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First Story, Hope its ok.
one day, me and my girlfriend alicia we're sitting in the park. it wasnt daytime though, it was rather dark, around 8.30
I Was 17 at the time and alicia was 16.
Alicia was beautiful, she had average length black hair, deep brown eyes and the most perfect body you'd ever seen, just the perfect size, skinny but not anorexic with a nice full pair of breasts and a perfectly chiseled ass, she was to die for.
we were just sitting cuddling and kissing, you know the usual stuff couples do, it was really warm surprisingly, and when i ran my hand past her breast i noticed she wasnt wearing a bra and her nipples were rock solid!
i just slipped my hand under her t shirt and started caressing her nipples softly, she didnt say anything but seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. before long i decided to slide my hand down her pants, where to my surprise she was soaking wet! "you've made me really wet dave, finger me" she whispered softly in my ear. so as instructed i started to slide two fingers in and out of her slippery, warm pussy.
things were beginning to heat up, she was biting my neck softly while i finger fucked her right in the park! then out of nowhere our friend cheryl starts making her way into the park, cheryl was a nymphomaniac and we both knew it, but what we didn't know was what was about to happen tonight...

cheryl was a bisexual nympho, who was rather slutty, she was average size; not as skinny as Alicia but not fat either, she had really big tits, a nice ass and long black hair and blue eyes.

she walked over to us and giggled "you two look like your having fun" I Just Sighed a 'fuck off, im busy' kinda sigh. then to everyone's surprise she pulls her tits out and demands "i want in!" i looked at alicia with a hopeful look and asked "well, can we?" she just nodded in agreement.
it didnt really matter what we done, the park was so secluded and out of view from all the trees we could easily get away with laying a blanket down and fucking till dawn.
we didnt have a blanket though or that would have definitely been the plan i can assure you.

Alicia was already sitting on my lap and i was on the bench. however, alicia stood up and the two of them started making out!
"holy shit" i thought to myself "this is fucking awesome!"
cheryl already had her tits out so alicia started groping them and sucking her nipples, and thanks to me alicia's jean buttons were already undone and cheryl didnt hesitate to stick her hand down there right away.
the two of them moaning with pleasure, i was still quite stunned but so fucking turned on, i had a HUGE boner in my pants now!

Suddenly, the two of them turned to me and alicia said in a teasing voice "you look lonely, can we help?" i Replied "hell fuckin' yes you can!"
next thing i know cheryl crouched down and unzipped my jeans and started rubbing my cock through my boxers "would you like me to suck it big guy?"
"hell yeah!"
"awesome, i was gonna anyway." she chuckled cockily.
she pulled my boxers back, and grabbed my cock and put it straight into her mouth without second thought, she was fucking deepthroating me, this was the best blowjob i had ever had, i was worried about cumming too early because i wanted this to last.
alicia, came over and kneeled on the bench and started kissing me, then she pulled her jeans and pants down to her knees, so instinctively i started finger fucking her again but she had become extra wet from all the fun so far that i managed to fit 3 fingers up there and it just got better, within minutes she had pressed her body against mine in a more straight up position making it too easy for me to fist fuck her.
dont forget what was happening to me downstairs with cheryl sincerely sucking up and down on my rock hard erection like it was a juice-pop.
dear god, could this be any better?
yes it could my friends, yes it could...

after around 10 mins roughly (it was hard to keep track of time) of sucking and fisting.
alicia said this "ok lets fuck" i was all for it with a very enthusiastic "okay" as my reply.
she took her jeans and panties off completely and quickly put them in a rough pile on the bench then cheryl moved back abit to allow alicia to mount me.
yes a good day indeed, agree?
alicia got over the top of me and slowly slid her slick pussy onto my huge fucking erection, we started off slowly first to ease into it but before long we were going at it like rabbits.
cheryl got back into the action though, she started off licking my balls while i fiercely fucked alicia then she moved her way up and started licking alicia's asshole.
we were all in heaven, moan after moan. we were all heavily panting, then alicia yelled"im cumming, im cumming" then came orgasm after orgasm from her sweet, tight, hairless pussy. cheryl started lapping up all the cum coming from alicia's pussy

i didnt think i could hold back much longer then alicia pulled off and she sat there panting "that was incredible" she said inbetween deep breaths.
cheryl hadnt had a fuck yet though, i hadnt came yet but i was so close we had to sit and just talk and make jokes for ten minutes, then when i recovered, it was cheryl's turn..

she got on me in a hurry, quickly straddling me. this was abit different, she didnt care about easing into anything, she just hopped on and started hard fucking right away, incredible.

"alicia, get over here and started licking my ass, i love it" snapped cheryl in extreme excitement.
i could tell she was having a good time.
in no time alicia was swapping between licking cheryl's asshole and my balls. she started finger fucking cheryls ass.
cheryl was making noises i'd never heard before in my life, she was having the time of her life, i could tell.
alicia eventually had to back away because cheryl had become so aggressive and started pounding up and down on my dick really hard.
then she started cumming orgasm after orgasm.

she climbed off and her and alicia started licking and sucking all of the different cum off my dick, i couldnt hold back anymore.
i came straight into alicia's mouth and she pulled away so cheryl could get some too and i got it right over cheryl's face.
"dont worry i've got tissues" alicia laughed.
i checked my watch "9.50, christ sake, time flies"
cheryl half-joked "my place, next week same time?"
me and alicia looked at each other then looked back at cheryl
"hell fucking yes next week!"

we all got fully dressed again then sat for a while reminiscing about what just happened and how totally awesome it was, then we all headed on our way.


anonymous readerReport

2011-04-08 01:28:59
Well, I applaud the effort. The story itself was good, it was just the writing that needed improvement. Don't let any of the fuckers tell you different. Keep trying and keep writing.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-01 13:11:15
shut up and die.
big deal im shit at writin stories, it was just an attempt and clearly it was crap i didnt intend for it to be good or anything.
so you try and write a beter one you hypocritical fuckers.


2009-01-31 01:11:34
This is really bad. I'm hoping it was written as a joke.

runaway girlReport

2009-01-30 22:46:18
good in parts then weird


2009-01-30 21:06:23
This was a totally idiotic story, like, ya know, maybe you should finish puberty before you try to write another.

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