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same as my other story but what i fully did
Home Alone, Well Not Quite


Andy – 16
Amy – 15
Beth – 15
Lily – 15

My name is Andy; I’m 16 years old and in my final year of high school. My mum left me on my own while she went to some concert. She would have got my brother to look after me, why, I do not know, lucky for me; he took his girlfriend to the same concert, so I’m “alone”. Me and my ex Amy are still friends and I asked her if she wanted to come round to watch a film while I was on my own. Lucky for me she said no as she was having her to friends, Beth and Lily stop over. I said they could come round too. So that night they came round and we put on a horror/thriller (I can’t remember what film it was, but my plan worked, if you know what I mean) and the girls started to get a bit scared so I put my arms around Beth & Lily while Amy was on the floor between my legs (don’t ask why she was there) but she started to cuddle my leg.

Then it started to get interesting. In one of the scenes, there is kissing and all that softcore crap and I could tell it was turning Amy on as she was starting to moan and rub the inside of my right thigh with her head and it started to turn me. Beth & Lily started to get really comfortable as they rested their heads on my legs and they started to rub my inner thighs. By this time I was getting rather relaxed, and a small bulge from my semi-erect 8 inch cock and the girls started to notice this. Beth & Lily sat back up and leaned on my chest and got comfortable again. I thought nothing of it, but Amy turned around and started to rub my cock through my trousers. She then knelt up and began to rub even harder. By this time my semi was now a full on erection and I could tell that they loved it by the way they were staring. I then started to realize that they were all wearing similar clothes, a baggy shirt and a short, denim, sort of skin tight skirt and no tights. What a sight it was. I could see straight down Amy’s top and her small but supple teen breasts, though they were covered by a silk leopard skin bra but I don’t know what size but I think it was about 32 B cup and was very nice. I did say and she new as I was staring straight at them. I then noticed that I had a perfect view of both Beth’s and Lily’s bras now that was a sight. Beth’s bra was really nice, it was a black bra with different coloured dots on it, but what amazed me the most was that Lily’s bra was a black and white chess board design bra but it had slits where her nipples were. Her nipples were rock hard, I just wanted to reach out and grab her tits and suck on her nipples, but I didn’t as I was taken by surprise by Amy. She yanked down my trousers and boxers and shoved my fully erect dick into her mouth and started deep throating me as if it was second nature. Beth & Lily then started to rub my ball sack and started to kiss me at the same time as kissing each other.

It was amazing, the way the girls were working on my organ, Amy deep throating me and the girls squeezing my balls. I told them all to get on the floor and take their tops and bras off so I can cum all over their tits and watch them lick it off each other. They dived to the floor and ripped each others clothing off and laid next to each other on the floor almost overlapping each other, their nipples fully erect. I started to jerk my cock as fast as I could and sprayed cum all over them like a geyser, squirt after squirt all over their tits, stomachs and faces. After squirting about 10 times they started to cuddle each other, coating each other in all my cum. They then started to lick each others tits and stomachs and I almost came again all over them as I was now rock hard again.

They loved the sight of my erect cock and after they had finished licking each other clean of my cum, I expected them to get dressed and watch the film, but I guess the sight of my erect cock was too much for them. They grabbed my shirt and ripped it off to see my beautiful body. I was now standing there completely naked with a huge boner almost poking them in their faces. I started to jerk my dick slowly in front of their faces and I started to slap them with my meat smearing drops of cum on their faces. I told them to take their skirts of to see that they were all wearing thongs. They matched their bras, Amy’s thong was also made of silk and had a leopard skin pattern on it, Beth’s was a black thong with the coloured dots all over it, and Lily’s was amazing. That same chess board pattern and a hole where her pussy was and it was beautiful. Her lips were swollen here clit was visibly swollen. I could see that they were horny, Amy & Beth had big wet stains and shiny thighs & Lily was soaked. Her thong was suppose to be black and white yet it was black and grey with the amount of juice on them and her legs were dripping wet and her fragrance was amazing. I just dived on to her and started to lick her pussy juices from her legs and I then sucked her panties while I finger fucked her, and I then entered her with my tongue and I started to lap up her juices.

The end

I don’t know weather to continue this please leave comments on how you thought it was good or bad and if I should continue it as I am new to this thing


2011-02-27 20:20:29
Good story! All you need to do now is keep it going!

Andy OReport

2009-02-01 10:28:09
wat do u mean by that, NOTY, and ive made a part 2 well it should be on in a few days i need to finish it off and it has more sex in it

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-31 19:15:13
you should have just called it the porn movie version
beacose that is one truly unbelievable story but i say run with it...
make it more interesting/"noty" and see what hapense

Andy OReport

2009-01-30 15:22:51
im curently working on part 2 and i play on using some ideas from my readers and was wondering wat u would like to see included in my stories. i have nearly finished part 2 but plan on making a series with the male character in this story and all characters are based on some1 i no but not with there reall names oh and if u dnt like this story and u give me a bad rating, plz leave me a message saying why you dnt like it as it would help me to improve my work

thank you Andy O

Andy OReport

2009-01-29 10:23:23
i am new to this but i have read alot of stories on this site which i think they are amazing and the people who wrote them i think are amazing and are the reason i started to write these stories

ps part 2 coming soon

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