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If you have not read Season 1, please read it or you will be mighty confused.
Alexis Season 2



It was four in the morning, and it had taken John all night, but he finally found the piece of porn he wanted. It was nothing more than a twenty-second sample clip, but he put it on repeat and watched it over and over and over. In the clip, a guy sucked a shemale's dick, and the shemale came in his mouth. It was the first clip he'd ever found of that specific act, and he wanted to save it, but it was his parents' computer and they might find it. At first he watched just to study it, to see if the guy enjoyed the cum, enjoyed tasting, letting it sit in his mouth, swallowing it down... But after watching it enough, John started to get horny. He imagined the same scenario, but with Alexis as the shemale and himself as the guy. He still had never tasted cum, and he desperately wanted to swallow Alexis', to show her what a good boyfriend he was. Maybe it was the smell, maybe it was the way the girls in porn cringed sometimes when they tasted it, but whatever the reason, he was afraid to even taste-test his own.

But now, watching this guy do to that shemale exactly what he'd been afraid to do... to see him have a look of joy on his face as he let the cum swish in his mouth, cover his tongue... it helped give John that little extra bit of courage he needed.

As John stroked himself, he closed his eyes and imagined sucking Alexis' dick; not just kissing it like he'd done before, but putting the head in, the shaft in, maybe even trying to get the whole thing in, moving his tongue all over it. He imagined himself having a good time... he imagined precum, but he couldn't imagine the taste. He had no idea what it tasted like, but he was starting to precum himself, and it was getting on his hand...

He opened his eyes, and looked down at his dick. He took his hand off and looked at the tips of his fingers. They were wet with precum. He closed his eyes and took the plunge.

He licked his finger.

It was gross!

John couldn't believe how gross it was. He wanted to spit it out. He got up and went to the kitchen sink. He didn't bother to take a glass out and instead just leaned over and drank from the tap.

That wasn't even cum; that was just precum. He couldn't even stand that. How would he ever be able to let Alexis cum in his mouth without gagging, let alone swallow it? How did she do it? She said she liked it. He felt like such a pussy. He couldn't even do something that Alexis did.

He lost his boner, and didn't even feel like finishing up his masturbating. He was way too tired now.

John went back to the computer, closed the clip, and erased the Internet history. Defeated by his taste buds, he turned off the computer and went to bed.


Alexis, on the other hand, didn't think the fact that John was afraid of cum was a big deal. Someday he would try it, she knew, and even if he didn't like it, so what? They'd only ever done anything really sexual twice: once she went down on him, and once before that he went down on her. That was nothing, really, and there would be plenty more opportunities in the future to experiment.

But if he did ever want to try her cum, she wanted it to taste as good as she could. She looked up how to change the taste, and she discovered it was as simple as eating more fruit and less red meat, so she stuck to that diet as much as she could.

The morning after John's taste test, Alexis got up and went to the bathroom for her morning routine. Before she got in the shower, she stretched out and limbered up, then lay down on the floor and began stroking her dick. She imagined sucking John's dick, and she got hard fast. She loved doing it that one time, and she wanted to do it again as soon as possible.

With her dick hard, she lifted her legs and placed them all the way behind her head. She could do this with ease, even more easily now that she was hitting a new growth spurt. Her dick rested on her tits, which, to her delight, had recently gone up a cup size. She was now a B cup, and they stayed just as perky and round and smooth and firm as they were when they were A size.

She decided to try something new, now that she was looking at her tits. She pushed her dick between them and squished her tits together, then slid them along the shaft of her dick. She tried to think of nothing but the feeling, and she wondered why she saw this happen in porn all the time. It was a nice feeling, she supposed, but it was just flesh on flesh, skin on skin... her dick wasn't inside an orifice.

She decided to correct that.

Letting go of her tits, she let her dick slide out and come closer to her mouth. She took the head of her dick inside, and as always it felt amazing, both to have a dick in her mouth and to have a mouth on her dick. Maybe someday, she hoped, she would get to 69 a guy.

She licked the head with her tongue, rolling her tongue over the whole thing, sucking the foreskin gently.

With greater effort, she bent just a bit more and got an extra inch of her dick in her mouth. Usually this was all she needed, and with the right tongue-work she could make herself cum, but this morning she wondered if she could go any further.

Her back straining, she managed to get more in her mouth, so much that the head of her dick just touched the back of her throat.

She bobbed her head back and forth, letting her dick slide in and out of her mouth, being careful to keep her mouth open enough to not scrape her teeth on her dick, but keeping her lips tight around it.

It felt amazing, and wanted to try putting her dick even further in, down her throat, but this was enough of a strain and her back was hurting. If she didn't hurry up, she might get a back ache to last for hours.

With one hand, she fondled her sac, gently squeezing it and rubbing it. And she felt something she had not felt before - she felt a little bit of hair. Peach fuzz, really, but it was there.

She was getting her pubes.

Damn was she happy. The happiness she felt only added to the enjoyment of sucking her own dick, and she achieved her orgasm, cumming into her mouth. She gripped her sac a little tighter, pulling it a little bit, squeezing it a little bit, not enough to hurt, but enough to add a new dimension to her orgasm; until at last her orgasm ended, and the cum had left her dick completely, and filled her mouth almost to the brim.

She let her legs fall back to the ground gently, and tried to do nothing but taste the cum in her mouth. It really was much sweeter now that she had changed her diet. She guessed it was true what they said, after all.

After a few moments of enjoying the new found flavor of her cum, she swallowed it down, stood up, stretched again, and took her shower.

If John ever tasted Alexis' cum, she thought he might be pleasantly surprised by what he'd taste.


Nancy began her summer the only way she knew how: by buying a brand new swimsuit to wear everyday at the beach. She wanted a two piece that showed off as much skin as possible, but her mother stopped her from getting a bun-floss bikini. If she could have, she would have just walked to the beach naked every day. She didn't quite understand the concept that hiding the best parts of a woman's body was part of what made a girl sexy.

Nancy wanted to fuck. It was as simple as that. She wanted some guy to put his penis in her pussy. She wanted to know what sex was like. She had just discovered masturbation two days before, and it opened up the world of sexual pleasure to her.

She had been reading one of her mother's trashy romance novels, when she realized that she was truly becoming aroused for the first time. She was aware of her arousal, to a degree, but she wasn't aware that she had her hand down her pants until she needed to turn the page. She had been rubbing her lips and her clit, and when she realized what she was doing, she couldn't even turn the page with that hand, because it was wet.

She had been alone in the house at the time, so she immediately ran to the bathroom and drew a bath. She was so aroused she didn't need the book anymore; all she needed was her own fingers, exploring her pussy, pretty much for the first time. Despite the idea that sex was about putting a penis inside her hole, she never put her fingers inside to see what it was like. Instead, she found clitoral masturbation wonderful in its own right, and after trying out a few techniques, she had her first orgasm.

Just by playing properly with her clit in a hot bath, she managed to make herself shake from the pleasure. As far as she could tell, it was by far the most pleasurable thing she'd ever done. It was way, way better than a rollercoaster. It was also way better than reading romance novels. She didn't even need to imagine a man that first time; her own experimental fiddling was more than enough.

Having successfully cum for the first time, she took a minute to catch her breath, calm her nerves, and wipe the sweat from her brow... and then she continued to masturbate. She played with her nipples, which were hot and stiff and very, very sensitive; she tried sucking her fingers, which did little for her; but mostly, she continued with what worked best. She played with her clit until she came again; and again; and again. By the time she decided she couldn't handle another orgasm today, she had worked her way through seven or eight - she had lost count. When she finished her final orgasm, she was all pruny, and she thought she heard her parents returning from work. She knew she would have to pace herself if she did it again. WHEN she did it again. Like tomorrow.

She let the tub drain and tried to get out, but her legs were so shaky and weak that she couldn't get up. She felt as drained as the tub, and ready to fall asleep. With effort, she turned the shower on, but remained lying in the tub, playing with her nipples just to keep herself from playing with her clit.

When she finally could get up, she took a normal shower, being careful to wash her pussy extra well, but trying her best not to dwell on her clit. Restraint seemed warranted in this situation. She had no idea how she would be able to function if she spent all day, everyday in the tub, letting orgasm after orgasm cripple her. She didn't know if all girls enjoyed it as much as she did, but she could only imagine that sex was better than flying solo, but she couldn't see how.

Now, more than ever, she wanted to discover the pleasures a man could bring to the table.

The biggest problem, of course, was that she was thirteen. Most guys she knew from school either had not yet discovered girls, or had discovered girls, but were too shy to do anything yet. Her last boyfriend had been super shy with sexual stuff.

But she didn't want a boy for a boyfriend; no, she wanted a man, a fully grown, hot, mature, experienced man, who could teach her even more about pleasure than she knew.

All the hot guys went to the beach everyday, where they would expose their chests and legs to the world, getting dark tans, and keeping in shape with volleyball and Frisbee. High school seniors were getting the last of their hometown experience before starting college somewhere far away, or college guys were coming back to relive their youth during the summers.

She wanted some guy like that.

But, at thirteen, she was what people referred to as 'jailbait'. No guy would touch her, not the ones she wanted anyway, because she was so young. She sure wasn't underdeveloped by any stretch of the imagination, but she certainly wasn't full grown yet. She was growing just right to give herself curves and cleavage, but it wasn't all there yet, and no one could possibly mistake her for being legal age. She had only just begun finding hair growing on her crotch. She would have to start shaving that some time.

Her only chance of combating her youth was to show off what she had, so she tried to find a swimsuit that would show off as much of her hips and ass and tits as she could, but her mother objected to almost everything she wanted, before she was even allowed to try anything on. Because, in truth, if she could take a marker and write "PLAY WITH THIS!" above her clit, she would do it in a heartbeat.

Instead, her mother wouldn't allow her to get anything that didn't cover her ass entirely, but she compromised by letting Nancy get a top half that showed maximum cleavage. Nancy decided to settle with that, as she thought her tits were her best feature. As they grew over the past semester (how many bras did she buy?), she would constantly examine them in the mirror, seeing how much they sagged or how perky they were, how they looked all squeezed together, how they looked wet, how they looked in clothes, how they looked it wet clothes... she would even sneak as many peeks at Alexis' tits whenever she could, just to compare. She was extremely happy to report that, while Alexis may have been winning the race for sex, Nancy had better tits.

And they were tits; not breasts or boobs or even funbags (that was such a dumb word). Tits seemed to be the right word to describe was she had. ‘Breasts’ was too medical; ‘boobs’ suggested that they weren't as firm as they really were; so ‘tits’ it was. They were perky things, with the nipples almost looking up to say "Hi! Aren't you going to give us a kiss hello?" And she liked that idea, certainly; if there was one part of her almost as awesome as her clit, it had to be her nipples. If she met a guy that knew how to rub her clit AND her tits just the right way, she would marry the guy before he could pull down his pants.

Her swimsuit top, thankfully, was the kind with strings that could be tightened, and she wanted to be able to tie them so tight her nipples poked through the cloth to announce their presence.

Okay, so the bottom half of the swimsuit wasn't perfect, but if a guy got lost in her tits, the swimsuit would come off soon anyway.

It was going to be a good summer.


Alexis skated to John's house and asked if he was home. John's mother said he was, and she was glad Alexis had come, because he had been in a funk lately and needed to be defunked. Alexis wondered if John's mother thought ‘defunked’ was common slang today or if she had used it when she was growing up. But more pressing was the fact that John was ‘in a funk’ to begin with. Alexis went upstairs to see him, and found him playing a videogame in his room.

John smiled to greet her, but it seemed forced to Alexis.

"Hi," she said, "wanna go to the skatepark or the beach or something? It's a great day outside."

"I know," John said, half-glumly and half-irritated. "I'm just... not in the mood to be real sociable right now."

Alexis sat down next to him. "Do you want to tell me why?" she asked.

John sighed. "I don't know," he said, "it's nothing... nothing specific."

"You can tell me."

"It’s - nothing - specific," John said through gritted teeth, getting mad fast.

"Okay," Alexis said, feeling a little mad herself now, but she swallowed it down, because getting angry wouldn't help. She decided to change the subject. "Is this new?" she asked, referring to the game.

"Yeah. Got it today. Went to the mall with mom and picked it up. I just needed something new."

Alexis found the case on the floor and read the back of it. It was only for one player. That was the strangest part about it, because every other game John had on his shelf had multiplayer, all sports and racing and fighting games. John almost never played alone, unless he had to unlock special features or something.

"I saw Nancy there," John said after a long pause, "with her mom. She said she was shopping for a new bikini."

Maybe John only mentioned it casually, just to have something to say, but it had a big effect on Alexis in a bad way.

Alexis wasn't jealous of her best friend, and knew that John didn't have a crush on her or anything, so it was really the bikini comment that struck her hard.

The very fact that Alexis wasn't entirely a girl down below put a big damper on the idea of a bikini. She didn't even wear panties because they made her uncomfortable. She preferred to wear boxers, and by extension, boys' swim trunks when she went swimming. If she wore a bikini bottom, her bulge would show, and if the bikini fit around her waistline perfectly, it would be much too tight at the crotch. And if she went to the beach wearing a girls' bikini bottom, there was no doubt that she would get some stares. She didn't like to think that she was embarrassed by her anatomy, but to practically show it off it public was something beyond embarrassment.

Alexis thought that the bikini comment was really what John's problem was. John would never get to see Alexis in a bikini, because she just didn't have the proper parts for it. She wanted to show off her body to John, to see him get a hard-on just from looking at her curves, but she couldn't wear girly undergarments to please him with. Even if she decided to do it special just for him, it wouldn't look sexy at all; it would just look stupid, because her penis was sure to poke out of it, and she thought John would find that way more of a turn-off than a turn-on.

The thoughts raced in her head, and before she could think of the proper thing to say, she blurted out "Do you hate me because I'm different?"

She did not mean to say that, and regretted it instantly.

"What?" John said, forgetting about his game immediately. "What do you mean? I love you. You know that. I love everything about you. I'm just in a bad mood today. It's absolutely not about you."

"Please, John, what is it about? Can you tell me?" Alexis was ready to cry. She hated having a penis at this moment, and she felt frustrated and helpless because she couldn't change that fact.

John put the controller down and took Alexis' hands. "Look, it's... I love you..."

"I love you too... I just want to fix what's wrong."

"You can't... it's... nothing you can fix..."

John kissed her, because he didn't know how else to handle the tears brimming in her eyes. But it didn't help this time. Instead, they just burst forth, which just made their kisses sticky. Alexis loved to be kissed, and she loved John's kisses, and she didn't want to ever lose them, but despite John's assurances, she thought she was the problem.

John wanted to keep kissing her, just to distract her, but she pulled away and insisted on answers. "Please tell me the problem," Alexis said.

John didn't want to admit his own faults, but the truth was the only thing that would get her tears to stop, or at least he hoped so.

"It's the same problem we've discussed before," he finally said.

"The taste?"

"Yes. But it's not your fault. It's mine, and I'll deal with it, and I'll get over it on my own. It's not something you have to worry about."

"But it IS my fault. If I didn't have... if I was a normal girl..."

"Don't say that. I love you the way you are. I love you despite that."

Alexis sniffed and wiped her cheek. "I wish I wasn't like this."

"I don't. I think what you have makes you unique, and it makes me love you more because you are a lot stronger than other girls. Because you're different, you're better than everybody else."

"You're lying."

"No, I'm not, Alexis," John said. "I asked you out, remember? I kissed you that first time. I... I was the one that moved us along in our relationship, you know, that way. You never have to worry about your body getting in the way of what we do."

Alexis turned off the tap in her eyes and sniffled again. "I guess you're right. I just don't like seeing you in a bad mood and knowing it's because of me."

"Alexis, it's NOT because of you. I guess I can't tell you that enough. I - love - you - Alexis. Okay?"


"Now let's go to the skatepark or the beach or something. It's a great day outside."

Alexis laughed a little bit. "Okay," she said, "but no halfpipe."

"No halfpipe. Promise," John said, and sealed his promise with another kiss.



John had a wonderful wet dream.

In the dream, he and Alexis were at the skatepark in the middle of the night. No one else was around. There was no moon or stars in the sky, so the only light came from one street light that was quite a ways away, so they could barely see each other. Both of them were naked except for their footwear, but the night was warm and humid, so they were sweating.

They rode to the center of the skatepark, and Alex mimicked each tricked John flipped with precision. In fact, Alexis performed the tricks flawlessly, while John felt like he was flailing and having a hard time, like the board would barely respond to his footwork.

Then Alexis flipped the board in some way John had never seen before. John tried to copy Alexis, but could no longer even ollie without messing up. He felt frustrated and anxious, but most of all embarrassed that he could not do something his girlfriend could do.

Alexis did the trick again, and again, over and over, to show John how it was done, but John stopped paying attention to the board and started paying attention to the way Alexis' breasts bounced and her penis flapped as her body went airborne and came down again.

Seeing her slippery body move like that made him hard. And even though Alexis was not looking at John, her penis mimicked his, and got hard simultaneously.

John got off his board and walked toward Alexis. Alexis stopped performing the flip, but stayed where she was. She let John come to her, and when he was close enough, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth a little, waiting for a kiss.

John kissed her, and hugged her, and felt her nipples get hard against his chest. Their penises rubbed against each other, and John could feel Alexis' precum dribble onto his penis, and when he broke the kiss and looked down, he saw he was dripping onto hers.

John got to his knees, and after a moment or two, licked her dick. The precum tasted tart, but refreshing, like unsweetened lemonade. He didn't find it bitter at all. He licked her dick further, then took a hand and pulled back her foreskin. The head of her dick glistened with precum.

He licked that, then submerged her head in his mouth, sucking it gently. Precum filled his mouth like the flow wouldn't stop, and before he knew it, his mouth was full, and he had to swallow.

Alexis was breathing heavily, panting, whining just a bit like she was trying to hold in an orgasm.

John looked up to see Alexis' breasts heaving, and then the dream abruptly changed.

They were still in the night-skatepark, but John was now lying on his back, on his skateboard, but it felt like a mattress. Alexis was on top of him, and they were in the 69 position. Alexis dug right in and sucked John's dick with gusto, slurping right along, letting her tongue slide along the top of his dick, and drooling all over him.

John sucked Alexis' dick, trying to match the energy she had for his. He bobbed his head back and forth, but soon he didn't need to as much because Alexis began moving her hips, so she was controlling the motion. John opened his mouth and let her fuck it to her liking, but she would not let him do the same. She controlled everything, and all John could try to do was slide his hands over her body.

The quality of light changed, and it became brightened very quickly, but it didn't really matter to John. What mattered was that he was about to cum. But in his dream, he didn't cum. Alexis came, but he felt her orgasm. Cum squirted onto his tongue, and it tasted just like the precum, but goopier. He enjoyed the taste, and let it sit on the front of his tongue as long as he could.

It was just at this point, when Alexis shot the second pulse of cum, that John suddenly awoke and realized that he was cumming in his own bed. He quickly put his hand in his boxers to prevent anything from getting stained, but he could not stop his own orgasm.

Cum burst into his hand, and got all over his dick and his waist.

As his orgasm faded, John rubbed the cum with his fingers. He tried to grab what he could, then took his hand out of his boxers and brought it to his face.

Almost by instinct, partly by desire, he licked his hand.

He was more revolted than he was two nights before when he had licked his own precum. It tasted nothing at all like he dreamed it tasted.

At this point John finally opened his eyes, and tried to get out of the bed without getting any cum on his sheets. His boxers were wet with ejaculate, but there was nothing he could do about it now.

He went to the bathroom and wiped as much cum off his boxers as he could with toilet paper, then showered, cleaning himself up.

