My name is Thomas, and this is my first story, so please don’t be too harsh with your comments.

I’ll start by describing myself as I looked back then. At age fifteen, I was 5’3”. I had short, curly dark-brown hair, a constant tan (I played soccer, and, where I live, the sun shines constantly), and a good body. I wasn’t one of those absurdly ripped fifteen year-olds you see on TV who have an eight-pack and the biceps of a bodybuilder, but I was slender and muscular, with a decent six-pack. I was handsome; girls flocked to me—though I had very little interest in them—and boys envied me.
At fifteen, I had finally admitted to myself that I was a bisexual, with a preference for men. This story is about one of the fantasies I used to have. It starts in a place I actually used to visit quite frequently.

I have a serious love for dicks—the bigger the better— and asses; I would love nothing more than to suck a dick, lick an asshole, and get fucked. I had always wanted to lose my virginity to an older, more experienced—and hopefully more gentle—man.

As my fantasy starts, I am getting ready to leave the gym (I exercised there to stay in shape during the off-season).

I had just finished showering. I was wearing nothing but a towel around my waist as I opened my locker (I had purchased a locker there because I visited the gym so much) when he walked in.

Though I did not know his name, I recognized him immediately; I had seen him several times around the gym. I had been unable to stop myself from staring at him every time I saw him—he was unbelievably sexy. I would have guessed that he was in his late twenties. He had the kind of muscular, toned body that every guy wants, his face looked as if it should have been on a male model, and he seemed like a great guy—he was always joking around with the other gym members. Though he smiled at me whenever he caught me staring, I had never talked to him; every time I saw him, my seven inch dick got rock-hard, and I had to move quickly away to avoid embarrassment.

He and I were the only ones in the locker room, and my locker was right by the door, so I had no hope of someone else distracting him or of being able to hide. He walked right over to me. He was wearing a suit and tie—I had heard him mention that he was a lawyer—and he often left his offices early in the day to come work out. He smiled at me; I grinned nervously back.

“Hello—it’s Thomas, right? I’m Garren.”

He spoke to me. He spoke to me, and my mind would not work right. I could not get out more than a, “Hi.”

My one word answer was simple, no doubt, but for me, with my attraction-muddled mind, replying at all was a major achievement.

He looked curiously at me, inclining his head. He was so sexy.

He smiled.

“So…,” he said. “I see you around here all the time, but this is the first time we’ve ever talked; every time you see me you go running off. Why is that?”

I could not reply with the truth.

“I don’t go running off.”

“Yes you do. Please tell me why. Do I freak you out when I smile at you?”

He could not have been further from the truth, but at least this time I could reply honestly.


“So why then?” He was standing right behind me now; I was very aware of my hardening dick inside my suddenly too-tight towel. “Please tell me.”

My brain wouldn’t work. Too much blood flow to my cock, probably. At any rate, I replied with the truth, completely without meaning too.

“I think you are really sexy.”

I could not see his face, but I felt him move a step closer to me. My dick jumped.

“Is that so?”

I couldn’t reply. I was too nervous that he would freak out and never look at me again.

“Nice body, especially for somebody so young.”

OH MY GOD! He complimented me.


What was going on? He complimented me. Could it be? Did he find me attractive?

“Mind if I see the rest of it?”

Before I could even reply, he had reached around to pull my towel off, exposing me. I kept my pubes shaved, so every bit of my cock was clearly visible to him, as he looked over my shoulder. At 6’3”, he could look at every bit of me.

I was shocked; I just stood still and let him stare. After a moment, he walked quickly over to the door and locked it, then moved back to sit on a bench to my right.

My mind could not comprehend this turn of events. My fantasy was coming true!

“So I take it that, like me, you are gay?”

“Bisexual.” My body turned on its own to face him. His eyes were staring into mine. My eyes were flicking between his eyes and the growing, massive bulge in his pants. HE WAS GAY!!!!!!!!

“Have you ever…?”

“No.” I was still a virgin in every way.

“Would you like to?”

My mind exploded. He was offering to do—something, I didn’t know exactly what yet, but I was hoping he meant that he would take my virginity.


Then get dressed. In five minutes, go out to the parking lot and walk to the black Chrysler. I’ll be waiting.”
With that, he stood up and walked out. I wanted so badly to touch my throbbing dick, but I wanted to save it; I had not masturbated in over a week, and was currently so horny that one touch might have made me shoot off.

