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Precious Gem Twin Sisters
Chapter 5 - Ruby and Sybian Night

Ruby called me up one Monday night and told me to come over. As I arrived, I saw that Diamond's car was there too. I wondered if I had another fun surprise in store for me!

When I walked in, I could hear the girls giggling away in the living room. I also heard some sort of sound like a power tool working. As I rounded the corner, I saw them both in just panties but one of the sisters was straddling something sitting on the floor, which was the source of the noise. She was also making a fair amount of groans and moans herself as she was obviously quite enjoying it.

When the other sister turned and saw me, she jumped up and gave me a hug saying "Look what arrived today!"

I could tell this was Ruby by the feel of her breasts in my hands. Her tit-job was better quality than her sisters, so hers felt more natural.

"What is it, besides something that Diamond is really enjoying" I asked and chuckled.

"A Sybian, silly. Haven't you see them before?"

(Author's note: If you don't know what a Sybian is, just google it, I'm not going to try to describe all of it's function and appearance)

"Oh yes, I think on Howard Stern I've seen him put some girls on something like that. But aren't they super expensive?"

"Ah, a couple nights earnings. I tried one out a few years ago and loved it, and then someone mentioned it recently so I went online and ordered one. This is Diamond's first time trying it, and she won't get off" Ruby laughed. "Well, actually she's gotten off twice already, but won't climb off to give me a try"

Diamond looked at us guiltily at that comment, as I held Ruby and my hands roamed over her body. "I just want one more orgasm from this, ok Ruby?"

"My horny sister, all she wants are orgasms all day!" Ruby laughed. "Please, go ahead, we'll watch"

And with that we settled on the couch as Diamond ground herself into this noisy vibrating seat. Eventually Ruby and I ended up fucking while we watched her twin sister orgasm over and over. By the time Diamond finally collapsed, we had counted 8 orgasms in less than 2 hours, meanwhile Ruby had 2 while I fucked her and I enjoyed mine as I filled her with my load.

The next day as I was talking to Diamond, she had an idea to finally get revenge on Ruby for her arranging me to 'rape' her. So we began to make preparations for 'Sybian Night' at the strip club. The premise was that the girls who agreed to participate would do a one song dance strip, and then choose the Sybian attachments they wanted and put on a 15 minute show on the Sybian for the crowd to enjoy, with customers 'buying' the opportunity to run the controls.

It would be in 2 weeks on a Monday, when the club is normally closed. We'd advertise at the club and by word of mouth, and it would be invite only. Admission would be $500 but they would find out exactly what was included before they had to pay. Diamond and Ruby got eighteen of the other girls to help out. We'd split the money by giving the club 20%, the girls working there would share 40%, and as the organizers we'd take the final 40%. We'd also have a few guys as bouncers, who would get free admission. We figured we'd get 40-50 guys and make ten grand hopefully. It would pay off the Sybian, and let us take a little vacation.

What Ruby didn't know was that Diamond and I had a slight twist in mind! We had a little meeting with all the girls who agreed to participate, and most loved the idea, but a few pulled out. That still left us with 15 girls plus Ruby and Diamond. Turns out many of them are jealous as to how popular Ruby is at the club, so the opportunity to help out in a night of revenge appealed to them alot.

Finally the night arrived, and we all got to the club about 8pm to get set up. Guests were to arrive at 9pm and then about 15 minutes later the 'party' would get started. The various girls arrived and got themselves ready in whatever outfit they had decided to wear. I was setting up the Sybian and it's accessories so it was clearly visible from all around the club and had plenty of room around it on stage. After it was set up, I placed a sheet over it, so it wouldn't be obvious what was there.

Some of the guests began arriving and were sitting down. The girls mingled and were friendly, sitting on their laps and chatting. Most of them wore thongs or gstrings along with a pushup bra, but some others had various lingerie and babydoll outfits as well.

The place was filling up quite a bit, and as I looked out through the DJs window, I counted at least 80 men. I wasn't sure how many would stay, but it was better than I'd hoped so far. I queued the DJ to start some louder music, which would call all the ladies to the stage so we could kick off the night. As the girls filled the stage and were dancing to the music, the men were calling out to them and whistling, urging them to get naked. Now it was my turn.

I grabbed the microphone and went out onto the stage with the girls "Welcome gentlemen to our first special night here. Tonight we have a real treat for you, and I'm sure everyone will have a fantastic time. As you have probably heard, tonight is dubbed 'Sybian Night'!" And with that there was a great cheer. Diamond pulled the sheet off of the aparatus on stage so they could all see it now. That brought even more loud cheers and hollers.

"Tonight was the brainchild of two of the girls here, the twin sister sensations, Ruby and Diamond" At which point the girls jumped up and down and waved to the roar of the crowd.

