My name is Sam, I was 13, almost 14 when this all happened. I stood about 5’7” and weighed about 140lbs. I had dark brown hair with blue eyes. My sister Larissa was 12, almost 13 at the time. She had hit puberty shortly after she turned 12, she wasn’t much shorter than me, and she stood around 5’4”, as was pretty skinny, probably weighing about 110 lbs. She hand long blond hair with hazel eyes.

My parents were leaving for the weekend to go to some business meeting. They had their friend’s daughter coming over to watch over us. She had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to leave for college in the fall. Her name was Amber and neither my sister nor I knew who she was.

When Thursday afternoon came, my parents were all packed and ready to leave. I was in my room playing some video games, while my sister was in her room hanging out. I heard the doorbell ring and my mom hollered, “Kids, Amber’s here come on up here.”

I scoffed as I paused my game and made my way upstairs, Larissa coming up right behind me. We made our way into the front room. My mom was standing there talking to Amber, letting her know about our ground rules for while they were gone. Amber stood almost 6’ tall, with an athletic body. She had some of the biggest tits I had ever seen. They were even bigger than my moms. She was wearing a real short mini skirt with an extremely tight tube top. Her top was straining against her tits, she had tiny bumps poking out of her top. I felt my dick begin to twitch a little. I realize she was 19 and I was only 13, but she looked a lot better than most of the girls in my class.

My mom did the introductions, “Amber this Sam,” pointing at me. “And this is Larissa,” pointing at my sister.

“Now I don’t expect her to have any problems with you 2 do I?” My mom asked. My sister and I slowly shook our heads no. “Good, now remember Amber if you do have any problems, you have our number, and their uncle’s number.” Amber nodded and said, “don’t worry Kayla I think I can handle them.”

My parents told us their goodbyes and gave us hugs and kisses goodbye. They walked out the door and we watched them drive off.

Larissa and I turned around and Amber was standing there looking at us. “So what do you 2 want to do today?” I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m just going back to my room to play video games.”

“That’s no fun, I’m sure we can find something better to do with our time here,” Amber said.

Larissa and I looked at each other in confusion. We turned around to head back downstairs to our rooms. “Where are you kids going?” Amber asked.

“Back to my room,” Larissa answered and we walked down the stairs. “Well be back up here in about an hour for dinner,” Amber yelled at us.

I went into my room, my dick fully erect now, I had never experimented with anything yet. My dick was hard every morning I woke up, making it hard to piss. But I never stroked it or anything like that yet. I unpaused my game and went back to playing. My dick not softening at all while playing. I kept thinking about how good Amber looked, her huge tits straining against her top. I have never seen any tits naked before, but had learned about them from my friends at school.

“Kids, dinner time,” Amber yelled down at us. I got up and shut off my game and proceeded up the stair to the dining room. Larissa strolled in after me. We took our seats at the table and Amber laid plates in front of us. She made Mac and cheese, something simple to make I guess.

We all finished eating and I got up and put my plate into the sink. My dick was still standing erect in my shorts, pressing against them. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go back down. Usually in the morning after I take a piss it goes soft. It was pressing against my shorts as I walked past Amber. She must have noticed it, because heard her giggle a little bit.

“Well I am going to go take a shower,” I said as I starting walking to the stairs. “Ok sounds good,” Amber said.

I made my way downstairs to the bathroom, I turned on the water and proceeded to strip naked, my dick springing up and slapping against my stomach as I pulled my shorts and boxers down. I have never felt it this hard before in my life. I jumped into the warm shower, I proceeded to soak my body down. I shampooed my hair, then soaped down my body. My dick still standing tall, I started soaping myself from my shoulders working my way down to my groin area. Soaping up my nuts and erection, while I was soaping up my dick, I wrapped my soapy hand around it and started to slowly stroke it up and down. Every time my hand grazed across the head my dick it brought a tingle to my body. I relaxed a little and laid my back against the shower wall, while stroking my dick faster and faster, enjoying the feeling.