I got dressed, counting down the seconds of the five minutes, and then practically ran out of the gym and to the car. I opened the passenger side door and jumped in excitedly. I had barely gotten my door closed when I felt a strong hand on the back of my neck; I turned around to face him just in time for him to kiss me passionately. Our tongues danced. My first kiss was better than I could have imagined it would be.

He pulled away after a moment and sped out of the lot. I focused on controlling my breathing while he focused on driving; after a few minutes, we pulled into the garage of a nice house. I jumped out of the car; he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the garage door.

His kitchen was just inside the garage door. Inside it, he kissed me briefly, running his hands through my hair, before pulling a stool out for me to sit in while he walked to a drawer and pulled something out of it. I didn’t see what he pulled out; he put it in his pocket.

He sat down beside me.

“So what do you want to do?”

My breathing was too fast; my heart was thudding too quickly; my dick was throbbing too powerfully.
“Everything. I want to do everything.“

He smiled—God, he was sexy—and ran a hand along my thigh.

“I know you said you were a virgin, but have you ever done anything with a man?”

“No. That—in the car—was my first kiss.”

He smiled.

“Fantastic. I’ll be gentle.”

With that, he reached under my knees and neck and picked me up. He carried me over to his couch and set me down gently before climbing on top of me and kissing me passionately.

We kissed for a few moments before he was sliding my shirt over my head. When my top half was bare, he stood up and pulled me up to stand beside him. We—I—stripped down quickly; I was naked by the time he pulled his belt off.

I lost control. I ripped his pants down to his ankles; he stepped out them quickly. He, like me, shaved his pubes and body; I could not see a single hair on him except for those on his head. I grabbed his tight briefs and pulled them off, then turned to face my prize. His hand stopped my head before I could finish turning it to face him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Absolutely. I want you so much.”

With that, he took his hand off my head as I turned to face his magnificent cock.

It stood at attention, a fantastic nine inches. I grasped it hesitantly in my hand. I’ve seen enough porno movies that I had a general idea of what to do. Before I moved in, I took a moment to look
I fastened my mouth around the massive purple head. It was fantastic, delicious, the precum a sweet salty flavor that made me want more of it, NOW!

I moved my mouth down his enormous shaft; it stretched my jaw to the limit. My hands cupped his balls—they fit perfectly—as I tried to swallow his shaft. I felt the head of his dick tickle the back of my throat, but I had only two or three inches of his sweet, hot, throbbing, soft-yet-hard dick in my mouth.
I moved my hands around to his backside, finding with a shock that his hands were already holding his cheeks spread apart. I found his asshole—it felt so soft—and ran a finger around it; he shuddered with pleasure.

I pulled back from his dick, enveloping just the head of it, and slid several fingers across it, getting them well-lubed with my residual spit. Then I moved my fingers back around to his hole and slowly, trying to concentrate on not slamming his dick down my throat, slid my slippery middle finger into his tight rosebud. He moaned and forcefully humped my throat. I nearly came from the sheer excitement of having every single bit of his dick down my throat.

“Wow,” he said, “You have no gag reflex at all. You are a cock whore!”

I pulled off his dick long enough to nod and say, “You have no idea—NO IDEA—how much I love dicks and assholes!”

“You love assholes too? Fantastic!”

He pulled his dick away from me as I leaned in to suck it again. When I looked up at him questioningly, he pulled my hands away from his asshole, turned around, bent over the sofa, rested his head against the couch pillows, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and thrust his beautiful, soft, pink, puckered, tiny rosebud toward my face.

It seemed like every single one of my greatest fantasies was coming true today.

I leaned forward and, ever so gently, lapped at his hole. The taste—THE TASTE, OH MY GOD—was fantastic. As good as his precum.

I continued softly licking; as his hole gradually relaxed, I began to tongue-fuck him. Neither of us were touching our dicks; both of us were quite close to cumming.

And then, quite suddenly, he pulled away from me.

“What?” I asked.

“I want to fuck you.”

I smiled widely. My number one, all-time greatest fantasy had come true.

He pulled from his pocket a bottle of lube and uncapped it, but I grabbed it from his and tossed it away.
“I want you to fuck me. Ram it in me hard the first time, and then be gentle until I get used to it. But I want to feel fucked. I want my hole to gape!”

I had never seen someone smile so happily as he did then.

