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Melina introduces his young blak stud
When I heard the distinct “Ding-Dong” of the door, I immediately scrambled for the nearest bathroom ignoring Melinda’s pleas to relax. I found my sanctuary in the hall bathroom immediately around the corner, and when my hammering heartbeat slowed enough to allow another sound to enter my ear, I realized she was inviting someone casually inside while still completely naked. I remained frozen, trying to calm my breath as if it would be heard. When I finally created the courage to peer out the door, I was completely shocked! Standing in the den was Jamal, the nineteen year old quarterback whom I had spent a many Saturdays watching at the rec-center.
Jamal was the athletic standout of the local flag-football games. He stood about 6’2” and had a natural muscular body that he had helped along with apparent workouts. He had caught my eye several times, as well as a few college scouts; although I doubted for the same reason as mine. I had watched his muscular thighs flex with every cut he made, which immediately made his obviously larger jock sway in poetic motion. This thought alone would have created sure rejection from my family, must less what I was beginning to watch.
Melinda had easily lured him into my hidden view as she kissed his sweaty chest while eagerly rubbing his growing manhood through his sweats. I am not sure whether he was aware of his audience, but I know she would not have carried out the act if I had rejected at all.
I watched as she eased down to her knees and smoothly urged his easily removable pants to his knees. From beneath his compressed underwear flopped the most beautiful creation I had ever witnessed. It swayed enticingly, only a breath away from her mouth.
Like the pro she was, she easily turned him into a more viewable position as she gently licked the length of his growing shaft. I quivered in amazement. Unlike the movies we were watching, we seemed to be apart from reality, I wondered what a woman could do with such a creation. And the more his manhood became engorged, the more I wanted to see the culmination of my still young-hearted question.
Melinda had Jamal at her whim. She licked his entire length from ball to head, only stopping to flick her tongue on the very end. With what I swear was a wink aimed only for me, she placed arm under his lovely shaft to give me some relation to what I was about to see. His magnificent specimen reached from the bend of her arm to the end of her wrist, and only lacked a little in girth to its final resting place. I let out an audible gasp which gave away my position. He looked at me and back at her and gave a slight smile. Melinda took advantage of the situation. She gave me a subtle nod to enter the room and arose, lying back on the couch.
I don’t even remember the steps I took to stand at the end of the couch. I only remember the wet warm pleasure that ran about six inches down my leg as she guided his cock to its target. And after some soft rubs lengthwise up and down her wet self, she guided his head inside, in one back arching moan.

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2011-07-20 17:40:12
Ya....we have to start mixing the races. This "I am better then u are because I am white" is crap. God made us all.
I am white, and I am sick of this racism bullshit.
The woman or man who wrote this story is correct.

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2010-06-23 10:33:36
What is it with this asshole who keeps commenting nigger lover and fag ducker?


2008-06-01 10:03:18
hi --very good lead in to this story ---you very good at writing the way you get to the story is perfect--read the first 4 chapters read these first because of the TRUE stories ---i'll read the rest later--keep up the good work--luv it


2006-10-16 23:19:30
nigger lover


2006-09-08 23:41:44
nigger lover

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