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Boss's Wife
“Oooh Tammy you keep sucking me like that and you’re going to make me cum in your mmmmoooouuuutttthhhh.”

I locked in on Tammy’s eyes and with her fingers wrapped around me she kept sucking until every last drop was consumed. She was so proud of what she had just accomplished. Tammy opened her mouth and allowed me to withdraw then with a big smile she was acting like she had just won first prize in a cock-sucking contest. Opening her mouth she presented to me my love juice stored in her mouth. Tammy closed her mouth smiled and with one large gulp she swallowed everything. Then reopened her mouth to show me what she was a good girl and there was nothing left.

Waking from a deep sleep there was a dim light coming from a strange window. Looking around the room confusion took hold of me. I sat straight up; I was scared not knowing where I was. My eyes were scanning the room surveying what was around me; then looking to my left laying next to me was my boss’ wife. My mind began to race; I cupped my hands to my face and started to think to myself. “What the hell is wrong with you? How in the world did you end up like this? How could you allow yourself to get involved with your boss’ wife and his daughters?” Your fucking married and in the last two weeks you fucked a 19 year-old, her younger 17 year-old sister and now you are in bed with their mother, who just happens to be your boss’s wife.

Looking around my surroundings I guess it wasn’t a dream after all but I actually fucked my boss’ wife. I was feeling ashamed of myself for what I had obviously just done made, it me feel dirty and cheap. I slipped out of the bed nice and quiet like and made my way to the shower. While washing myself in the shower I needed to answer the questions I just asked myself.

“What is wrong with you? Nothing, you just got caught up in the moment and fucked your boss’ 19 year-old daughter. Then the 17 year-old-sister wanted to fuck you and the only way they knew you would was to blackmail you.”

“How did you end up like this? You keep letting the little head do all the thinking.”
“How could you get involved with your boss’s wife? She was so depressed and vulnerable. I’m a fucking guy of course you got fuck a chick like that, no matter who the fuck she is. Grow a fucking pair. Dude, you just fucked your boss’ two daughters and laid some serious pipe with his wife, high fucking five.”

Well, you guys deserve a little recap and how I fucked the boss’ wife. It all started several weeks ago. It was closing time at the restaurant and I was in the men’s room taking a leak when Maria my boss’ oldest daughter walked in on me and got a good look at my manhood. A couple of days later I smacked her on the ass and then we wrestled a little in the ladies room and ended up fucking her. That is when Maria informed me that she shared everything with her sister, including the men she had been with.

Elani her sister cornered me a few days later at the restaurant and Maria and Elani blackmailed me to fuck Elani. I was told if I didn’t fuck her that the two of them would go to their father and tell him that I fucked both of them.

With as much enthusiasm as I could muster a few days later Elani delivered on her promise and fucked my brains out. She then revealed a family secret. Maria and Elani shared every man that had ever been with. That totaled whole two men in their short lives. I was one of them and the other was their father who they called Papa. As if I hadn’t already hit the lottery, Elani and Maria offered themselves to me in a three way and that is where we can pick up the story.

Elani is a 17 year-old teenage girl who just spent the last couple of hours fucking my brains out. She allowed me to cum in all of her young tight holes time and time again. Then she gave me a special gift and let me shave her pussy. It was only fair, after she fucked me the first time she got her father’s razor and shaved my cock, balls and asshole.

What a chick, just imagine what she is going to be like in ten years. As I was about to leave Elani said these glorious words to me, “You know Papa never fucked on my own bed. He makes me fuck him in his bed and a lot times he fantasizes that I am my mother. How about you come back tomorrow and you can fuck Maria and me at the same time? Maria and I never tried doing a guy at the same time. What do you think?”

“Sounds good.”

“Oh goody, okay Papa I mean Paul see you tomorrow, don’t worry I’ll talk to Maria.”

We kissed each other and she sent me on my way and this is how I ended up fucking my boss’ wife. I had a full day to recover before attempting to take on two teenage girls who like to fuck with a lot of enthusiasm and had a no quit attitude until they got their man off.

The next day the phone rang and this time it was Maria who called. “Hey, Paul, listen Elani and I are going swimming now. Put on some trunks and get over here. Hurry up.” Once again I went through my routine of driving through the girl’s neighborhood looking for cars that I would recognize. Then driving past the house to make sure George or Tammy weren’t there. Passing by the house only Maria’s car was in the driveway. I parked around the corner again to make sure nobody got suspicious then made my way to the side of the house.

Coming up to the fence I wanted to spy on the girls a little see if they were lying out and drink in their bodies in the sunlight. Walking up to the fence I heard a small commotion but nothing too loud. Peeping through the hole in the fence the secret Elani revealed to me the day before was playing out in real life, right in front of me.