I must have been lost in my own little world or something because I didn’t hear the door open up. All of a sudden the shower curtain was swung aside causing me to jump. There stood Amber, with my sister right next to her. They were both giggling at me. I still had my hand wrapped around my dick, standing there frozen in place for a bit. “What the hell are you guys doing in here,” I yelled. I was more ashamed than mad.

“Well I noticed you had a problem when you were putting your plate into the sink,” Amber said pointing at my erect dick. “I must say you have a nice one,” she said. She smiled at me as she shut off the shower. I had no idea what she meant by that. She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the stall, my dick bouncing all over the place as I step out, causing my sister to giggle.

“What are you laughing at Larissa?” I yelled at her. “Oh nothing,” she responded.

“Alright you two, knock it off,” Amber said. “Eric put these on,” she said throwing my fresh boxers at me. “Just put them on only and come to your room.” She smiled at me. I stood there, my dick finally softening and relaxing. I think it was mainly because it was my sister standing there looking at me. It was first time she had ever seen me naked since we were a lot younger. They walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind them.

I pulled my boxer on and exited the bathroom, walking down to my bedroom. I walked into my room and Amber and Larissa were sitting there on the bed. “Glad you could join us Sam,” Amber said smiling. “Come take a seat,” she said patting on the bed next to her.

I sat down next to her, my sister sitting on the other side of me so I was sandwiched between the two of them. Amber laid her hand on my knee as she said, “so Sam why don’t you tell your sister what you were doing in the shower.” I was at a loss for words, I couldn’t believe this was happening to begin with. She was our babysitter and that was supposed to it. I never expected anything like this. Here I was totally new to everything, I had never done anything like that to myself before. She started sliding her hand up my inner thigh. My dick beginning to twitch as her hand got closer to my crotch.

“Well are you going to tell her what you were doing in the shower?” Amber said. I shook my head no, because I had no clue what I was doing in there. Having lived such a sheltered life, I didn’t have any idea. “So you don’t know what you were doing huh?” She asked. Again I shook my head. I felt her hand graze across my dick, making me nearly jump off the bed.

“Calm down Sam, jeez, I won‘t hurt you.” Amber said. “Larissa, Sam was doing what people call jacking off.” Larissa nodded. “So neither one of have ever done anything to yourselves or anyone else before?” Amber asked. Larissa and I both shook our heads. “Wow you guys really have lived a sheltered life,” she laughed. “Well I am going to teach you guys some things then, you just have to trust me ok?” We nodded our heads slowly.

“Sam stand up and take off your boxers,” Amber ordered. I obeyed, standing up and sliding my boxers to the floor. My limp dick resting on my nut sack as I sat back down on the bed between them. Amber moved down off the bed and over to in front of me on her knees, she laid her hands on my knees and pushed my legs apart. She moved up between my legs as she looked up at me. “Now do you trust me Sam?” She asked, I slowly nodded my head as I looked down at her, my eyes looking down her top seeing her cleavage. This made my dick begin to rise up again, filling with blood.

Amber grabbed my hardening member in her hand and slowly began to stroke it up and down. My dick quickly became hard again in her hand. “You know Sam, girls can do this for you too.” I nodded as I responded, “But I have never done anything like that before.” Amber smiled, “well why were doing it then?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “because it had been hard ever since you got here, and I didn’t know why it wouldn’t go back soft again.”

Amber smiled, “that’s because you were turned on from looking at me. Larissa since you have already seen your brother naked, why don’t you get naked so he can see you naked.” “I must nice you have a very nice dick, I would have to say it’s about 7” long, it’s fairly thick too.”

Larissa nodded as she got up off the bed and proceeded to remove her clothes. She took off her shirt and shorts, she started to take off her bra when Amber stopped her. “Let Sam do that for you,” she said smiling up at me.

She started stroking my dick a little faster, gripping it even harder as well. I started moving my hips to her hand enjoying the feeling it was bringing me. Amber noticed it as she stopped stroking my dick. Larissa sat back down on the bed next me, “Larissa you do what I was doing to your brother ok?” Amber said as she move from between my legs.

Larissa looked down on my dick standing proud up in the air as she move hand very slowly to my dick. She slowly wrapped her hand around my dick, and as Amber was doing, she slowly started sliding her hand up and down the shaft of my dick. Every time she ran across the tip of my dick it sent shockwaves through my body.