Before the shower was over, he had forgotten what the dream was about, except for some lingering doubt and anxiousness.


Nancy masturbated and came three times before she forced herself to stop so she could go to the beach with her friends. She didn't want to spend her summer pleasuring herself, of course; she wanted some hot older guy to pleasure her instead.

She tried inviting Alexis, but was secretly relieved when Alexis told her she planned on spending the day with John if she could. Although Alexis was Nancy's best friend, Alexis did already have a boyfriend, and Nancy wanted to go to the beach with girls who had similar interests to her own, namely, find a new boyfriend.

Nancy ended up going to the beach with three other friends and her brand new swimsuit. One thing she was grateful for was that none of her friends showed her up in the revealing swimwear department. Who of the four of them was the hottest or cutest was up for debate.

Kelly was a wavy-haired brunette with bright big eyes and a shy smile; Amber was a skinny girl with baby-soft, mocha-colored skin and cute dimples; and Jennifer was a shy, black-haired girl with glasses and two braided pig-tails almost down to her ass.

All four girls knew each other from school, and were friends particularly because they all had the same interest: men. Their tastes ran the gamut from Leo DiCaprio to Sylvester Stallone, but they could all agree that their age group had slim pickings, and they wanted to have adult experiences as soon as possible. Even Jennifer, who was by far the most underdeveloped, expressed a desire to see what was between a man's legs.

Each of the girls had secretly discovered masturbation right around the end of the previous school year, with Nancy last, but though men was a prime topic for them, their own sexuality never came up. Kelly popped her own cherry with her mom's vibrator; Amber wiggled her fingers around inside her butt; and Jennifer found that playing with her nipples made showering a thousand times more fun.

But although each girl had started learning their own techniques, it was only Nancy who had had an orgasm. Kelly thought she had had one, but wasn't sure; Amber stopped fingering her ass whenever she came close; and Jennifer didn't even know girls could have orgasms.

Nancy really wanted to discuss her findings with the others to see if they enjoyed masturbation as much as she did, but she didn't know how to broach the subject, and besides, now was not the time. Now was the time to play two-vee-two beach volleyball and hope the ball might get sent into a cluster of hot guys.

Each girl, although nervous about trying to impress guys, was at the top of her form. It was a day of perfect serves, hard spikes, and magnificent diving saves. The girls didn't bother to keep score; they just played until one of them got tired, then they would swim out to a secluded area of the ocean and discuss the guys they saw, and what guys looked at them back. There were mainly three groups of guys that watched them: one group consisted of a few guys that discussed the skill of the girls rather than their looks, so Nancy guessed that these guys might have been sports nuts and thought of the girls as too young to be attractive; a second group of guys eyed them, but tried to look casual, as if each of the guys secretly wanted the girls, but were embarrassed to tell the other in their group; and the only other guy that noticed them was an older, hairy, chubby guy that sat alone in a beach chair, pretending to read a book but obviously staring at them, or more particularly staring at Jennifer. It made Jennifer feel very uncomfortable, but the other girls were mildly jealous. "At least you've got someone who clearly wants you, even if the guy is gross," one of the girls pointed out to her.

Nancy couldn't understand why the guy that was too old and hairy and chubby would take such a liking to Jennifer. Jennifer had barely hit puberty, and really showed no signs of it. She was flat-chested and had no curves to speak of. Jennifer wasn't even wearing a bikini; she was just wearing a navy blue one-piece that that showed absolutely nothing. If anything, it seemed to Nancy that Jennifer had the least to offer of anyone, but she didn't tell anyone that. It would be mean to mention that, so instead she just tried to help Jennifer's ego along like the other girls did.

Jennifer still thought the guy was gross, and nobody blamed her for not going near him. But they did think it was a little odd when she said she needed to leave because her parents wanted her home. In truth, Jennifer was way, way too uncomfortable with that guy looking at her, even when she was treading water far out with the other girls. That guy couldn't take his eyes off her, and Jennifer got too creeped out by the staring. She went home but didn't tell anyone about the guy, and the other girls forgot about him as soon as he stopped looking in their direction, since Jennifer had left the group.

With only three to their group now, they tried playing more volleyball, hoping some hot guy might ask to join them to complete the game, but when that didn't happen, they got bored quickly and decided to try again tomorrow.

Amber left soon after, and Nancy and Kelly decided to go for one last swim before going home to wash off the sand.

When they got away from the crowd, Kelly decided she had to speak up. "Nancy, I have to ask you a question," she said, "and I don't know if I can talk to the other girls."

"What's up?"

"Promise you won't tell anyone, not even Amber?"

"Yeah, I promise."

"Okay. Don't answer if you don't want to, but... have you ever... you know, tried, um, sexual things? Like, with your last boyfriend?"

"No," Nancy said, "but I did want to."

"Good," Kelly said, relieved at this news.

"He... he was always too nervous, but I tried to do stuff with him anyway. I stopped seeing him before we did anything more than kissing."

"Oh, I'm sorry. So, have you ever tried, anything, you know, with yourself? I mean, alone?"

"OhmygodKelly,yes! Just the other day I started, you know... in the bath..."

"That makes me feel a whole lot better. I thought I was the only one."

Nancy laughed. "No, you're not the only one."

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly do you do, in the bath?"

"Well, I... I play with my clit," Nancy said in a whisper.

"What's that?"

"What's that?" Nancy said, incredulous. "It's the... thing... above your vagina, you know..."

"The what?"

"Look, it's the... do you mind if I touch yours to show you? I mean, that was a weird question -"

"No, no, go ahead."

Nancy looked a little embarrassed, but glided over to Kelly in the water, and touched Kelly's waistline with her fingers. She put her fingers down Kelly's bikini bottom, and felt for the clit. When she found it, she said "Do you feel that?"

"Yeah," Kelly said.

"That thing. I play with that all the time. You have no idea who good it feels."

"Oh. I, you know, stick my fingers inside, and get, you know, stuff, um, objects, and use them like it was a guy's, you know..."

"I don't even put anything inside, I just play with this," Nancy said, still touching Kelly's clit, now rubbing it with her thumb automatically, not even realizing what she was doing.

"I should try it. Can you show me how you do it?"

"Sure, um, just watch through the water I guess," Nancy said, looking down to make sure the water wasn't too opaque. Nancy then took her hand out of Kelly's swimsuit and slid down her own so her clit was exposed. She then began rubbing it, trying to enjoy the feeling even though she felt weird doing it in a public place and being watched.

But it didn't take much to make her get horny. She just pictured Johnny Depp playing with it instead of herself, and she began to feel warmer all over. She closed her eyes and stopped treading water and started to float, letting her legs brush up against Kelly's. Kelly kept Nancy from floating away by holding her thighs, and brought Nancy closer so their bikini bottoms were rubbing together.

Nancy made soft ooh noises and started to shiver in the water. Kelly watched Nancy's clit with interest, but looked up at Nancy's face a couple times to make a mental note that she was enjoying herself way more than Kelly ever did.

Nancy had an orgasm in short order, and Kelly could feel Nancy's legs shake in her hands. It was a small orgasm, nothing compared to any of her previous efforts, but she still got the point across. It felt amazing.

With a couple moments to cool down, Nancy went back to treading water so Kelly didn't have to hold her anymore.

"Wow," Kelly said, "you look like you really got into it."

"Oh, boy, do I. What do you do?"

"Well, it's hard to do with just my hands, but I'll try."

Kelly slid her bikini bottom all the way off and had Nancy hold onto it. Nancy took it, and then gripped Kelly to make sure that she didn't go floating away like Nancy had almost done. Nancy saw that Kelly had a little more hair growing down there, but wasn't sure if she was jealous or not.

Kelly slid her fingers between her lips, rubbing her pussy slowly, before sticking her a couple fingers inside.

"I normally do something like this, you know, but with a... thing so it's easier. It's not that great right now, but usually it feels pretty good. It's weird to do it in public, but, you get the picture."

"Can I try?"

"On me? Ummm... I guess so. That might be easier, sure."

Kelly took her own fingers out of her pussy as Nancy let her own slide in. Nancy felt around inside Kelly's pussy, rubbing the walls, then asked, "Hey, where's your, you know, cherry?"

"Huh? Oh, I popped it. You still have yours?"

"Yeah. I've never done this to myself. I thought you only lost it the first time you had sex."

"Well, yeah, if you don't do it yourself. If I use something that's just like a penis, it's gonna pop my cherry just like a penis," Kelly said, but she giggled each time she said 'penis.'

Nancy pushed her fingers in a little further, exploring Kelly's pussy, until she rubbed against something that made Kelly practically jump in the water.

"Do that again," Kelly said.

"Do what?"

"You just hit a spot, do it again."

"Umm... let me try."

Nancy rubbed in a couple spots, but quickly found that area again that Kelly really liked.

"That feels really good," Kelly said. "I'm going to have to remember that next time I do it myself. Keep rubbing there."

"I think we found your g-spot," Nancy said.

"My what spot?"

"Geez, Kelly, you got to get up on the lingo. Your g-spot. I read that the clit and the g-spot are the two best things to make a girl have a - orgasm."

"Yeah? Oh, rub it just like that. Harder though."

Nancy did as she was told, and Kelly started to breathe heavier. She was feeling hot and a little faint, and thought she knew exactly how Nancy had felt minutes earlier.

"How does that feel?" Nancy asked.

"It's... it's... oh man that feels..." Kelly couldn't finish, because she was hit with her first orgasm, which made her nearly double over and take in water. Nancy held her up, but continued to rub her g-spot until Kelly hand to push Nancy's hand away to get control of herself. Kelly tried to calm down, which took much longer than it took Nancy previously. "I need to go home and do it myself," Kelly said.

"I might want to, too," Nancy said.

"That... was... I think that was my first orgasm... I mean I thought I'd had them before, but I guess not... nothing like this at least. Whew."

"Feels awesome, huh? I'll definitely see if I can do that, and if I can, I'll tell you which one feels better - clit or g-spot, I mean."

"So will I," Kelly said. "You think we should tell the other girls? I wonder what they do."

"Sure, but we have to be discreet."

"Be what?"

"Didn't you ever pay attention in English class? Discreet - showing self-restraint or modesty."

"You mean don't ask them point blank if they ever orgasm."

"Pretty much," Nancy said. "Oh! Put your bikini back on!"

"Ooh, thanks," Kelly said, and took her bikini bottom back. Nancy herself almost forgot to pull hers up before swimming back to shore.

The girls walked off the beach together, trying to discuss the intricate details of clit versus g-spot orgasms, but failing miserably. It was one of those things that couldn't be described in words. They would just have to experience them both and find out for themselves.


As Nancy played volleyball and tried to make eye contact with hot older guys, Alexis went to John's house to see if he was home. They hadn't done anything sexual for a while, and she wanted to have some fun with him. She figured that if she had a boyfriend, why should she have to masturbate alone? She only hoped that John wasn't in a bad mood, or that might start of the waterworks like it had a couple days ago. She didn't want let her emotions out again, because once she started, she didn't know how to stop. She didn't want to face the conflict she had with herself, so her best distraction would be to have some fun with John.

There were no cars in John's driveway, so she figured it was a safe bet that his parents weren't home. Then again, there was also a good chance he wasn't home, either.

But Alexis rang the doorbell anyway, and John answered it after a minute.

"Hi," John said. He seemed to be in a much more sociable mood today, but below the surface was something else. Today, Alexis chose to ignore it.

"Hi. You look wet."

"I just took a shower. I woke up late."

"Squeaky clean?"


Alexis put her arms over John's shoulders and spoke seductively: "Well, I want to get you dirty again."

John chuckled. "Don't do that. You sound like you're from one of those pornos we watched that time."

"Yeah? Well I'm in the mood to act like it, so get right back out of those clothes you just put on."

"Yes ma'am," John said, and pulled Alexis inside. He knew he had just had a wet dream, but he figured since he hadn't been able to masturbate properly in awhile that he would have reserves. And dammit, the invitation was all he needed. He wanted do all the things couples are supposed to do.

John led Alexis right up to his room, where he closed the door and practically threw Alexis onto the bed. He climbed on top of her and they got right to smooching. They locked lips and licked tongues, forgetting about their troubles and living in the moment.

Neither of them wanted this to be lovey-dovey; they wanted it all to be about physical pleasure: no taking their sweet time, just getting right to the action.

John sat up and took his shirt off, and Alexis stayed down, but took of her shirt just as quickly. John threw their shirts on the floor and dove back in, groping Alexis' tits and sucking her tongue out of her mouth.

Alexis could barely breathe, and that was exactly how she wanted it. She wrapped her arms around John, shoving one hand down the back of his pants to grab his ass.

When John stopped kissing Alexis for a moment to catch his breath, Alexis said "Suck my nipple. I loved it when you did it last time."

John didn't need to be told twice. He pushed her bra up and planted his face into one of her tits, letting his left hand continue to play with the other. He took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could and licked her nipple and areola, sliding his tongue all over it.

Alexis took John's free hand and sucked the fingers. She wanted to suck his dick, but fingers were acceptable as long as he kept up playing with her tits.

Both of them had hard-ons fighting to get out, so John took his left hand away from Alexis' breast and tried unbuttoning his jeans, keeping his mouth on Alexis' tit. When he finally got the button undone he had just as hard a time getting the zipper down, then worked on doing the same for Alexis' jeans.

John had to sit back up to remove his jeans and boxers, so Alexis quickly took the chance to take off her bra and start to slide her own pants down. John didn't give her enough time to fully get her jeans, instead opting to pounce on her once more, bringing his mouth onto her other breast.

Alexis' hard-on poked through the hole in her boxers, and rubbed against John's. John began to move his hips, sliding his dick and balls over Alexis' dick, as if he were trying to fuck what should have been there. Alexis didn't see it like that; she just loved the feeling of John's hard cock sliding against hers.

Alexis moved her own hips to double the amount of sliding going on below, but brushed her hands through John's hair to let him know his mouth was doing the best work.

John allowed one of his hands back up to Alexis' mouth so she could suck it. At first he thought he was doing it for her, because he knew she wanted something to suck on, but he realized soon that he liked having his fingers sucked. Not as much as his dick, of course, but finger sucking was pretty nice.

John licked and sucked Alexis' tits just as she sucked his fingers, and they sure were happy with that arrangement, bringing each other close to climax, letting precum dribble on each others' cocks.

"Take my pants and boxers off," Alexis moaned. She wanted to be as naked as John was, to let her privates completely free to rub all over his.

John got up and ripped Alexis' jeans off her feet, then slid her boxers down and did the same to them. John momentarily thought of sucking Alexis' dick, but seeing how much precum was soaking it - both hers and his - he decided to skip it for now and go back to what he was doing.

With one dick sliding over the other, and balls sliding over balls, fingers in her mouth, and a mouth on her tits, it was too much pleasure for Alexis to handle. She moaned again, and her dick spasmed, shooting cum all over her privates, John's privates, and their waists.

John felt her hot cum all over him, and he was thrilled that she came. It was almost enough to make him cum, as well, but he held it to make it last as long as he possibly could.

Which wasn't long, because he finally had his own orgasm when Alexis gave him the breathless command "Cum on me."

John sat right up and looked at the beautiful girl lying before him. He grabbed his cum-covered dick and gave it five quick strokes before he shot his own cum onto Alexis' stomach. His knees felt weak and he could barely hold himself up through the whole orgasm, but he managed to see himself through it before almost falling over.

"Give me your hand," Alexis said, and John offered his clean hand. "No, the other one," she said, and John offered it. Alexis took his hand, and licked the cum off, closing her eyes and smiling with every swallow.

John took this as a cue to repay the favor, even though Alexis didn't mean it like that. He put his face up to her stomach and, with a grimace, licked the cum up. Alexis did not notice the faces he made as he swallowed it down. All Alexis knew was the pleasure in feeling John's tongue slide over her stomach, across her waist (which made her shiver), and finally down to her dick.

John licked Alexis' now-flaccid dick and balls, cleaning all the cum off them as best as he could, but not enjoying it in the least.

"Are you eating the cum?" Alexis asked.

"Yes," John said, trying to sound more pleased than he was.

"I'm so happy for you," Alexis said, "but it's my turn to clean you off."

John sat up, and Alexis rolled onto her stomach, putting John's cock in front of her face. She licked the cum off his privates first, but then got into the sucking motion of it, and kept sucking his soft dick even when it was clean.

John watched her suck him this time. He wanted to see it as well as feel it, especially now that he wasn't worried about cumming too soon, considering he had already cum once.

The nasty taste in his mouth wouldn't go away, though, and he couldn't get his dick back up again for another round. But he let Alexis suck it anyway, because she was getting into it, even though it wasn't hard.

Alexis was almost on autopilot, in a dream world where all that mattered was having a dick in her mouth. All she wanted was to feel that dick get hard in her mouth, to have it orgasm again, but this time to cum straight onto her tongue. It took her a little while to realize that the dick wasn't getting hard, because playtime was over.

She was a little disappointed, but she didn't show it. Instead she looked up at John and said "We should do this way more often."

"We should," John agreed. He wanted to cum on her way more often; he just didn't want to taste cum so often. He had no idea how this was going to work out.


PART 2.5

John and Alexis were drained from their sexual exploits and took a brief nap on John's bed. They lay next to each other naked, with John's arm over Alexis, resting just under her breasts.

John woke first, after only a few minutes, but let Alexis sleep on. He watched her sleep, in awe of his grand luck that such a beautiful, wonderful girl would love him and be with him. He had no thoughts right now of the problems associated with sex with Alexis, just that he loved the sexy things they did, despite that one aspect he didn't like. He would suffer through swallowing cum if it was what Alexis wanted, if it was what proved to Alexis that he was a good boyfriend. Maybe, in time, he might learn to like it.

But for now all that mattered was seeing the cutest girl he'd ever met sleeping in his bed. He watched her breasts lift as she breathed, heard that same soft breath escape her lips, and he wanted, more than anything, to keep this moment forever.

But like all moments, this one left much too fast. Alexis stirred and opened her eyes. Seeing John next to her, she smiled and said "Oh, good, I didn't dream that."

"Nope," John said, and kissed her. Now that the hard and fast sexy stuff was over, John let this kiss linger, to keep this kiss as sensual as he could. This kiss meant that he didn't just want her body, he wanted her love, and he would always give her his love.

When that kiss ended, as all kisses must, Alexis sat up and looked around for her clothes, which where thrown all over the room. She touched her stomach, waist, and privates, and felt that, despite being cleaned with John's tongue, her skin was still sticky.

"I'll be right back," Alexis said, and got up from the bed.

"Where you going?" John said. He probably could have guessed the answer if he wasn't using all his brain power to stare at his girlfriend's perfect figure.

"To the bathroom. I have to clean myself up."

"Can I help?" John asked. His head was only half aware of what she said and what his responses were.

"Umm, ok," Alexis said. At first she wasn't sure what to make of John's suggestion, but then figured it must be a compliment of sorts, because, in truth, he just didn't want her to leave his sight.

John got off the bed and followed Alexis into the bathroom, looking at her ass on the way. Of everything he done with Alexis, he had spent the least amount of time with her ass. It was smooth and round and all around delectable.

Alexis took a washcloth and wet it under the faucet, making sure it wasn't too cold for her sensitive regions.

John stood behind her and put his arms around her waist, letting his dick press up against her ass crack. John’s dick and waist, too, were sticky, but Alexis didn't care; she just liked to feel John's body against hers. He took the washcloth from Alexis' hands and began to rub her belly with it gently, soaking the last remnants of cum off her body.

