'm not JUST going to fuck you....I'm going to dominate you, I'm going to own you, and most importantly I'm going to conquer you!!!

I'm going to conquer your sweet, soft, timid, little, white body with my black cock! But, I'm also going to conquer your mind and, your soul! That's how much I'm going to fuck you tonight! look at it! Look at my big black know it wants you! You know only you can give it the interracial gay sex it needs! And, we both know that you will!

Your a shy, timid little white boy.....scared and lost in a big city but, your NOT alone! I'm here David... and, I'm here to fuck you! Your whole life of weakness has lead up to this point...the night you get fucked....butt fucked by a black man! I'm helping you discover yourself....

you ARE going to discover yourself tonight David! And when you'll discover there is a big black cock in your white ass and, it will be there until you like it! David tonight I'm going to own you! David, I'm going to take your virginity and, it will ALWAYS be MINE!!!! I will always own you! You will never forget the day I fucked your timid virgin ass! And every time you see a black man, big black woman, or tranny you'll think of my dick penetrating deep inside your body fucking you to the core!

AS She spoke chills went down my spine.....he kept gropping my body with his big black hands. She kept kissing my mouth and, my naked exposed body. He kept grabbing HIS favorite possession MY white ass.....and, he kept rubbing MY new possession his huge black penis all over my milky white skin.

... I thought to myself....if I had only known he was a She-male in the beginning and, not a woman I would have tried to escape but, with his black cock caressing me I realized something about myself....I wouldn't have tried to get away because I am a coward! DO I actually want to be butt fucked??? Even though I was so sure I didn't! My eyes looked up at hers and, she said "Your ready!....Aren't you my little cream puff??? Your finally ready to be fucked" My eyes were screaming YES even as I shook my head NO! And he looked at me and, said that I was going to be the fuck of a lifetime!

VIII. Chaper Eight.... " THE CHOICE "

He pulled me in close to his body with his massive hands on each butt cheek and, his huge cock pressed firmly agaist my stomach. He spun me around pulling my white ass to his black cock. He reached his hand around to my neck and put his mouth to my ear and, he said...." David.....your ready! Your finally ready for fucking! I'm so excited I can't wait to fuck your white body, conquer you, own you, and make you my lover! David your white ass is going to be fucked hard! But, David..... I REALLY want to to accept it!!! I want you to accept being my white sex slave, I want you to accept me as what I am...YOUR Master, I want to see you working hard to please my black cock, and I want you to talk to me like lovers do because .....We ARE lovers David!!!

He said...."David I'm giving you two choices....ethier way I'm fucking you...literally of course!!! You can resist me if you want....resist as my cock burrows itself deep inside you where it belongs. You can choose to not willfully pleasure my cock...although you can't help but pleasure it when its inside you of course....You can choose to be a stubborn fuck boy while I take what's mine...your virgin asshole!

You can choose not to kiss me while I fuck can choose not to get on your white knees and suck my black can choose not to kiss my feet and, suck my toes, you can choose not to talk dirty to me during all of this..... but know THIS.... IF you choose this route your still going to be fucked...AND, I'm going to HIT YOU a lot! The sex will be rough either way but, THIS way is less sexual and, MORE violent.

I'm going to slap you up bad and, smack your beligerent white gay sexed ass up with a vengance! There will still me LOTS of interracial ME on YOU butt sex but, It will me a lot more violence and, a lot less fucking...but, there will still be lots of fucking!!! The whole time I'm going to be trying to get you to obey me and submit to my every sexual desire....And once you do I own you every last white inch of you...And If you don't then I missjudged will have a small peice of my respect...about as small as your dick but, you will have proved to me that your NOT my little cream puff...that your just a punny white boy that I interracially gay sexed up once!

The second choice.....David is you can just come clean....give in to your natural insticts and, really accept your destiny and, your proper role in life as a timid, gay little fuck boy!

With a hungry white ass that needs to be feed big black cock! You'll be my little "cream puff" and, work hard to please black cock! You will be submissive to me.....and, obey my every command. You will tell me how you love being fucked! You'll kiss me while I fuck your white ass!

You'll gladly get on your knees and, suck black cock....You'll pucker up your pink lips and kiss my dick....clean up my cum with your tounge and, swallow every last drop. You will worship my feet as much as you worship my cock sucking, licking, and kissing them to. You will gladly sit on my face and, spread your ass cheeks and sit on my dick, and bounce up and down on it like... kids do on grandpa's lap!

You'll talk dirty while I fuck you and, you'll look up at me with those big baby blue eyes when your on your knee's giving me head! There will be virtually no violence aside from me smacking up your ass for all the good sex your giving me, And You will get lots of pure hard core interracial gay ass fucking!!!! Lots and Lots and LOTS more fucking than the first choice! All this and SO MUCH MORE............ SO choose David!

Will you be my little "cream puff" or are you going to be "a fighter"....And...I think WE both know David you are NO fighter!!!!!

I was SO scared... I didn't know what to say and, as the tears rolled down my face and, my body trembled I knew he was right....I certainly was NO fighter. I looked up at him watching his covetous eyes look me up and down. And, I said..."what happens After you have had your way with me"

....He asked me "what do you want to happen" and,.... I said "I just want to go home!"

He told me that If I choose to accept his will over my body and, I choose to be his good little "cream puff" that he'd take me home and, if I choose to fight it that he'd have some respect for me but, then he'd leave my white ass right here naked cold handcuffed and fully fucked.

I choked back as many tears as I could and, I asked him if I could at least know his/her name he smiled and said...' Yea. My name is Pat Wallace but, you can just call me Master.

The I looked at him and said... "You know I REALLY AM a virgin....I've never even had sex with a girl before" He smiled and, said "I know that don't think that I knew that about you? As soon as I saw you sweet ass.... I knew that you've never had sex with a girl and, I sincerely hope you never do

...I sincerely hope your creamy white body is ALWAYS... exactly as will be tonight a faithful, dedicated receiver of black cock, and ONLY black cock" Now its time to make your choice you choose "fighter" or will you accept black cock, my will and, my dominace over you and, over your body becoming my little submissive cock catching Marsh mellowy " Caucasian cream-puff???"

With his huge black dick in a verticle position wedged and throbbing between my pudgy round lilly white ass cheeks, with one of his hand reached around caressing my genitals and, the other huge black hand caressing my pink nipples.....with his mouth pressed up agaist my ear...he said "choose!!!!"

