Part 4 of a story about a peeping teen boy, in this chapter he catches his sister and her best friend fucking, and more….
I went over to Matt’s house and hung out for a while. His parents were home, we all watched a movie together and then I went back home. By then my mother was home, her Jake and Kristen were watching TV together. She asked me if I was hungry, I told her that I just ate over at Matt’s house. I couldn’t help but remember that just hours ago I was hiding in my sisters closet after fucking my ass with my mother’s dildo, watching my sister getting fucked by her boyfriend. I watched TV with them for a while. Jake left soon after and I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and had breakfast with my mom and sister. After breakfast my sister went over to Jena’s house. My mom asked me what I had planned for the day. I told her I planned on hanging out with Matt. I left about 15 minutes later and walked to Jena’s house. I saw her parent’s car was gone. I snuck through the back yard towards the window I had previously left unlocked. It was still unlocked. I crawled through the window into the basement.

I could hear water running, someone was in the shower. I went halfway up the basement steps and looked through the peep hole. I saw my sister sitting on Jena’s bed reading a magazine. I watched her for about 10 minutes then the water to the shower turned off. Jena entered the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her body. Her short brown hair still wet from the shower. My sister got up off the bed and said “I’ve been waiting for you…” with a smile on her face. The two embraced and started making out. My sister dropped the magazine. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Jena stopped and asked “Is Jake coming over?” My sister answered “He should be coming soon, in about a half an hour. He had a blast last time, he has been nagging me for weeks to set this up. Jena smiled, “Go get cleaned up, we want to have some time to ‘warm up’ before he gets here.” They kissed again and then my sister left to go take a shower. Jena walked up to her dresser and dropped her towel. I now had a nice profile view of her naked body. Her breasts were small firm b-cups. Her nipples were still hard from kissing my sister. By now I was stroking my dick, enjoying all too much spying on my sister’s best friend, and lover. Jena started rubbing lotion onto her body. She spent extra time on her breast. She then pulled out a pair of pick silk panties and put them on. When she did I caught a glimpse of her pussy. It was completely shaved. That was enough to put me over the edge, I grunted quietly as I came, spraying cum all over the wall below the peep hole. Next she began putting on a matching bra, looking over towards the peep hole as if she heard me grunt. She shrugged and finished snapping the bra together.

She then spent about 15 minutes doing her hair and putting on make-up. Soon I heard the water of the shower turn off. My sister entered the room, her 15 year old body covered by a towel, her long blonde hair still wet. Jena smiled. My sister than dropped her tower, revealing her naked body to her best friend, and unknowingly to her younger brother. They began kissing again, this time Jena began caressing one of my sister’s breast. My sister felt Jena’s firm athletic ass, pulling on Jena’s panties to give her a wedgy. Jena giggled in reaction and withdrew from the kiss, she then bit my sisters bottom lip. My sister moaned. Then they began kissing again. Jena brought her other hand down to my sister’s pussy. She started massaging her clit. My sister moaned and undid Jena’s bra, it fell to the floor. They stumbled back so my sister was leaning against the dresser. Jena knelt in front of her and began to kiss her way down to my sister’s pussy. As Jena got closer my sister leaned back further and spread her legs more, inviting her friend in deeper. Jena now had one hand grasping my sister’s ass and the other was buried in her pink silk panties while she sucked on my sister’s clit. I was amazed at how much more my sister was moaning than when Jake fucked her yesterday, I knew she must really be enjoying this. She had both her hands on Jena’s head, holding her there, as her legs occasionally jolted with pleasure.

After a couple of minutes my sister cried for Jena to stop, “Ohhhmmm, Fuck, Stop, Stop, not now, not now, I don’t want to cum yet.” Jena stopped, her mouth wet with my sisters juices. She smiled looking up at her. She stood up and they both walked over to the bed. Jena slipped out of her panties. “Too bad you couldn’t bring our little purple friend.” Jena said smiling. “Ya, my mother was home, I didn’t want her to find it missing.” Kristen replied. “Do you think Jake’s cock is kind of small?” Jena asked. They both laughed, my sister replied, “Maybe, a little.” Jena then said “It is smaller than your brother’s.” My sister thought for a minute and then said, “It’s about the same size, if not a little smaller.” Jana Laughed, “What the fuck, so when did you see your brothers cock hard?”. My sister began to noticeably blush. She then told Jena about how I blackmailed her into letting me jerk off while she stood there naked. “Wow, kinky. Did you want to help him get off?” Jena asked. My sister replied, “A little, but I didn’t let him know that.” They both giggled and the sat on Jena’s bed and began French kissing. Soon they were in a 69 position eating each other’s 15 year old pussies. They continued eating each other out for about 5 minutes before I noticed Jena’s breathing getting heavy, soon after her legs began shivering as she cried out in pleasure. “Ohhh, Ohhhh fuck ya, I am cumming, Oohhhh, ya, Ohhhh Kristen you dirty slut, ooooh ya eat my pussy baby, ooohhhhh…” After Jena settled down she went back down on my sister’s pussy.

