Ok sorry it’s taken me so long to add a new story to this series. I advise you to read the other’s from this series so you can get an idea of what’s going on here. For those of you that have read the other one’s I have decided to put a new twist on this one by adding some incest.
Rhiannon and I fell asleep next to each other with her still tied down to the bed. Katie and Lauren were sound asleep on the floor. I was awoken by the front door closing, I quickly shook Rhiannon and said, “hey someone just came in the house.” She looked at me and answered, “ it probably just my sister, she was supposed to be back sometime this weekend. What time is it?”

I looked at my watch and saw that is was 11:00am I didn’t realize it was already that late. I told Rhiannon the time and she just laid back down to go back to sleep. I heard her sister calling for her, “Rhiannon are you home?”

I looked down at Katie and Lauren still sleeping on the floor. Laying right next to each other, their bodies still glistening a little from sweat. I began to get out of bed when all of a sudden the bedroom door swung open. I just stood there unable to move. As Rhiannon’s sister Ashley stood there looking right at me. I had seen her before when I was over visiting. She is 15, stands about 5’ 4”, with a slender build, probably weighing 100 lbs. But this was the first time she has ever seen me naked.

She stood in the doorway staring at me. My limp dick dangling between my legs. I bent down to grab my jeans to put them on, when Rhiannon looked up at her sister standing there staring at me. “Don’t you know how to fucking knock?” Rhiannon yelled at her sister.

Ashley just stood there looking around the room not saying a word for a while. She focused on the two girls laying on the floor, then back at Rhiannon, still tied to the bed. “What is going on here?” She asked.

Rhiannon answered, “what does it look like? We had a sleep over last night. Don‘t you dare say a word to anyone.” Yelling at her. When she yelled, Katie and Lauren began to stir on the floor. They looked up groggily at me then at Ashley standing in the doorway. “What’s going on?” Katie asked. “My nosey sister doesn’t know how to knock.” Rhiannon said.

Ashley was still standing in the doorway as she said, “why are you all naked, and why are you tied down to the bed?” Ashley was staring right at Rhiannon laying on the bed. I looked over at Rhiannon and noticed the cum stain on the bed sheet under her ass. Ashley turned and quickly moved out of the doorway and ran down the hallway. “Eric untie me fast, hurry up!” Rhiannon yelled.

I quickly untied her as she requested and she got up and took off out of the room. I heard her and Ashley yelling at each other down the hall. “I’m going to tell mom and dad about this,” Ashley yelled. “You better not or we’ll the same to you that we did to Katie,” Rhiannon yelled back. “Let me go now Rhiannon,” Ashley yelled.

I heard them scuffling down the hall and then they reentered the room with Rhiannon holding tight onto Ashley’s arm, pushing her in front of her. Ashley was near tears as Rhiannon led her to the bed, she pushed her down face first into the bed. Ashley’s tight ass sticking up in the air. Rhiannon quickly jumped on top of her pinning her to the bed. “What the hell are you doing Rhiannon?” I asked.

“She’s going to tell my parents about what she seen,” Rhiannon answered. “No I won’t I promise, just let me going please,” Ashley was pleading in tears. Rhiannon smacked her on the back of the head hard, “quit your damn crying bitch, you just told me you were going to, so we are going to show you what will happen if you do.”

“No please, I promise I won’t tell them, please let me go,” Ashley said as she tried fighting free to no avail. Rhiannon proceeded to tie Ashley’s arms, crossways to the bedposts. She flipped Ashley over onto her back as Ashley continued to fight, trying to free herself. Rhiannon slid her hands on the sides of Ashley skirt and started to pulled it down, exposing her red lace thong. Her young pussy lips pressing against her thong, making my extremely spent dick twitch a little. I figured that we had probably slept about 6 hours or so, but my dick was kind of sore from cumming so many times already.

Rhiannon began to rub her sister’s pussy through her thong, saying, “this little thing is going to get fucked nice and hard now.” Ashley was laying there in tears shaking her head no, “I’m still a virgin, I don’t want to, please stop this Rhiannon.” From Ashley’s reaction I could tell as well that she had never seen her sister like this before.

Rhiannon turned to Katie and Lauren, “you guys work on getting his dick up for the occasion.” They both nodded slightly as they crawled across the floor over to in front of me. Lauren grabbed my limp dick in her hand reluctantly, she looked up at me as if in fear.

“What is wrong with your girlfriend?” She whispered. I just shook my head and mouthed ‘I don’t know.’ She slowly began to stroke my dick with her hand, as Katie moved in and slowly ran her tongue across the tip of my dick. I looked down at the girls working on my dick then back at Rhiannon and her sister on the bed.

Rhiannon had now taken off her sister’s thong, exposing Ashley’s clean shaven pussy. Rhiannon then pushed up her tube top up over her perky tits. I would guess she was a b-cup, not very big but a nice handful. Rhiannon began rubbing her hand up and down Ashley’s pussy saying, “you like that don’t you.” Ashley just laid there shaking her head no and crying.