He slid the washcloth along her waist, where Alexis had a fit of shivers, then down to her dick, where he spent extra time stroking it, making sure the head and foreskin were as clean as could be. Finally, he reached under her dick and cleaned her balls, rolling them around carefully, sliding the washcloth underneath and all around to get every possible area.

He wasn't even aware that he was getting a hard-on until Alexis put her hands on the sink and pushed up further against him, standing on her toes and bending over slightly.

John didn't realize he had it in him to get a boner so soon after cumming, but he wasn't complaining.

He put the washcloth down and slid his dick between Alexis' legs until he was completely hard. He held Alexis' hips and moved his own so he could slide his dick back and forth between Alexis' legs, sliding against her taint and letting his head tap her sac.

Alexis took the washcloth in one hand and put it back under the faucet to soak it again. She brought the hot washcloth to her breasts and washed them gently, making them glisten. She closed her eyes and began to moan, yet her dick remained flaccid. She was not enjoying this in a sexual way as much as seeing it as emotional love put in motion.

John was seeing it as both love enacted and a sexual act. Part of him wanted to do this forever, just as he had wanted the kiss to last forever, but another, animal part of him wanted to have another orgasm, to fully deplete himself for the day. But despite how beautiful this looked, how wonderful it felt, John wasn't sure he could cum just from this. He could keep it hard, he was sure, but if he didn't do something different for the next hour he'd probably get blue balls. He wasn't sure if he wanted to keep doing this or try something else to get himself off. Alexis was enjoying this too much for him to only think of himself.

Then the memory hit him of earlier when she was trying to suck his dick even though he couldn't get it up. She said she loved to suck dick, and wondered if that might be an acceptable substitute for both of them.

John let his dick slide out from between Alexis' legs, and briefly slid his dick along her ass crack while Alexis let herself fall back on the heels of her feet.

John leaned over and whispered in Alexis' ear "Do you want to suck it?"

"Yes," Alexis breathed. "I love to suck it."

John gently removed the washcloth from Alexis' grip and set it in the sink. He then led Alexis through the motions of turning around and getting to her knees. Alexis kept her eyes closed and let John slide his dick into her mouth before she began to bob on it, licking it, rolling her tongue over it, tasting the precum as it dribbled into her mouth.

Alexis loved the taste of cum, but she didn't want to taste it now, because all she wanted to do was keep John's solid cock in her mouth forever. For Alexis, sucking John's dick was an experience in itself, to have her mouth full of someone else, especially someone else's cock, and most especially the cock of someone she loved.

Alexis put her hands on John's ass cheeks for leverage, then tried to fit more of his dick into her mouth. His head touched the back of her throat, but she tried to get it a little further. She wanted to be able to get the entire thing inside, every last bit.

But she couldn't. She gagged, and coughed, and had to back away for a moment.

"You okay?" John asked. He had been in absolute heaven until he heard Alexis cough. He never wanted to hurt her, even indirectly, so the sound of her gagging snapped him back straight to reality.

"I'm okay," Alexis said, "I just know not to go that far anymore." She licked the length of his dick, then said "but I want to."

"You can try it, but I don't want you hurting yourself."


Alexis tried to get it all in again, and again she gagged. She tried it one last time, but still could not, and eventually gave up on it. She would have to practice that by herself later.

Instead, she slipped John's dick mostly out of her mouth, until only the head stayed inside. She sucked on that, bobbing ever-so-slightly, letting her tongue dart and dance all over it.

John began to lose his balance, so he spread his legs a little and placed his hands on the sink and leaned on them. He was building up to an orgasm, but Alexis seemed to be toying with him just right, so he felt like he should be in the next second, but never actually making it. John made grunting noises, trying to will himself to cum instead of being in this perfect state of bliss. If he stayed in this place, the world could fall down around him and he wouldn't care.

Alexis kept it up, though, almost torturing John without realizing that she was doing so. She just loved the delicate dance she was doing with her tongue on the head of John's dick, and it would be a wonderful substitute until she learned to take his whole dick in her mouth without gagging.

It was only the slightest of changes Alexis made that finally brought John to climax. It could have been any deviation at all, but in this case it was no more than Alexis swallowing the saliva that was collecting in her mouth that did it.

John grunted quite loudly, and finally his dick pulsed and cum shot out. It wasn't much perhaps, but it was plenty to make Alexis smile. She continued to dance her tongue around the head, even as cum filled her mouth.

It didn't last, though, because John's dick became way too sensitive as he came, and his body finally reacted, shooting his hips back and taking his dick out of Alexis' mouth. One final small rope of cum shot from his dick, and landed right in Alexis' open mouth. If they were shooting a porno, that would have been in slo-mo. It felt like slo-mo to John, who watched it happen.

Alexis hadn't been watching, because her eyes were closed, but she felt it smack her tongue. She closed her mouth and let John's cum sit there for a moment so she could savor the taste, before finally swallowing it down.

She tried to go back to sucking John's dick just as she had been, but his dick convulsed each time her lip touched it. She couldn't suck his dick anymore right now; it would have to wait until he was ready again, when his dick was not so sensitive, and perhaps when he had reloaded his supply of ejaculate.

For now, Alexis opened her eyes and looked up at John. He was wild-eyed and gasping, as if he had just barely escaped a fifteen-car pileup.

"You... how... that..." John stammered.

Alexis giggled. "You likey?"

John nodded.

"Do you want me to clean it for you, like you did for me?"

John shook his head. "I don't know if it can recover enough to ever have a washcloth on it again. That was like... I can't describe it... like you kept me in that Point of No Return forever."

"'Point of No Return'?"

"That point when you know you're gonna cum and there's nothing you can do to stop it, but it hasn't quite started yet."

"I did?"


"Wow," Alexis said. She had been so lost in her own little world that she didn't notice what John had been dealing with.


"That's... wow. I wasn't even trying or anything."

"Well, whatever you did, do it again - but next time, not now. I couldn't handle it right now."

"Okay," Alexis said, standing up.

"You... your... you don't have an... erection..." John said, disconcerted by this fact.

"I know, I'm not horny right now. That was all just... well, I don't know exactly what it was. But don't worry, I loved it. I love sucking your dick, whether I'm horny or not."

"Really? You don't have to be horny to want to do that?"

"Do you have to be horny to skateboard? It's like that. It's just something you get in the mood to do."

John kissed her. "Like I'm not horny but I love kissing you."

Alexis kissed him back. "Exactly."

"Hm. I guess I get it. Speaking of skateboarding, wanna go?"

"Sure, we may want to get dressed first."

"If only we didn't," John said wistfully, suddenly remembering his wet dream.


After going to the beach with her friends and discovering new ways to masturbate with Kelly, Nancy decided to try to find her own g-spot at home.

She made herself a bath and played with her clit a little to get herself in the mood, which didn't take much at all. She had to force herself to stop and move on, or she would never get to finding her g-spot.

She rubbed her pussy lips for a short time, then took the plunge and popped the tip of one finger into her pussy. She felt her hymen immediately, but knew that Kelly's g-spot was beyond that. The natural hole in her hymen was certainly large enough for a finger, but Nancy wasn't sure she wanted to risk breaking her hymen or opening it any further. She wanted to save it for the first guy that she had sex with. A guy was supposed to take his penis and pop his girl's cherry the first time they had sex. Even if Kelly showed her than girls don't do that today, Nancy wanted her first time to be as special as possible.

Nancy decided not to try to have a g-spot orgasm, so as not to risk breaking her hymen any. Besides, playing with her clit was more than enough. She couldn't imagine how she'd ever be able to get out of the tub if she learned TWO ways to get herself off. Death by masturbation: now that was just plain silly.

If she didn't get a new boyfriend soon, she would just about go crazy. She played with her clit a bit, but now the realization that she was doing it by herself put a damper on things. She didn't do it with as much energy as she had before, and soon she just gave up and got out of the tub. She was a little horny, but it didn't mean anything if there was no one to be horny WITH.



"Holy shit, get a load of that meat," Chris said.

"Where?" James asked, scanning the beach.

"The chicks playing volleyball over there. That's some hot ass jailbait."

"Dude, you serious?" Zach said. "That's not even jailbait. Jailbait is when they look eighteen but aren't. Those chicks don't even look eighteen. I don't see one of them being a day over fifteen, if that. And that one there looks like she's about nine."

"Yeah, well, not the nine year old so much, but the other chicks are fuckin bangin."

"Way too young for me," James said, "but you have fun with that."

"Dude, tell me not, the blonde and the brunette have a great rack, right? I mean, and the ass on that halfie. Tell me you wouldn't hit it; I know you're an ass man, Jay."

"Yeah, it's hot," James admitted, "all three of the older ones are hot, but dude, seriously, I would never touch them without six forms of ID from them."

"I wouldn't even say that," Zach said. "They are so damn young I don't care how nice the tits are, I'll never think of them as hot; I can only think of them as somebody's daughter."

"See, you guys are just afraid to get caught," Chris said.

"No, dude," Zach said, "it's just plain wrong. You might as well throw the nine year old in the mix if you don't care how old they are."

"The nine year old has no tits whatsoever," Chris said. "She's not actually hot at all. But the other ones, you know, 'if there's grass on the field, play ball'."

"Sorry, I don't subscribe to that philosophy," Zach said.

"'And if the field is barren, play in the mud'," James said. "Yeah, that chick is hot, but I'll admit it that I AM afraid. I'd never want to get caught doing something with a chick I knew was too young just by looking at her. You get murdered in jail for that shit. Besides, they're so young I'd fear I'd hurt them."

"Fuck you guys," Chris said. "You wouldn't hurt them and you know it. Those chicks are fuckin old enough to play. Cept the little one, obviously."

"I think I'll stick to a healthy diet of eighteen year old ass, thanks," James said.

"I know you, you'll go home and crank it to the image of the ass on that tan chick and you won't think twice about it."

"Yeah, maybe, but there's a world of difference between imagination and reality," James said.

"Not in my book," Chris said.

"You're fuckin nuts," Zach said, "now drop it and start looking for someone else. I am not letting you leave with a fifteen year old in tow."


Chris, James, and Zach were talking about 'blonde with a great rack' Nancy, 'brunette with a great rack' Kelly, 'halfie with a great ass' Amber, and 'looks like she's nine' Jennifer, who were playing volleyball at the beach for the third day in a row, in hopes of getting the attention of older guys (just like those that were checking them out). The three guys were fit, hot, bare-chested men, perfect specimens in nearly every one of the girls' books. They were each high-school graduates who would be going to college in the fall, and they wanted to get as much pussy in during the summer break as they possibly could. James and Zach, however, were a little pickier than Chris, especially when it came to age. There were plenty of hot chicks that graduated along with them that wanted to share beach space, as well as a cozy bed. James and Zach would have preferred one or more of them to get it on with than these ridiculously young girls.

For Zach, the choice was obvious: those girls were too young to even be thought of as hot. They looked more like babies than women, and he wouldn't even admit that they were flowering into little hotties. He just didn't see it.

For James, the choice was a little more difficult. On the one hand, he knew it was wrong to think those girls were hot; on the other hand, he actually DID think they were hot. He would do exactly as Chris had said: he would jerk off tonight with the image of penetrating the ass of the tan girl in his head. But he would never do it in real life, and he would feel ashamed the moment after he came, and try not to think of it again.

For Chris, the choice simply wasn't a big deal. Sure, he'd try to find some other, hotter chicks at the beach today, but if he couldn't, he wouldn't think twice about bringing one of those girls home. Well, maybe the little one would never happen, but the others were grown enough for him.


"Did you see the three guys checking us out?" Kelly asked. "They are H-O-T."

"I think they weren't just checking us out," Amber said, "I think they were talking about us. I don't know what they were saying though."

"The blond guy reminds me of Brad Pitt," Nancy said.

"I noticed that too," Kelly said. "But the guy with the black hair kept on looking at Amber's butt. What'd you think of him, Amber?"

"I just want to sit in his lap," Amber said, and the other girls giggled.

"Do you think we should go over there and talk to them?" Nancy asked.

"No, no!" Kelly said. "Guys are supposed to come up to you to talk. Come on, let's play some more volleyball. I want those guys to stare at us some more. This is way better than that old guy that kept staring at Jennifer the past couple days!"

"No kidding," Jennifer said, and welcomed the chance to show off to some guys who weren't creepy. Although, she had to admit, she didn't even really feel all that comfortable with ANY eyes on her, especially strangers. Hot guys were better than a creepy old guy, but being watched still made her nervous.


Turned out, though, that the old, hairy, chubby, exceedingly creepy guy was at the beach that day, watching Jennifer at a distance not so far away as to be unnoticeable. He was not a child molester, goodness no, not except in his fantasies, which he kept to himself. He dreamed of little girls (and sometimes little boys), but, much like James, his feelings were conflicted, and he chose to never do anything about his urges, except to watch girls at the beach or park and touch himself later on.

The problem was, however, that the poor old man who promised himself early on in life never to touch an underage girl, was slowly losing his mind. He never exercised his brain, and as such was starting to lose grip on reality. It wasn't Alzheimer's, but a dementia that made him forget that he was a man living in a civilized society. He would often forget rules about the world, and had nearly been hit four times in the last month from jaywalking without checking for cars first. He forgot things like putting on clothes in the morning, or wiping himself after using the toilet (thankfully, he still remembered to use the toilet so far). Instead of asking for something or buying it in a store, he would just take it, and he would be so out of touch that he wouldn't realize what he was doing wrong.

Today he was hit with a particularly nasty spell of this. His eyes and mind were so zoned into Jennifer's little body that he began to play with himself, right in public. He was too old to get it up anymore, and he'd never be able to orgasm again, but he still had his thoughts. He just sat in the sand and put his hand down his swim trunks, oblivious to his surroundings. All he saw was the cute little girl that was playing volleyball, and had not yet hit puberty, as far as he could tell. He loved little girls and boys who had not yet begun to develop, and when he was younger he would picture himself violating them, but these days his mind wasn't even agile enough to conjure up anything like that.

The beach was quite crowded, and there were people near him that murmured this and gasped that, but they did nothing about the man who was playing with himself. Even when he got to the point of pulling his shorts down to fully expose his deflated penis, people just walked by and averted their eyes.

The girls, at first, did not notice him, as they were busy playing volleyball and taking peeks at the hot young guys that were eyeing them.

They did notice, however, when the old man actually stood up, with his shorts at his ankles, and began to waddle toward Jennifer. The old man barely understood what he was doing. All he knew was that he wanted a closer look at the young one, and maybe even see what was under that tight one-piece she wore.

The old man waddled closer, and the more people noticed, the more they gasped. Jennifer didn't gasp, however; she shrieked something fierce. It wasn't just the crazy old man that freaked her out, nor the fact that he was touching himself; it was the fact that he was coming toward her with the craziest eyes she had ever seen.

The young hot guys were quick to notice this and rushed toward the girls, making an effort to help the girls when no one else would.

They were almost too late. Jennifer was frozen, and the old man had come within a foot of touching her before Zach grabbed Jennifer and pulled her away. Chris put his body between the old man and the girls so they wouldn't see anything, and James grabbed the old man's swim trunks and pulled them up to cover his exposed genitals.

"Come on, grandpa, time to go," Chris said, and he and James forced the old man to move away until he had recovered his senses and left the beach himself.

Jennifer was shaken up so bad she had a violent weeping fit. The other girls were quick to comfort her, hugging her tight and protecting her from the eyes of every shocked and curious beachgoer.

Chris and James may have thought of some of the girls were hot only moments ago, but right now all thoughts of sex disappeared completely. For them, as well as Zach, all that mattered right now was making sure the girls were okay, and that the little one had not been touched.

Even the girls, who had so recently been commenting about how hot the guys were, did not think of that at all. What mattered to them now was helping Jennifer through her crying fit. Chris tried to ask them if they were all right, and Nancy brushed him off with "We're fine, please go."

The guys took that as their cue, and they left to swim off the shots of adrenaline they had gotten.

Jennifer hugged Kelly and wept into her breast, mumbling "I want to go home, I want to go home" between sobs.

"Okay, it's okay, Jennifer, it's okay, we can go home," Kelly cooed.

When Jennifer had stopped shaking enough to walk on her own, they all walked Jennifer home.

At her doorstep, Jennifer said, "I'm sorry that happened-"

"No, don't be, it's not your fault at all," Amber said. "It was that guy's fault, don't worry about it."

"No, I ruined your day," Jennifer said, "and I'm sorry. I guess I - I guess I just can't handle that stuff right now."

"We understand," Nancy said.

"I don't - I don't want to do this anymore."

"You don't have to," Kelly said. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I think we all might need to take a break from the beach after this."

"Agreed," Nancy and Amber said together.

"Thanks, guys," Jennifer said.

"Hey, you know what we should do?" Kelly said. "We should have a slumber party. Remember when we used to do that all the time? That was, like, years ago, but we could rent a movie and make popcorn and play board games and all that stuff."

Jennifer sniffled, and smiled. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."

"My parents won't be home tonight until like past midnight," Kelly said. "I have to watch my baby brother, but we could pretty much have the house to ourselves."

"Okay," Jennifer said.

"Maybe come by at like, six or seven?"

"Okay...And thanks. You guys are my best friends... the best friends I could ever have."

"It's no problem," Amber said. "Do you want us to come in or-"

"No, no, don't worry about me," Jennifer said. "I think I'll just take a bath and lie down. If I don't show up by seven, come get me, I probably fell asleep."

"Okay," Kelly said. "Then I guess we'll see you soon."


Jennifer drew herself a warm bath, made a cup of mild decaf tea, and let her shivers pass in the tub. She was done with her weeping, but she was still in a bit of weird state. It wasn't just about some ugly creep trying to touch her - it was about anyone at all trying to touch her. She knew now that she would not have been comfortable even if one of the hot guys had tried to do it. She would not have considered it flattering even then. If anybody was ever going to touch her in that way, she would be sure to know that person pretty damn well first.

She guessed she appreciated it that one of the guys picked her up and took her out of harm's way, but that wasn't anything sexual. What WAS sexual was the look in the old man's eyes. He might not have been able to get it up, but he sure wanted to. And those eyes frightened her more than any plummeting rollercoaster, with none of the fun.

Jennifer tried to think of what the old man's penis looked like - although she didn't want to, like rubbernecking at a highway car crash - but thankfully, she couldn't imagine it, because she never looked at it. She did not know what a penis looked like, and as far as she was concerned, she wanted it to stay that way for a long time.

The tea and the bath helped to calm her down, but playing with her nipples was what really steadied her nerves and stopped the shakes. She didn't yet realize that this was a sexual act in itself, but all she knew was that it made everything all better. When she gently rubbed around the nipples, over the areolas, it felt like her brain sucked up all her aches and pains and bad emotions and sent them slowly out through her nipples to dissipate into the air.

So Jennifer lay in the bathtub with her eyes closed, gently massaging her nipples and areolas until she started to think her parents might come home soon. She got out of the tub, but she was way off on her timing, so she put on a robe and continued relaxing herself through her nipples on her bed, and watched TV. She made sure to put panties on, though, because she felt very exposed, once out of the steamy bathroom, and she didn't like the feeling. It was like those eyes were peeking at her through her window.

When her parents came home, she got dressed and asked them immediately if she could go to Kelly's house for a slumber party, and they agreed to let her go.


Alexis and John spent the day at the mall. It was a weekday, so they both had to get up very early so their parents could drive them before going to work. But it was worth it, since they got to spend the whole day together, getting hyped up on frappes from Starbucks, checking out the skateboards at Zumiez, and giggling at all the sexual gag gifts in Spencer's.

