Daddy takes his newly fertile girl
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Daddy Must Breed Her

I was 26 years old when my girlfriend, Rita, gave birth my little girl Katie. I was so happy and proud to be a father and Katie was a very beautiful baby. Rita, Katie and I were living in a house on my parent's vast estate. I had plenty of money through an inheritance that my grandmother had left me, but as an independent software designer, I made very good money of my own. I thought everything was going to be wonderful and that Rita and I would get married and have more children. However, about two weeks after little Katie arrived, Rita took off saying she couldn't handle being a mother and didn't want to have anything further to do with either Katie or myself. I was stunned. I hadn't seen this coming at all. It wasn't so much that I was terribly upset about losing Rita, but I wasn't sure how I'd manage raising a baby on my own.

For the next two years I devoted my life and all my spare time to my little girl. I worked from home so it made it easier to take care of her. It was not easy to raise a baby alone, but I grew to love my little girl very much. I hadn't dated or had sexual relations with anyone since Katie was born, which was very difficult for someone like me who never could get enough sex to suit myself. In other words, I jacked off a lot. I kept thinking back to when Rita was pregnant with Katie. I couldn't keep my hands off her swollen body. The thought that my seed was growing inside her, that the baby was proof of my virility as a man kept me hard all the time. It was to that image that I would cum during masturbation.

Although, I loved my Katie to pieces, I really didn't want to raise any more babies. But I would love to be able to impregnate a woman and fuck her while she carried my baby. Maybe the babies could be given out to private adoption, after all there were lots of couples out there that couldn't have children. Once that idea entered my brain, it was a thought I couldn't shake, but where would I find a woman willing to go along with that? It was during one of these thought sessions that Katie decided it would be fun to run around the house naked. I couldn't help but laugh at her antics. I was still laughing when she suddenly stopped and bent over with her little bottom in the air towards me. She had her head on the ground and seemed to be trying to do a flip. But the sight of her little bald baby pussy suddenly made my cock start to get hard. I wasn't laughing any more. I was shocked at my physical response to my daughter's body. Fortunately, Katie was too young to notice anything and completed her flip and ran back off into her room. I just sat there for a while, my mind a blank, the vision of her little pussy replaying itself in my brain over and over. Suddenly the thinking session I had been in before Katie's performance came rushing back to the forefront of my mind. Everything seemed to click into place. Finally, I knew how I was going to get what I had been wanting for some time (the impregnation) and get what I had just discovered I wanted (little Katie's pussy).

Since it was so late at night, I had to wait until the next morning to start putting my plan into place. I contacted a realtor and instructed him that I wanted a house in a very isolated part of the country. I told him I liked my privacy and didn't want any neighbors or anything to disturb me. It took about 6 months, but he finally found me the perfect place. It was a two-story 4 bedroom brick house with 2 bathrooms and an inground pool. The house was situated in the center of 2,000 acres of timber land. I bought it. Once I knew the location of Katie and I's new home, I got on the internet to do some research while waiting for the sale to close. I knew there had to be other men out there like me who wanted to fuck their daughters. Sure enough, I found a site full of useful information. I contacted the owner of the site and he was able to give me the names and numbers of a physician and an adoption lawyer in the region to which we would be moving. Both men were of the same mindset as I in regards to my incestuous needs. The physician would provide medical care for Katie, including pre-natal and delivery when the time came and would use the names of the adoptive parents found by the attorney for the brith certificate. The physician was pricey but it would be worth the money. The attorney would make his money from the adoptive parents and would be able to handle as many babies as I could provide.

Katie and I moved into our new house by the time she was three. I continued to work and she continued to play. All I had to do now was wait for my little Katie to become fertile which, I figured would be around 13 or 14. When the time came, I enrolled Katie in homeschool and took care of her education myself. I didn't want anyone else to have any influence over my little girl. Nobody was going to stand in my way. In the meantime, Katie and I swam, laughed, and lived an ordinary life. One day, when Katie was 9 she ran into my office sobbing. "Baby? Come here! What's the matter?" I asked her. She threw herself into my lap and latched her arms around my neck. "I'm sick daddy! I think I need to go to the hospital!" She was very frightened and trembling. I pulled her back to look into her adorable little tear stained face. "Calm down sweetheart, why do you think you need to go to the hospital?" She was sniffling and doing that jerky breathing children do when they've cried hard. "I..I'm...I' d..down..there" Pointing down to her pussy "d..daddy! I..I th...think I'm d..dying!" At that she flung herself forward onto my chest and sobbed some more.

