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Our 1st time
The first few years of our marriage was what I’d describe as: “wide open”. My wife would do and act anyway I desired, she would play the fantasy games, dress anyway I’d like, do about anything sexual I asked so life was good.
We had been married about 4 years and was living in a college town, she was adorable and always got looks whenever we went anywhere. She is about 5’6”, 130lbs, auburn hair, 36c’s and a demeanor that emitted sex.
We had a lot of friends and she still had her schoolmates visiting occasionally for parties etc. One Saturday night we decided to have a small get together and had 3 other couples and a friend of mine come. We cooked a nice meal, consumed a lot of alcohol and everyone was having a really good time. My wife drank quite a lot that night and was feeling the effects quite well. She was telling off colored jokes, walking very provocatively around the apartment, bumping into some of the guys quite on purpose.
As the evening wore on we all played cards, listened to music and we danced with our mates and others until late in the night. The party was great but the other couples had to leave due to work the next day.
My friend, my wife and I continued to consume alcohol and my wife would dance with he and I until she had drank so much that she was wobbly and ready to pass out. He and I were laughing at her and we both supported her and walked her to the bedroom and laid her down. The bedroom was dark with only the hallway light giving out any light to the room. When she laid out she half opened her eyes and said “Are we gonna fuck now”…….
He and I snickered but looked at each other. I asked her if she meant that and she could only nod her head. I said “honey will you kiss me and Rich?”, she mumbled “Okay”. He and I laid beside her and I kissed her first, she immediately opened her mouth and her tongue explored my mouth. Our kiss ended and he sort of rolled her to him as their lips met and he was deep kissing her and she was responding. He and I both kissed her a couple more times and when I next kissed her I unbuttoned her top and laid it open for he and I to see her breasts. As she rolled to kiss him I unsnapped her bra and let it slide off her shoulders and when she came back onto her back her breasts was exposed to us. He and I went to a separate breasts to massage and to kiss, we each took a nipple which by now was hard and erect into our mouths and sucked them harder. Her hips were moving in a slow rotating manner and her breathing was slow and labored.
First I stood and removed my clothing then he did the same and we laid back on either side of her. Our erections were quite obvious to each other and we continued our assault on her breasts and nipples. Her hands went to each of our cocks and was stroking them and running over our balls and lengths. I stopped kissing her and bent down to unsnap her jeans and roll them and her underwear down her legs and off her ankles. Richs fingers went straight to her pussy and her legs opened very wide to receive them. I sat back and watched as he teased her pussy with his fingers and slid them along her opening until she was begging him to finger her. He inserted two fingers and she moaned “ohm god please fuck me with your hand”. He began to fingerfuck her and her hand was jacking him off.
I asked if she wanted to be eaten out by us both and she said “please do,….. eat me, fuck me” I said we would but she had to suck our cocks also, she pulled on Richs cock until he was beside her head and she was guiding his cock into her mouth. I went between her legs and let my tongue fuck her very wet pussy as I slid a finger along her asshole as I had done many times before. Her hips were grinding into my face. She cummed at this moment and as she relaxed he and I switched places and She was sucking me but he decided he wanted to fuck instead of eating so he placed his cock head at her pussy and slid it in slowly as she sucked me deep into her mouth, her tongue swirling around my shaft and head. He then began to slowly fuck her and I pulled away to watch my young wife fucking my friend. He pumped into her for 5 minutes and he flipped pulling her on top of him. Her ass was high and grinding down on his cock and her pretty asshole was gapped a bit and inviting. I reached over and wet my finger then slid it in her asshole making her squeal in excitement.
He said “why not a sandwich?” so I let him cease moving and I kneeled behind her and slipped my cock into her ass, she was trying to keep his cock in her as she backed into mine. Once we got positioned and on sequence he and I began to move so I could actually feel his cock as I fucked her ass. The excitement was so much that it didn’t take long for her to cum, then Rich and finally I emptied a load into her ass. We feel in a pile and rested. She came around and asked “are you mad at me” and I replied “hell no, did you enjoy it?”..She blushed and said “yes”…..I replied “well then do you wanna fuck?”…She smiled and said “ are you two ready for more?”

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2009-05-19 13:40:15
Those aren't errors, as weird as it sounds, its correct.

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2009-03-12 21:37:16
I enjoyed your story very much. However a few grammatical errors detracted from it. For instance you wrote 'my wife would dance with he and I' which should have been 'my wife would dance with him and me'. Good story nevertheless.

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2009-02-08 11:27:51
little short but pretty good story

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