"But before we can really begin, we do have to tell you some details and collect the entrance fee. While I start that, our own Ruby is going to climb on board the Sybian and give you a little preview of what is going to come. Her sister Diamond will be at the controls, driving her sister crazy. Ladies, please take your positions!"

As Ruby straddled the Sybian, Diamond knelt beside her and started it on low power. Ruby exaggerated a bit, arching her back more and undulating, trying to show how much she liked it as she moaned loudly. Diamond reached over and caressed Ruby's body as they got the crowd interested.

"So guys, you get to watch this going on all night while the other ladies are going to be making the rounds to all of you, and this is all included in the entrance price of just $500. We'll also be selling raffle tickets for you to have a chance to operate the Sybian for 5 minutes and see if you can give the girl an orgasm. So what do you think so far? Is it worth the price of admission?" Quite a few in the crowd applauded and shouted out, but I could tell that this wasn't enough to keep them all interested in parting with their money.

So it was on to announce the 'extra' fun for the night. "If you think it sounds fun so far, well I have a special surprise that was previously top secret, and is included at no extra cost to you"

At that I stepped away from Ruby and Diamond, as the other girls approached her. Quickly they grabbed Ruby. Some tied her arms together behind her and then attached her arm bindings to a hook I had placed at the back of the Sybian, while others put a collar on her and ran a leash from it to a loop at the front, and finally her ankles were tied to the loop at the back as well. Soon she couldn't move off of the Sybian, and she was shouting out at them to leave her alone.

I handed the microphone to Diamond, who walked up to her sister and said to the entire place "My sister Ruby is known to be one hot cock teaser around here, and she is a fantastic dancer. She is also a pretty good lover" Lots of hoots and hollers at that comment "But she is just sometimes a little too limited. She did arrange a special treat for me a few weeks back, and so tonight this is payback my dear sister." And with that she handed me the microphone and before Ruby could complain too much more she proceeded to insert a type of gag into her sisters mouth and tie it behind her head so it wouldn't come out. What was special was that it was like a ball that had it's front and back removed, so her mouth was wide open. but she couldn't talk.

"Thank you ladies for preparing Ruby for tonight. OK guys, so now I can tell you the real deal. Little miss cockteaser Ruby here needs to be taught a lesson. At this point we're renaming the evening to 'Ruby's Bukake Night'!" and everyone cheered at that. Diamond went over to her sister, pulled out a pair of scissors, and cut all of Ruby's clothes off while we watched.

After she was naked, I continued "What we want is for every single one of you to come up here and shoot a load all over our perfect little angel while others are taking turns driving her wild on the Sybian. The other girls here are going to help you by whatever means they can, short of letting you fuck them. For that, there is an extra charge! And if you want to cum in Ruby's mouth, there is also an additional cost. So the ladies here are going to circulate and collect your money for the next 15 minutes and issue wristbands so we know what 'extras' you have paid for. Meanwhile, Diamond is going to be selling raffle tickets for running the Sybian, but for now we're going to leave it on 'high' and get Ruby really wired up for tonight's fun! By the way, if you have a cellphone, feel free to call a fried or two and have them come down to join the party, but if we find any of you taking pictures, we will be keeping the phone, so be warned."

Ruby was furious I could tell, but Diamond was laughing as she cranked up the power under her sister. The DJ cranked up the music too. The girls went off into the crowd, and I could see at least half of them pick up their phones to make calls. We only had 5 guys leave, but the rest were gladly opening their wallets, and there was a growing line at the ATM in the corner. Shortly more guys started showing up, and they were explained to at the door what was going on and asked to pay right there.

Soon I got word that we had around 120 guys in the place that had paid. I was quite surprised and happy.

I went up to the DJ, a black guy from Jamaica, and asked him if he wanted to go out there and shoot the first load. He smiled as he turned to me and soon was out on stage showing off his impressive 8" cock and very quickly blasted a load onto Ruby's cheek and it ran down onto her breast, talking up the crowd the entire time, telling them this is how they needed to do it.

The girls had all reported back with their collected monies, and I sent them out again almost as a barrier around the stage. I told them to start on the guys closest and have fun. Soon I could see them grinding and stroking and sucking the guys they were with. Some were working two guys at once.

I called out the first raffle ticket winner, and a man came forward to claim his prize. Diamond showed him how to work the controls and then he had 5 minutes to tease Ruby with they Sybian. He seemed to really enjoy making her writhe, and only a few minutes into his turn, he stood up and I could see he'd been jacking himself, and he stepped over to Ruby and shot a load onto her tits and neck. It was a great start to the night.

Soon more guys were coming onto stage as the girls were getting them primed and ready. A few girls even came up with the guys and jacked them off onto Ruby and smeared their hands on her skin after. Several of the guys had paid to fuck, and so the place was filling with moans from that fun too. In a few cases, the guys fucked the girl right on stage for us all to watch, and then pulled out at the last moment and stripped off the condom, only to cum all over Ruby's face or body.

