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Many of us have had them, here's an account of a little aftermath...
More Than Just a One-Night Stand


So now again we find ourselves here,

Wondering what the next line is.

I'll probably say something funny just to break the ice,

Or something about how your hair looks nice.

But all the while we know what's on my mind,

My mind flashes back to the night we spent at the hotel,

How passion was the only thing we knew.

We both wished for that night to never end,

But we had to leave in the end,

There's nothing but the end.

We stare at each other and know what's on my mind.

One night stand

Your hot breath on my neck,

Was more important than the air I breathed.

As we slowly molded into one,

We knew it had just begun,

And begged to slow the rising sun.

I see in your eyes it's on your mind as well…

The tension that ripped through my back,

As it arched with every move you made.

Pleasure we could never anticipate,

No one could ever calculate,

The only thing that was unsure was fate.

Which is what brought us here together again…

What will we do with ourselves now?

Us just standing and staring at each other.

There is nothing that we need to say,

No apologies to pay,

As I take you by the hand and silently lead you away.

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2011-07-27 03:34:56


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2010-08-10 18:19:06
i love poet, poet is a feelin n undestanding expressed by your inner desires. Thank u Mitchie dnt mind the assholes


2010-05-18 20:43:09
There was a young Oakie named Mich.
who's poem ran into a hitch
the readers don't care,
cause it's going nowhere,
and the hero's a son of a bitch.

jus a gurl!!!Report

2009-07-14 22:22:31
That was great....been there...lived it!!! and the rhymin was good... Say what u think.....don't let assholes get n ur way!!!

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