After lunch in the food court, they went to Best Buy and got separated. They both went to the videogames section initially, but Alexis wandered off to the audio systems to check out the prices on iPods and MP3 players. They were all too expensive for her, so she made a mental note to drop some hints on her dad. With any luck, he wouldn't wait till Christmas or her birthday, and might be given to splurging on his little angel before the summer ended.

In the meantime, she'd have to stick with her normal CD player. It wasn't really a big deal at the moment, since she was only just starting to get into music and could count her CDs on one hand. But ever since making the coming-of-age leap from Disney and Nickelodeon to MTV, she had taken a much bigger interest in music. The girl in her told her the boy bands were hot, but the tomboy in her told her their music sucked, and she let the tomboy in her win the fight for music. She listened to punk, enjoying a range from The Clash up to Green Day. Recently, a new band called Lutz had come out and was making waves. Alexis had heard their hit and it was practically love at first strum.

In the music section, Lutz only had two CDs, their first album and the single for their hit, but they took up lots of room on the shelf anyway, since they had launched into stardom so fast. Unfortunately, when that happens, it usually results in a one-hit wonder.

As Alexis scanned the song titles on the back of the album case, she felt a hand cup her ass, and jumped slightly before realizing it was John.

"Hi, babe," John said, kissing her on the cheek. "Ooh, Lutz, I heard of them. What was their song?"

"'Love Songs Can Suck It'."

John laughed. "Love songs do NOT tell it like it is," he said, and squeezed Alexis' ass.

Alexis giggled, but said "Stop that," then whispered, "I don't want to get a boner in public."

"You're no fun anymore," John pouted. "You gonna buy it or are you gonna make me buy it for you?"

"Would you? I would love you forever and ever and ever and ever-"

"Yes, yes, I'll buy it!" John said, pretending to be pissed. He then kissed her earlobe and whispered "But you're gonna hafta repay me tonight."

"Oh, can I? I was hoping I might."

"Glad we're on the same wavelength... uh-oh, though."

"What uh-ohs? No uh-ohs."

"Will your parents be home tonight?"

"Yes," Alexis said, frowning.

"So will mine."


"How do you suppose we can sneak in sexy time?"

"Put a chair against the door?"

"Works for me," John said. "But if we get caught, I'll blame you and your seductive ways."

"I'll blame you and your effect on my nether regions."

"I like those nether regions," John said, and to prove his point, cupped a hand over her crotch and squeezed gently.

"No giving me a boner," Alexis said, a little louder than she planned. Her face went red and she quickly looked around to make sure no one was in earshot.

"Hey," John said, "never feel ashamed about that. I never want you to feel ashamed of what you have. I'm not ashamed of it. You shouldn't be either." He squeezed her package one more, then turned her around to face him and kissed her hard. She leaned back and almost hit the shelf of CDs.

"Okay," she said, when she finally tore her lips from his. She loved it, but it was making her too hot for being at a mall. "I promise to never be ashamed, if you promise to always love me."

"I promise," John said. "I will always love you."


Black thunderclouds moved in to cover the sky just as Alexis' dad picked Alexis and John up. They had arranged for John to sleep over Alexis' house, which Jeff had a big problem with. When a girl and a boy have a sleepover, it's a lot different than a bunch of girls at a slumber party. He knew his daughter would be doing sexual things with John, and he didn't exactly condone it. It was really John's father who convinced him to allow it, because, as John's father said, if they weren't allowed to do anything, they would just find ways to rebel that might be much worse. Jeff's rational side had to agree, but at the same time, the standard for girls and boys was way different. Boys were encouraged to mack it as early as possible, and girls were encouraged to stay virgins until marriage. And in the case of one's daughter, virginity should be everlasting. On the other hand, Jeff and his wife had accidentally raised Alexis to be a boy for the first ten or so years of her life. It was a big shock to find out they had guessed wrong and surgically removed the wrong set of organs, even if they told themselves to be prepared for the possibility.

In the end, Jeff perhaps agreed with John's father because, well, he was still given to thinking Alexis was a boy. You don't raise a boy for ten years to suddenly have him become a girl and expect everything to be fine. Jeff had planned on giving Alex the grand old talk about using protection and don't get any girls pregnant. Now, if Alexis were a girl, Jeff's wife would have to tell Alexis about using protection and not getting pregnant herself. Of course, Alexis couldn't get pregnant, so neither Jeff nor Anne had had 'the talk' with Alexis yet. What can you say? "Don't worry about getting pregnant, and since you like boys, don't worry about getting anyone else pregnant either. So, you know, go wild, have a blast."

Yeah, right.

Alexis was getting sexual so young, and Jeff just didn't know how to deal with it. Maybe he and Anne would sit down with Alexis together and try to have 'the talk'. Or maybe they would just skip over it entirely. It seemed she already knew enough about sex and was figuring out plenty on her own, even if it was the warped fantasies of porn that taught her.

Next year Alexis would start sex ed. That might solve their problems for them. Or not.

Still, understanding that your kid is becoming sexual is one thing, letting it happen in your own home, WHILE you are home, is something else entirely. He did not feel comfortable with that scenario.


Alexis' father tried to put the idea out of his mind, and acted pleasantly enough with John during dinner. John was sure he sensed some hostility, but it was more of his guilty conscience than anything Alexis' father was doing. John had known Alexis' parents for a while now, and they practically considered him part of the family, but John's imagination kept going back to that first time Alexis ever gave him a blowjob, when he had cum and it went all over her face and hair. If Alexis' father had seen it, John was sure he would have been killed. John wasn't a father himself, of course, but he could imagine that no father wants to see his daughter with cum on her face.

Part of John's problem was also the fact that he had promised Alexis they were going to do something tonight, whether her parents were home or not. The idea of getting caught did not excite him. Maybe if they got caught by John's parents it might be embarrassing, but he'd get over it; but getting caught by Alexis' parents was suicide.

After dinner, Alexis and John went up to Alexis' room, but only because that's where her videogame system was. They left the door open and barely rubbed elbows as they played. Alexis knew John was nervous about trying anything tonight, and even though they planned on doing something, she couldn't blame him for being nervous. She didn't want to get caught either, although she had to admit the RISK of getting caught held its own charm. But that was kind of like the risk of bailing on a skateboard was sort of fun, but actually bailing sucked. Maybe they would try risking it someday, but she was fine with that not happening for a while.


Jeff tried to concentrate on balancing the checkbook, but one part of his mind told him to check on the kids, and the other part of his mind told him that if they were doing something, he didn't actually want to know. That left zero parts of his mind for number-crunching.

It was Anne that came to the rescue for everyone.

She saw that Jeff was staring off into space, with the pen not even touching the paper, so she surprised him with a neck massage. He had been zoning out so far that he jumped when she touched him. She worked out the kinks in his neck, which he greatly appreciated.

"You seem to need some relief," Anne said.

"That feels good. Thank you."

Anne spun the chair around quickly and sat on Jeff's lap, straddling him. She kissed him and pressed her breasts against his chest.

"I think you need a different kind of relief," Anne said.

Jeff put his hands on her ass and pulled her closer. He kissed her back and said "Maybe that is what I need."

"You know, we haven't really done anything experimental lately."

"It's hard to find time with a teenager in the house."

"I know, but maybe we could just go out tonight, you and me. We could get a little frisky; maybe rent a cheap motel room, maybe go down to that sex shop and buy a new porno maybe. It's been so long since we added anything to our collection." She ran a hand through Jeff's hair and kissed him again.

"Maybe we could try something new after all," Jeff said.

"Like handcuffs."

Jeff was getting aroused, and Anne could feel it. "Who'll be wearing them?"

"Maybe we both will," Anne said. "I want to try all the things we had wanted to try before we had Alexis. Do you remember some of the things we wanted to try, but never got around to?"

"I'm starting to remember."

"Come on, let's get out of here. I will make you forget that anything else in the world exists but you and me and absolute pleasure. I want to be able to get loud again."

Jeff squeezed his wife's ass and buried his face in her tits. Since having Alexis, he had forgotten how much more fun loud was than quiet.


John and Alexis heard the front door slam.

"Did they leave?" John asked.

"I don't know," Alexis said, and got up and looked out the window. She watched her parents get in the car and drive off in a rush. "Yeah, they left, but I don't know why."

"So that means you don't know when they'll be back?"


John grabbed Alexis from behind and threw her squealing onto the bed. He kissed her hard quickly, then said, "I want to get you off like you've never gotten off before. I want to do to you what you did to me the other day. I want you to guide me and tell me everything you want me to do. Tell me to go fast or slow or suck you or lick you or play with your tits - I know you like that - or how hard or soft to do any of those things or-"

"Stop talking and kiss me like you love me."

John did as he was told.


"Now, your brother is already asleep," Kelly's mother told her, "but there is supposed to be a thunderstorm tonight, so he might wake up before we get home."

"Okay mom, I know what to do."

"Number's on the kitchen table if there's an emergency, and instructions on how to warm the baby formula. And no friends over."

"Yes, mom."

"Love you."

"Love you too, mom."

Kelly's parents finally left. She had been dreading them staying too long and having Nancy or Amber or Jennifer coming by while they were still there. Her parents might have cancelled their plans for the night just to make sure Kelly didn't get her way. She didn't hate her parents, but they sure were strict about having other people over. Both of her parents had to be home when someone came over, and they were checked on nearly every fifteen minutes. It wasn't that they were protective of Kelly, either, since she was allowed to go to her friends' houses almost whenever she wanted. It seemed they were more worried about the house burning down than anything else.

But tonight she was able to get away with having friends over. Her parents were not planning on returning till the morning at the earliest. If Kelly got her friends up early enough, she might be able to get them out of the house before her parents came home. It might not even come to that, because usually when her parents went out for the night, they stayed out until mid-afternoon the next day. They considered Kelly to be a free babysitter while they went out and had fun.

Kelly didn't mind, though; she loved her little brother. He might cry every once in a while, but he wasn't nearly the kind of pain she used to think babies were. He needed to have naps on time, and be fed and have his diaper changed, but other than that, Kelly loved playing with him. She practically got more joy out of peek-a-boo than he did.

But tonight it was girls' night, and the more her brother slept, the better.

Amber arrived first, followed closely by Nancy and Jennifer. The first order of business was to fawn over the baby, sleeping soundly in his crib. The girls really wanted to pick him up, but Kelly didn't want him to be woken up before he was ready or he'd start screaming.

Jennifer appeared to have recovered from earlier in the day, as if nothing even happened. They each decided in their own minds not to talk about it, but the conversation did steer toward men almost off the bat - first about movie stars and boy bands, then about some of the guys they knew and secretly had crushes on. Nancy and Kelly kept exchanging glances, indicating clearly that they both wanted to bring up masturbation.

Nancy finally found a way to bring it up in a conversational way: "So, what do you guys, um, do, when you think of guys you like?"

"What do you mean?" Kelly said. She knew what Nancy meant, but she was trying to move the conversation properly in that direction so the others might get the hint and volunteer first. She knew when she asked the question that it sounded like bad acting, but Amber and Jennifer didn't seem to notice.

Amber winked, and said "I know what you mean. You're asking if we play with ourselves."

"Amber!" Nancy said, in feign shock. But she was smiling, and trying her best to hold in her giggle.

"What? I do!" Amber said. "Don't tell me you guys don't."

"Yes, we do too," Kelly said.

"We?" Amber asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Well, me and Nancy already talked about it."

"Without me present? When was this?"

"Oh, boy," Kelly said, "do you want to tell about it, Nancy?"

Nancy clapped her hands in excitement. "Okay, so, you two had left, and me and Kelly went for a swim before leaving, right?..."

Nancy and Kelly told the other girls all about their masturbatory experiment at the beach. Amber and Jennifer were enrapt by the tale; Amber shocked and delighted when they talked about doing things with each other, and Jennifer found herself turned on by the deions of what it felt like. She didn't understand exactly what the feeling was that they described, nor what she was feeling now, but she unconsciously rubbed her nipples as the girls talked.

When they finished off the story, Amber said "Wow. That's not what I do at all. I mean, I don't even touch my cooch."

Kelly laughed. "You're cooch? That's what you call it?"

"Works as well as anything," Amber said.

"What do you do, then?" Nancy said. She hoped to get extra ideas about new ways of masturbating without breaking her hymen.

"Well, I... it's kind of embarrassing..." Amber said.

"We're all friends here. We promise not to laugh or anything," Nancy said, holding up three fingers in a Boy Scout salute.

"Well, I... I play with my butt."

"Ohmygod,what'sitlike?Isitbetter?Whatdoyoudowithit?" Nancy blurted.

"Well, you have to try it yourself, but I... I like to stick things up there."

"Wow," Kelly said. "Don't things get, you know, dirty?"

"Sometimes," Amber said, "but really I only use my fingers and stuff I throw away after, so it's not a big deal. I just wash my hands when I'm done."

"I'll definitely have to try that," Nancy said, "but I heard it hurts."

"Yeah, it can hurt if you don't do it right, but it's really fun if you do get it right. I can't say I've ever had an orgasm like you guys have, cuz I always stop when it starts to feel that weird. I figured I was doing something wrong and I might damage myself!"

Nancy and Kelly laughed, then Kelly caught sight of Jennifer, who was listening, but rubbing her hard nipple through her shirt.

"I think we know what Jennifer likes to do," Kelly said.

"What?" Jennifer said, then realized what she was doing and grew bright red.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed, Jenny," Amber said. "I just told you I played with my butt!"

The girls giggled at the word 'butt', but then Kelly had an idea.

"Hey, since me and Nancy have already tried stuff with each other, do you guys want to try seeing if we can get each other off? I mean, if you guys are okay with it."

"Yeah! That would be awesome," Amber said. "I really want to know what an orgasm feels like. Do you want to, Jennifer?"

Jennifer looked uncomfortable, but didn't say anything.

"Jenny, we won't be mad if you say no," Nancy said. "You don't have to if you don't want to."

"No, I - I think I want to. I just, maybe I'll sit out and watch first."

"That's okay," Nancy said. "No pressure. But I want to see how to play with my bum!"


Anne and Jeff perused the sex shop together. They both wanted to find the perfect stuff to make this night the best it could possibly be. None of the porn movies captured their interest, so they moved on to the toys section.

Anne found a pair of handcuffs immediately. "I told you we were gonna get handcuffs," she said.

Jeff smiled, and picked out anal lube. "When was the last time we did anal? Don't you love anal?"

Anne found a strap-on dildo. "I do love anal. And tonight, I'm gonna teach you to love it, too."

"That WAS something I promised I'd try," Jeff said, then picked up a woman's cop uniform in his wife's size. "I believe once you promised you'd do a little role-play with me. I think this will go with the handcuffs."

"Oh, this is all coming together so nicely. Hey, isn't that Patricia Darrens?" Anne said, spotting Kelly's parents coming in.

"Who?" Jeff asked.

"Alexis' friend Kelly's mother. Let's go say hi."

"In a smut shop?"

"Yeah, why not?" Anne said, waving Kelly's parents over. "We're not uptight."

"They might be," Jeff said.

Kelly's parents spotted Anne and made their way to them. Patricia and Anne hugged and said hi, while Jeff and Kelly's dad just looked elsewhere.

"So what are your plans for tonight?" Anne asked Patricia.

"Oh, we want to try out that new BDSM club downtown, but Roger has to buy some new assless chaps."

Roger grew red, but Jeff pretended he wasn't listening.

"Going anywhere special tonight yourself?" Patricia asked.

"Oh, we're just getting a motel room. I think we've decided to try a strap-on."

Jeff, in turn, went red, and Roger pretended not to listen.

"Ooh, we both love doing that, don't we, dear?" Patricia asked Roger, but Roger pretended to examine the costume rack with great interest. "Well, have fun; I don't want to keep you two. I get aroused just walking in here, so I want to get those chaps and get to that new club. Nice talking to you, Anne!"

"Nice talking to you, and have a nice time!"

Patricia pulled Roger away to the leather and bondage section of the store.

Feeling a little like a child, Jeff momentarily wondered what kinds of perverse things his daughter might be trying, and he got goose bumps and shivered.


Alexis and John were doing sexy things, but they were perhaps a little more wholesome than Alexis' parents might be doing that night.

John had stripped, Alexis had stripped, and the new CD by Lutz that John had bought Alexis was playing on Alexis' stereo.

John was on top of Alexis, and they were kissing softly, letting their semi-hard penises rub against each other. It wasn't as much about the sensations on their dicks as much as the sensuality of their kisses, of the gentleness in the way John squeezed Alexis' breasts. This wasn't sex, this wasn't fucking; this was making love.

The music didn't seem to go with the mood; it was sarcastic, satiric punk rock, and they were in need of a love song, not "Love Songs Can Suck It". But it didn't matter; the album was simply full of tunes that could drown out the real world and make them forget that anything outside of Alexis' bed existed.


Nancy pulled her pants and underwear off and showed her pussy to Kelly, Amber, and Jennifer.

"Yours is way prettier than mine," Amber said.

"Thank you," Nancy said, delighted at the compliment. "Okay, see this thing?" she said, pointing to her clit. "What you do is you rub it and just kind of play with it to figure out what works for you. But when you do it right, it feels unbelievable, and you can have an orgasm like, quick as beans."

Nancy demonstrated this by lying down on Kelly's bed, closing her eyes, and rubbing her clit in her favorite ways. The other three girls watched as Nancy quickly brought herself to orgasm, shivering and shaking and getting sweaty. Her rapid, gasping 'ooh's convinced the others just how wonderful the sensation was.

"I have GOT to try this," Amber said, and pulled down her pants and panties as quickly as she could. She sat down in a chair and slumped in it, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy to the others.

"Wow, you've got a lot of hair!" Kelly said. Amber had hit that part of puberty more than anyone.

"I like it that way," Amber said. She began to rub her clit slowly, but getting impatient, she started to rub harder and faster. "And I like this THIS way," she said, starting to breath more heavily.

"Ooh, I should try it that way," Kelly said. "I tried it once Nancy's way, but I didn't feel much. Does that feel good?"

"Yes... yes... oh boy, yes, it feels really - really..." But Amber didn't finish her sentence, and just gave in to everything she was feeling. She was quickly reaching the point that her anal experiments brought her too.

"Move over," Kelly said to Nancy, who was still rubbing herself on the bed. Kelly took off her bottom garments and lay down next to Nancy, and began rubbing her clit much more furiously than she had before. Instead of pleasure, though, it hurt. She quickly sat up and watched Amber to see if she was doing it right.

Amber was now pushing hard on her own clit, rubbing in circles at a blurring speed. Her legs were starting to shake, and she was moaning so loud she might have woken the baby.

The thunderstorm did it first, however, when a very close lightning bolt sent a crack of thunder roaring through the house. Jennifer was fascinated by what she was watching, but very uncomfortable at the same time, so when she heard the baby cry, she ran off to comfort it, partly glad to have an excuse to leave, partly angry at herself that she was leaving.

When Jennifer left the room, another huge crack of thunder came, and Amber had her first orgasm at the exact same moment. She was nearly lifted off the chair from the force of it, and she squirted quite a distance, sending liquid spraying.

"Woah!" Kelly said. "That's awesome!"

Amber continued to squirt, and tried to continue rubbing her clit, but only barely managed to stay in the chair. She groped one of her own tits instinctively, pulling at her nipple, trying to both add to and distract herself from the incredible feeling of clitoral orgasm.

"I NEED to learn to do that. Show me show me show me show me show me!"


Alexis pushed John off of her and had him sit on the bed, up against the wall. She got on top of him, straddling him, and began to stroke his cock as they went back to kissing, getting it harder for him, letting the precum begin to flow.

