Babysitter Takes Care of More Than Just The Baby
Alissa had been babysitting for the Bentley's for about a year. She was a senior in college, and babysat to earn extra money. Alissa was a pretty 23 year old, with sexy blue eyes and short blonde hair. Mrs. Bentley, and her husband Tom had called Alissa to babysit for them Saturday night, and told Alissa she could use the guest bedroom because they probably wouldn't be home till the wee hours of the morning. Alissa told them

"No problem...have fun."

At around eleven Alissa grew tired and decided to go up to bed. Unfortunately, Alissa couldn't get to sleep no matter what she tried, so finally she decided that maybe a little self pleasure would help her relax. Alissa closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she started caressing her breasts....rolling her nipples between her fingers...they were extremely sensitive. Alissa sighed as her arousal began to grow. It wasn't long till she felt a small orgasm.

Wanting more, Alissa parted her legs and began running her hands up and down her soft inner thighs, caressing herself causing her to become even more aroused. Alissa ran her fingers over her silk panties, teasing her swollen lips and clit, sending erotic surges of pleasure coursing through her sexy young body. Her panties were soon soaked with her juices as she made circular motions over her mound. Alissa was in her own little world of sexual bliss which was probably why she didn't hear the Bentley's when they came home early. They had arrived home much earlier than expected because the party had turned out to be a dud.

Nicole Bentley took a quick shower, afterward telling her husband that she was going to peek in on the baby. Seeing the baby sound asleep Nicole decided to look in on Alissa as well. Nicole turned the door knob carefully so as not to wake Alissa, as she peeked into the room. She hadn't expected the sight that greeted her when she saw Alissa, her legs were spread wide and her panties pulled aside. Oblivious to Nicole's presence, Alissa worked two fingers deep inside her pussy as Nicole watched. Nicole wanted to leave yet she couldn't.... Alissa looked so beautiful lying there, fingering her pussy, and cooing softly.

Nicole felt her own arousal being to grow as she watched. As she stood in the doorway, Nicole began to strum her fingers over her nipples which were now as hard as Alissa's. Alissa started cumming, moaning softly as the orgasms washed over her. As Alissa relaxed she opened her eyes seeing Nicole standing in the doorway watching her.

"Ohhhh Mrs. Bentley...I'm so sorry....I couldn't sleep and well...I."

Nicole smiled, "'s OK Hon."

"And call me Nicole...please."

"I apologize for watching you, but you looked so beautiful lying there I couldn't help myself."

"I hope you don't mind?"

"No....I guess not."

"Good....I have to admit you've really turned me on."

"I'll go and let you get some sleep."

"No....I you have to?"

"No, I suppose not?"

Nicole walked into the room, closing the door behind her and sat next to Alissa on the bed,

"So, can't get to sleep?"

"No, I thought masturbating would help."

"Well, did it?"

"Well ya....sort of, but now I'm to aroused to go to sleep."

"I know what you mean."

The conversation seemed to wane as Nicole and Alissa were experiencing one of those awkward moments of silence. Nicole smiled and said,

"You have such beautiful skin must be so soft."

"And I love your breasts, and your hard pink nipples....they look like little rose buds."

"Are they as sensitive as they look?"

"Oh yes....very!"

"Mmmm, mine too."

"You are really beautiful too Mrs. ah, I mean Nicole."

"Thank you sweetie."

"Your breasts are so much larger than mine."

Nicole looked at Alissa saying,

"You's OK if you keep masturbating while we talk...I don't mind if you don't."

Alissa smiled and pulled off her panties and was about to toss them aside when Nicole asked if she could hold them. Alissa smiled and handed Nicole her panties, then started rubbing her pussy, slipping her middle finger between her lips as Nicole watched holding Alissa's panties to her nose. The moment was interrupted when Tom, tapped softly on the door asking if everything was alright.

"Yes Dear....Alissa and I are talking....girl talk....I'll be with you a little while."

Nicole waited while Tom walked back down the hall.

"Go ahead Hon, he'll be out the second his head hits the pillow....he's had a little to much to drink."

Alissa and Nicole giggled as Alissa started fingering herself again. Nicole reached down and opened the bottom drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. She pulled out a life like replica of a male cock, lubing it with KY.

"Here Hon, try's my favorite."


"Sure, this is the room I use when I want some private time to myself."

"Thank you Nicole."

Alissa took the dildo and started running it along her wet lips, slipping it into her pussy.

"Oh this is wonderful."

"Good, I'm glad you like it."

Nicole watched Alissa pleasuring herself, while Alissa looked at Nicole. The sexual tension in the room was growing, each woman's passion building by the second. With her heart pounding in her chest, Alissa reached over...her hand shaking a little as she tugged gently at Nicole's sheer robe. Nicole's robe opened, exposing her breasts to Alissa view. Nicole smiled, she felt so wicked, yet she knew they both wanted one another. Nicole stood up and slowly opening her robe completely, allowing Alissa to see her naked body. Nicole let the robe fall to the floor and stood in front of Alissa naked.

Not saying a word, Nicole started caressing her breasts and nipples as Alissa watched and worked the dildo deeper into her pussy. Nicole moved closer to the bed, placing her knee on the bed...reaching down, and running her fingers over Alissa's nipples. Alissa closed her eyes and started cumming, her body shuddering as she came. Alissa looked up at Nicole's smiling face....

"Your pussy is so beautiful Nicole...I bet it's as soft as velvet."

"Why don't you find out?"

Holding the dildo in her hand, continuing to work it in her pussy, Alissa reached up....her fingers trembling slightly, as she ran her fingers over Nicole's pussy.

"Oh Nicole your pussy is so soft."