There was Maria lying on her back, her sister Elani was straddled her pussy above her face and there was Papa with his cock in Elani’s asshole. Yesterday she was screaming my name when my cock was in her asshole but this time her face was buried between her sister’s legs eating her pussy. I have to admit this was totally hot and the first time I had ever seen incest live and it was pretty hot.

George was doing a bang up job but Elani’s asshole is pretty tight and it didn’t take to long before he was ready to cum. George said something in Greek and Elani immediately got down on her knees. George said something else and Maria opened her mouth and George penetrated her mouth with his cock that just came out of her sisters’ asshole.

George was fucking Maria’s mouth as Elani moved behind her father and began eating his asshole. I guess it was too much for him as he pulled out of Maria’s mouth and she rolled over onto her knees. Both girls were now on their knees, kneeling in front of George. They both looked so angelic like they were ready to take their first holy communion. Then their Papa was jerking of load after load onto his daughters’ faces. When you first meet the girls you would never imagine they were like this but when they began to swap Papa’s cum in their mouths that image would never be erased from my consciousness.

Then like a needle being dragged across an LP out walked Tammy into the backyard. She was in a bikini herself. When she saw what her husband was doing she began to yell in Greek. Even though she was yelling in Greek you got the gist of what she was saying. She slapped and hit George repeatedly then she turned her attention to the girls who were crying and then they both ran into the house.

This was no place for me to interject anything especially since in the last ten days I had just fucked their daughters. So, I turned and got the hell out of there as fast as I could. Since there wasn’t going to be any chance of fucking the girls today why not go to the beach and relax for the afternoon. While I was leaving the house my cell phone rang, it was Maria.

“Hello Paul”

“Yeah Maria what’ going on?” I wanted to see if she would tell me what just happened or was she going to lie to me.

“Listen you can’t come here right now.”

“Why? What’s going on because I’m close to the house right now? You okay? Do you need my help?”

“Look you know the deal with my father and all. Well, he surprised Elani and me when he came home about an hour ago. My Mom was out shopping for the afternoon but came home early. (Then there was a long pause maybe thirty seconds or so) Papa was fucking both of us and Mama walked out and caught us. She never knew about what was going on. Please don’t say anything to anyone. Call us later like tomorrow, okay/”

“Yeah okay. Be strong for you and your Papa and Mama. Later.”

She told me the truth which is pretty cool but I might as well go to the beach for the day and at least salvage my day off. On my way back from the beach I stopped off at the local pub to get a drink or two before heading back to my place.

Sitting at the bar I looked through the mirror and sitting in a booth by herself was Tammy my boss’ wife. I was trying to keep a low profile so that she didn’t see me. I had no idea if the girls spilled the beans with me or not. I was still debating with myself for a few minutes as to whether to approach her. The decision was made for me. The bartender slid another beer over to me and said it was from the lady in the booth. I turned around and Tammy waved at me. There was no way to get out of this so I made my way over and sat down with her.

We spent several hours drinking together and Tammy revealed some things to me but not the full story. She said that George cheated on her and that it was more than likely it was over. I asked how the girls are taking it and she said that they didn’t know what to think right now. They wanted some time before they made any decisions as to whether they are going to stay with me or with George.

Then Tammy was shaking a little bit and she slid over to my side of the booth put her hand around my shoulder leaned forward and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, “I want you to take me somewhere where we can be alone can you do that? I want to get back at my husband for the things he’s done to me. Apparently this thing has been going on right under my nose for the past six years and I knew nothing. I feel like such an idiot.”

“Sure lets get a room for the night.” We stopped and bought a couple more beverages of choice and headed off to the no tell motel. Standing at the doorway Tammy was swaying back and forth and just as I got the door open she jumped on my back and rode my back into the room. Plopping her down on the bed Tammy rolled over on her back. “Come here.”

Standing there and gazing down at her the resemblance between the girls and their mother was uncanny. Tammy was 40 years old she still had a very beautiful face, she stood 5’-6” she was a full like 34-c and her ass still had the POW to it. There was no sagging and no saddlebags like most women her age. She worked out every day and you can see it really paid off for her. Admiring her like this the only thing I could think of was how stupid George was but then again he was fucking the younger versions of her. He was fucking his little girls.

Standing there at the edged of the bed I just hoped that I wouldn’t say one of the girl’s names while I was fucking her. Tammy came to the side of the bed stood up and kissed me softly and passionately. My hands moved to her ass. It was nice and hard just like the girls’. After fucking both of her daughters there was a sense of familiarity between all three. It was nice to be with an older woman again who knew how to kiss seductively, how to pet and caress you.