John massaged Alexis' breasts, gently pinching her nipples. Alexis had loved John's ceaseless playing with her breasts, but they were dry, so she stopped kissing him, slid her body up closer to him, and put her breasts right in front of his face. He took his cue and sucked them and licked them and gently bit them, and felt their delightful texture and taste in his mouth.

Alexis ran her fingers through John's hair, once in a while guiding his face to work on the other breast.

The undersides of their penises slid against each other, their testes rubbing against testes. John felt this, and took his hands and gripped both penises, holding them tightly together, and stroked them both. They were both solid and wet with precum, slippery and sticky at once.

The Lutz album ended with a sex anthem, and then became replaced with loud thunderclaps. The thunder changed the mood in a way the music couldn't: the love they had been making suddenly became much sexier. Alexis wanted to cum, and John wanted to make her cum.

John stroked their cocks a little harder and little faster, sucking Alexis' tits a little harder. Alexis pulled on John's hair a little harder, pushed her tits against his face a little harder. She began to slide her hips, letting her cock slide along John's, letting their balls tap together pleasantly.

Another lightning bolt struck nearby, and Alexis arched her back, lifting her head to the sky and forcefully shoving her tits yet harder against John's face. John's teeth scraped against her breasts, biting them a little harder, and his actions were met with soft moans from Alexis.

Alexis was ready to cum, so she cried, "Please, suck my dick, please. I want your tongue on my dick as I cum..."

John wasn't going to object, despite his distaste with the taste of cum. He wasn't going to tell that to Alexis now.

John pushed her off of him, and she fell back onto the bed, exposing her perfect curves and close-to-cumming cock. John lay on his stomach and put the head of her dick in his mouth, licking the head and foreskin, allowing the orgasm to begin.

Alexis' balls contracted, her dick began to spasm, and she shot a rope of cum into John's mouth. John thought he was prepared for it, but he wasn't, and accidentally took his mouth off her cock. A second convulsion, and another strand of cum, shot from her dick, hitting John on the upper lip and left cheek. John knew how important it was to show how much he loved Alexis, so he quickly swallowed what was in his mouth, and put his lips around her dick again, letting her finish her orgasm inside him. He swallowed every shot as it came, trying to get it down before the taste hit him. Alexis took her hands and held his face in place for the last few spasms, even keeping his mouth around her dick when her body told her to let go, to let her incredibly sensitive head relax. But she would not give in to that urge, instead making sure she rode out that wave of sensitivity with her dick firmly planted in her lover's mouth.

When at last that feeling passed, she let John come up for air. He brought his face up to hers, and she sucked the cum off his lip and cheek.

Even during the part he hated, John never lost his hard on, because even though he didn't like the taste of cum, he knew it was making Alexis so happy by drinking it. Knowing that he was giving his girlfriend and orgasm kept his libido from crashing, and he, in fact, was nearing his own orgasm himself.

"Cum in me, cum on me, please, cum, I want you to cum," Alexis moaned.

John sat back up against the wall, and let Alexis get on her own stomach to better suck him off. She bobbed furiously over it, slurping and sucking and licking as fast as she could, squeezing his balls with one hand and trying to stroke his cock with the other.

John knew he was about to cum, but he had just enough time to remember the first time she sucked his dick, when he came all over Alexis' face, and he remembered just how hot that was.

John pulled her face away from his dick as lightning struck, and shot hot cum onto her face, watching as each burst missed the all-important mouth and hit her cheeks, her chin, her nose, her forehead, and even an eyelid.

"God, you look beautiful," he said, and finally let her continue sucking his dick with vigor, just as she had been before. He let her suck it even as he got soft, because he could not help but see the beauty in her face being covered in white. He did not know why he thought she was beautiful that way, and wondered if she would be beautiful even if it wasn't his own cum on her face, but someone else's.

He stopped thinking about that immediately. He did not want to picture anybody else ever cumming on her face, unless, maybe, it was Alexis herself. That might just be hot, too.

With John's dick now completely soft, Alexis slowed her dick-sucking fervor and eventually let up. She sat up properly and began to slide the cum that was on her face into her mouth, being careful not to open her eyes yet. When she had licked all she could off her fingers, she said, "Think we should clean up?"

"Yeah, maybe we should," John said.

"Okay, but you have to guide me to the bathroom. I don't want to open my eyes until I wash my eyelids."

John laughed, then helped her off the bed.


Jennifer gently rocked Kelly's baby brother, cooing to him, trying to get him to stop crying. The thunder had finally given way to a heavy rain, but screaming orgasms being created by the other girls in Kelly's bedroom had replaced the thunder completely. Jennifer wondered what she was missing, but at the same time was very glad that she was missing it. She supposed she didn't mind that the girls were touching themselves, but once she had heard the cry "Now do that to me!" she knew they were touching each other. They were her best friends, but even in this case, she did not feel infinitely comfortable with the idea.


[Author's Note: When Part 3 was originally published, a poll was given asking whether readers would like to read more about the slumber party, Alexis' parents, both, or neither. The majority voted for ONLY the slumber party, so that is what is presented here.]


PART 3.5

Jennifer had left the Kelly's bedroom to calm Kelly's baby brother, who had woken from the thunderstorm.

Amber had just had her first orgasm, squirting everywhere.

"Woah!" Kelly said. "That's awesome! I NEED to learn to do that. Show me show me show me show me show me!"

Amber finally calmed down, falling back into her chair, but continued to rub her clit, only more slowly now, groping her own breast with her free hand.

Nancy had hardly noticed, since she was in her own world, laying on Kelly's bed with her eyes closed, rubbing her clit slowly, doing things her way to achieve her own orgasms.

Kelly tried to copy Amber, but it still hurt to rub her own clit as hard as Amber liked. Kelly got up from the bed and marched over to Amber. Amber was panting, zoned out from the world after cumming. Kelly grabbed Amber's clit and squeezed hard.

"Ow!" Amber shouted, snapping back to reality.

"Show me how you made yourself shoot all over the place!"

"I don't know how I did it, I just... hmph... I just rubbed super hard and super fast. I mean, I really just lost track of what I was doing when it started to feel real good."

"But it hurts whenever I do it."

"Okay, let me try to do it to you."

Amber got up, wobbly-legged, and Kelly sat in the chair to take her place. She spread her legs and let Amber sit on the ground between them. Amber began to rub Kelly's clit, starting slowly and getting faster and faster, until Kelly stopped her.

"I think it hurts," Kelly said. "I think my clit is just not meant for that."

"Hmm, do you like it slow?" Amber asked.

"No. I mean it's okay, but it doesn't do much for me, either."

Nancy, on the bed, moaned loudly, and gave herself another orgasm. Amber turned and looked at her, watching as she rubbed her clit softly and slowly.

"Nancy, try to do that to Kelly. Nancy... Nancy!"

"Huh?" Nancy said, drifting out of her orgasmic state.

"Get your butt off the bed before I shove something up it."

Nancy giggled, but got off the bed and squatted in front of Kelly's pussy.

"Do what you do to your clit to Kelly's."

Nancy tried to rub it softly, her way, but Kelly didn't think it was anything special.

"Ugh," Kelly said. "Let's face it: I have a broken clit."

"No, I'm sure you don't," Nancy said. "We just gotta find what works. Hey, I saw a porno where a guy licked it. Let me try that."

"Okay, but I still think my clit is broken."

Nancy stuck her tongue out and began to massage Kelly's clit with her tongue, rolling her tongue all over it, getting it wet. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it, soaking it, making every nook and cranny glisten with saliva.

That was what did it. Kelly began to feel hot from it, and didn't stop Nancy from continuing. "Now that does feel good," Kelly said.

"Is it fun?" Amber asked Nancy.

Nancy stopped, and said, "Not really, but you can try it if you want."

"I guess," Kelly said, "but if Amber makes it hurt, you're going back to it."

The girls all giggled, then Nancy got out of the way to let Amber try.

Amber got right to it, furiously sucking Kelly's clit as fast as she could, just like she enjoyed rubbing her own clit.

But this was not dry rubbing; this was soaking wet sucking, and Kelly was getting very wet.

"Oh, wow, I like this a lot more," Kelly said, and began to breathe heavily. It wasn't perfect, and she didn't know if she could cum from it, but she knew that her clit most definitely wasn't broken.

"She also likes fingers in her cooch," Nancy said to Amber, using Amber's word for it.

Amber unceremoniously shoved two fingers into Kelly's pussy, which might have hurt if it were not that Kelly was extremely wet and slippery. Amber wiggled her fingers around inside until Kelly commanded "Up! Up!" Amber pressed her fingers up against the top wall of Kelly's pussy, and Kelly said, "Yes, now rub right there!" Amber rubbed Kelly's G-spot as furiously as she sucked her clit, and before long the combination of both brought Kelly to an orgasm. Amber kept it up and made Kelly's orgasm last twenty seconds, in which Kelly would have moaned if she could have breathed.

Kelly did not squirt, but form the way Kelly's legs had locked and her body slightly shook like she had the chills, Amber knew Kelly had cum. Amber sat back and let herself breathe. "How was that?" she asked.

"That was awesome," Kelly said, gasping. "But I don't think I came because of you sucking my clit. But it did feel really good, maybe it added to it? I don't know. It was still fun."

"I could tell," Amber said. "Now do that to me!"

Kelly once again switched places with Amber, so Amber could sit in the chair again.

Kelly licked Amber's clit, trying to do it as carefully as she could without accidentally scraping her teeth against it or getting pubes in her mouth.

"No, do it faster," Amber said.

Kelly tried to obey, licking it as fast as she could.

"Bite it, pull it."

"Bite it?" Nancy asked in disbelief, watching Kelly struggle to do as she was told. She would never want someone to bite hers.

Kelly gently bit Amber's clit and pulled it with her teeth, continuing to lick the front of it.

"Mmm, try putting your fingers in my cooch; I want to know what that's like, too."

Kelly stuck a finger in Amber's pussy, and found the G-spot easily. She pressed against the spot and rubbed furiously, trying to match the ferocity with which she attacked Amber's clit.

Amber loved it, and knew that delicacy was not the way to go with her. If she wanted to get off, she needed it to be fast and furious and - if she was willing to admit it - even a little painful.

"Oh, rub it harder, and pull my clit harder-er-er-er..."

Kelly rubbed Amber's G-spot as harder as she could, putting so much pressure on it her hand was starting to hurt. She decided to give up using her mouth on Amber's clit, and instead just took her free and pinched it and pulled it, hard enough she thought she must be causing pain, and she'd never want that to happen to her.

But instead of yelping, Amber started bucking, reaching an orgasm that came from both her clit and her G-spot at once, and it was intense. Amber's hips moved everywhere, and Kelly could barely hold her grip on Amber's clit and continue rubbing her G-spot, but she stuck it out.

Amber squirted, this time sending her juices all over Kelly's face. Kelly closed her eyes and mouth and tried not to get any up her nose, but kept up Amber's orgasm anyway.

When Amber's orgasm finally died, Kelly let go and pulled herself away, and Amber slumped in the chair, exhausted.

Kelly and Nancy started giggling, and when they didn't stop after nearly a minute, Amber finally opened her eyes and looked at Kelly, whose face was soaked with Amber's cum. Amber began to apologize, but found it hilarious as well, and laughed along with them.

When they all started to calm down, Amber said, "I'm exhausted. I've never had an orgasm before today, and now I just had two."

"I one of them went all over me!" Kelly said, and they all laughed again. "I wish I knew how to do that."

"I don't know if all girls can do that," Nancy said. "I don't think everybody can."

"Disappointing," Kelly said. "That was insane. I don't know if I'll ever have an orgasm like the ones you have, Amber."

"Well," Amber said, "I started puberty a little earlier than you guys. Maybe when you catch up they'll be better."

"Maybe," Kelly said, but she wasn't convinced. "Oof. I gotta wash my face. Then I think I'm going to be too."

Kelly got up and went to the bathroom, and Nancy got into her nightie and went to check on Jennifer.

Jennifer was sitting in a chair in the baby's room, holding the baby as it slept.

"I'm sorry if we made you uncomfortable," Nancy whispered, trying not to wake the baby.

"No, it's okay," Jennifer said, "you can do that stuff all you want. I just guess I'm not ready for that kind of stuff."

"Don't worry, I understand," Nancy said. "We would never make you do anything you didn't want."

"Thanks. I think... I think maybe it's because I haven't really started to hit puberty yet, you know? Maybe when I really do, then things'll change."

"Have you... have you even had your period yet?"

"Yes, but only last month."

"Late bloomer... but there's nothing wrong with that."

"I know," Jennifer said. "I sort of want to get through it, because I don't want to be seen as a baby. But part of me doesn't want to; I still just want to be a kid. I don't want guys always looking at me like that. I mean, I think guys are hot, but I almost prefer it if we still believed in cooties."

"I know what you mean. Sometimes, it just feels too weird, and you feel like... like you're not even in your own skin. You get weird feelings. But with me, even though it's sometimes really uncomfortable, I just want to do it all. Remember Scott? He was kind of like you. He was always really nervous and uncomfortable about sex stuff."

"Whatever happened to him?"

Nancy paused, remembering it. "Let's say his parents had a lot to do with ending our relationship and leave it at that." Old resentment came back to the surface, but Nancy buried it back down with a quick grimace.


They sat in silence for a while, then Jennifer stood up and put the baby back in his crib.

"You tired?" Nancy asked.

"No, just tired of holding the baby. He's kind of heavy."

"Well, the other girls are going to bed, but I'm still wide awake. If you want to stay up and talk, we can."

"I'd like that," Jennifer said.

Jennifer and Nancy stayed up for another three hours, and discussed everything except boys and sex.


When Alexis and John got all cleaned up, they slept together on Alexis' bed, naked and spooning.

They did not wake up when Alexis' parents came home in the morning, and John only woke up when Alexis' father opened the door to check on his daughter. Her father saw them both sleeping, and although they had covers over them, he knew that they were both at the very least topless, and suspected bottomless as well.

John was halfway to waking at that point, and when Alexis' father opened the door, he could feel that they were being watched. He raised his head and looked toward the door, but Alexis' father had already left the doorway.

"Hey," John said, shaking Alexis awake.

"Hmm?" she said, quite groggy, and not willing to wake up yet.

"I think your parents just caught us."

"Oh. Go to sleep," Alexis mumbled. "This isn't much worse than the porn incident."

John smiled, remembering that time, then rested his head back on the pillow and dozed for another few minutes.


"I just caught them sleeping together," Jeff said.

"I told you it would happen," Anne said, putting the new sex toys away in the back of the closet. "Hey, they probably have already done it before. I'm sure they didn't do anything worse than what we did last night. Be thankful they didn't catch us, or they'd be scarred for life."

"I guess I can't blame them when they have us for role models," Jeff said lightly, but he knew he'd never get used to the idea of his daughter having sex.


When John and Alexis finally woke up for good, they put clothes on and went downstairs to get some breakfast. John dreaded seeing Alexis' parents at the kitchen table, but Alexis' mother seemed cheery, and was even humming as she made eggs for everyone.

Alexis' father tried to bury his face in the newspaper, but he was trying too hard to look nonchalant, and John knew now that it was obviously Alexis' father that had caught them.

Finally, Alexis' father put the paper down and tried to act as unemotional as possible.

"Okay," he began, "kids, so, um, I think it's important now that-"

"I'll be leaving," John said.

"No, John, sit down, dear," Alexis' mother said, dropping English muffins into the toaster. She did not seem in the least bit upset, and went back to humming immediately after her comment.

"We're not in trouble for anything?" Alexis asked, although she was sure she wasn't. It was her only ploy to feign innocence.

"No, no one's in trouble," Alexis' father said.

"We know you kids are having sex," Alexis' mother said.


"Well, if you won't be blunt about it, I will. I don't really even see the point. It's not like they really have to use protection. I'm sure you don't have any STDs, dear," she said to John, "and Alexis can't exactly get pregnant, so I think it's perfectly normal and healthy for you kids to explore sex."

"I was hoping to tell them to actually use protection-"

"All they need to know is to use lube for anal-"

"Mom!" Alexis said, aghast, and buried her face in her arms.

"It's not like you two haven't tried it," Alexis' mother said.

"We haven't, I swear!" John said. He was beat red, with his stomach churning and his heart beating a million miles a minute.

"Please don't give them ideas, dear," Alexis' father said, exasperated.

"You wanted to talk about it. I just want to have a nice breakfast," Alexis' mother said, flipping the eggs.

"Can we forget about this conversation?" Alexis asked.

"Fine," Alexis' father said, and picked up the paper again. Now even he was embarrassed about how it had gone.

They sat in silence until Alexis' mother served them, and John ate the most awkward breakfast of his life.



NanceGir1: Hey Alexis
LexSk8247: Hi Nancy!
NanceGir1: Haven't talked in a while
LexSk8247: I kno, where have you been?
NanceGir1: Hangin out @ the beach a lot with Kelly & Amber & Jennifer
LexSk8247: Getting a tan?
NanceGir1: Getting cancer lol
LexSk8247: lol
NanceGir1: How's John?
LexSk8247: Awesome! he loves me :D
NanceGir1: So what fun sexy things have you been doing? ;)
NanceGir1: ROFL :-) :-D :-P Spill the beans!
LexSk8247: ok :D
.........: so we were in my room & my parents left for some reason
.........: this was @ nite
.........: as soon as they were out of site
.........: John jumped me :P
NanceGir1: Details details details!
LexSk8247: LOL we got naked & kissed a LOT
.........: (John's the best kisser in the world ;)
NanceGir1: Like u kno anyone else's kisses *rolls eyes*
LexSk8247: We basically just rubbed our junk 2gether a lot
.........: Then we eventually blew each other
NanceGir1: U do NOT make a good storyteller :(
LexSk8247: I'll tell u all about it in person ;)
NanceGir1: But when did u get caught?
LexSk8247: Right, so we fell asleep naked 2gether in my bed
.........: In the morning my parents came home & dad walked in on us sleeping
NanceGir1: @ least u didn't get caught in the act
LexSk8247: lol good thing
.........: but we came down 4 breakfast and dad tried to give us THE TALK
NanceGir1: LOL
.........: my mom is soooooo open it was weird
.........: she said to use lube when doing anal
LexSk8247: I tried to tell them we haven't done that stuff
NanceGir1: U have the best mom EVAR
.........: y haven't you tried it?
LexSk8247: LOL it never came up b4
.........: I've never thought about it
.........: we're satisfied right now with oral, thnx ;)
NanceGir1: Amber likes anal
LexSk8247: Amber's had anal sex?????????
NanceGir1: No, lol, but she likes to masturbate w/ her butt!!!
LexSk8247: Have u tried it?
NanceGir1: No, I'm happy w/ my friend mr. clit :)
.........: Sorry
LexSk8247: don't worry, I have mr. penis to play with
NanceGir1: ROFL
LexSk8247: In fact, I have 2!
NanceGir1: Sure, rub it in -_-
LexSk8247: Haven't found any good catches @ the beach?
NanceGir1: Not yet.
.........: Seen some hot guys, but I blew them off
.........: Not that way lol
LexSk8247: LOL why did u blow them off?
NanceGir1: Loooooooong story
LexSk8247: See if ur a better storyteller than me
NanceGir1: ok, me & amber & kelly & jennifer were at the beach
.........: playing volleyball
.........: when some creepy old man tried to touch jennifer
LexSk8247: woah
NanceGir1: she was real shook up
.........: this guy pulled his pants down and played w/ himself
.........: right on the beach in front of everybody
.........: so 3 hot guys we kept checkin out came to the rescue
LexSk8247: Prince Charmings lol :)
NanceGir1: they saved jennifer from getting touched & took the old guy away
.........: they asked how we were and we just brushed them off
.........: cuz we were comforting jennifer
.........: we left and brought jennifer home
.........: I haven't seen the guys since
LexSk8247: go 2 the beach again and find them!!!!!
NanceGir1: I kno right?
.........: but now jennifer doesn't want 2 go 2 the beach anymore
LexSk8247: understandable
NanceGir1: and Kelly and Amber think its hopeless 2 find guys this summer
.........: so they basically gave up
.........: and don't want to try to meet guys w/ me
LexSk8247: not even the Prince Charmings?
NanceGir1: no :-(
.........: we had a slumber party @ kelly's house after the old guy thing
.........: & we fooled around
NanceGir1: LOL
.........: I'm sure u & John have more
.........: well, Amber & Kelly both had their 1st orgasms
.........: and I think they just want to stay @ home and masturbate now
.........: I don't blame them LOL
.........: But I want a new boyfriend! :-( *grr*
LexSk8247: Y don't u go 2 the beach yourself?
NanceGir1: I don't want2 go ALONE
.........: do u want 2 come w/ me sometime?
LexSk8247: I already have a boyfriend Nance *rolls eyes*
LexSk8247: ROFL
NanceGir1: I don't expect you to go pick any1 up, but I don't want 2 be lonely
LexSk8247: how bout me & john & u all go?
NanceGir1: I guess that's fine
LexSk8247: wat's wrong?
NanceGir1: *sigh* u 2 2together just make me jealous
.........: u guys are perfect
LexSk8247: 2b honest, we're not
.........: we have our own problems
NanceGir1: like wat?
LexSk8247: he seems to think he's not good enough for me or something
.........: but I think its cuz I'm not a girl where it matters
.........: he's says he doesn't care, but I think he's lying
NanceGir1: U both have self esteem issues :-P
.........: Remember he asked U out, and he knew what he was getting into
LexSk8247: That's what he says
NanceGir1: here's the test: we all go 2 the beach together
.........: and if he checks out other girls u dump his ass
LexSk8247: lol that's mean
.........: so does that mean we can all go
.........: & you can introduce us to the Prince Charmings u met?
NanceGir1: ok
.........: 2morrow?
LexSk8247: I'll see if John will go
NanceGir1: it shouldn't be hard
.........: u 2 are joined at the hip