“You read my mind. Everything I’ve wanted you to say or do, you have done. You are the best fuck-toy ever!”

I did not reply. Instead, I just climbed onto the couch, put my face into the cushions, got onto my knees, spread my cheeks, and waited. I wiggled my ass in anticipation—I was incredibly excited. He had called me a FUCK-TOY!

I felt his strong hands on my hips as he held me steady. Then there came a fantastic sensation at my asshole as he tongued it; I struggled not to cum—it felt too good. Too amazing.

He pulled his head away; his tongue was replaced by a soft pressure. The couch pillow that my face was buried in muffled my moan of pleasure and kept me from looking behind me to see when he was going to move in.

He applied more force to my rosebud; suddenly, with a popping sensation, his dickhead was inside me. I screamed—in pleasure, not pain.

He laughed. “You were born to pleasure cock. Best fuck-toy ever.”

I was lost in sensation, so I did not reply.

“You wanted me to ram it into you, and then be gentle after that—until you got used to it—and then fuck you hard?”

I nodded deliriously.

He tightened his grip on my hips. Then, with a sudden surge of force, he pulled back on my hips with all his strength while thrusting forward into me.

There was a surge of the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I screamed into the pillow and rammed my hips back against him. He and I waited for a moment, joined at the genitals, as a slow blooming of agony grew deep within me. The pain was intense, but it faded quickly as he began to slowly move in and out of me.

I reached back to grab his ass cheeks; I no longer wanted him to treat me gently. When I had a firm grasp on him, I slammed my hips backward into him while pulling him into me with all my strength. His balls slapped against mine. He seemed to get my message about the gentleness; his next thrust lifted me off the couch. He let my knees rest against the couch again, then wrapped his arms around my chest and lifted me up while keeping his dick buried deep inside me.

He was holding me high in the air, my legs spread out and wrapped around his back, his dick pistoning into my asshole, while we kissed.

And then there came a tingling sensation in my groin. I spasmed as a great spurt of semen jetted out, up over my shoulder, and splashed against his face. More spurts came, drenching my chest and stomach. I could feel my asshole contracting with every spurt; he suddenly screamed.

I felt a sudden heat deep inside me, and I knew that my bowels were being filled with semen. The heat continued to grow, until I felt it around my asshole itself, and then, when he had completely filled me with his cum, he pulled out of my hole, still spurting, dropped me onto the couch, and rammed his dick into my mouth.

This was a special moment for me. In the interest of relieving my desire, I masturbated a lot. But, in the interest of keeping my first time special, I had never touched or fingered my asshole or tasted my juices. So, in the span of thirty minutes, I fulfilled every one of my desires.

His cum was delicious; as good as his precum or his asshole. I swallowed as much as I could, and more and more kept spurting out, and I came on myself again from the sheer ecstasy of what I was doing.

When he eventually stopping cumming, I pulled off his dick and looked up at him.

“My greatest fantasy has come true!” I told him.

“Mine too,” he said. “So when are we doing this again?”

More of my former fantasies on the way if this one gets good reviews.

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2013-12-08 14:02:05
Bi teen here, I am 16 and horny for hot guys with abs, 252/288/9751 is my number.

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2013-10-25 18:27:45
POjAu9 Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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2012-12-02 18:20:39
“I know you said you were a virgin, but have you ever done anything with a man?”
“No. That—in the car—was my first kiss.”

Then I moved my fingers back around to his hole and slowly, trying to concentrate on not slamming his dick down my throat, slid my slippery middle finger into his tight rosebud.

“Wow,” he said, “You have no gag reflex at all. You are a cock whore!”

I pulled off his dick long enough to nod and say, “You have no idea—NO IDEA—how much I love dicks and assholes!”
so this guy you're writing about- a total guy/guy virgin- he just kissed his first boy a minute ago.
-but in your world- virgin boys have no gag reflex= decide to finger other guys ass w/o even asking him first--and knows that he 'loves' dick and ass....even though the only dick and ass he's ever touched were his own.

why make him a virgin if you're gonna write him like a cock slut/whore - doesn't make sense

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2012-04-20 20:19:17
The horniest story i have read. I came a load half way through!

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2012-03-08 10:05:04
was sucking my buddy cock and he said lets try something new. he pinned my mouth in his pubic hairs his cock deep in my throath,he started peeing hard until he was done. i enjoy the feel of the pressure of his pee going in me. now iam hooked.

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