Tammy unzipped my pants and sat on the bed. Reaching inside of my pants she released my manhood from my pants. Aggressively Tammy began moving her hand up and down on my shaft pumping more and more blood to the shaft making it like a steel rod. Tammy was now using her tongue on the head of my cock. She was working her magic, it seemed she was touching each sensitive nerve ending in the tip of my cock. No one had ever sucked me like this. Then I watched all 7” of my manhood disappear in her mouth and then down her throat. With my hands on the back of her head and thrusting slowly forwards and backwards allowed her tongue to slip out and lick the bottom of my balls.

It was nice to be with a woman who could swallow my cock without gagging and was enthusiastic about eating me. After a few minutes I was ready to explode but I didn’t want to finish so soon. I wanted to fuck her not just get a blowjob. I pulled out of her mouth and while slapping my cock on her face Tammy opened her blouse and her bra. Then she wrapped my cock with her soft tits and started to bop up and down titty fucking me. As my cock slid out the top of her breasts Tammy would kiss and she nibble on my head.

Tammy had worked me into such a frenzy once again I was ready to cum. I backed away from her and tossed her on the bed. I began furiously stripping off the rest of her clothes. When we were both finally naked I wanted to return the favor and went down on her but Tammy did not want to be out done. Tammy pushed me down on my back and as I lay there Tammy straddled her cunt on my face. She was grinding her cunt all over my mouth. Tammy was insatiable as she went down on me again but took it a step further as she began to toss my salad.

Now this is what I was looking for a woman who wasn’t inhibited about anything and is willing to take it to the next level. I myself wanting to get Greek with her began eating her from her clit to her balloon knot. After several minutes of cleaning her holes and Tammy eating my ass clean she spun around and mounted my manhood. The feeling of her wet hot pussy gliding up and down on my cock made me explode inside of her. I must have shot five or six time inside of her.

Tammy looked a little upset that I came inside of her so she squatted over my cock and with the help of a couple of pussy farts cum began to ooze out of her cunt down on top of me. Then Tammy sucked her cum and mine off the shaft of my cock then swallowed both. Tammy smiled and said, “Now, that we got the fast one out of the way I am going to show you what it means to be a Greek. I hope you’re not shy.”

Tammy got up and poured us a couple of drinks. When she came back over to the bed she said, “Thank you for doing this. I can’t believe my husband –
Oh I shouldn’t tell you.”

“It’s okay Tammy I don’t feel so great either I just cheated on my wife and even though she is in Thailand.”

“Yeah you feel so bad huh I don’t believe you. The girls told me everything that they were fucking their dad for the past six years and that you did both of them in the last couple of days. Don’t worry about it they were always precocious young girls. Look never let me catch you fucking them okay? Do we have a deal? You still have to fuck me now that I left my husband.”

“I think I can handle all of that.”

Rolling over I began working on her breasts as I got a finger inside of her pussy. It was so wet with both of our cum still oozing out. As was fingering her I got another finger in her asshole. My cock started to get a rise and I pushed her on her stomach. She spread her ass cheeks apart and said, “Get it nice and wet and then fuck me.”

I spit on her asshole and tongue fucked her for a while and by then I was hard again. “Come Paul, you want to know what it’s like to be Greek?”

“I certainly do.” I pushed myself inside of her. She was the first woman that I didn’t have to force myself to get my cock inside her asshole. Laying on her stomach she raised her taut little ass and gave me greater access. My cock went balls deep inside of her. I pounded her over and over again. I came inside of her again and again she let the cum ooze from her hole down onto my cock and licked everything up.

All I know was that we fucked the rest of the night and Tammy got used to me cumming inside of her. After cumming several more times inside of her pussy and her asshole I was so exhausted that I couldn’t move anymore.

Laying together the next few minutes catching our breaths we hugged each other and in our drunken states we fell asleep. Several hours later I woke to Tammy sucking on me again. I guess some of the alcohol had worn off because I sprung right back.

When Tammy had gotten me hard again Tammy said, “Let’s go to the shower. We got into the shower and cleaned ourselves then she started out by mounting me again. I put my fingers in her mouth and she got them nice and wet. While she was hanging on me I attempted to slip both fingers inside of her asshole but couldn’t get both. So I started with just one and after a few minutes I was able to slip in the second. After she came on my cock again she lifted up and off of me and bent over then I slipped my cock in her asshole.

Tammy began to speak in Greek I couldn’t understand anything she was saying but I definitely understood her asshole squeezing me. There was no comparison to her daughters. Tammy was a much better lover than they were but with all the years of experience cannot be taught to blank slates like her daughters.

Tammy looked back at and said something in Greek and let my cock slip out. Tammy began to suck on my cock right out of her asshole. With her cock sucking skills it took a minute when she got me to the point of cumming. I didn’t want to cum so quickly so I said, ““Oooh Tammy you keep sucking me like that and you’re going to make me cum in your mmmmoooouuuutttthhhh.”

Now you are all caught up.
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