.....The choice was both of us but,.... he needed to hear me say it and, I supprised myself with my own answer I said in a crying voice....." Master....I...I choose..... to be.... to be.... your fully submissive..... black cock catching..... Caucasian cream-puff.

I will obey..... your every sexual desire... and,.... I will give you my white body in service..... to satisfy your black cock." My answer shocked us both!!! Not because I choose to actively and, fully participate being fully submissively in interracial gay sex...that we both knew I was going to do out of weakness but, it was the way I said it and, the words I choose to say! He turned me around facing him... and, said....that I was the sofest, weakest, and most submissive boy butt slut he ever meet....THAT I deserved NO respect and, LOTS of black cock!!!! Which was true, AND fortunate because that's EXACTLY what I was going to get!!!


Still looking like a big beautiful black woman he put her hand under my chin and, intimately kissed my lips and, said "good boy"...."Mmmm.... such a good boy" "Now... David... as my little caucasian cream-puff what do you think you should be doing for me right now???"

I looked up at his lustfull eyes that told me the answer and, I said "I should probably be sucking sum cock...right?" He said "Oh! you really ARE a good boy! That's exactly right David! You should be sucking some black cock! My little cock Do know once you suck a are forever a cock ready to be a cock sucker David to be my little cock sucker?"

I bit my bottom lip and trembled a little and, said "yes". He placed his huge black hand on the top of my head and. said..."David....Now I know you've never sucked a cock before but, you can't do it from up have to get on those milky white knees if you wanna suck my black cock.... You DO want to suck my black cock don't you white boy?" I nodded my head Yes... as his hand on my head helped push me down to cock level. I dropped my knee's to the cold, dirty New York city street as I came face to face with the huge hungry black cock in front of my face.

It was SO BIG and SO BLACK....I got "cold feet" I was SO nervous and, intimidated by its massive monstrous self....I just couldn't believe that I was really about to suck cock. The anticipation was turning my belly up side down and, in inside out! He began by rubbing his big black cock all over my soft white face....then he started smacking the sides of my face and, forehead with it a few times....he called this mushroom stamping me... his little white lover....his lovely eager white cock sucker. He then started rubbing the black swollen head his massive negro cock on my pink Caucasion style lips....He then asked me If I was hungry.... He told me to say "yes daddy" if I was!...I looked up at him with my big babby blue eyes and, even though it killed me a little inside... Out of fear... I reluctantly said "yes daddy" which swelled his cock up even bigger. He then ordered me to first give his cock a kiss. He said black cocks like Wet Caucasion kisses. So I licked my lips and, then I puckered up my pink lips and, lowered them right of the eye of his huge cock and, gave it a soft deep kiss...He moned out "UNGGhhh OHHH GOOOD." Evidently black cocks DO like wet Caucasion kisses. He rubbed his hand in my hair telling me what a good cock kisser I was. He then told me... He was now ready for good blow job and, I couldn't use my hands since they were still cuffed behind my back....I never sucked a cock before....and my belly trembled knowing THAT was ALL about to change...AS he said " Ok David now open up that lovley little mouth up nice and, wide....Looking in his eyes and then at his cock I opened my mouth up wide and looked back up in his eyes....

"Good boy!!!!!" He said now lower your mouth down on my cock.... as one of his hands on the back of my head gently guided my open mouth in the right direction. He then gave me some encouragement saying "...good...good...good.....keep going David.....that's right....Oh! Oh! Oh! OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! YES!!!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!!!" I couldn't believe it!!! There I was Naked, on my knees, with a big black cock in my mouth!!!! I was Naked on my knee's sucking cock....sucking black cock! I felt SO DEEPLY ashamed of myself....I felt more disgusted with myself then I could have ever imagined was possible.... His mighty cock was so exicited littlerally throbbing in my mouth but,.....technically I wasn't even truly SUCKING cock just I had just put it in my mouth...No actual sucking had actually occurred....I was instead having a panic attack because.....I couldn't cum to grips with the fact That there was a big black cock throbbing in my mouth......Looking down on his little white cock sucker..... He was a little angry... He said..." Well cock sucker??? Yes. That's right David you have a cock in your mouth. A black cock at that....That's because you are a cock sucker...Get over it!!!!!! AND, I know your new at this but,.....You KNOW...your not just supposed to hold it in your mouth....Your supposed to suck on it David....Sooo start sucking it C'mon!!!.... In and out.... bob and slob on my cock David...your a cock sucker now Get to work!"

I obeyed him....and,..... I began lifting and, lowering my head on his big black cock.... with it all the while firmly in my mouth. I was bobbing for cock. I went up and, down....up and, down...up and, down......Sucking his black cock. I was now officially a cock sucker! I wasn't even a girl. I'm a chubby white boy who sucks black cock. He throughly enjoyed watching me as I sucked his cock!!! He pulled out his cell phone and took pictures and, recorded me as I was doing it. He started training me on how to suck his dick. He called it " Sucking, serving, and satisfying Black cock 101... the guide for white guys." Fist lesson he gave me was " the pop suck" Which was where He enjoyed pulling it out of my mouth while I maintained firm sucking I was trying to pull his cock back in my mouth as he was pulling it out using the suction of my mouth making an audible "Popping sound." After it popped out I was to promptly open my mouth back up and, wrap my pink lips around the tip of his black penis and, slowly lower my face down on it until he resumed pulling it out again... He enjoyed me as I submissively did this for him. Over and over and over and over again....doing this at least 20 or 30 times.

This was Followed by standard cock sucking.... bobbing up and down on his cock. He then commanded by to spit on his dick to get it nice and, wet! Exchanging bodily fluids between us. Followed by me sucking his cock some more. He said I was the cutest cock sucker in the world. He told me how I had such a seductive cock sucking mouth...with cock sucking lips....and, pretty white teeth. He told me I was born to suck black cock. Which disturbed me to the very core!!!

The taste of of his black cock and, the realization of what I was doing was making me sick. I was feeling increasingly physically ill!!!! I wanted to vomit but, was instead gagging on his cock....I would take it OUT of my mouth SO I could try and, throw up but,....... whenever I did my actions were quickly responded to with hard slaps across my face both from his hands and, with his cock....followed by him shoving his black dick right back in my mouth for more extreme interracial cock sucking. I couldn't even beg him for mercy because he could understand anything I had to say with his cock in my mouth. Basically, as horrible as I was feeling I didn't have time to feel sick....because I had cock sucking duties to preform. He told me that the taste of black cock is an aquired taste for white men and, that the only way I was going to get used to it... was by sucking his cock continuously. Which I did.