Alissa then found her fingers touching Nicole's outer lips,

"Oh my, you're so wet too."

"It's all your fault," Nicole whispered softly.

Alissa started exploring Nicole's sex, running her fingers over her lips, sliding her finger between her lips into her pussy. Alissa pulled her hand away for a moment, her fingers covered with Nicole's juices. Alissa put her fingers to her lips, and then into her mouth as she tasted Nicole's juices. Smiling, she reached up again sliding two fingers back into Nicole's pussy as Nicole gasped, whispering...

"Mmmmm, yesssss, oh yessss....that feels so nice Alissa."

Nicole caressed Alissa's cheek with the back of her fingers as Alissa started fucking herself with the dildo even harder. Alissa worked both fingers deep into Nicole's pussy as both women hurdled toward an orgasm. Nicole grabbed the headboard to balance herself as a strong orgasm swept over her body, just as Alissa was overcome with one herself. Nicole took Alissa's wrist and placed Alissa's fingers that had just been in her pussy to her lips, licking off her love cream. Nicole smiled down at Alissa asking,

"Have you ever tasted another woman before Alissa?"

"In my fantasies."

"Then why don't you taste me....I'm sure it will come naturally to you."

Nicole moved onto the bed, straddling Alissa, as Alissa's tongue met Nicole's pussy. As she had thought, Alissa was a natural. She worked her tongue all over Nicole's pussy, exploring every nook and cranny of Nicole's hot sex. Nicole was cumming in waves as Alissa stopped masturbating with the dildo for the time being, and placed her hands on Nicole's ass pulling her to her face, allowing her to tongue fuck Nicole, driving her tongue deep into Nicole's pussy, as Nicole rode Alissa's face....cumming over and over again.

Next, Nicole moved down, pausing to kiss Alissa. After a passionate kiss, Nicole kissed her way down Alissa's neck to her breasts, where she began sucking Alissa's nipples. Alissa moaned and was soon cumming, as Nicole licked and sucked Alissa's nipples. After satisfying her lust for Alissa's nipples, Nicole kissed her way down to Alissa's pussy, licking and sucking her till she was again cumming, spreading her juices all over Nicole's face. Alissa whispered to Nicole,

"I want to suck you nipples now Nicole...please?"

The two sat up with Alissa licking and sucking Nicole's nipples as Nicole stroked Alissa's hair. Alissa had Nicole moaning from her sweet kisses and talented tongue on her nipples. Nicole looked toward the doorway to see her husband Tom standing there, his long hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking himself, smiling.

"I guess you weren't asleep after all."

"How could I with the smell of all this pussy wafting through the house?"

"Can I join in or is this just a private party?"

"I don't know...what do you say husband has a nice big cock, and I think Tom's cock will fill your pussy quite nicely, but it's up to you."

"Mmmmm yes, I'd love to see how a "real" man makes love to a woman."

"The boys my age are so clumsy."

"Come on baby....there's you answer."

"Why don't you suck Tom's cock first....that's something a woman should always be good at, in the meantime I want to taste your pussy some more."

Alissa took Tom's cock in her hand as Nicole maneuvered herself between Alissa's legs one more time. She had soft a patch of blonde pussy fur that felt so soft as it brushed Nicole's cheek. Tom moved in closer as Alissa began to kiss Tom's cock, running her tongue over the thick head. She noticed a clear drop of precum on the tip of Tom's cock. She licked it off saying

"Mmmm, that tastes different than I'd expected."

Alissa paused, closing her eyes as Nicole brought her to a series of powerful orgasms. Afterward, Nicole took a seat on the edge of the bed instructing Alissa on how to suck cock. Alissa again seemed to have a natural talent for sucking cock as well as sucking pussy. She had Tom down her throat, sucking and tugging at his balls as he moaned and held onto the headboard with his right hand to balance himself.

"You better fuck her Tom before you lose your load down her throat," Nicole teased.

Tom reluctantly backed away and asked Alissa if she had any preferences.

"I'm not really sure."

Nicole suggest that Tom lay down and she could sit on his face, while Alissa sat on his cock. With Nicole instructing her, Alissa slowly lowered herself onto Tom's cock as Nicole held it still for her. Alissa moaned and cooed with pleasure as Tom's cock filled her pussy.

"Feel good sweetie?"


" go ahead and start humping Tom's cock while I sit on his face."

Once Nicole had straddled her husbands face, she leaned forward and kissed Alissa as she rode Tom's cock. The two women kissed and caressed one another, sucking each others nipples. Alissa started having one orgasm after another from riding Tom's thick cock, while Nicole started cumming from his tongue. Nicole got off Tom's face, allowing Tom and Alissa changed positions. Alissa held onto the headboard, as Tom eased his cock into her pussy again, and began fucking her dogie style while Nicole used the dildo on herself as she watched.

Alissa moaned loudly as she once again started cumming. Tom pulled his cock from Alissa's pussy and jacked off, spewing his load all over Alissa ass. Nicole massaged the cum into Alissa's sexy ass and licked up the rest. Then she had Alissa licked her juices from Tom's cock. Alissa joined Tom and Nicole in their bed that night. Now when Alissa comes over to babysit, she spends the night, and makes love to both Tom and Nicole. Good sitters are so hard to find these days, and Tom and Nicole make sure Alissa is very happy.


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Mmmm Mmmm just what i needed....To soak my panties!

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GREAT STORY!!! you should really do a part 2 where the preteen boy she's babysitting catches his sitter and his mom kissing deeply,

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this turned me on so much, my pussy is dripping wet

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how great 3 people touching sucking fucking and just making each other cum must feel so good. I fantasize about all the time

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damn good ass story i came in like 7 diffrent directions

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