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The last of Katie's adventures
The adventures of my alter ego, Katie, continue. This story is a bit more hardcore (bestiality) than the earlier ones because I wanted to slam religious hypocrisy as hard as possible. Just warning you.

My name is Katie. I'm 16 years old. My father had abandoned us early on and my mother struggled to pay the bills. She drinks a bit too much and has trouble keep a steady job. To have a little spending money, I started doing house cleaning when I was 10. Mostly, for single men in our church.

I noticed early on the bulges in the men's pants. I started seeing how hot I could get them. The more I flirted, the bigger the erections got, and the bigger my tips. ; )

I made a point of wearing short skirts and little white panties. As young girls will do, I frequently "forgot" to keep my knees together. Or I bent over in front of guys to pick up stuff they had strewn on the floor. (Men can be such pigs!)

As I got bolder, I started "innocently" hugging guys when they paid me, pressing against their dicks. OMG! My tips shot up! Eventually, I moved on to letting them screw me.

I guess psychiatrists would say I am looking for a daddy figure. Ok, I have found lots of them. So they fuck me. What's the problem. They need someone to love and make love to. I need love and love-making too. How is that wrong? I think they really do love me. I know I love them. Most of them. Like, there was one big exception.

One day, our minister asked if I would clean for him. I said yes, thinking he wouldn't come on to me. (After all, he was always preaching that teens shouldn't even mess around until they were married.) WRONG! OMG! He was the worst of all.

The first time I worked for him, he just sort of leered at me. Most men do that. I assumed he wasn't going to come on to me, so I didn't flirt or do the naughty things I usually do. I was kind of intimidated by him.

The second time, he came up behind me and grabbed my tits. I was genuinely shocked. He said he was sorry. He knew it was wrong, and he gave me a big tip.

Other men like to spank me. But with them it's just a game. I ask them if they think I'm a naughty little girl. They say "Yes, you need a spanking." I pretend to resist as they take me over their knees and pull my little white cotton panties down around my ankles. I wiggle around, pretending to try to get free, but actually, making sure they get a good view of my tiny hairless wet slit so they'll give me a big tip. Very quickly, they pull me on their lap and "comfort" me.

The third time I worked, the minister pulled me across his knees sorta roughly. He jerked down my panties and spanked me too hard, all the time calling me names like a dirty little whore. My bottom hurt the next day. I shoulda quit at that point, but he said he was real sorry and gave me one of the biggest tips I ever got.

The fourth time, he acted like he was trying hard not to touch me. I guess the Devil got the best of him. :) He asked me if I would come to church with no panties on the next day (Sunday). He told me to sit up front and spread my legs, no doubt about sinners burning in hell.

The next time I worked, he put me over the edge of the bed in doggy style position. After he fucked me, he called the dog to lick my pussy. Sorta gross but whatever. Suddenly, I realized that he was having the dog mount me. I was very wet from cum and dog saliva, so the preacher was able to get the dog's dick into my pussy.

I started yelling that I would tell the police. The minister sort of came to his senses and said he was "sorry for being a little rough." Oh, right! "A little rough." He must have started feeling guilty (or afraid of going to jail) 'cause he went to his desk and got a big wad of money for me, prob'ly last week's collection. I quickly pulled on my dress, stuffed my training bra and panties in my purse, and ran all the way home.

I never worked for that hypocritical jerk again. Actually, I'd rather fuck his dog.

He was the exception though. My other "daddies" have been wonderful to me. They give me advice like a real daddy would. They give me expensive presents in addition to very large tips. There have been many times when my mom and I would be eating beans and rice without my earnings. Of course, my mother doesn't know how much I'm making. I took over the household finances when I was 12, convincing her that I was really good at finding bargains. She is drunk lots of the time, so she doesn't think much about it.

My mother doesn't know that the only reason her car is running so well is that I regularly fuck the owner of the repair shop. (He also teaches me cool stuff about cars.)

I also get my clients to fix things around our house--always when I know my mother will be gone so we can fuck. They love to fuck me in my girly room, surrounded by stuffed animals that guys have given me. Neighbors just see nice old Christian men carrying some tools into the poor single woman's house to fix something. They don't see the "tool" I'm most interested in. ;)

My mother has a steady job now. One of my favorite "daddies" agreed to give her one, being generous about her poor work habits.

Of course, it's a 2-way street. Since the guys want to impress me, they start taking better care of themselves and their houses. They lose weight. They start working out. I get them to start eating better. It's amazing what men will do for a cute teenaged girl. ;) And I show them how to use the internet, especially how to surf anonymously, figuring they will be looking for pix of nude preteen girls with their legs spread.

When I was 13, one guy even stopped smoking when I told him I didn't want to fuck him any more because his house and his breath were too stinky. He hired me to spend a whole Saturday cleaning the house. Of course, I had to stop several times to fuck him when he got shaky wanting a cigarette.

Last week I ran into him at the mall. He had a cute, young (not as young as me--maybe 20 y.o.?), maybe virginal, fiancee. Always in public, I call my clients "Mr. ____" They ask me dumb stuff about school. Anything to keep from getting an erection in public and blowing their cover. Anyways, I told this guy's fiancee what a nice man he was. Of course, I didn't tell her how good he fucks. ;) He gave me a little peck on the cheek. Everyone in town, except my clients, thinks I'm this nice, polite Christian girl. (By the way, yes, he is still off cig's.)

The End

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