One kinky guy walked onto stage and proceeded to jack off into the glass he had with him, and then he poured his jism into Ruby's gaping mouth as many cheered him on.

This went on and on for quite awhile. A couple times Diamond had to wipe cum from her sister's eyes. Also every 15 minutes I called out another raffle ticket and some horny guy would come over and start driving Ruby nuts with how he would tease and taunt her pussy. Most took the idea of the first guy and would unload on her by the end of their 5 minutes.

After the first hour, Ruby was quite a mess, with cum from an untold number of guys all over her body and face. By the end of the second hour, even her hair was getting a thorough drenching. Some of the guys were up for seconds and even thirds. Diamond was going crazy too, and was lining up guys to fuck her one after another while she tended to the controls and her sister.

At one point I budded in line and I went up behind Diamond and shoved my cock right up her ass. I could tell that I wasn't the first to do that, as she was quite well lubricated. She turned and smiled at me as I fucked her raw for about 15 minutes and lots of the guys watched us. But before I shot my own load, I pulled out and stopped myself from cumming.

At about 11:30pm, it was winding down and after one last guy came in her mouth thru the hollowed out gag, I announced that playtime was over. There was lots of cheering and whistles. The girls who had been helping out were tired too and I think they were glad to hear it was over.

"Well guys, the show isn't over yet. Diamond, turn off that machine, and unhook your sister." Ruby's legs were quite wobbly as she stood up. I couldn't wait to hear later how many orgasms she ended up having that night.

She still had her collar on and leash, and her arms were still tied behind her back. As Diamond got Ruby over to me, I then took the gag out of her mouth. "So Ruby, how did you like your special night?" I was a bit nervous at asking her this. But she was ever the entertainer, and Ruby closed her mouth and performed and exaggerated gulping swallow, followed by her licking her lips and she said "That was incredible! Thanks guys for all of your babies!" and the crowd laughed.

"Well, I still need my turn dear Ruby" I said to her, but my hand was down fingering her sopping wet pussy as I said this.

I turned her away from me, bent her over and took the leash in hand. I positioned my cock at her entrance and slid it in all at once. Everyone watching started cheering us on as I fucked her right there for everyone to see. As I pounded away at her from behind I commented "Ruby, you have had cum all over your body and in your mouth. But you haven't had any but your own in your pussy, so to make this night complete, I have a big present for you" and as I said that, with everyone watching, I shot my first and only and huge load deep into her cunt as I cried out into the microphone. She in turn had a shuddering orgasm as she felt me filling her.

The guys and girls hooted and cheered as I pulled out and they could see my cum dripping out of her pussy. I let Ruby lay down on stage and pumped my fist in the air.

"Believe it or not, that still isn't the end of tonight. As a special finale, Diamond, please come out"

I reached down and untied Ruby's arms, but held onto the leash. And as I stood up, Diamond came through the stage curtain. She was completely naked, except for a large fake cock that was attached to the strapon harness she wore. Everyone came alive like they were never even tired. I handed Diamond the leash to Ruby. She tugged on it and got Ruby onto her hands and knees, then led her around on stage a few times. Then she stopped her, got behind, lined up her 9" rubber cock, and started to fuck her twin sister.

I could see from behind them that there was a dildo in both of Diamond's holes as well, and as she fucked her sister they both got worked in and out a bit too, so both sisters were grunting and moaning as they fucked. It wasn't long before Diamond began to cry out as her orgasm washed over her, but to her credit she didn't stop fucking her sister but kept on going. A few minutes later, Ruby's arms gave out as her own climax overpowered her. As she continued to collapse onto the floor, Diamond laid down on top of her sister until they were side by side kissing and Diamond was licking the cum that was still covering much of her sister's skin.

That was my cue, so I walked back onto stage and laid a blanket over the girls and thanked everyone for coming, cuming, and cuming some more, which evoked a few laughs. It was all over and they began to gather their jackets and tuck in their shirts and heading home. The girls all gathered back stage and we laughed and chatted, while Diamond and Ruby were showering.

I got busy counting money as I had to pay out to everyone involved that night.

I was truly shocked at what we made in the end. Nearly $80,000 was collected, which gave each of the girls $2100 for the night along with some revenge and all but one of them got fucked at least twice. We netted over $31,000 for Ruby, Diamond and myself.

I went to the showers and told the girls this, only to find Ruby jamming the 9" strapon up her sister's ass. I laughed and watched the little after-show until they both ran out of energy. Once I told them what we made, they squealed in delight and jumped up to hug and kiss me.

"I almost forgive you now" Ruby told me.

"So, who wants to go lay in the sun for a month?" I asked the two of them.

"ME ME ME ME ME" chorused from the twins.

"OK, I'll book our flights tomorrow, we're off to Punta Cana by Friday for a month, and we'll see what sorts of fun we can find down there!"

But that will be the next chapter, or two or three!


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