LexSk8247: Hey John
.........: Want 2 go 2 the beach w/ me & Nancy 2morrow?
JohnIILWA: sure!
LexSk8247: lol that waz easy
.........: nancy wants 2 try 2 meet some guys
JohnIILWA: So I'm going to stop you from picking up guys 2?
LexSk8247: lol I only have eyes for you
.........: wat? not going to profess ur love to me?
JohnIILWA: my sn stands for "John Is In Love With Alexis"
LexSk8247: liar
JohnIILWA: No lie
.........: I made it the night after the first time we kissed
.........: b4 that it was something stupid about skating
LexSk8247: Hey! my sn is about skating!
JohnIILWA: yeah but it's not stupid
LexSk8247: but you'll have to get a new sn when you dump me
JohnIILWA: I'll just have to get a new girlfriend that begins with "A"
LexSk8247: lol ur supposed to say you'll never dump me
JohnIILWA: I'll never dump you
.........: sorry I'm bad at this
.........: I'm imagining you in a bikini
LexSk8247: I can't wear a bikini
.........: no bottoms at least
JohnIILWA: ...and John screws up again
.........: sorry
LexSk8247: don't be
.........: I kno you wish I were a girl
JohnIILWA: no i don't
.........: you are a girl
.........: that's what I meant
LexSk8247: Well *I* wish I were a girl
JohnIILWA: y? ur unique and better than everyone
LexSk8247: i kno, u say that a lot
.........: but i wish i could have a vagina if only for a day
.........: to be able to wear a bikini bottom without a bulge
.........: to maybe even have an orgasm like girls do
.........: to be able to have sex with you for real
.........: instead of just rubbing ourselves together
JohnIILWA: I love you the way you are
LexSk8247: it sounds hollow when u say that
.........: tell me the truth
.........: don't u wish i were a girl sometimes?
.........: john?
.........: you there?
JohnIILWA: i'm here
.........: i don't want u to cry
LexSk8247: so u do wish i was a girl
JohnIILWA: no
.........: i want to be totally honest with you
.........: i have never wanted you to be a girl
.........: i mean have a vagina (don't confuse me here u are a girl)
.........: and i love it whenever we fool around
.........: its the best times of my life
.........: the only thing, and I swear the ONLY thing
.........: that i regret is that I don't like to taste your cum
.........: but that's NOT a problem with you, it's with me
LexSk8247: if i didn't have a dick you wouldn't have that problem
JohnIILWA: don't say that
.........: it is entirely my fault
.........: and i will always let you cum in my mouth if that's what you want
.........: because i love you and i always want you to be happy
.........: but i know i just made you cry
LexSk8247: I'm not crying
JohnIILWA: I know you are
.........: i may not be able to see you, but i know you're crying
LexSk8247: can we pretend i have a vagina?
JohnIILWA: huh?
.........: how?
LexSk8247: just pretend
JohnIILWA: why?
LexSk8247: I want to know what it's like
JohnIILWA: ok...
.........: you have a vagina now
LexSk8247: thank you
JohnIILWA: you're confusing me
LexSk8247: imagine me with a vagina
.........: what would it look like if I had one?
JohnIILWA: oh
.........: it would be as perfect as you
LexSk8247: describe it
.........: I know you watch porn
.........: you know what one looks like
JohnIILWA: I saw last time we fooled around that you are getting pubes
.........: so your vagina would have some peach fuzz above it
LexSk8247: but what would it look like?
JohnIILWA: um, it would be cute and tight with small lips
LexSk8247: is that your perfect pussy?
JohnIILWA: it's how I imagine yours if you had one
.........: maybe with a cute little clit at the top
.........: since you never had sex, you would have a cherry
LexSk8247: pop my cherry
JohnIILWA: huh?
LexSk8247: if I were a girl, what would our first time be like?
JohnIILWA: oh, that's what we're doing
.........: it would start off a lot like the first time we did stuff in real life
.........: you would be on my bed, and we would begin by kissing
.........: I would be on top of you
.........: as we kissed I would play with your tits
.........: I would take your shirt and bra off
.........: then I would play with them some more
.........: I would lick your nipples
LexSk8247: I love it when you play with my nipples
.........: but keep going
JohnIILWA: I would kiss your breasts, and kiss a line down your stomach
.........: till I got to your waist
.........: then I would tickle your waist with my tongue
.........: then I would unbutton your jeans with my teeth
.........: and unzip them with my teeth, too
.........: I would then pull down your jeans and slide them off you
.........: next come your boxers
LexSk8247: no I wear girl underwear
JohnIILWA: ok, white panties
.........: then I slide off your panties
.........: then I spread your legs a little and rub your pussy
.........: I slide my fingers along your pussy lips
.........: then I take my thumb and rub your clit
.........: then I would lick your pussy lips and your clit
LexSk8247: I'm very wet
JohnIILWA: I kiss your pussy and bury my tongue in it, licking your cherry
.........: (is the cherry within reach like that?)
LexSk8247: I don't know keep going
JohnIILWA: I then lick your clit and slide a finger into your pussy
.........: I slide my finger in and out
LexSk8247: I want you to put your dick in me
JohnIILWA: ok
.........: I get off you and get undressed
LexSk8247: you're naked just get to it
JohnIILWA: I get on top of you
.........: my dick is very hard
.........: I kiss you and fondle your tits
.........: and I let my dick slide along your pussy lips
.........: then I finally guide my dick into your pussy
LexSk8247: mmmm
JohnIILWA: my dick hits your cherry, but I push it in
.........: I break your cherry
LexSk8247: no blood this is not messy
JohnIILWA: ok
.........: I slide my dick all the way into you
LexSk8247: mmm I love it
JohnIILWA: I start to slide my dick in and out of you
.........: slowly
.........: we keep kissing, freching
LexSk8247: I want you to suck my tits
JohnIILWA: ok, I suck your tits as we have sex
LexSk8247: I take your hand and suck the finger you had put in my pussy
.........: I am soaking wet, dripping all over your dick
.........: it feels so good to have you inside me
JohnIILWA: are you playing with your tits in real life?
LexSk8247: yes
.........: and I'm jacking off
JohnIILWA: me too
LexSk8247: keep talking
.........: I want to cum imagining I have a pussy
JohnIILWA: ok
.........: so we've been having sex slowly for a while
.........: and you're getting looser
.........: so I start to fuck you harder
LexSk8247: yes
JohnIILWA: I start to really pound you
.........: and I suck your tits harder
LexSk8247: I suck your finger harder
.........: I wrap my legs around you as we fuck
JohnIILWA: I'm about to cum
LexSk8247: so am I
.........: cum in my pussy
JohnIILWA: I fuck you as fast as I can
.........: I slide my finger in and out of your mouth
.........: pushing my finger nearly down your throat
.........: as I push my dick as deep into you as I can
.........: finally, I cum
.........: I stop fucking you and stay buried deep in you
.........: my cum goes deep in your body
.........: you are having an orgasm too
.........: your whole body is shaking
.........: you are moaning around my finger
.........: you there?
.........: Alexis?
LexSk8247: yeah
.........: I just cummed
.........: had to clean up, sorry :)
JohnIILWA: lol
LexSk8247: Did you cum yet?
JohnIILWA: no
LexSk8247: want me to help you finish?
JohnIILWA: sure
.........: you tell me what happens next
LexSk8247: ok :)
.........: so you just cummed, but you need to again ;)
.........: after my orgasm I am exhausted
.........: I unwrap my legs and let you get up
.........: then I lay on the bed so my head is dangling off the edge
.........: I want you to deepthroat me
JohnIILWA: mmmm
LexSk8247: so you put your dick in my mouth
.........: it's still rock hard as can be
.........: and my tongue slides over the top of it
.........: I reach down and play with my clit as you push your dick down my throat
.........: I don't gag
.........: you can see my throat get bigger as you force the whole thing down it
.........: you slide your dick out and slide it back in
.........: I want you to fuck my face and cum down my throat
JohnIILWA: I just cummed in real life ;)
LexSk8247: lol
.........: I want to try that sometime
JohnIILWA: deepthroat?
LexSk8247: yeah
.........: I know I gag but I want to learn to get over that
JohnIILWA: practice makes perfect ;)
LexSk8247: it's getting late now
.........: but this was fun
.........: we should do this more often
.........: when we can't do it in real life, that is ;)
.........: C U 2morrow at like 9?
JohnIILWA: sure
.........: good night
LexSk8247: night nite
JohnIILWA: I love you
LexSk8247: I love you too *kiss*
JohnIILWA: *kiss*


Most girls could check out boys on the beach without their boyfriends noticing, but Alexis couldn't. Even if she could sneak glances at hot boys, she'd have a hard time hiding her hard-on. So when she was getting ready for the beach the next morning, she decided she had to masturbate once before going so she wouldn't get horny at the beach.

Although Alexis had cum when she said she did the night before on-line, she woke up with a morning wood. It practically taunted her, as if to say "You'll never keep me down!" She had dreamed that she had a vagina, and this morning wood was almost a pinch to wake her up from her wonderful dreams and back into the nightmare of reality, where she wasn't a real girl.

But today would be a fun day, and she wasn't going to let her penis ruin it.

To put her penis at ease, before her shower she limbered up and got on the floor of the bathroom to suck her own dick.

She lay on her back, then lifted her legs, arching her back and bending at the hips until her toes touched the floor behind her head. Her hard-on landed on her face.

She opened her mouth and began to suck the head. Usually that was all she could manage to get in her mouth, but she couldn't complain. As she sucked her dick, she slid her tongue all over the head, and with her hand grabbed the shaft and stroked it slowly.

She took her other hand and played with her balls, then closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of sucking dick and being sucked.

It was enjoyable as usual, but her lingering dreams got in the way of enjoying it completely. Her mind wandered from the dreams of having a pussy to the cybersex she and John had had last night, then off to the suggestion of anal sex.

When the thought struck her, she decided to experiment a little.

She took the hand that was playing with her balls, and slid it along her taint until she reached her asshole. She rubbed her asshole a bit, but it didn't particularly feel either good or bad. She figured that maybe if it was wet it might feel better, but the dry friction did nothing for her.

She thought about sticking a finger in it, and at first the idea grossed her out. What if she took it out and it had crap on it? That might turn her off from anal sex. What if it hurt? It might ruin the moment right now.

She was nearing an orgasm just from the sucking, so she figured it couldn't do much damage if things went wrong, since she'd be cumming in a moment either way.

She used her middle finger and put a little pressure on her asshole to push it in. Her asshole was too tight though, and would not give. She pushed a little harder, and she thought her asshole was starting to open, but it hurt.

She took her finger away, and decided not to take the plunge today.

She came a few moments later, sucking down the cum that shot from her convulsing dick. When she finished, she quickly got out of her position so her back wouldn't hurt.

Well, there would be no anal play today, but she thought that maybe her mother was right: she'd have to use lube and see if that made it any better.

She also wondered if having a dick in her ass would feel anything at all like a dick in her pussy. That is, the pussy she had removed at birth; the pussy she would never get to see or feel; the pussy that existed no more. She stopped her thoughts there and tried to think of the fun day at the beach she would be having, and not dwell on her own problems. This would be a day for Nancy, and Alexis didn't want to go feeling blue all day.

Alexis got up and took her shower, and tried to think of what Nancy's Prince Charmings might look like. Were they boys who were in her class last year? Were they high school boys who were a grade or two ahead?

She did not know that Nancy had set her sights even older than that.


Nancy masturbated that morning too, and even though she had a pussy to masturbate with, she touched nothing but her clit, as usual. She rubbed her pussy lips a tad at first, but when she slid a finger in a little bit and felt her hymen, she stopped there. She wanted the first thing to ever go in her pussy to be a dick, and she imagined that hot blond guy from the beach who watched her a lot being her first lover. The other guys he had been with were also hot, but it was the blonde guy who looked at her the most, and she was okay with that, since she found him to be the sexiest anyway.

It didn't take much to get her to reach orgasm: just gently rubbing her clit and imagining that blond guy penetrating her. The problem was her masturbation didn't calm her down; it only made her want to have sex more, to experience her first hard cock, to see one up close, and to feel it deep inside her.

After two orgasms, she found herself only hornier, so she gave up before she found herself in the shower all day.

She had barely gotten into her bikini when the doorbell rang.

She came outside and found Alexis and John at her door, ready to go. Alexis was wearing a hot swimsuit top, but was wearing guy-shorts for her bottom. Nancy understood why, of course, and was secretly pleased that she could show off more of her legs than Alexis.

John was only wearing trunks, of course, and Nancy briefly gave him a once-over. He wasn't yet grown enough for her - without any muscle definition, and not tall enough - but he was certainly grown up enough to make Nancy the slightest bit jealous of Alexis. Nancy had been friends with John even before Alexis came into their lives, and she had no feelings for him, sexual or otherwise, but even so, a shirtless guy was a shirtless guy, and Nancy did not have a shirtless guy to call her own right now.

As they walked to the beach, Alexis and John held hands, and Nancy felt like a third wheel, even though John really spoke the least during the walk.

The beach was crowded as usual, and Nancy could not find her dream man immediately. Alexis pointed out lots of hot boys for Nancy that were their age, and each time John put his arms around Alexis from behind and squeezed her tighter. He, of course, was saying "Don't you dare point out guys you think are hot, you're mine." Alexis didn't respond to John's hugs and squeezes, just to tease him more. Instead she just pointed out more cute guys.

But Nancy didn't find any of them to be particularly hot, or at least not as hot as the men she wanted. Alexis kept pointing out guys that were too young, but Nancy didn't know how to explain that to Alexis. She would only say things like "Well, he's cute, but I wouldn't say he's hot."

Of course, most of the men Nancy wanted didn't seem to notice her, and most of the young teen boys that Nancy didn't like seemed to lock their eyes on her curves and tits. Nancy was stunning in the eye of thirteen-year-old boys who were just discovering girls, and even a few of the girls her age were shooting daggers of jealousy at her.

Finding no luck by noon, Nancy, Alexis, and John walked to an ice cream and hot dog stand nearby for lunch to get into the shade and figure out why Nancy had gotten so picky suddenly.

They settled down with hotdogs, fries, and sodas at an empty picnic table under a beautiful weeping willow tree.

"Are you still stuck on your Prince Charmings?" Alexis asked Nancy.

"No, I don't think so," Nancy said. "I mean, they were really hot, all of 'em, but I can live without them. I just haven't really seen any guys I want."

"You make it sound like we're on sale," John said.

"Sweetie, guys are always on sale," Alexis said, and kissed him.

Nancy frowned momentarily, then looked away. She wished she was kissing a guy right now. Even to have Scott back for a few moments...

But in her glance away, she caught sight of something much better: her three Prince Charmings were coming up from the beach, headed straight for the hot dog stand.

Nancy smiled when she saw them, causing Alexis and John to turn around and look.

"THOSE are your Prince Charmings?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah, aren't they hot?" Nancy said.

"They're - they're like in their twenties!"

"Oh, they're not that old."

"They're not thirteen."

"I'm sure they're still in high school."

"Seniors," John chimed in, "held back twice."

"Knock it off," Nancy said.

"Do you think they're interested in you?" Alexis said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means you're thirteen, and I would think they would like girls their own age."

"Says you. I know that blond guy was checking me out last time. I think he's checking me out right now!"

"You're not serious."

"I'm gonna go talk to them," Nancy said, getting up.

"What are you gonna say?"

"I'm going to apologize for being rude to them the other day."

"That better be all you do."

"We'll see," Nancy said, and left to join the men in line.

John and Alexis watched in morbid fascination. They couldn't hear what was said, but it was clear that the blond guy took a huge interest in what she had to say. The other guys smiled on mildly, but seemed vaguely uncomfortable at the same time.

"Is she flirting with him?" Alexis whispered to John.

"I think she is," John said. "What could she want in him? What could he want in her?"

"His dick, it looks like."

"Wow, Alexis. Had to go with the dick joke."

Alexis laughed momentarily, but got serious again quickly. "I think she is flirting with him," she said. "And he's not sayin no."

Nancy came back to the table soon after.

"What did you say to them?" Alexis asked.

"I apologized, like I said I would," Nancy said.

"You're not going to try to start anything with one of them, are you?"

"Why not?"

"How old are they?"

"I didn't ask, but what is your point?"

"For one thing if they're over eighteen it's illegal," Alexis said, "and for another thing it makes them perverts."

"No it doesn't! What's it matter how old they are?"

"They should be going out with people their own age."

"Fine, let's say Chris is eighteen-"

"Chris?" John said.

"The blond one's name," Nancy said. "That makes him five years older than me. What's the age gap with your parents, Alexis?"

"People who are older are not the point. The point is you are young. You should be going out with people your own age."

"Why does that matter?" Nancy said, emphasizing every word and getting red in the face.

Neither Alexis nor John had a retort. They were simply dumbstruck. They had no logic to go with their argument, and shouting "It's wrong!" at Nancy would accomplish nothing.

"That's what I thought," Nancy said after a brief silence.

They finished their lunch in silence. Nancy was angry over the fight, Alexis was angry and very concerned, and John was just very concerned. He wanted to find a way to convince Nancy that it was wrong, but he didn't know how and he didn’t want to reopen the discussion and make things worse. When he thought about it, he couldn't come up for a reason why it would be wrong. He and Alexis were having sex already, why would an age gap matter if both people enjoyed it? He knew there had to be a reason, there had to be, because something in him told him it was wrong. He wondered if it was just his upbringing or if it was something on a deeper level. But without knowing the answer himself, he'd never be able to communicate his gut feeling to Nancy.

