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A man just finished going down on a japan womans pussy, when she let out a fart....... her reply was
"Me, so sorrry, you just ate my pussy so well, my other end was blowing you a kiss...

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2013-01-22 01:24:03
Really does THIS Excite People??? The dating sites in epruoe following are actually your instructions for our meeting: You are to arrive at the conventional hotel at x: x am and I'll you on a cell and provde the room number. You are to travel directly to everyone in the room, it will be unlocked available for you. Once in the area you are to close the doorway but not totally, leave it fell apart open enough to ensure that I are able to enter the room later without worrying about key. You are to make certain the drapes can be closed, the light inside bathroom turned on with the door partly closed making sure that only a little light gets into the room in your home. You may turn on one of several small lights closest into the bed but all your other lights must be powered down. You may vary the heat/a/c based on your needs. Zero TV or airwaves! You will then remove your clothes except a person's bra and briefs. You must even be wearing your stilettos/ high heels. Make sure for which you

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2009-08-31 12:19:26
yoo soo retarded

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2009-08-16 16:03:45
Bloody awful.


2009-08-05 20:14:16
dear god ? is this a church, READER ?!! i`m so out of here


2009-07-24 06:17:18
i love you

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