I sat there for a moment, stunned. She was having a period! This is what I'd been waiting on for years now, but she was only 9. Surely that was too young for a girl to have a period. "Shhhh, baby" Stroking her hair to calm her. "You're not dying. I think my little girl has started her period is all. Let me call Dr. Fallen, and I'll take you to him and let him check you over ok baby?" She slowly calmed down and leaned back to look at me. "You mean I'm not gonna die daddy?" She asked. "No, baby, it just means you're growing up. Go put a wash cloth down there to catch any blood and we'll go see Dr. Fallen and get you some kotex. OK baby?" Katie got down and ran to the bathroom to do as I said. I reached for the phone and called Dr. Fallen and told him what was going on. He told me to bring her in as soon as we got into town.

Katie and I drove to town and was met by the doctor himself since it was after hours. We were ushered into an exam room right away. Katie removed her clothes and put on that little paper gown they have for the patients to wear during an exam. Dr. Fallen came back in and had Katie lay back and put her feet in the small stirrups attached to the table. She was shy and embarassed at the position, but Dr. Fallen kept talking to her until she relaxed some. While he examined her, I noticed that he wasn't wearing surgical gloves and seemed to be making a "thorough" examination of Katie's little pussy. When he was done, he looked down at his bloody hands, rubbing them together. His face deeply flushed by now. I wasn't thrilled by the situation, but the man was necessary to my plans and I didn't want to piss him off. "OK, Katie. You can get dressed now. Here is a kotex you can attach to your little panties by removing the paper strip and pressing it down onto the material. That should hold you until you get to the store to buy some feminine products." He told her. Once Katie was dressed, Dr. Fallen told her to go out into the waiting room and play with the toys out there because he needed to talk to daddy.

"Doc, is she ok? Is she really having her period?" I asked him, eagerly wanting that to be the case. "Yes, Mike, she's fine. And yes, she's having her period. It's very unusual for a girl so young to become fertile, but Katie is definately one of those few." He looked at me with a huge smile. "You are one lucky son of a bitch, Mike." "You mean I can proceed with my plan?" I asked, my body almost vibrating with excitement. "I would wait until she is done having her period this first time, but, yes, you can proceed." I rushed out into the waiting room, grabbed Katie up and twirled her around. Startled, she screeched, then started laughing. "What's that all about daddy?" She asked when I stopped spinning her around. "I'm just happy my little girl is growing up so quickly baby." Kissing her on the lips. We exited the doctor's office and stopped at the store to get the necessary feminine products. The sales clerk thought it was super sweet of me to be buying kotex for my wife. So few men did that. I just smiled and left the store, they had no idea that it was for my baby girl. When Katie and I got home, I asked her if she knew how to use the kotex now, she said she did. "Katie, now daddy needs you to tell me when you've stopped bleeding ok? Dr. Fallen needs to know ok?" That wasn't true, but she didn't know that.

Katie trotted off to her room to play with her barbies. I got busy preparing for the big day. I fastened three heavy metal clips to the wrought iron headboard on my king sized bed. One in the middle, one on the left of that, and another on the right. I threaded the center clip through a link in a pair of handcuffs lined with fur so it wouldn't hurt Katie's delicate wrists, before twisting the bolt that closed the clip. I threaded the other two clips through a metal reinforced hole that was set into one end of a leather sling. Those clips wouldn't be closed until the time came to wrap the leather sling around my little girls leg's and fasten the other reinforced hole in the opposite end of the sling to the same clip. This would leave Katie with her hands bound to the headboard above her head and each leg pulled up and apart, making her knees tuck into her sides almost into her arm pits, spreading her wide preparing her for my cock. Just thinking about it made my cock grow to it's full, very thick, 8 inches. I wouldn't masturbate though. The next time I allowed myself to cum, it was going to be inside my little girl and I wanted to make sure it was going to be a huge load. I knew Katie was going to be scared and would try to fight. I knew I was going to have to rape her little pussy. The thought that it was going to be a 9 year old little virgin pussy almost made me cum in my pants. That was ok with me. If I had to rape her every time, then I would. She was mine. Mine to use for my pleasure and my seed. I'd use her however and whenever I saw fit.