The time it took to finish lunch was not quite enough for Nancy and Alexis to let the conversation blow over. But Alexis broke the silence by saying "Do you want to keep looking for guys today or what?" She meant to say it without emotion, but her anger and annoyance came through much too easily.

"I think I'm done today," Nancy said, "I'm going home. You two have fun together." There was clearly venom in her voice, of anger and jealousy and hurt.

Neither John nor Alexis responded to her. They just watched her walk away. She took one last look at the hot guys, who were sitting at another table and finishing their own lunches.

Alexis could have sworn the blonde guy winked at her.

John gripped Alexis' hand under the table, and Alexis put her head on John's shoulder.

"She's never gotten mad at me before," Alexis said.

"I know," John said. "But maybe this will blow over by tomorrow."

"I don't think it will," Alexis said. "She's been thinking about those guys for a week."

"Should we go talk to them?"

"No, that won't do anything."

"It'll make you feel better."

"I think it'll only make me feel worse."

"Okay," John said, giving up. "You wanna go back to the beach, maybe go swimming?"


"Go skateboarding?"

"No... I don't know what I want to do. I want Nancy to stop being mad at me."

"She'll come around, and see it your way. I know her," John said. But the truth was, he did know her, and he knew that she probably would not see it their way. When Nancy wanted something, she found a way to get it.


Nancy didn't end up going home after all; she went back down to the beach and took a nap on her towel for a few hours. She figured the best way to calm herself would be to sunbathe for a bit and sweat out the anger she felt. She didn't need Alexis' approval, but she was angry that she hadn't gotten it anyway. Why would Alexis not be happy to help her talk to guys and get a new boyfriend? What was wrong with liking older guys? What was wrong with older guys liking her?

But there was no rest in her nap, for she dreamed of fighting Alexis - not with words, but with fists and feet. Nancy pummeled her, ripping out Alexis' hair, knocking out teeth; and Alexis could barely defend herself.

When Nancy woke up, she didn't remember the dream, but only came to the conclusion that she needed to apologize to Alexis. Alexis was still a good friend, and even good friends sometimes fight. Nancy wouldn't say Alexis was right, but she would say that there was no need for arguing, and that she would be able to accept the fact that Alexis might not like her choice of guys.

Maybe that's all it was: Alexis liked guys her own age, and Nancy like older guys. Maybe Alexis simply didn't find them attractive, right now at least, and the argument was nothing more than an expression of that.

The crowd at the beach was thinning when she woke up, and the sun was close to the horizon. A chill wind from the sea came through and gave her goose bumps. It was no longer bikini weather.

Nancy stood up and stretched, then wrapped herself in her towel to keep warm.

She scanned the beach one last time, almost automatically, for her Prince Charmings, or even just one, but none of them were around. She guessed it wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time she would take Alexis' advice and settle on a guy her own age that always looked at her and, when caught looking, turned red and looked away. That was a big problem Nancy had with boys her age: she wanted a guy with experience, who wasn't shy and knew what he was doing. Too many boys her age were just discovering what to do with their own penises, and had no experience with vaginas whatsoever. She wanted a guy to take charge and show her a good time without being nervous and jumpy and unsure of what to do.

She guessed she couldn't be picky, but she damn well wanted to be. She wanted her first time to be special, to be the best time of her life, and she didn't think that could happen with some boy who stuttered and blushed every time he was around her.


NanceGir1: Im sorry for fighting
LexSk8247: I'm sorry too
NanceGir1: Don't be, I got mad first
LexSk8247: That's not how I remember it
NanceGir1: lol let's not fight about fighting
LexSk8247: lol
.........: I can understand why you like them
.........: I mean, they're definitely hot, I'll give you that one easily
NanceGir1: :-)
LexSk8247: and I suppose that they did a heroic thing
.........: so I guess its natural you'd like them after that
NanceGir1: I kno, but I've learned not to get my hopes up
.........: I think next time I go guy hunting I'll take ur suggestions
LexSk8247: u wanna go 2morrow?
NanceGir1: nah, I'm taking a break from the beach for a few days
LexSk8247: cancer
NanceGir1: lol yeah


But Nancy had lied to Alexis again. The next day, Nancy went to the beach by herself. She still wanted to find hot guys, and she was even willing to concede to taking up Alexis' suggestions, but she didn't want to have Alexis bring John again and get all riled up with jealousy. And she knew Alexis wouldn't go anywhere without John.

But the promise she kept to herself to only talk to boys her own age was broken almost immediately upon arriving at the beach. Today seemed to be an especially older guy kind of day. There were hardly any families or kids there, and mostly only guys and girls in their late teens and early twenties. Many of the guys had girls with them, or were in large clusters that made her feel shy. The volleyball nets were being used, and she suddenly felt very alone at the beach. Maybe it was a bad idea to not bring Alexis, or at least Amber or Kelly, after all.

She almost turned right around to leave, feeling so isolated and awkward, but before her urge to flee got the better of her, she saw her blond Prince Charming, Chris.

He was talking with two other guys and two girls, but the guys were not Prince Charmings number 2 and 3. The girls were older and developed, and Nancy thought that was the type of girl Chris would be interested in, and it disheartened her for a moment, until Chris caught Nancy's eye.

Chris spoke for a few moments longer with the others, then left them and wandered over to Nancy. Nancy didn't move, except to put her hands behind her back and push her breasts forward, to give her best impression to Chris.

When Chris got up to her, he said "Hi, how you doing?"

"I'm goo-oo-ood," Nancy said, trying to sound sexy, but instead sounded babyish. "Listen, I wanted to thank you again for everything you did."

"Trust me, you thanked us enough," Chris said. "We're all just happy your little friend wasn't, you know, scarred for life or anything."

"No, she wasn't."

"Hey, you seem a little lonely today; you wanna hang out with my friends? I don't think they'll mind."

"Are you sure? Are you sure I'm not too... young?"

"No, you're nice and polite and mature for your age. How old are you anyway? Fifteen?"

"Thirteen," Nancy said, before she could think of a lie.

"No kidding? I would never have guessed."

"Thank you."

"I'm sure they'd be fine with hanging out with you. Come on and meet them."

"Well, okay..." Nancy said, and followed Chris back to his clique of friends.

It turned out they were friendly people, and didn't mind Nancy being in their group at all. The played 3-on-3 volleyball when a net became available, and Chris seemed particularly impressed with her skill. Nancy really enjoyed herself, and got to know the type of people Chris called friends, and she didn't have a problem with any of them, especially since the two girls in the group appeared to be girlfriends to the other two guys in the group, leaving Chris (hopefully) quite single.

Eventually one couple had to leave, then the other, and everyone said it was nice to meet Nancy as they left.

Nancy had been glad to meet them, and really enjoyed their company, but now that they were gone, she was a little nervous to be alone with Chris.

When the second couple had left, Chris asked "Do you need to be getting home soon?"

"I don't think so," Nancy said.

"That's good. Want to take a walk with me? If you're not too tired from volleyball, that is."

"No, I'm not. I can walk."

So they walked down the beach and got into small talk with each other. Nancy learned that Chris had just graduated high school, and after the summer, would be going to an out-of-state college, hopefully to get a degree in mechanical engineering. He thought that kind of a degree would be useful for making amusement park rides. He wanted to someday design a rollercoaster that would be pulse-pounding without making people queasy. He also wanted to design coasters that might be larger than normal, so the ride would last more than a few minutes. He imagined a rollercoaster where the line didn't take as long to get through as the coaster took to ride.

Nancy found his ideas to be interesting, but found that she got lost in his eyes way too easily and couldn't concentrate on his words.

Chris learned that Nancy had just graduated eighth grade and would be starting high school in the fall. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do after that, and she hadn't really thought about it yet. She'd never been out of the country on a vacation, so she hoped someday to travel and see the world. She had seen pictures of the Taj Mahal in her history textbooks, and she really wanted to see that and the culture of India. Coincidentally, "Aladdin" was her favorite Disney movie, but she refrained from saying that because she thought it might make her sound childish.

As she talked and they walked, Chris took her hand. It was the first time she had touched him, and his warm hand in hers felt wonderful.

Before she knew it, she was leaning on him, then resting her head on his upper arm. She was finally touching a real, live, hot, chiseled guy, and she wanted to make the most of it, even if it seemed like their chat was nothing more than friendly.

But Chris didn't seem to mind any of the touching, and even seemed to smile a little bit more after they started holding hands.

They continued to walk and talk until the sun approached the horizon and most people left the beach for the day. It started to get a little chilly again, so Chris put his arm around Nancy and kept her warm as they walked. Chris knew she was getting cold, so he steered them off the beach, then asked her again if she needed to get home, or if she wanted to hang out a little longer.

"I wish I could hang out more, but I think that I do need to be home for dinner," Nancy said.

"That's okay, I'll walk you home," Chris said. "So, do you want to make the next one a real date?"

Nancy's face went red, but her clit started to tingle at the same time. "Do you really want to go out with me?" she asked.

"Sure, why not?"

"Well, I'm..." she didn't want to mention how old she was again. If anything, she wanted to completely avoid the topic to avoid making him think twice about it. "That sounds fun," she finished.

"I don't suppose you have a cell phone?"

"No, my parents won't let me have one until I'm old enough - to get a job and pay the bill myself, that is."

"That makes sense."

But Nancy quickly told Chris her screen name and MySpace page as the best way to talk.

"By the way," Chris said, "I know you're young, and I'm sure we're used to different kinds of relationships. If I ever go too fast for you, and you feel uncomfortable, put on the breaks and I will listen."

"Thanks, but I don't think you'll go too fast."

"Is this too fast?" Chris said, then kissed her gently on the lips.

Nancy's legs felt wobbly almost immediately, and thankfully he stopped kissing her quickly, or she thought she might have collapsed.

"No, that's not too fast," she said.

But Chris didn't kiss her again, instead wrapping an arm around her and letting her lean hard against him.

As he walked her home, however, he did slide his hand from her waist down to her ass and left it there, cupping her cheek.

She was in love in an instant. Or what she thought of as love. Whatever it was, she wanted him to pop her cherry. There was no arguing with that.

The only odd thing that ended the night was that Chris didn't walk her to her door. When they reach her home street, and she pointed out where she lived, Chris said "Well, I think you can make it the rest of the way by yourself."

She didn't realize Chris had done this because there was a car parked in the driveway.

Even with the odd and quick departure, Nancy wanted him more than ever. When she got home, she only told her parents that she had been at the beach all day (which was obvious since she walked in the house with her bikini on), and that she had met some new friends. Her parents were happy for her, and did not suspect that her new friends were all five years older than her.


As Chris walked home, he smiled. Nancy wanted him badly, so this would be much easier than he thought. He figured he would have to go slow, and had feared driving her away with the quick kiss, but she was into it plenty. Hell, if she liked him enough, he might be able to fuck her without spending more than three dates' worth of green on her. This would be the youngest chick he'd ever fucked, and he subsequently wondered if she was a virgin. He could barely imagine how tight she would be, and he thought he might also have to properly teach her how to give great head.

He couldn't understand why James and Zach weren't into it. Hell, this might be the best sex of his life, and they were missing out. At least his other friends, the ones he had introduced Nancy to today, weren't against it. Then again, they didn't know about it. All they knew was that she looked a tad small for eighteen, and even then, that he and Nancy were only friends. He thought maybe his friends would not agree with his choice of meat if they ever found out this particular piece of meat was only thirteen.

He never understood the whole age of consent laws. The way he figured it, if a girl had had her first period, she was sexually ready. That should be the cutoff, in his mind: no fucking little kids, but if they were developing, they should be fair game. After all, she wanted it; it wasn't like she didn't want him and just didn't know how to say no. It wasn't rape; it was just a good lay, and a fun time had by all.


4agdtmcll: nancy?
NanceGir1: who's this?
4agdtmcll: Chris
NanceGir1: Hi!
.........: didn't know what your sn was
4agdtmcll: yeah it's weird
.........: hey do you mind if I ask you a few personal questions?
NanceGir1: my fav color's blue
4agdtmcll: lol :)
.........: I mean, if you don't mind, concerning sex
.........: you there?
NanceGir1: yeah
.........: what do u want to kno?
4agdtmcll: do you mind if I ask, or would it be too personal?
NanceGir1: it's not 2 personal
.........: ask away :-D
4agdtmcll: have you ever had sex?
NanceGir1: no
4agdtmcll: have you ever done anything sexual, like given head?
NanceGir1: tbh, no
4agdtmcll: that's ok
.........: ever looked at porn?
NanceGir1: yes
4agdtmcll: ever masturbated?
nanceGir1: yes
4agdtmcll: you're not as innocent as I thought
NanceGir1: *giggles*
4agdtmcll: what's the sexiest thing you've ever done?
NanceGir1: last week I fooled around with a few other girls @ a sleepover
4agdtmcll: did you kiss them?
NanceGir1: no
.........: we masturbated 2gether
4agdtmcll: !!!!!!!
NanceGir1: LOL
4agdtmcll: what else did you do with them?
NanceGir1: that's it
.........: we just played with each other
.........: 2 figure out what worked 4 us
.........: we tried fingers and tongues
4agdtmcll: TONGUES???
.........: that's more than masturbation!
NanceGir1: LOL
4agdtmcll: that's called eating out
NanceGir1: lol I kno
4agdtmcll: ever done anything with a guy?
NanceGir1: only kissing
4agdtmcll: when you were laying with your girlfriends
.........: did you like getting eaten out?
NanceGir1: oh, I didn't get eaten out
.........: I only did the eating lol
4agdtmcll: did you like it?
NanceGir1: not much
4agdtmcll: do you think you'd like doing it to a guy more?
NanceGir1: maybe
4agdtmcll: is this getting too personal?
NanceGir1: no
4agdtmcll: good
.........: you're very open
NanceGir1: I don't mind talking
.........: sexy stuff is fun to talk about
4agdtmcll: how do you masturbate?
NanceGir1: I play with my clit
4agdtmcll: do you ever put fingers in your pussy?
NanceGir1: no
4agdtmcll: why not?
NanceGir1: tbh, I want to save myself for the right guy
4agdtmcll: am I the right guy?
NanceGir1: maybe
4agdtmcll: have you thought about having sex with me?
NanceGir1: yes
4agdtmcll: do you really want your first time to be with a guy you just met?
NanceGir1: if he's really really REALLY hot
.........: (like you lol)
.........: besides, I like you a lot
.........: you're a nice guy
.........: why should it be wrong to want you?
4agdtmcll: there's nothing wrong with it at all
.........: just sometimes sexual feelings can get out of hand
.........: and sometimes girls think they're ready when they're not
.........: even guys too
NanceGir1: Is that a challenge?
.........: I'm ready when you are

Nancy couldn't believe that she typed that last line. She was getting bold with him, and it was easy to when she wasn't face to face with him. But she probably would have been really nervous if they had this conversation walking on the beach. It was too late now; she said she would fuck him.

As for Chris, he continued to masturbate, as he had been since he started talking to her. In fact, that last line brought him over the top, and he imagined her fully giving herself up to him, without any shyness or shame, without any nerves or jitters. He came, shooting his load into the wet washcloth he had wrapped around his dick.

When he finished his orgasm, he let the washcloth dangle on his cock and typed:

4agdtmcll: meet me at the beach tomorrow right after it closes?

Nancy's heart pounded, and she slid a hand into her panties and rubbed her clit, typing with one hand:

NanceGir1: I'll wear my bikini ;)


PART 4.5

John found it particularly difficult to masturbate tonight for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, he was going to drink his cum, and it did not please him to know that was what he was going to do. He knew he didn't like the taste, but he also knew that if he was ever going to be a good boyfriend to Alexis, he was going to have to get used to the taste. But knowing ahead of time that he would be doing it did not help him get to that point.

Closely related to that reason, he was trying to masturbate into a plastic cup, so he could easily drink it. He would have a hard time pointing his cock into it so that it didn't miss, as well as holding it at such an angle so as to catch his cum but not slide out and spill.

He was also finding it difficult to masturbate because he could not shake the image of Alexis with a pussy instead of a cock, which he had conjured up the time he and Alexis had cybered. He found the idea of Alexis having female sex organs to be arousing, and he almost felt as if he were cheating on her by thinking of it. It wasn't what she had, and he was finally starting to feel different about it. He had always told her he didn't mind her cock at all, and it made her better than any other girl, but now he could not shake the idea that he would like her more if she did have a vagina after all. He didn't want to think that; but he had started to question what he was missing by not having a real girl as a girlfriend.

He didn't want to put it in those terms, of course, and he felt bad when he did. He loved Alexis, and he loved her for who she was, regardless of her genitals. But he wondered what a pussy really felt like, and what the experience of real sex would be. He supposed someday he might have anal sex with Alexis, but the idea currently did not turn him on. Getting a blow job from her was great, and making out with her and playing with her tits were great fun, but he wondered if sex would be more enjoyable if she had a pussy. Maybe he would even enjoy licking a pussy more than sucking a cock.

He didn't look up porn tonight, because Alexis with a pussy would not leave his mind, and it aroused him plenty. He imagined reaching between her legs and feeling a slit instead of a bulge; a clit instead of a cock; lips instead of balls. He imagined sliding a finger or two inside her, and finally, he imagined having real, normal sex with her, pushing his cock into her pussy and pumping ever-so-gently as they kissed sensually, barely any tongue, just lips on lips in the most loving way possible. He imagined the feeling of his penis in her warm, tight vagina, where is could best express how much he loved her.

He felt bad that he was so aroused by these thoughts; that he wanted something from her that she was unable to give him. But he felt worse because he thought that she was imperfect, that he would love her more if they could have normal sex. He felt absolutely awful about that, because it meant that he had been lying to her when he told her he loved her because of her uniqueness.

And despite all that, despite how bad he felt, his erection was strong and he wanted to cum to the image in his head of Alexis with female parts.

When he finally reached his orgasm, and knew he would be cumming, he stood up and aimed for the plastic cup. He didn't cum particularly much, and he shot it all into the cup without too much work.

But with his orgasm over and done with, all he was left with was a cup of cum and the awful feeling that he had to imagine his girlfriend as something different to make her perfect. He didn't want to drink his cum right now, and he knew that he wouldn't have to if Alexis didn't have a dick in the first place. He never felt anger at her; only anger at himself for falling in love with someone that his libido told him was imperfect. It almost made him cry to think that.

The cum in the cup disgusted him right now. He didn't want to drink it; not now, not ever. It looked gross, it smelled gross, and he knew it tasted gross. Even feeling the warmth of it from holding the cup was gross - and he was totally turned off from it. It was getting watery quickly, and that made it even grosser.

Disgusted with both his cum and himself, he didn't bother to drink it, instead just washing the cup in the sink and then throwing it away. He could only bear to drink Alexis' cum, and only to please her. It was that gross to him, and he didn't know if he could ever get used to it. He loved her, and he wanted to please her just as much as she pleased him, and to him that meant sucking her off and swallowing every time she sucked and swallowed him. That was the only way, to him, to be a good boyfriend to her, at least in bed.

He wasn't sure he really could be a good boyfriend to her.


Alexis was not at all in the mood to masturbate tonight. Cumming was not on her mind at all; although her sex organs were.

She lay in bed, simply feeling awful. Since she had pretended to have a vagina when she cybered with John, that was all she could think about. She used to not mind having a dick; she was proud of being different, and even having a dick did not stop her from having the best boyfriend in the world. But now she was finally questioning what she was missing by having a penis, but forgot to ask what she was gaining.