Lauren had now released my dick and Katie had her lips wrapped around it and was slowly sucking it in and out of her mouth. My dick was slowly beginning to rise as Lauren started sucking on my ball sack. I grabbed the sides of Katie’s head and started pushing her further and further down on my rising dick. When my dick was finally fully erect again I pushed my hips forward, the head of my dick pushing into the back of Katie’s throat causing her to gag and spit all over it, some running down my ball sack and into Lauren’s face.

Rhiannon slid a finger into Ashley’s tight pussy and slowly began to finger her in and out. As she did this she moved around into a sixty nine position, placing her knees on each side of Ashley head. “This will also be the first time you get to eat pussy,” Rhiannon said as she mashed her pussy into Ashley’s face. Grinding it hard into her face, she started fingering her hard and faster. Rhiannon looked at me and said, “ok she’s ready for that dick of yours, bring it here and fuck my little sis good.”

I have wanted to fuck her sister, yes, but not this way, not against Ashley’s will. Katie and Lauren moved away from me as I reluctantly climbed on to the bed between Ashley’s spread legs. Rhiannon pulled her finger out and put her finger’s on Ashley’s pussy lips and spread them open. I could see her engorged clit stick out and the innocent pink inside her pussy. I grabbed my dick and slowly guided it to her pussy hole. The head of my dick nudged against the outside of her, when Rhiannon grabbed it hard and lead it into her sister’s innocent body. The head of my dick slipped just inside and I could feel her pussy muscles release and contract around my invading member.

Rhiannon looked at me and said, “yeah give her that dick of yours fuck her real good.” She smiled at me as I slowly began to push forward little by little, until I felt the barrier of her virginity. I stopped for a while. I had already taken Katie’s the night before, but for some reason I didn’t want to do the same to Ashley. Rhiannon yelled, “come on Eric fuck this pussy already, god damn it!” She slapped me hard. I slowly pulled back out until just head was in her tight hole. I grabbed Ashley’s hips for leverage, I lunged forward hard, tearing through her hymen, until I hit her cervix with the tip of my dick, my dick wasn’t fully in her yet, about an inch still left to go.

When I broke through her hymen, Ashley let out a loud scream, muffled by Rhiannon’s pussy. I slowly began to pull back out, seeing slight streaks of blood on my dick, until just the tip of my dick was inside of her, then I lunged back forward hard and swift, once again hitting her cervix. Causing Ashley to scream again in pain. I slowly started a slow and steady rhythm. Pulling out then slowly sliding back into her extremely tight pussy. It was much tighter than Katie’s was, her pussy muscles squeezing hard on my dick each time I slid into her, the releasing when I pulled back out.

Rhiannon was grinding her pussy harder into Ashley’s face, as I slowly started picking up the pace. Sliding in and out of Ashley’s tight hole with each stroke. Meanwhile Katie and Lauren were standing on the side of the bed slowly rubbing their pussy’s while watching my dick slide in and out of Ashley, cheering me on to fuck her good.

For as tired as I was from the happenings before, I somehow found a second wind and started driving into Ashley faster and harder. Rhiannon had her head back with eyes closed, moaning loudly, “oh yeah that’s it make me cum you little slut.” That excited me even more as I continued moving even faster into Ashley’s tight pussy. I was finally able to get my whole dick deep into her hole, as her cervix had finally fallen back. I could be the cum bubbling in my nuts as they slapped against skin.

Rhiannon screamed out, “oh my god here I cummmm, godddd yesssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm.” She froze in place as her legs shook violently from her orgasm. As Rhiannon started coming down from her orgasm, I slid my thumb down on to Ashley’s clit and began rubbing it hard.

Ashley’s hips started to raise up off the bed to meet my thrusts as her pussy clamped down hard on my dick. Her muffled screams from her orgasm filling the room, along with Katie’s and Lauren’s moans. Her pussy was so tight now I could barely move. It was enough to send me over the edge. I buried my dick deep in her pussy as it shot the first shot against her cervix, I groaned loudly as I pulled out until just the tip of my dick was in and finished shooting into her pussy. I collapsed onto Ashley’s chest, breathing heavily.

Rhiannon climb off of her face as Ashley and I lay there catching our breaths. Ashley recovered before me saying, “why did you do that to me Rhiannon, he got his semen in me and now I am going to get pregnant.” “Oh calm down you won’t get pregnant,” Rhiannon said.

“But he took my virginity and came inside of me,” Ashley said.

My dick deflated and slipped out of her creamy pussy, a bit of blood and cum coming out behind it and running down her thigh. “Oh my god I can’t feel it running down my leg,” Ashley said, now crying.

Rhiannon slapped her sister and said, “quit your god damn crying you big baby.” I rolled off of Ashley and Rhiannon placed her hand between Ashley’s legs and scooped some of the blood and cum mix and rubbed it across Ashley’s lips. “Eat it so you don’t get pregnant you dirty bitch,” Rhiannon said.

I was completely spent not even able to move now. I still needed a way to really get back at Rhiannon for what she had done to these girls, especially her own sister but I didn’t know what to do.

What do you think? Let me know please, I will continue if I get good responses.

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I say a trip to the farm say calves nurse ponies ride and dogsss will hump anything and Katie seems better choice for dude

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