About five days later, Katie came bouncing into the kitchen and sat down for dinner. "Oh! Daddy, I stopped bleeding today. I almost forgot to tell you." I sat up straighter in my chair, my body on high alert. "Really? I'm so glad to hear that baby." We continued to eat, her chatting constantly, me focusing on acting normal. Once dinner was over and dishes were done, I told Katie to go take a bath and brush her teeth and get ready for bed. I went to my room and took a shower and brushed my teeth as well. When I as finished, I went to her room in only my boxers and walked in. I walked over to her and grabbed her up over my shoulder her short little nightie flying up and her little purple panties appearing. She was laughing thinking this was a great game. My cock throbbed in my shorts. I strode into my bedroom and tossed her into the middle of the bed, climbing on after her. She tried to get away, thinking we were roughhousing. I grabbed one wrist and snapped one of the soft cuffs around it, then grabbed the other one and did the same. Once she tugged her hands, she looked up, confused to see herself cuffed. While she was distracted, I lifted her small left leg, wrapped the sling around it, and attached the metal reinforced hole onto the clip and twisted the bolt the closed the clip tight. I then grabbed her small right leg and did the same thing. I knelt between her spread legs and reached down and ripped her thin nightie from her body, her purple panties soon following. "DADDY! What are you doing?" She's confused, but not really frightened yet.

I sat back on my haunches, and looked at my beautiful little girl. Her blonde hair, wet and braided after her bath, her pretty green eyes, just tiny little pillows for breasts with pink auriolas and some surprisingly large nipples. Her petite, thin body and bald little pussy lay bare and spread open for me. Her pussy held open by the position in which I had secured her legs, her little clit peeking out. I could see her tiny vaginal opening. MMMMMMM, she made my mouth water. "Well, baby, you've just had your first period. Do you know what that means?" She shook her head no. "It means that your body is ready sweetheart. I've been waiting for it to get ready, I just didn't know you'd be so young when it happened. It makes daddy so happy that you're ready so young." I reach out and stroke the inside of her thigh. "Ready for what daddy?" She asked me, so innocent, so confused, so vulnerable. "Why ready for daddy's cock, to give daddy pleasure, and ready to make daddy's babies of course." I smiled down at her, starting to lower myself, aiming my mouth towards her little nipples. "mmm what pretty nipples you have baby, daddy's going to suck on them now. You need to get used to what it will feel like since you'll have a baby sucking on them for a few days after you have one." I flicked my tougue out and licked her left nipple, I can see her looking down watching what i'm doing, still no fear showing yet. She doesn't understand exactly how babies are made, but she will soon enough. Looking into Katie's eyes, I suck her left nipple into my mouth and suckle. Her eyes get bigger. I suck harder, she lifts her chest up towards me. I sucker harder still and pull the nipple up and out until it pops out of my mouth. She whimpers with discomfort. I repeat the actions with the right nipple. I need to condition both of them. After all, I'll be drinking her milk as soon as she starts to produce any.