A knock on the door interrupted there oral sex fest. They both sprung up, their mouths both noticeably wet. “Who is it?” Jena inquired. “Jake.” a voice responded. “Come in.” Kristen said.
Jake entered the room, a grin quickly grew on his face. “Getting warmed up I see.” He said as he started taking off his clothes. By the time Jake reached the bed he was down to nothing but his underwear. Jena was still sitting on the bed, she reached out and pulled Jakes semi-hard cock out of his underwear. She shook it several times then started licking its head. Jake whispered something to Kristen, then Kristen whispered something to Jena, she giggled and for a split second she again looked over at the peep hole. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I really didn’t care. This was turning out to be the best peep show ever.

Jena continued sucking Jakes small cock while Jake and my sister made out. My sister then knelt down and started eating Jena’s pussy. They did this for a while and then Jena got up and Jake layed down on the bed. My sister knelt over him and pulled off his underwear and stated sucking his cock. Jena got on all fours behind my sister and started licking her pussy doggie style. This gave me a perfect view of Jena’s ass and pussy. I had only one desire running through my head, to stand behind Jena right know and fuck her silly. My sister pulled Jakes wet cock out of her mouth and startled him. She guided his cock into her pussy. As soon as it was in she began slowly rocking her hips back and forth.

Soon she was wildly fucking Jake, as he grasped her tits with both hands. Jena turned around to face towards me and sat on the floor in front of her bed, which was violently crashing back and forth with Kristen’s thrusts. Jena spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her pussy spread eagle. She then began masturbating looking right at me. She must know about me spying. After a minute a frustrated look came across her face and she pointed at me and signaled me to come into her room. I was in total shock, but that didn’t stop me. I whipped my hard cock into my pants and went up the stairs and opened the basement door to the house.

I went to the right and opened the door to Jena’s room, not knowing what my sister or Jakes reaction would be. As soon as I entered Jena got up and started walking over to me. My sister and Jake momentarily glanced over than continued fucking. Jena said nothing, she just smiled and grabbed my hand, she led me over to a bean bag chair in the corner of her room and sat me down. Then she pulled off my pants and underwear. In one seamless action, and before I could really prepare myself she had my virgin penis in her mouth. Her mouth felt warm and waves of pleasure were soon rolling through my cock and balls. I reached out my hand and grasped Jena’s breast. It was really the first time I had felt a girl’s breast. I squeezed and fondled them, paying extra special attention to her hard little nipples. I could notice Jena moaning, she had a hand between her legs playing with her pussy. I looked over and saw my sister and Jake switching positions, Jake laid my sister face down on her belly and closed her legs, he then started fucking her pussy again.

Jena was sparing no expensing on making this blow job the most pleasurable experience for me, she twirled her tongue around my head between the deep throat actions. Soon I could hear my sister’s moans begin to build up. I watched her as she climaxed, her eyes met mine as she cried out in pleasure. Jake, stopped fucking her and walked over to Jena and I, his hard cock dripping with my sisters cum. He knelt behind Jena and slowly pushed his slippery cock into her pussy. She moaned, still with my dick in her mouth. Soon Jake was fucking Jena hard. My sister came over to me and started kissing me. This caught me totally by surprise, and also really turned me on. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was making out with my sister while her best friend sucked my cock as Jake fucked her. I heard Jake start to moan “Ohhh, ya, your pussy is so tight, Ohh baby ya, Ohhh Jena, Ohhhhh I am cumming.” He pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot cum all over her back, watching Jake cum put me over the edge as well. I started cumming in Jena’s mouth, I tried to moan but was cut short by my sister thrusting her tongue into my mouth as we kissed. Jena swallowed my load and licked the rest off of my cock. After a few minutes of the four of us basking in our after climax daze, Kristen got up and told me that I should go home. I put on m pants and as I left Jena winked at me. Kristen said “You better not tell anybody about this.” I told her I wouldn’t and went back home. I was still having a hard time believing what just happened, that didn’t stop my mind from wanting more, especially wanting to fuck Jena’s tight pussy……

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