My next cock sucking lesson was "the lollipop" Which was where I had to pull out my tongue and, lick all around the head of his cock in circular motions going clockwise and, counter also involved my running my tongue along the length of his cock.... licking his black cock from top to bottom....side to side coating every bit of it with my saliva...followed by more tongue circles along the head...followed by opening up my mouth and, taking his cock into my mouth.... bobbing up and down on it and, repeating the entire process many....MANY times. I submissively sucked his cock this way for about 5 minutes. The next cock sucking lesson was the "famous deep throat" where I relaxed my throat while.... I attempted to submerge the Whole of his mighty black cock into my mouth and, throat. He graciously assisted me of course by pushing my head down on his cock as I got closer. This was especially difficult for me because of my novice cock sucking ability and, because of the massiveness of his huge black dick! This especially made me gag but, I faithfully sucked him off this way for a long time getting very close several times....until I finally succeeded.... with my lower lip touching his balls and, my nose pressing up against the abdomen area above his penis.

Then, I successfully deep throated him again and again. This pleasured his cock beyond belief!!!!!!! He evidently had only had someone successfully deep throat him once before. He had to try Very hard NOT to shoot all his cum inside my mouth during this. But, I did taste his pre-cum. He marveled at my deep throating ability and, said he knew I would be a "Natural Cock sucker" something I wasn't proud of. My next lesson was "testicle pleasure" which evidently was an alternate form of oral sex that I preformed on him which is where I...Licked and sucked on his huge black balls...I had his balls all over my face during this...One ball would sometimes just rest on my chin while the other was in my mouth and, then they'd trade places I faithfully did this to plesuring him to the best of my ability. Then he shoved his cock back in my mouth for my final cock sucking lesson of the day....

This he called "face fucking" and,....yup you guessed it is exactly what it sounds like....He furiously fucked my face! Which both of his hands along the sides of my head pushing and pulling my head on his dick...while his hips thrusted his cock deep in and, out and back and forth into my mouth at phenominal speeds! With incredible force! He pumped his cock in and out of my face like a mad man! His black penis fucked my white face with a vengance for several minutes! Then he made me pop suck, lollipop, pleasure his testicles, deep throat, and be face fucked interchangibly one after the other in random order over and over and over....while he cock slapped me and, mushroom stamped my forehead, followed by more bobbing on his cock, pop sucking, lollipoping, deep throating, testicle pleasuring, and face fucking!!!! Until my face cramped up hard from so much dick jaw hurt so bad!!! My face just couldn't handle any more fucking and sucking. His huge dick was harder than ever before and, was soaking, dripping wet with my saliva!

X. Chapter ten..... " THE FUCKING "

We both knew what was cumming up next! I still wanted nothing more than to get myself out of this so,....I begged him if I could appease his cock....getting him off with my mouth... saving my ass the punishment...We both also knew the answer to that...AS he shook his head "NO" he pulled me up to my feet by my hair.... He said " Oh YES yes David!!! Oh How I just love interracial sex!!! Come here marsh mellow its time you get some black dick!!!" He started man handling me...tossing me around...lustfully grabbing N' groping me like a whore....smacking my ass around violently!!!! I wanted SO BAD to find a way out of this interracial angry gay mess I was in but, we both knew I wasn't going to be able to...So what was the point in fighting it any more???

Getting ready for sex...he told me that I was a part of a naughty naughty race and, that he was going to punish me for ALL the sins of my race. I looked up at him innocently and, asked him WHY EVERYTHING with this seemed to be all about race....He told me that's because IT IS ALL ABOUT RACE! He said how whites don't even know we're white until we compare ourselves to other races...He said "WE" just think of ourselves as human and, to us other races are lesser variations...He said ITS ALL about race!!! If I was black I wouldn't be getting fucked tonight! He said...he exclusively fucks white men and, white men ONLY! Because "WE" were the only one's that deserve the savage fucking he gives....and because physically that's ALL he's attracted to. He said my race is a race of supremacists and, slave owners but, that tonight he is my superior....Physically and Sexually superior to me and, that tonight I'm his slave and, he is MY Master....THAT when I address him I will refer to him as Master.....and that IT IS NOT in my best interest to worsen my already severe punishment to come.

Knowing well at this point that I was going to get fucked....I begged him...That if he was going to fuck me....would he... could he... PLEASE PLEASE at least use a condom....To which he laughed!!! He told me that even IF he had a condom...He would NEVER use one to fuck me! That I NEED to be fucked Raw! He told me that there should be NO BARRIERS between our sex organs while he fucks me....that he wants our bodily fluids mixing while he's inside me! He said that black men only fuck white boys RAW. Because condoms eliminate too much of the interracial fun...namely the feeling of hard black skin penetrating soft white flesh. He said sex with condoms isn't REALLY sex and, that he intended on REALLY REALLY having sex with me!!!

He looked at my face and, he said "Why do you look so scared Cream-Puff??? Your about to get what every sissy white boy needs....Black cock rammed deep in your insides! What ARE you SO afraid of???" Then he grabbed his huge black dick and, once again began rubbing it against my creamy white skin.... he was once again demasculating me and, subjecting me to his gay interracial mating ritual....As he rubbed my body down with cock he said...." Is it this David??? Is it my cock your afraid of???" Very Much afraid of his HUGE cock I answered.... a cowardly "YES" and, nodded my head. He just laughed and, said " OH C'mon David my little marsh mellow ...I'll bet all the white sissy boys wish they were the ones getting this big black dick! AND, You KNOW how much it likes you!!!" Then he asked me to be a brave little Cock boy.

Next, I had to listen to him tell me how he has never seen a white male he wouldn't fuck. And, how compared to them...HE has NEVER wanted to fuck anyone like he wanted to fuck me! He told me how he loved my perfect Caucasion face. How he has never seen such beautiful pure milky white skin. How he has NEVER seen a white boy with an ass like he couldn't wait to fuck it! How he loved every little bit of my "perfect body" down to my toes....And how he was already falling in love with fucking me....even tough I haven't taken his black cock inside me just yet. He said he couldn't even imagine anything more perfect than me to fuck.