"MMMM such sweet little titties you've got Katie. But I bet I know something that tastes even sweeter." I start licking my way down her tiny body, past her navel, stopping to breathe her light, virgin pussy scent. I look at the delicate pink folds and little clit and something inside me snaps. I attack with my tongue, lapping her slit from one end to the other, licking like a dog at her little nubbin. At the first touch of my tongue directly on her nubbin, her hips twitch and she lets out a squeak. I'm relentless, licking her clit furiously. I can feel it start to engorge. I hear my little girl moan and start to breathe faster. I break off long enough to shove my tongue in her warm tight tunnel, swirling my tongue around, lapping up her juices. It excites me further to know that soon my cock will be deep inside that very same hole, pumping and filling her with cum. I move my tongue back to her clit, licking around and around it, over it, around it, again and again. "OOO Daddy! That feels good. I think I need to pee though." She pants as she starts to lift her pussy up to my mouth as much as she can given her restrained position. My cock throbbed hearing this. I knew she didn't need to pee, I knew my little girl was going to cum on my tongue. Her very first orgasm ever. I had deliberately skipped sex education from her homeschooling. I didn't want her to know anything about sex until I showed her. I licked frantically until I felt her hips start to jerk and heard her let out a loud cry of pleasure. I slowed my tongue and gently guided her through her first orgasm. Her face was flushed and dazed. "You didn't have to pee baby, daddy made you feel good. It's called cumming. Daddy made you cum with his tongue. Did you like that?" I asked her as I turned over on the bed, pulling my boxers off. "Yes daddy. I liked that."

"That's good baby." I turned back around and sat again on my haunches, holding my boxers in front of my heavy hard cock, not wanting her to see it until I was ready. "This little nubbin right here," I said, extending a finger and lightly rubbing her clit "that's called your clit. And remember when daddy put his tongue inside you here?" I asked, pushing a finger into her. "That's called your pussy. Although this whole area" rubbing all over her clit, lips, and opening slit "is also called a pussy." I reached over and took a couple of items out of the nightstand and set them next to me on the bed. "This" pushing my finger inside her pussy again "is where daddy's cock is going to go. This is where daddy is going thrust his cock in and out of your body until he spills his baby seed in your body. That's called fucking sweetheart. It's going to feel so good it will make daddy cum just like you came. But when daddy cums, he shoots out this hot wet liquid called sperm, seed, or cum. That's what goes deep into your belly and makes a baby." While I was explaining to her, I picked up on of the items that I had taken from the nightstand. I placed the clit stimulator snuggly against her clit and threaded the straps on each side around her legs and then around her waist to make sure it didn't slip. I then took the tube of lubricant and put a generous amount on my finger and swabbed it inside her tight cunt.

"And this baby," I said tossing my boxers onto the floor "is daddy's cock. That's what he's going to shove deep inside your pussy" Her eyes popped open wide seeing my full erect 2 1/2 inch wide, 8 inch long cock for the first time. I could see she was now getting scared. She started to struggle against her bindings. "NO! Daddy, please. That's too big, it won't fit. Your finger kinda hurt when you put that inside me." I moved into place between her legs, I knew this would scare her, that's why I tied her up. "Don't worry Katie, it will go in. I'll make sure it goes in. It's going to hurt this first time daddy fucks you though." I moved the head of my cock to the small entrance of her pussy, it looked so huge next to such a tiny pussy. Almost obscene. Deliciously, naughtily, erotically, obscene. I pushed, watching my head stretch her tiny opening and disappear inside. Katie whimpered, I moaned, struggling to control myself, the urge to thrust deep in one stroke almost overpowering. I worked my hips back and forth shallowly stroking into her until I could feel my cock bumping up against her cherry. "Now Katie, this is going to hurt. You can cry and scream if you want to, but it won't make any difference. Nobody will hear you sweetie." I pulled back and thrust forward hard, feeling her cherry pop and her virgin blood start to mingle with the lubricant I had swabbed inside. "OOOOWWWWWWWW! PLEASE STOP DADDY! IT HURTS!!!!" Katie screamed. Of course I didn't stop, I started stroking in and out of that tight, sweet little pussy, pushing deeper each time until I finally had every inch of my hard cock inside her tiny nine year old pussy. I lay there for a minute, letting her get used to my length and girth. Her cries of pain start to fade. The feeling of her young pussy strangling my cock getting to be too much. I had to move. I had to fuck this pussy now. "Oh baby, daddy's got to fuck you now. I can't help it baby, I've got to fuck you deep and hard. Just take it baby, take daddy's cock."