All she could think about was having a vagina just like John had described, and thought about the sensation of finally having a dick inside her, of finally having normal sex. She would eventually try anal, she knew, but she didn't think it would be the same.

Right now, she wanted so badly to be a real girl, complete with a vagina. She usually didn't regret having a dick, but recently she felt like she was missing out, but more than that she felt like John didn't love her because of it. Of course that was stupid; he told her he loved her everyday, and was always telling her that he loved her because she was different than other girls, not despite her difference.

She slid a hand under her covers and touched her dick. It disgusted her right now. She didn't think that it belonged there; she wasn't supposed to have one at all. She should have felt a vagina down there.

Alexis took her hand away and turned onto her side, trying to sleep. She would feel different in the morning, when it wasn't on her mind, and she would certainly feel different about it next time she had fun with John, but right now she was ready to cry over it.

She couldn't blame her parents, of course, they just had to guess, and they happened to guess wrong on a 50/50 bet. But why couldn't the doctors have done some tests and figured things out? Couldn't they have done something to test Alexis to make sure she would grow up to be a boy before removing her vagina? How could they have made such a mistake?


When Nancy finished chatting with Chris online, she had already cum twice, and wanted to keep masturbating. She hadn't told Chris that she was touching herself as they talked (mostly because he hadn't asked), but she couldn't stop imagining what sex with Chris might be like. Just reading his words was wonderful. They had even stopped talking about sex, and had chatted about other things for a while before Chris said goodnight, but Nancy continued to play with her clit.

When she went to bed, she played with herself further, getting the sheets wet and cumming no less than seven more times before drifting off to sleep with her hands on her clit near sunrise. It was perhaps the most times she had ever cum in one session, but it only made her more excited to have sex for real.

She slept in past noon, but she had the most wonderful dreams about sex.



When John woke up in the morning, he had a mission in mind: he was going to get Alexis alone and try to give her the best blowjob he possibly could. He wanted to do it partly to tell her how much he loved her, but mostly to allay his guilt about wishing Alexis had a vagina. He knew he wouldn't enjoy giving her head; his only joy would come in knowing that Alexis loved him for doing it. He would also let her cum in his mouth, and he would swallow it down. And if he didn't like to do it, if he still thought cum tasted gross, and if he did not enjoy giving head, he would know for a fact that he could not be the kind of boyfriend Alexis deserved.


The sun was out and Alexis' parents had left for work, but Alexis slept in. She was having a dream she did not want to wake up from.

In her dream, Alexis was a hermaphrodite, just as she had been born. She still had her penis, but it was just above her vagina in the place of her clit. Her balls also dangled on either side of her vaginal slit, making lips out of her sac.

But her dream was actually not about sex at all. In her dream she was a rock star, and she was naked on stage singing one of Lutz's songs from the album John had bought for her. In her dream she was the only one naked, but she wasn't shy about it. She continued to sing and walk around the stage and point to people in the crowd and boogie up next to her guitar player.

The crowd cheered for her so loudly she couldn't hear herself sing, and she didn't even know if the crowd could hear her. But she could certainly hear them, and it was the best feeling in the world, to know that everyone loved her for who she was.

She began to wake up in the middle of the dream, but she didn't want to. She kept her eyes closed and tried to keep the dream alive as long as she could. But she finally had to leave the dream behind when she heard the doorbell ring.

She was too groggy to realize it was almost certainly John, so she quickly changed into day clothes before seeing who it was. She felt a tinge of emotion - perhaps disappointment, perhaps grief, perhaps anger - when she caught sight of her dick, and saw that that was all it was.

Dressed now, she heard the doorbell ring again, so she rushed to the door to see it was John after all. He looked impatient and little down, but she didn't get to ask him what was wrong before he kissed her deep and hard.

"Good morning," Alexis said, pulling herself away from him and letting him inside.

"Parents aren't home, right?" John asked.

"No, they're not. Do you want to do something this early? I just woke up."

"That's okay."

"Haven't showered or anything."

"That's okay."

"Do you just want to hang out, then?" Alexis asked.

"No, I want to blow you."

Alexis looked at him for a moment, uncomprehending.

"Got time for romance, stud?" Alexis finally said. She wasn't in the mood right now. Nothing about her privates was appealing right now.

"I - I guess so," John said, and Alexis almost heard him sigh in relief. He wasn't sure if he wanted to put it off or get it over with.

Alexis went to the kitchen to make herself breakfast, and John followed her, watching her ass. He wasn't in the mood either, but he needed to get himself in the mood in a hurry. And John loved Alexis' ass.

"So what made you want to race down here and blow me all of a sudden?" Alexis asked, trying to sound nonchalant and pleasant. She thought she knew what was really going on, but was still a little too groggy to connect the dots.

John thought for a moment, then said "Well, I know how you always feel embarrassed about what you have, and I wanted to show appreciation for it. I wanted to show you how much I love you d- because of who you are." He almost said 'despite what you have', but corrected himself quickly. He did not want to admit that what he used to love about her was now causing him problems.

"So you're doing this for me?" Alexis asked. "I told you you never have to do anything you don't want to for me."

"No, I want to do it."

"Because you enjoy sucking me off?"

"Well, I'll find that part out."

"So you don't know if you enjoy it for the sake of doing it, then?"

"I want to," John said. "I want to enjoy sucking you as much as you enjoy sucking me. I want our relationship to be equal. Every time you suck me off, I want to return the favor."

"Look, John, we've been over this. You don't have to feel like that. I enjoy giving blowjobs, but if you don't like it, I am perfectly okay with it."

"But I'm not perfectly okay with it. And I don't think you are, either."

"I am, John-"

"I want to be the best boyfriend you could ever have, because I love you. And I love you so much that if I'm not the best boyfriend you could ever have..."

"What?" Alexis said, hoping he would finish. She pulled him closer and kissed him gently. "John, you ARE the best boyfriend I could ever have. I love you more than anyone. I don't look at other guys; I only look at you. You are the nicest, sweetest, most wonderful guy ever, and that's what makes you a great boyfriend. The sex stuff it great, too, so don't be concerned about that. I love what we do. Even if all we ever did was rub ourselves together, I'd still love it. I give you blowjobs not just because I want you to enjoy them; I do them because I enjoy them. There is no way you need to 'pay me back' for them."

"I want to. I feel like this is one-sided."

"It's not. I mean, it's like you liking chocolate ice cream and me liking both chocolate and vanilla, so you feel like you have to eat vanilla to make things even. That makes no sense."

"No, it's-" John stopped and furrowed his brow. "That analogy makes no sense."

Alexis laughed. "That's how I see it."

"But don't you like getting blowjobs?"

"Yes, I do, I think they're great, but you don't have to do them to me if you don't want to. Little secret: I can do them by myself."

John's eyes grew.

"You can suck your own dick?"

Alexis laughed again. "Yeah. I do it sometimes instead of, you know, just jerking off."

"Oh man... can I watch?"

"Plans changed a little, have they? Tell you what: you can watch me suck myself, and you can even help if you really want to, but first... you have to pepper me up."

"Pepper you up?"

"Make me hard."

"Oh!" John said, and held her close and kissed her. They kissed both sensually and sexually for minutes, and Alexis forgot about making herself breakfast. They kissed lips-only one moment, then hard deep tongues the next; John licked her cheek one moment, and gently nibbled her earlobe the next; cupped her ass cheeks one moment, dug his hands down her pants and squeezed them hard the next.

And all of it, everything John did to Alexis, picked up her dick till it was pre-cumming in her pants.

When John finally stuck his hand up her shirt and touched her breasts, Alexis could take no more.

"Okay," she said, feeling hot and out of breath, "into the bathroom with you."

"Why the bathroom?" John asked.

"It's where I always do it. No questions," Alexis said, and pulled John to the bathroom without resistance. John himself was getting hard, wanting to see the show. Although he had to admit the kissing in the kitchen was plenty fun, too.

When they got to the bathroom, John helped Alexis out of her clothes, then watched her as she lie on the ground and stretch out.

"Got to limber up first," Alexis said. "Relax, take your clothes off, enjoy yourself."

John didn't need to be told twice. He pulled his clothes off, nearly falling over trying to take off his socks, before finally sitting down on the edge of the tub and touching himself, watching her stretch. It was like erotic yoga to John, and it was hot.

When Alexis finished stretching, she lay on her back, and lifted her legs up and over so her toes touched the ground behind her head.

John's mouth gaped, watching how easily Alexis could bring her cock to her mouth. He got off the edge of the tub and sat down next to Alexis, watching intently.

The head of Alexis' cock rested on her chin, and it took no effort to open her mouth and lick the foreskin. She was in the zone, and had her eyes closed, rolling her tongue all over it.

John reached out and pulled Alexis' foreskin back, allowing her to lick the head properly. She smiled at the touch and the help, but kept her eyes closed, to feel it all.

Alexis lifted her back a little more, and took the head of her cock in her mouth. She licked the head inside her mouth, but closed her lips over it to suck it in earnest.

John almost automatically guided her dick further into her mouth with the hand the held it, and took his other and placed it on her balls, rubbing them gently and squeezing them slightly.

Soon the tip of Alexis' dick was touching the back of her throat, and she could not put it further in without gagging. But she continued to suck, feeling even better than usual because John's hands were helping her.

But John was fascinated by Alexis sucking her own dick, and wanted to help out more. He took his hands away and brought his lips to her balls. He began to kiss her sac, first with gentle pecks, then slipping his tongue out to lick it.

John tried to analyze what he was doing, and tried to deconstruct the feeling, even as horny as he was, which made it difficult to do. But he couldn't complain about licking Alexis' sac; it wasn't bad in anyway, and it was enjoyable at least for the fact that he knew Alexis liked it, and if Alexis did it to him he would enjoy it. But it was not something he would rather do than get his own balls licked.

He rubbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as he licked her balls, finally taking them into his mouth and sucking them.

Alexis felt her balls enter his warm mouth, and she loved two mouths at once on her privates. But her dick was not all the way in her mouth, a little was still exposed, and she wanted to correct that.

John heard Alexis gag, so he pulled away, and saw that she had too much of her own cock in her mouth, and was choking on it.

On instinct, John pulled Alexis' legs back to the ground, so she could lie flat. She stopped coughing, sat up on shaky arms, and said "No, it's alright. I want to keep going."

"But you were choking."

"I know."

"You want to choke?"

"No, but I want to be able to deepthroat. I want to be able get my entire cock - or yours - in my mouth. Can I at least try to suck yours?"

"I don't want to make you throw up or anything," John said.

"I promise I won't. Now gimme."

John smiled, then said, "Okay, lay back down. I want to try something."


"You'll see."

Alexis lay back down, and John kneeled down at her head. She craned her neck back, so she looked at John's dick upside down, then opened her mouth and let John slide his dick in.

John felt Alexis' tongue slide over the top of his dick, and watched her body instinctually lift to give her head a better angle on John's cock. Alexis' erect cock stood high in the air, and as John looked at it, he saw for the beautiful thing it was, all thoughts of what should be there forgotten.

John felt the head of his cock hit the back of Alexis' throat, and then keep going. Alexis went slow, getting used to the feeling, resisting her gag reflex by pure willpower.

John looked down and saw her bottom lip around his dick, her dimpled chin, her thin, pretty neck, her cute, perky breasts, her flat, tight stomach, her slim waist, and finally settled his eyes again on her small, erect cock, the head of it shiny and wet with her spit and precum.

He bent forward, letting Alexis' ass fall back to the ground, letting her lie flat, but continuing to suck his dick, to try to get more into her mouth. She coughed a little, but John forced himself to disregard it. It was what she wanted, and she knew what she was doing.

He brought his face close to her dick, holding himself up by putting his hands on the floor and bending his elbows as if her we doing push-ups. He opened his mouth and began to lick the head of Alexis' cock. The pre-cum still tasted gross to John, but he tried to work through it.

He continued to lick Alexis' cock for a minute, concentrating on the head but sliding his tongue along her shaft sometimes. He could feel that all Alexis was trying to do was get more of his own cock in her throat, gagging a little then pushing further on. He could feel her tongue slide and twist along the top of his shaft, and could feel her mouth filling up with saliva and the hot breath escape her lips and blow against his skin.

John finally took the head of Alexis' cock in to his mouth, finding the taste of her precum to be almost unbearable. To avoid it, he tried to suck more of her dick, just as she was doing to him, but in his case, it was his effort to get the head of her cock past his tongue so he couldn't taste her precum anymore.

Once his taste buds slipped past the head, he found the taste of her shaft not unpleasant. Nothing more or less special than the taste of her breasts, and he couldn't complain.

John tried to breathe through his nose so he wouldn't have to take Alexis' dick out of his mouth to breathe, and found it not nearly as difficult to keep there as he thought.

Alexis coughed again, this time violently, and by instinct, her body spasmed and her hips lifted, slamming her dick hard down John's throat. He ripped his face away and tried to cough, nearly throwing up. He fell onto his side, nearly kicking Alexis in the head, trying to control his vomit reflex.

Alexis sat up quickly. "What's wrong? Are you choking?"

"No," John managed to say, recovering after a moment, wiping the tears from his eyes. "I'm fine now."

"Are you ok to keep going?"

"I just... I don't think I can do it. I can't do what you do."

"Come on, John, let's not argue this again..."

"No, I'm not gonna argue. I'm just gonna keep going."

"I don't want you to do what you don't want to," Alexis said, "but I feel like I don't have much choice in the matter."

John looked away in shame. "I need to," he said softly.

Alexis sighed. She couldn't say anything he hadn't heard before, and there was no convincing him that he didn't have to do something he didn't like. "Maybe it'll work better with me on top," she said, trying to do anything that would help him.

"Yeah," was all John said, and lay down to let Alexis get on top.

Alexis crawled over him, back into the 69 position. John's dick was going soft, as was her own, so she went straight back at it and began to suck John's dick with gusto. Instead of trying to deepthroat, she just bobbed her head, slurping over his cock like she was in a porno. John's dick picked back up quick, and soon she felt his tongue licking her cock again. He was reserved about doing so, and going much slower than she, but eventually he took the head of her cock in his mouth again and began to suck on it.

Alexis cupped John's balls and gave them a little squeeze, dripping spit onto to them. When she came up for air she would stroke him hard and fast, then dive back down onto it.

Soon she realized John wasn't even sucking her dick anymore; he was probably giving into the feeling of his own and couldn't do both at once. She did feel John's hands massaging and squeezing her ass cheeks, but she knew he wasn't doing anything with her cock. She thought she could feel her balls resting on his lips, and only barely did he kiss them or lick them. He was in his own world, ready to cum and unable to do anything else. That was okay with Alexis; she was nearly in her own little world, too, where there was nothing but John's cock and her mouth.

Alexis felt John's balls tighten up, his back arch, and his dick begin to convulse. She didn't stop her porno-style sucking, but just kept going as he shot his cum into her mouth. She kept as much in her mouth as she could before swallowing, savoring the taste.

When John's orgasm was over, and he felt that he could compose himself, he opened his mouth and began to lick Alexis' sac again. Even though he had cum, she hadn't, and she was still sucking his dick even as it began to fall flaccid. He knew he had to get her to cum, and he was going to swallow her cum just as she had swallowed his.

John brought his mouth to Alexis' cock and wrapped his lips around the head. Her precum was flowing again, and although it tasted awful, he knew he couldn't try to move his tongue past the head, or he'd risk choking again, especially if she suddenly thrust again.

But Alexis did not thrust again. Instead, she simply continued to suck John's dick, even though it was soft. She could no longer suck it porno-style, so she went back to trying to fit the whole thing in her mouth. It was much easier now that it was flaccid and smaller, and she fit his entire shaft in her mouth without much trouble now. His cock still reached her throat, but did not go down.

Alexis was still lost in her own world, where only three sensations existed: she had a cock in her mouth, she had her cock in another mouth, and she had hands massaging her ass cheeks. These three feelings brought her close to orgasm, but did not quite reach it.

Her orgasm finally hit when she felt one of John's hands leave her ass cheek and slide down her taint to tickle her balls. This was the last straw for her, and she tensed and came.

John had almost no time to mentally prepare for the taste of cum after Alexis' body stiffened, but he didn't quite need to. The first shot of cum went right past his tongue and hit the back of his throat, heading down the wrong pipe and making him gag immediately. A second shot of cum did the same before John had to push Alexis off him. Alexis was thrown off her groove and onto her back, quite surprised, and she barely registered the rest of her orgasm as the last of her cum hit her waist and dripped from her cock.

John quickly got up and began to retch into the toilet, trying to bring up the cum that had gone down wrong.

"What's happening?" Alexis said. "John? What's wrong? You're not choking?"

John spit and retched again. His face was red and he was breathing heavily. "I'm sorry," he said, starting to cry, partly from the retching, and partly from what he was about to say. "I'm sorry. I - can't - do it. I can't do it. I can't handle it."

Alexis began to pat his back. "It's okay John. Do you need water? Tell me what's the problem."

"Just went down wrong. But... I can't do this anymore. I'm not good for you."

"No, John, don't say that. This isn't a big deal."

"Yes it is," John said, his retching over with, though his voice was strained. His tears were now much more for his thoughts than the pain in his throat. "It is a big deal. I can't be who you want me to be."

"You ARE who I want you to be. You're EXACTLY who I want you to be."

"No I'm not."

"John, you're not who YOU want yourself to be."

"I can't be a good boyfriend to you."

"You're the best boyfriend," Alexis said, but she didn't know how to convince, and she dreaded where this conversation was going. Perhaps it was the heightened emotions, but she thought this conversation was about to become a lot worse than any of the others.

"No, I'm not." John looked at her dead in the eyes. He saw the tears brimming in her eyes, and he had to fight himself not to look away. "I'm not who you need. I love you, Alexis. I love you a lot. But you deserve better than me."

"No I don't!" Alexis said, and her tears broke.

John got up and tried to put his clothes on as fast as he could. He did not want to stay a moment more than necessary and drag this out.

"I'm not right for you," John said, pulling on his pants. "I wish I were, but I'm not. This just proved it again to me. I want you to find someone who can love you and can do to you what you do to him. Who can repay you every time you do something for him. I don't want to say what, because I don't want to imagine you with anyone else. But... you know what I mean." John finished getting dressed, then helped Alexis to her feet.

"I don't understand," Alexis said. But she understood; she just didn't want to accept it.

John kissed her, and said "Remember me with this, not with what we just did."

John nearly ran through the house to get to the front door, with Alexis running a moment behind him, trying to catch up and catch him. She had not gotten dressed, and as much as she wanted to, she would not chase him down the street.

John stopped just before opening the door and turned around. He kissed her again, then reached for the doorknob.

"Tell me what's going on," Alexis said.

"You know it," John said, "and I really don't want to say it, because I love you too much and don't want to break your heart. But I have to do it. I have to do it for you. Alexis: I am breaking up with you." John choked up on the last word, and almost couldn't finish it. He swallowed and said, "But I love you."

He opened the door and walked out, slamming it closed behind him.


To say what Alexis did over the next few hours is easy: she showered, clothed herself, and cried. She skipped lunch and did not feel like eating dinner, although she forced herself to do so. Her parents asked her what was wrong, and she told them that John had broken up with her. She spent the rest of the night in her room and cried herself to sleep.

But to say what Alexis' thoughts were during this time is impossible. Her head was a jumble of a million emotions, a thousand thoughts racing through it at the speed of light, regret and anger and hatred and grief and love and pain and denial and great loss. This was, up till now, the very worst day of her life.

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