Next he looked at me and, kissed my mouth intimatly and, said OK ..... David What do you think you should be doing for me now??? Not wishing to anger him or, his mighty black Cock I said...."I guess I should be getting on all fours across the back seat now" He said... "AND which way do you think your ass should face???" I said...." It should be facing you Master" ...Then he said...."And, why is that David....why should youe be doggy style on all fours with your ass facing me???" ...To which I answered..." Because.... because Your going to fuck me now Master. "That's right!" he said. " do you think I'm going to fuck you David?" I said.... "Your going to shove your dick in my ass...Master." He laughed and, said "Yes....yes I am! And What color is your ass David" I replied "Its white Master" And he said...".What color is my Dick ....that you've already sucked off" I replied.... "its Black Master" He laughed and, said "OH! You ARE such a smart boy David!!!.....SUCH a delicious... cock sucking... smart boy...White sissy fuck boy!"

He then said...." Besides interracial sex with your white Ass...what else are you about to give me David.....C'mon baby....You KNOW!!! The thing you can only give somebody once! And,....then it Belongs to them forever!" I knew exactly what he ment...So,...I said...." I'm about to give you my Virginity...Master" He smiled and, said "that's RIGHT!!!! And That's Not all David.... I'll also be taking your Manhood at the same time!!! Because once you get fucked in the ass by a man YOU are NOT really a man at all anymore.... Your a bitch, a fuck boy, a cum dumpster, YOU are a queer....A sissy...MY little white sissy fuck boy! THAT and SO MUCH more!!! Now assume the position David....Show me that Big Fucking Milky White ASS of yours!" I obeyed him and crawled across the back seat...Assuming the Doggy Style position....On my knees and, elbows...with my Ass facing him .....awaiting insertion. He caressed my ass with his hands and, cock and said.... " Now arch your back David...Arch it!!! GOOD yes just like that....Look at you!!! Your just ready for some interracial Ass fucking aren't you??? Oh! Yes you are!!!" Then he said Do you like baseball David.....I replied "Yes?!?!?" He said.. "good Because were about to play a little game of catch!!!...Well YOU Are anyways!!!!"

He pressed the Tip of the Head of his mighty Black cock up asshole he pushed but, despite...his Lustfull cock forcefully pushing hard and, desperatly against my little butthole.....It was simply too small for his huge cock! For a moment I thought I was free!!!! I thought I was SAVED!!! My Virginity, my manhood, my ass....SAVED!!! I became over joyed!!!! Thrilled!!!! Crying tears of joy!!! Filled with pure happiness believing that I wasn't going to be fucked and, made queer...because it simply would NOT fit!!!

However, He was undaunted by this! Which worried me deeply!!! He had been anticipating this.....He grabbed baby oil from his trunk and, sprayed me down....He soaked my whole ass up with it, THEN... he then lathered up his cock with baby oil...then....with his huge black fingers... that were soaked with baby oil they... started lubricating my asshole going in and, out coating my rectum with oil..... ALL MY joy quickly faded away... AS I became totally engulfed with sadness and, fear.... Knowing There was NO stopping his cock from burrowing inside me...fucking my ass...taking my Virginity..... taking my manhood..... making me queer.....making me sissy....making me his little white sissy....and, utterly stripping me of any self respect or, pride I may have left somewhere.

He began laughing saying that my huge white ass was hungry so, he was going to feed it some black cock! He just loved the way the baby oil made my big white ass look so shiny and wet....He said how this sexually excited and enticed him even more....which the LAST thing I needed was to sexually excite him ANY MORE!!!!

Now that his cock and, my asshole( WHAT he called his "little rose bud" or, "my love tunnel") was fully soaked....lubricated with baby oil. It was time for him to try fucking me again. He spread my ass cheeks far apart with his huge hands....while he positioned the tip of the head of his huge black cock firmly against my asshole. He began pushing it as it was pressed up hard on my asshole...then he forcefully wrapped his powerful hands tight around my love he used them to pull me and, my hips and, my ass backwards into his cock....while he slowly pushed his cock foward....I felt the tip trying to work its way inside me....while the only thing holding it back was the little pink ring of my asshole...which was slowly being stretched open by the head of his mighty black cock....This impossible feat of his huge black cock going inside my tiny pink asshole was becoming More and, MORE possible by the second..... until it became obvious that my little Caucasian butt hole couldn't hold back the force of his Negro cock much longer!

I felt my asshole expanding...stretching out around the head of his cock....It was on its way in!!!! The baby oil allowing it to slowly slide its way in...penetrating just kept on comming little by little....little by little.... As I awaited in the Terror and, anticipation of the pain his black cock would deal my white body.I waited and,....little by little it wouldn't stop! THEN I trembled...As just THEN my asshole gave way and,....The tip broke through inside me... Quickly followed by the rest of the head of his black cock....swallowed whole by my asshole!!!! THE PAIN was UNIMAGINABLE!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING on earth can equate to the agony and, PAIN I felt.....It was like a radiating shock wave that I felt eminating from my ass... that then went through MY whole body....The pain shot through my spine! The pain of his cock in my butt was felt thoughout... down even through my toes!!! EVEN My fingers and toes hurt from the cock in my ass! I sreamed out in absoulute PAIN!!!!! AS he moaned out in absolute bliss!!!!

I will NEVER forget the excruciating pain I was in!!!! I couldn't believe that a cock in my ass could cause THAT MUCH pain....Which REALLY registered....that there really WAS a cock in my ass....A black cock in my white ass!!! I was no longer a virgin! He had taken that from me! And, he had taken my virginity, he had taken my ass....along with my dignity....any diminished sense of self worth and, respect I had left! He made me a queer! He had made me a sissy...his sissy....his little white sissy cock catcher! I officially belonged to him! It was SO hard to really get a hold of what was going on....because of the pain I was in....My eyes watered up and, I was screaming and crying out....but, nothing phased whole body was cramping up....trying to cope with the pain.

But,.... None of that mattered he just kept on pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside me....little by little..... inch by inch... until the whole of his huge black dick was inside my white ass! Every last inch!!! I couldn't control my body's muscle contractions....It was like I was being electricuted. And, I could NOT stop all the moaning was making. Then he started pulling it out slowly until it was almost all the way out....then he'd slowly push it ALL THE WAY back into me....He would pour more baby oil on his cock while he was pulling it out so, it would be easier putting it back in. Almost all the way out then....ALL THE WAY in. He gave me at least ten long full strokes.....before he started picking up speed!!! I cried out to every deity I could think of!!!!!!!! I screamed and cried but, it just kept on coming....I felt like I was being split in half!!! I was sure he was actually killing me with his cock! I was sure he was fucking me to death!!!!