The animal inside me took over, making me piston my hips between her spread legs. Fucking her little cunt deep and hard with each stroke. Each time I bottom out, I can feel my cock head hitting her little cervix, and making her bottom bounce on the bed. I become like an animal in heat, thrusting fast, hard and deep. I look up at her tiny face and see the tears streaming down. I bring my mouth down to hers. "Give daddy that mouth baby, open your mouth for daddy." When she didn't comply, I stroked down brutally hard, making her lips part in pain. I pounced, shoving my big daddy tongue into her mouth and kiss her like a woman. Shoving my tongue almost into her throat. I turn on the clit stimulator, making her jump in surprise. While I rape her pussy with my cock, I rape her mouth with my tongue. The only time I remove my tongue from her mouth is to whisper dirty things to her. "Oh yeah baby, do you feel daddy's big hard cock fucking your little baby pussy deep and hard?" I thrust my tongue back in her mouth. Pulling back "Daddy's raping his little girl's nine year old pussy." I thrust my tongue back in her mouth. Pulling back "You like daddy's big hard cock in your pussy, don't you Katie?" I notice that she's no longer crying, I can feel her pussy walls start to tense up. I know the clit stimulator is about to make my little girl cum on my raping cock. The thought making me put my mouth on her shoulder and bit down. Fucking her for all I was worth. "You're going to make daddy cum inside you baby. It's your fault daddy had to rape you like this. If you hadn't started your period so early, this wouldn't be happening now." Biting and licking her neck and shoulder, leaving hickies all over my little girl. Hearing her breathing start to come in gasps, her walls closing in on my thrusting cock. Suddenly I feel her body spasm on my cock, her hips bucking as much as possible. It was all I could take. Sinking my teeth back into her shoulder, I shove with all my weight behind it to get as deep as possible, pushing through her cervix. I growl loudly as my cum starts to flow up my shaft, shooting forcefully into her newly fertile nine year old pussy. I hold it in her as deep as I can, jerking around as I continue to cum. "Take daddy's cum Katie. Take every drop."

I lay on top of her, completely covering her small body, panting. I reach down and turn the stimulator off. "Oh baby, you made daddy feel so good. Daddy's going to put so many babies in your belly." I slowly pull my cock out of her pussy, and using pillows prop her bottom up in the air to keep my seed inside. I got up and went to her room and gathered all of her clothes and put them in a box and put them in the attic where she couldn't get to them. We might need them to go to the doctor, but that's the only reason I didn't destroy all of them. I walked into the bath room and wet a rag and washed the cum and blood off my cock, rinsed the rag and went back into my bedroom where I proceeded to clean her little pussy of the extra lubricant and virgin's blood. The whole time I was ministering to her cleansing, I kept thinking of how it felt to have her cum on my raping cock. By the time I'd cleaned her thoroughly, I was hard again. I climbed back on the bed between her legs and said "Look Katie, look what you've done to daddy. You've made his cock hard again. Now I'll have to fuck you again." "NO! Not again please daddy" She begged prettily. I put my cock at her entrance and thrust hard and deep, bottoming out in the first stroke. I reached down, and turned the stimulator on again. "Yes, again Katie. Daddy's going to fuck your little nine year old pussy all the time, even after your belly starts to swell with daddy's baby." I covered her body and started fucking, the only thing that mattered was my pleasure, filling my little girl with my seed. I wanted to feel her cum on her daddy's cock again. Sucking hard on her little nipples while I humped her. With no regard to her age, I rode my little girl deep and hard until I felt her cum on my cock again. It was then that I let go, roaring with release "AHHH FUCK Baby, take daddy's cum. Daddy's cumming in his little girl's pussy. Take it baby. Take all of it Katie."

Once we came down from the orgasm, I turned the stimulator off again. I opened the clips and released my little girl with my cock still inside her body. I rolled over on my back and laid her on top of me. That's how we fell asleep. After that night, I'd grab my little girl 4-5 times during the day and fuck her little pussy watching her belly as I did so, able to see my big cock moving inside her body. It didn't take long for her to start cumming on daddy's cock without the stimulator. Sometimes she'd wake me up in the middle of the night by climbing onto my face with no panties on, begging me to make her cum. It only took a few months before her little belly started to swell. When the pregnancy hormones kicked in, she was the one grabbing me in the house needing to be fucked. That suited me just fine. My little Katie and I were going to be very happy together.

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