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A blond walked into the candy shop and asked the clerk for the biggest lollypop he had, the clerk laughed and said " Well, we have the large round ones or the straight twirl sticks.either or they both are good!" no I wanted the candy stick that is 11 inches long... the girls at the beauty shop are always talking about
Tommy's lollypop... where can I get it at?

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2012-02-07 20:15:57
BORED and BROKE??? ME TOOOOOO!!!! Lol. Lets grab a drink and foregt about life for a few hou eating Live sex Varanasi pussy rs.....; ). perfect match dating 56010 Ochtezeele, Cagpandan place where fuck on conroe

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2009-07-21 01:03:11
the first comment was better then the joke.


2009-07-20 18:31:46
who the hell is that retarded? plus, if she's a blonde don't u think she would be very sexually aware??? no offense to blondes or anything, but come on... look wat i have to base this on... nicole richie... britney spears... paris hilton... the olsen twins... ashlee simpson... jessica simpson... lindsey lohan... miley cyrus... oops getting away from blondes now. but really, look at them. seriously.

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2009-07-08 17:37:54
Oh my god i cant stop laughing someone please call the hospital or ill die of laughter from this *cough* gay *cough* joke!

just in case ya couldn't tell...... MAJOR SARCASM IMPLIED

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2009-06-30 10:26:30
ur jokes suck rock hard dick

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