He started off fucking me slowly and methodically....within a few minutes...his pace built up FAST!!! As much as I was moaning and crying out in pain....he was moaning, groaning, and crying out with pleasure!!! He enjoyed fucking my white ass EVEN MORE than his black dick was hurting ME!!!! And, there was SO MUCH pain, that my body was incapable of registering it all! And, NOW he was pumping my white ass with black cock so hard and fast that... ripples were going through my ass and body! He began "machine gun fucking me" with that pop.pop.pop.pop.pop.pop fast pace and sound our skin made when they slapped furiously against each other ....He was literally jack hammering away on me!!! While doing this she dug her nails deep into my flesh!!!

Soon the audible sound from skin slapping was SO LOUD it sounded like gun fire!!! Which ment he was literally "balls deep" inside me with every pump!!! He began pulling back HARD on my hair as he continued mercilessly pounding me!!! It was like he was drilling me for oil! I simply couldn't handel his huge dick!!! My body could not handel the sick twisted interracial love he was giving Me! He began bucking me like a broncho!!! I sceamed, I cried, I begged, and pleading but,...nothing stopped or even slowed the sex tempo....if anything he only speed up!!!! The pain was beyond way ANYTHING I could EVER describe with words!!! He tore my insides apart!!!

If you have ever seen "blacks on blondes" or any other straight hard core interracial sex sites....where black guys fuck the shit outta blonde bitches....Just KNOW that I was being fucked 1,000 times harder than ANY of those other blondes!!! None of them EVER got it like I did!!! And,...I'm a guy!!! Though he made me his bitch. Honestly,....I don't think any white person has EVER been interracially fucked as hard as I was!!! I don't think ANYONE of any race has ever been fucked as hard as me period!!!

The pain was now SO intense that I was actually blacking out.....I was going in and out of conciousness and, he began noticing this.....HE wasn't happy.....he wanted me to fully conciously feel and forever remember all of the sex.....I know because he told me! So....he slided his huge black dick out....then back in.....then out....then in.....then out slowly but, still with a forceful thrust on the way in he did this for a minute or so.....then he pushed his black cock inside me slowly until my white ass swallowed the whole of his cock...balls deep.....where he let it sit there....deep in my guts.......he asked me what it was like being butt fucked.....he wanted to know because he has never been in my position.....only whites are to be fucked by blacks....never the other way around.

He felt that it was my civil duty to get but fucked by black dick....He told me that the interracial gay sex we were having was almost not even gay, because he had made me such a bitch...that I hardly even count as a guy anymore. Never the less he said I was by FAR..... already the best fuck of his life time and that we were FAR from done! Then, he slowly slided his negro penis out of my white ass.....little by little.... until it popped out of my butt hole. I felt a deep feeling of relief from the pain. Even though I felt like my butt hole was gapping open....and my guts felt like torn apart srcambled mush......She then turned me around laying on my back in the back seat of the police car.

XI. Chapter eleven... " THE TURNING POINT "

I was still breathing really hard from all the interracial sex.... and ass pain. It felt great not having a huge black cock stuffed deep in my ass for a little while. She quickly got on top of me..... her big black hands working fast..... caressing my whole naked exposed white body....she kissed my nipples...licked my white flesh....then, she tongue kissed my mouth deep and slow. While one hand started jacking off my little white cock that was still erect.

She commented how my little baby Caucasian cock had remained erect all the way through... then... She said what a good sex slave I had been and, I deserved a little treat...So she put my little rock hard penis up to her big thick negro style lips and, began kissing my tiny little penis.....then she licked it ....then swallowed it whole....she started sucking me off and it was also the first time I had ever received a blow job.....and. I thought it was sad.....being a guy that I gave head.... sucking a blow job.....before I ever received a blow job. AND, felt SO GOOD!!!! Her mouth was so warm and so wet!!!

As she sucked my tiny little white dick I was in extacy! My whole body felt so good! Even though my ass had just been properly punished and, was still throbbing with residual pain.
My toes curled and, I began moaning with pleasure! Her hands came up and, stretched across my upper body....her perfectly manicured nails dug into my upper chest....and, while still sucking me..... those french tip polished nails ran from my chest down to my abdomen scratching my naked body. As she gave me my sloppy blow job she lightly ran her nails all over my naked body....It all felt incredible!

Then, she removed the handcuffs around my ankles along with the pants that were around my ankles with them....throwing them on the floor....She dove her head back down on my penis and, resumed sucking with my white hairless thighs on either side of her head. She proceeded to lick every inch of my body from head to my toes. Then went back to giving me head.....while running her nails all over my body. Then while bobbing on my swollen white penis... one hand came up to my face caressing it first then putting her black finger in my mouth....I immediately began sucking on her finger......and, continued moaning and groaning in extacy.

JUST then we both realized....I had officially been conquered!!! I was officially her/his bitch! He-She owned me! I was now, actually enjoying this interracial sexual encounter. I had been sexually molested and violated in every conceivable way.....He took my innocence, he stole my manhood, he ravaged my body, he dominated me, he had taken my virginity and, all he's given me in return was black cock and a blow job and,....still I was enjoying this?!?!?!? AND, I really was! I had my white body rubbed down with black cock, I was forced into sucking cock, and I was savagely butt fucked....and yet I was actually sexually little penis was SO hard it hurt!

I was converted. Despite what I allowed her/him to do to me out of cowardness. I never willingly participated. I never accepted what was going on. Until now!!! Now I fully accepted my role as his whore! Now I was actually embracing being his/her sex slave.....I was enjoying it!!! I may have been confused about a LOT of things but, at that moment I KNEW I wanted to continue!!! AND,.....She was very intuitive! She looked at me while she sucked me....and, she stopped and said..... " I've turned you hungh David......haven't I???" Still sucking her finger I nodded my head and, said..." Yes you have"....She smiled really big and said..."GOOD" now your officially a "gay black cock loving white boy... My gay black cock loving white boy" ......I replied and, said "yes I guess I am"

She smiled again and. said...."You know I've turned lots and LOTS of white boyz but, I NEVER EVER turned anyone THIS fast!!!! You must a been half turned before I ever got my hands on you! AnywayZ I still gotta give your white ass some time to recover before I start fucking it again....SO I guess we'll celebrate your Very Quick turning in the meantime!!!" SO she got up off me....leaving me naked and, on my back laying across the backseat...She went to the front of the car and, out of the glove compartment she pulled out a cigarrette box....and out of the ciggarette box she pulled out a fat marajuanna ciggarette....that she called a " blunt!!!!! " She then lit it up and, got back on top of me... laying sort of on me but, ... sort of next to off to the side but, still belly to belly on top of me...her face to mine.