Amber sat back on the bed next to me, “now Sam reach behind your sister’s back and unclasp her bra.” I did as I was told, sliding my hand behind Larissa and tried to unclasp her bra, but didn’t have any luck. I slid my second back there and finally got it undone, I threw the straps aside, and her shoulder straps slid down her arms.

Amber reached across me and pulled Larissa bra down and off her one arm. She slid the other strap down her arm that was on my dick and told Larissa to stop so she could take it off. I looked over at Larissa’s chest now exposed to me. She had pert, nicely shaped tits, with dark brown, quarter size areolas, and pinky size nipples poking out from the middle of them. I would have guessed about a B-cup chest.

Amber grabbed hand and pushed over on to one of my sister’s tits, “now start massaging them Sam,” she said. I grabbed her tit in my hand lightly squeezed it, it was real soft and squishy. Her nipple hardened and began poking into my hand.

While I was working on her chest, Larissa started stroking my dick faster and faster. Amber cupped my nut sack with her hand and began fondling it. She squeezed each of my balls between her fingers, while Larissa moved her hand faster and faster. I felt a funny feeling building in my balls and moving up to my dick. I guess Amber noticed this because she pushed me back on to the bed.

I laid back on the bed closing my eyes, as Larissa’s hand was moved up and down my dick. Amber squeezed and massaged my balls even harder. The feeling grew more and more in my balls when all of a sudden I involuntarily let out a loud groan. I felt my dick harden even more in Larissa’s hand, and something come shooting out of the tip of my dick. My dick kept jerking as white stuff came shooting out my dick landing on my stomach. I felt my dick tighten and loosen a total of 6 times. I laid there on the bed breathing heavily, it was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt before.

My breathing finally came back to normal as I started to sit back up. Amber pushed back on my shoulder, “no don’t sit up yet Sam, or you’ll make a mess on your bed.” I pushed myself up on my elbows and looked down at my stomach, feeling the warmth from the stuff that came out of my dick. I grinned wide. “So you liked that Sam?” Amber asked. I nodded as Larissa still had her hand wrapped around my quickly softening dick.

Larissa looked at Amber, “what the heck is that?”

“That is his ejaculate, you made your brother orgasm,” Amber said. Larissa released my now completely limp dick and kept staring at my ejaculate. Amber laughed, “It’s also known as baby batter, that’s what makes a baby inside of you.”

Larissa had some of my ejaculate on her hand, and was looking at it. “Lick it off of there,” Amber said. Larissa slowly brought her hand up to her nose and sniffed it, “hmm it doesn’t smell to bad.” She stuck her tongue out then licked it off of her hand, “wow it doesn’t even have a taste to it either.”

Amber smiled, “it just depends on what they eat, as to what it tastes like. Now why don’t you clean up your brother then he can make you orgasm.”

Larissa leaned over and puckered up her lips, she began to suck it up off my stomach. “Keep some in your mouth Larissa,” Amber said. Larissa finished cleaning up most of it off my stomach then Amber moved over to in front of her and grabbed her shoulders, “did you save some for me?” Larissa opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, my ejaculate still on it. Amber brought her lips up Larissa’s mouth and began kissing her.

This was pretty exciting to me, yes this was the first time for me, for anything, but watching Larissa and Amber kiss, was beginning to turn me on again. My dick beginning to rise up again. They swapped my ejaculate between their mouths.

To be continued…… Please let me know what you think.

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Reminds me of my little sister. She started sucking my cock when she was 10 and I was 13. She would suck me everyday she could. She's 55 now and still sucks my dick regularly.

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shelly God has given me both a peace and a strong coanmmd to stay true to Him for He is our husband we are His bride. What a blessing it has been to learn this over the past 9 months or so. When my eye/mind wanders He grabs my chin and pulls my gaze back to His. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for this encouragement it fits RIGHT in to what He is teaching me! You are a blessing girl! I'll be back at SWO next fall I hope to see you there!

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There's a part when Amber calls Sam eric


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Loved it, and apart from some areas that read as if a word or two is missing, its good.

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