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Harry Potter and Friends Part 1

Harry Potter was a skinny 11-year-old boy and he was different and he knew it. On his 11-year-old birthday a letter came to him and he wasn't able to acquire it, because of his monstrous uncle. They made away to a small island where he met Hagrid and was told of Hogwarts.

On the first of September he arrived at platform 9 3/4 and saw a family of wizards walk through the barrier and approached the mother. As he talked to the mother about how to get through the portal, she motioned to one of her sons.

That’s when Harry’s breath was taken away. He had always had a thing for redheaded people but didn’t know any that looked as good as this kid. He greeted with a “hello” and walked through the portal, only to rush into the nearest cabin on the train because so many people were staring at him and saying his name.

Once in the cabin he was greeted with the two hottest boys he had ever seen. Their names were Fred and George Weasley. He had not wanted to get “found out” so early in his time here. So he acted normal and he was disappointed that all they wanted to talk about was his scar. They left and in came the kid from before, the one that the mother introduced him to. He found out his name was Ron Weasley and made the connection with the other two. ‘No wonder I thought they were so hot, they were his brothers’ thought Harry.

So Harry was slowly watching and becoming obsessed with Ron, but he tried his best not to make it obvious. But little did he know that Ron noticed and was trying to watch him as well.

They continued on the train until it was about an hour left and Ron and Harry had met Hermione and Neville and they had left. Now Ron was alone with Harry once again and Ron suggested (excitedly) that they had to change into their robes now. Harry was waiting for this also. He had hoped he would be able to see Ron’s dick. He went over to the door and locked it just incase someone came in.

“Ok you go dress over there and I will dress on this side of the cabin” said Ron.

Harry’s disappointment was not missed by Ron. And Ron got excited again.
They then both proceeded to take off their clothes. And while taking their cloths off they both started to get hard at the thought of the other one changing right behind him.

Harry was trying his hardest not to look at Ron but to no avail. He turned around just as Ron took off his pants. Harry looked at Ron’s butt and thought if only he could see through those boxers. Boxers? Thought Harry.

Ron turned around at that second to glance at Harry and was surprised to see Harry looking at his butt. “ Uhhh, Harry what are you looking at?”

Harry was embarrassed he was caught in such a position that he answered hurriedly
“ I was just wondering why you wear boxers instead of briefs?” he said. He saw the disappointment in Ron's face.

“Well the reason I wear boxers is that my older brothers, you no, Fred and George, told me that if you wear boxers, then your dick becomes bigger as you grow up”. As he said this, Harry- out of instinct- looked down and saw that Ron's dick really did look big from here. As he looked, Ron noticed and he began to get hard. Harry was also beginning to get hard again.

“ Well obviously its true I mean your pretty big” said Harry eyeing Ron harder this time.

“ Yeah. I been wearing them for about a year now and it really has grown, but not by much I mean your also big” Ron said, as he glanced down at Harry dick. “ Well mine is a bit big but nothing compared to my brothers. There really big, I mean like huge.”

“Really” said Harry imagining those two hot boys with their big dicks dangling in front of him. He started to get really hard now so he sat down, so it wouldn’t show too much. “How do you know?”

“Well I’ve seen them. One night, about a month ago, I had to pee and it was really late, so I went to the bathroom and when I came out I heard a lot of scuffling. I thought it was Scabbers or something so I dint pay to much attention to it. But then I noticed my brother’s room was open and I wasn’t allowed in there, so I got curios. I went up to the door and saw both my brothers were lying in the beds with sheets over them. But then I saw something poking out of the sheets and I wondered what it was. So I went into the room and slowly pulled the sheet off of Fred and that’s when I saw it,” recalled Ron, who was hard as hell right now.

Harry who was just as hard asked, “ Well how big was it?”

“ About this big” Ron said and held up two hands and combined his two middle fingers and said” from the beginning of both my palms”.

“Wow” said Harry, ”that must be like 7 inches or so”

“Yeah but I think it was bigger. And I didn’t see Georges, but there twins so I'm guessing they’re about the same size”. They were both extremely hard right now and Harry could just imagine those two big beautiful boys with their big beautiful cocks just pointing straight up while the feign sleeping.

Harry adjusted his underwear and Ron noticed this and stood up. Now Harry could see how big his dick really was. It was about 4 ½ inches long and not that thick, but to Harry it looked like the best thing in the world right now.

“O man I really have to take care of this. Do you mind if I jerk off? I really need a release right now” said Ron.

Harry didn’t respond, he just got up and pulled down his underwear, revealing his 4-inch, dick and started slowly masturbating, while looking at Ron. Ron took this as sign and pulled down his boxers and sat down in his seat and started jerking off real fast.

As the two boys were jerking off they looked at each other, the whole time. Both imagining their own little fantasies. Ron’s breathing was getting louder and heavier and he cummmed first, since he was going real fast.

Harry thought it looked weird for a second but then again he was focused on his own “problem”. Harry took a little longer to cum since he just started masturbating a few weeks ago, and still wasn’t used to the whole jerking off thing. He finally climaxed and shut his eyes for a good 2 minutes thinking about what just happened.

When he was done he looked around frantically for some paper but couldn’t find any.
He noticed Ron had no cum on his hands or anything and said “hey how did you clean yourself up I need something to clean my hands”

Ron looked uncomfortable. But answered” I just licked it clean”. Then he added hastily “I mean it is my own cum it came from me. I feel as if I take something from my body and I would just like to give it back. He he” he finished nervously

Harry thought for a moment and said, “That’s ok man I do it all the time but I have a different logic…I like the taste.”

“I like the taste also but I still stick to my logic. It makes me feel better”. They both laughed at this.

Now that they finished, they really had to get ready to leave the train because they were almost at school. So they start to put heir clothes back on and Harry asks Ron if he has a pair of boxers that Harry can borrow because he didn’t want underwear anymore.

Ron said “I only have one extra pair but you can borrow it and I'll sent an owl to mom and tell her that I need extra pairs and you can return the favor whenever you can”.

“Thanks” said Harry. He smiled as he put on his new boxers. Maybe this school is going to be a lot more interesting then I thought.

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2013-08-07 11:24:15
Massive fan of Harry and loved the storie

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2012-04-07 10:49:38
No fucking? C'mon Really? Needs at least 4 fucking scenes

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2011-08-09 09:07:22
Please write a part 2

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2011-07-30 22:52:12
thanks im not gay but still made me cum hard thinking about it great story

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thanks im not gay but still made me cum hard thinking about it great story

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