Laying on top but, also slightly to the side of me....his black cock was hard. pressed on my stomach....the lit blunt was in her hand.....her face to mine.....she began giving me wet kisses on my cheek...the she took a few drags from the "blunt" she asked me if I ever "smoked out" before...I never heard it called that before but, I admitted to doing it twice before with some of my friends....She told me that the blunt was laced with a little cocaine and, extacy... that ...that together with the "weed" should get me REAL high AND, that it would numb some of the pain....I was about to feel from round 2...when he starts fucking my ass again...which he's going to do as soon as we finish smoking out.

She then began french kissing me deep again, then took huge drags from the blut and, blew it deep into my mouth!!! I coughed like crazy the first few times....but, she would just alternate between kissing me....nibbling on my ear lobes....caressing my chest...and blowing the smoke from the blunt into my mouth! Somewhere inbetween she told me how she HATED that she had to take a break from fucking me!

She said that had I NOT been right about to blackout from the pain.... she would have just kept going but, she wanted me concious for all the interracial sex. She said I just need to keep getting my white ass fucked until I'm conditioned. She said THAT would be HER JOB! She kept blowing smoke in my mouth...laughing about it all and, that she actually liked this little "sex intermission" that we were having....that it was good because it connected us further AND, because it helped convert me faster but, she wanted to hurry it along because it was time for her to get back to fucking me.

She enjoyed cuddeling like we were....she enjoyed kissing me deeply and, blowing smoke from her mouth into my lungs....getting me high....And,.... I enjoyed it to. She enjoyed playing.....twitteling with my Caucasian textured straight blonde hair.... she said she just loves White peoples hair.....especially blondes!!!! She contiued kissing me, caressing me, and blowing smoke in my mouth.... She told me how gorgeous I was....How she's SO HAPPY she found me....and made me her lover, her slave, and her bitch. We both liked how when she would lean in and, kiss me or, blow smoke in my mouth...our rock hard cocks would bump up together and touch...

The smoke break we were having was kinda nice actually...I mean it was wierd because she hadn't been nice to me before... and because there was a hard black cock agaisnt my stomach...that I sucked and, had been fucked by...and that I knew I was going to again suck and be fucked by it....It was weird for a lot of reasons but, somehow also nice! I was getting really high too! Plus it was really odd and difficult realizing that...even though I'm a white MALE.... I enjoyed giving it up to a black man....even though........ he DID look exactly like a huge powerful woman.....except for the huge black cock of course! But, I DID enjoy it...ALL of it....I did...... I enjoyed being dominated....I enjoyed sucking black dick....and taking it in my white ass.....I really enjoyed how much she liked me! How I was so "HOT," beautiful, and perfect to him....and I was stuggleing with the fact that....that ment I was gay! I always knew I was kinda feminine but, NEVER gay!!!!!!!!

As she puffed the last of the blunt into my mouth she asked me .....saying...." Well, ....You ready for some more black dick white boy???" After I inhaled it and blew it out and,...I said " Yes I am! I'm ready to get back to being your cubby white whore" She smiled and, told me what a corny white boy I was but, she liked the enthusiasim. She flicked away the what was left of the blunt...the "roach" and, french kissed me for a few seconds while our two hard dicks were touching each other.... and, then She said "Ok lets get to it....I gotta big white ass to finish fucking and, I want my black dick sucked off first .....that's your job honkey!" She got up and, out of the backseat....then tured around facing me....with that huge black dick looking right at me....

Without missing a beat....While still in the back seat I got on all fours and, faced his dick...and in that posintion with her standing on the street in the back seat on all fours I wrapped my pink lips around the head of his black dick and, went to work....I did everything he taught me...I was trying hard to be a good little white cock sucker....I enjoyed sucking that black dick....while hearing her moan...letting me know I was doing good... She reached her hand across me and fingered my ass while I sucked his dick! She told me how good I was getting at this...I slobbered away dripping my saliva all over it.....loving the praise he was giving me...... for me giving him "bomb head!"

XII. Chapter Twelve... " THE SECOND FUCKING "

After a few minutes of dedicated cocksucking on my part...he had to stop me because I almost got him to blow his cum in my mouth...And, there was more fucking to do! I was nearly as eager as he was... to get his black cock back up inside my white ass....This time I was looking foward to the butt fucking but, I was also still kinda scared. I turned around still on all fours in the "doggy style position" the position he fucked me in minutes before. I remembered to arch my back for him.... sticking my ass out .....ready to be fucked! the first time he took me but, this time I was willingly giving it to him. I wanted to get fucked!

I wanted that black cock and, he wanted much more to give it to me! I was still feeling very confused about my sexuality.....confused about being gay....confused about lots of things but, what I did know was I liked all the attention! I liked being so desired...So wanted!!! And, if I had to get butt fucked to feel it I was OK with that! I'd take that black cock and, be a good chubby white boy whore! Even though I didn't feel like I was having sex with a felt like I was having sex with some black amazon woman... a woman that had a penis! I guess I mean it didn't feel gay... though, it certainly DID feel interracial!!! My mind couldn't process or, understand it all all I knew was I wanted to get fucked and, there was a black dick behind me that was going to help me out!!!

He was happy I was So coopertive....he said... "See David didn't I tell you...didn't I tell you... you going to discover yourself tonight and, when you did that... there will be a big black cock stuffed up your white ass!" He did... so I said..."You were right about everything and, I think I'll do better this time Master!" ....he said " Oh! you think so hungh? Well, lets find out!" And,... with that, he put more baby oil on his dick and, started pushing his huge cock back inside my white ass.... It went in eaiser this time...It still hurt a LOT but, because of the first fucking and, the high I had from the blunt she blew in to me....I was able to deal with the pain better....much much better!!!.... It didn't hurt nearly as much as before....but, it still DID HURT!!!

He start off fucking me like he did before just....banging me nice and slow.... fucking my white ass nice and slow.....nice and slow...ALL the way in and, ALL the way out...getting balls deep inside me at the end of each pump....then he would hold it there for few seconds ...then pump me again....Then,....he started picking up the pace a little bit...making audible skin slapping sounds on the way in....It still really hurt but, I really liked that.... I was really satisfying his black cock like a good white boy!!!! I was happy when he told me my white ass was made for his black cock!!! He told me it was SO HARD for him NOT to fill me up with his soon as he penetrated me....but, not to worry because he would...soon!

While he fucked my little cubby white body into submission....I began realizing how intamate and how personal sex was....As me fucked me senseless....He started telling me that it was a shame that he didn't get his hands on me......or his dick inside me earlier in 18 was O.K. for interracial domination gay sex training....but, he wishes that he could have gotten to me at 14 or 15.....That by now I'd be a true pro. He wanted to know if I had younger brothers for him to fuck...because if I did he'd go to Wisconsin right now! He wanted to know if growing up I went to private school...because he would've loved to fuck me then with my school uniform half on... As he fucked me harder and harder he asked me if I was ever in the boy scouts....if I still had the he'd like to dress me up!!!

He went on and on how his wished he could have fucked me as a 14 or 15 year old school boy! He said he felt robbed!!! I felt so sexed! Like I was somehow having a deeper sex than other people...Like everything else it felt so wrong......but, somehow so exiciting! As I sat there on all fours being fucked by a man....I felt so repulsive......and, yet so good. He pushed his hips in to mine so passionately....He REALLY REALLY LOVED fucking me!

Which I somehow I started moaning out...saying..." fuck me....Oh yes yes.....fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...Oh yes Oh OH your cock is so big,,,Oh its SOO BIG.....fuck me, fuck me Fuck my white ass...OHHHH I love it...I love that.... I love your black cock..oHHHH Ohhhh fuck me, fuck ME, FUCK... FUCK ME"

He asked me if he could pick up the pace...but, it was hard to talk while he banged my bottom out....all I could really say was ..." UNGhhhHHH UnghHH AHhhhH OOOooo UNGHHHHHH!!!! " So he took that as YES and, began fucking my brains out like he did before!!! The pain rushed my body and, pulsated throughout as it did before and, for a while I was trying to yell for him to slow down but, my voice was frozen.....Then he began fucking me harder than ever before!!! I was flooded with so much pain I was incopacitated but, still concious....THEN all of a sudden I was flooded with a massive rush of pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHile he beat my white ass up with that black dick....I was feeling pain and pleasure together on a level that I never even thought was possible!!!! At this point my whole body was frozen....I could't speak, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything but, stay exactly where I was..... getting interracially butt fucked!!! The intense pleasure and pain built up so hard that it overwhelemed me and, I went into a catatonic state of shock.....I could still feel EVERYTHING but, I could NOT MOVE....I was totally paralyzed!!!! My head hit the seat while my ass was up in the air getting handled. My mouth opened up I guess to try to scream but, instead my tougue just hung lifeless out of my mouth and, I began drooling all over and he continued ramming me with his cock!!!

He was SO into fucking me that I don't even think he noticed that I was in some kinda concious paralyzed butt fucked comma! This lasted for several minutes....Then I started comming out of it when he began slowing down.....but, I was still kinda out of it

....ITS like....when boxers take to many hits to the head they get "punch drunk" I was "butt fucked drunk!" Then he flipped me over...he wanted to fuck me in other positiones,.....he began fucking me while I was on my back with my lilly white feet on his strong black shoulders.....He fucked my butt hard that way for a while then....

While still on my back....He crossed one of my legs over the other until expossing my asshole and, he rammed his black dick back up there and, fucked me that way for a while...then he criss crossed my legs and, fucked me like that! Then he got on the back side of me...... like if we were spooning and he inserted his black dick and, fucked me on my side....while he lightly choked me and, caressed my chest and nipples... then he flipped me over again so that I was face down on the backseat...laying on my belly while he stuffed his black dick back inside me and hammered me like that for a while....Then,...he pulled me out of the back seat all together and, pressed me up against the car...and violently fucked me like that....Then,....he picked me up in the air facing him now....with my legs under his arms holding me up in the air while he fucked me....he fucked me and, destroyed my ass like that!!!

Then he shoved me back in the backseat and, made me resume "doggy style" and, he savagely resumed the interracial Man on boy butt fucking!!!! He was REALLY REALLY pounding me now!!!! He was railing my little butthole like a madman! The sex was NOW even faster, harder, and more passionate than ever before and, it was getting faster, harder, and more passionate by the second.....building and building and building.....faster and faster....harder and harder....more and more passionate!!!!!!! We both felt unbelievable!!!!! I was still in pain but, the pleasure was stronger!!!!!!! He contiued like this for 15 minutes!!!!!

My eyes watered up but, It felt great!!! I was moaning uncontrollably....He was moaning even more.... then,... He reached one of his huge black hands around and, started jacking me off while he butt fucked me and, soon I began cumming!!! I told him..." Unghhhhhhh UNGHHHHH OOOOO AHHH UHNGHHH Daddy I'm cumming...OOOO I'm Cumming" I came all over the back seat!!! I came so hard that my body was convulsing.....Then while I was still cumming.... He told me..." get ready now I'm cumming" He pumped huge loads of cum into my ass...filling my white caucasian butt....with what HE called "his nigger cum" he just pumped my body full of it....Then he pulled out and, came all over the outside of my ass......then he pulled me out of the car and on to the street on my knee's and shot loads of cum on my body...then on my face and, into my mouth...he wanted to watch me as I swallowed it.....

With the residual cum he had dripping out of his black dick he rubbed it on my pink lips....rubbing his huge black... cum drizzeling cock all over my white he was painting me with cum...SOme of it was even in my hair.....Some was coating my chest and torso....some was on my was all over my ass....and, so much was inside my butt I could feel some of it dripping out.... loads were on my face and, most of it was swimming in my stomach!!! A few seconds went by and I was still on my knee's and he was still moaning and, still cock slapping and cum painting my face.... then he said "Good boy! Oh your such a good boy"

XIII. Chapter Thirteen..... " Beaten, Banged, and...Branded??? "

He put his hand on my head and tilted it upwards so I was looking up at him and, he said..."YOU were the best fuck of my life!!!" He said I was the best white whore he ever had ....and, he's had lots....He said I was a gifted cock sucker....the best piece of white ass out there, and, his all time favorite cum dumpster! He said I was a tribute to my race and, that he hoped I inspire white boys every where so, they get thier white asses fucked with some black cock like mine did.

Then she went to the back seat and, cleaned up the cum that I sprayed back there... with her mouth.... she came back and, rubbed his dick on my face... some more and, told me to clean his dick up with my mouth which of course I did! While he just watched me...his faithful little white cock sucker. When I was done.....I actually felt dirty....not in a good way. I really felt like a the lowest of whores.....whore of whores....the adrenaline rush I was feeling and,....the action was over and, Now....I was feeling morbidly disgusted with my actions......I'm a guy.....and, I just had sex with a black man.....woman....Tranny...whatever...and I LIKED IT!!!!! I willingly participated!!!!...I have his seed his semen in still leaking out of my ass and, its even swimming in my belly!!!

Not to mention I'm soaked with the stuff!!! I didn't want to be gay or, did I??? Was I a fag? I was!!!! And, I never wanted that.....I guess I did....but, I certainly didn't now!!!!!! Oh shit shit Oh my.....shit....what have I done??? OH! what have I become??? how did I even get myself into this??? I felt sick!!!!! Really really really sick....and he's still just rubbing his black dick all over my face! How could I EVER go back to a normal life now? Nothing would EVER be the same again! After this, how could I EVER have a normal relationship with a girl??? How could I raise a family? How could I raise a son....look him in the eyes and, tell him I'm a man??? How??? How could I even look at myself in the mirror after this??? Imagine what people would think of me??? Imagine what my PARENTS would think!!!!! What my Father would do!!!

No one could EVER know! But, I would know! Pat would know.....I knew I could never forget! I felt worse than I ever felt in my whole life....I was even considering suicide! My penis lost its hard on...Though Pat still had his.....and, now my penis was shriveling up like a scared turtle....shrinking even more as the cold... night time.....winter... new york wind chilled my naked white cum covered body....I quickly became SO only warmth was the warm cum inside me swimming in my stomach and, dripping from my freshly fucked asshole.

As he continued rubbing his black cock on my white face...he enjoyed telling me what a lovely white whore I I suck such good black great it was fucking my white he loves my big fat fucking black cock loving white ass....and pink lips..... how I turned faster than any of the other soft I was... what a great slut I turned out to be....

My self esteem and worth would never recover! With his huge black cock smothering my face...I thought how wonderful life would have been If I had stayed in Wisconsin....Married some girl and, had kids.....How NOW that could probably NEVER happen....I wondered If I would EVER get over this!!!! Could ever recover???? The black cock agaist my face was telling me NO! He looked down on me....somehow knowing what I was thinking.....and, he said... " Oh! You'll be fine all my lovers stuggle with this.....It'll work out just fine" I really didn't care what he had to say anymore so....called him out on "our deal" and, said...." Can you just take me home now.....please?"

Before he answered.... I couldn't help but, wonder what was going to happen now.... I mean... When he takes me back to my dorm he going to want to exchange phone numbers and, visit me for more sex??? I mean I know that he is going to want to fuck me again....and, again and, again!!!

Did he consider us to be in some kind of sick gay interracial relationship??? Did he really know how much I regret I just want to be normal I wished this never I would do ANYTHING to erase this from my memory......or did he think I wanted more??? Is he going to want to walk me back to my dorm room and, expose us to everyone there?....Imagine!!!!! My life would be ruined!!!! Or, was he really going to leave me alone??? Something deep in my gut....probably his cum....told me he would never leave me alone!

After a long pause, he answered me.....He was NOT happy with me trying to get away from all of it...trying to go home and, get away from him.....But he said..."Yea OK I'll take you home if that's what you really want.....but, You have to do one more thing for me first!!!

I said "what is it?" and he told me to wait one second.....she pulled a ring off her finger...and showed it to was a big ghetto looking gold ring....what was weird was the ring had letters on it.....The first line read...." White Slave " The next line underneath read....just the number " 4 " and the line underneath that read...... "Black Cock"....The ring said "White slave 4 black cock" I thought it was weird that she was wearing it....was she planning to give it to me and, make me wear it???

She then, Took out needle nose plyers from her glove compartment...She pinched the back side of the ring tight that the letters were exposed and on top..... then she took out the lighter that she lit the blunt up with earlier and,....began scorching the letters with the flame....

The whole thing puzzled me for a moment and, then I realized ....SHE WAS GOING TO BRAND ME.....Like a fucking cow!!!! A white slave 4 black cock ...cow!!!!!! Once SHE realized that I realized what she was doing.... She kicked me in my gut so hard that... I burped up a little cum.... Then she forced me face down in the backseat of the squad car...and pinned me down with her knee......while she continued heating up the ring....Then,.....she pushed that ring agaist my fleshy right ass cheek...seering heat!!!!!!!!! And held it there firmly for ten seconds while I cried out in pain!!!!! She had branded me!!!! I would forever have those words on my ass for life!!!

She looked down and, checked her work and, seemed quite pleased that it came out perfect.....Then she slapped it a few times and, blew on it....I guess to cool it down and, then she gave it a big wet kiss.....

Unable to do anything else I just started crying..... She said.... "Ok I'll take you home now" I mustered up any little courage I had left and said...." Ok look you got everything you even made me give it to you.....You've gotten even branded me for life!!!! I don't want to do this anymore....I don't want to do this ever again!!! I don't want to ever see you again after tonight. I just want to go home and, try to forget this ever happened!!! I'm not gay....I'm straight....I'm normal....I'm straight O.K. NOT gay..... and I'm going to marry a GIRL one day and, have kids and, have life!!!! No more sick twisted interracial gay sex.....OK...Please...Take me home and, leave me alone ...forever!!!!....Please....OK....Please!!!!

He didn't look to happy......and, he said....Do you hear yourself??? Do you??? C'mon REALLY??? Your not gay HA HA HAHHH.......You just spent the last few hours sucking black dick and being fucked!!!!! And you liked it!!!! You even said so.....You yourself said FUCK ME!!!! And tons of other shit!!! Do you seriously think I'm not going to fuck you again!!!! David I OWN you FOREVER!!!! I even branded NOt gay HA HAHAHAHAH..... You think this is it....You can go live a normal life? .....NEVER!!!! Even "if" it was possible I would NEVER EVER allow it....You are exactly what that brand on that big fat beautiful white ass says you are.....a white slave for black cock!!!!

Then he took out the old T-shirt he had from before he stuffed it in my mouth and, took tape and taped it all around my it was shut...he put the hand cuffs back around my ankles and, then opened up the trunk of the car.....she took out a huge duffel bag and stuffed my cum filled, cum coated, cum crusted, freshly fucked, branded, naked body inside the duffel bag...He zipped it up and thew me in the trunk......before he shut the tunk he said.....I told you I was going to take you home.....I NEVER said YOUR HOME.....You cumming to live with me white boy!!!! Then he shut to trunk.......


Of part One......

Part two will pick up where this story left off.......There will be many sequels as this went on for a long time! Part two will be ever better than this one and, probably not as long.... Stay tuned and, please comment and tell me what you think!!!!!

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