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First off I would like to say this story is not made to be erotic i need to tell someone this and this is the best way so no one gets hurt im also gonna change the names of people
When I turned about 5 or 6 I relized I could manipulate people very easily. I found how to get them and lied and got them to do whatever It was I wanted them to do. When I was about 12 I started to notice that my sister (age 7) had a nice firm ass.. (yes i know its fucked up but hey..) I lured her upstairs to her room and told her we were going to play married. she agreed and we dry humped each other for about 1 month then I put my plan into action and got her to take her clothes off, after which she laid on her stomach I got ontop of her and put my cock (which was only 5 inches at the time) between her ass cheeks (at this time i didnt know how to fuck so i couldnt do anything really) We did this for a few months then my cuzin came into my life he was 14. He began to seduce me (dont remember how..) But eventually it ended up with him laying on his back telling me that i should suck him off because i would enjoy it I eventually started sucking his cock (which was 6 inches) he pulled me all the way down on his cock as all 6 inches went down my throat i gagged and choked alot because i couldnt breathe (i gagged on three) after about 10 seconds he let me up and began to rub my cheeks then he told me to lay on my stomach so i did. He got ontop of me and i felt a sharp pain at my asshole trying to press in he pulled up when i told him to (only because he wanted to get me to become a fuck toy) and got dressed and left we didnt do anything until i turned 14 and i met my other cuzin which i hadnt seen for about 4 years before this SHE was beautiful she had a nice firm ass perfect breatsts for her age and just a great figure. She asked me out the day after i meant her claiming to love me. So being me (manipulating people) I went out with her after a few weeks of going out cuddling and keeping to ourselves so our family didnt find out I put my plan into action. I brought her up to my room layed her down and kissed her neck then nibbled on her ear (that makes her VERY horny) I pulled her shirt off (her being a virgin and not wanting to do ANYTHING sexual i had to talk for at least 10 minutes to get her to) After that i took her bra off cooeing her telling her that if she trust me to let me do as i please i started kissing her neck and slowly moved down to her tits i sucked on each for about 5 minutes then i started kissing down her stomach towards her belly button i got to her pants line and pulled off her pants and panties (i only the panties to her ankles because she was dead scared...) after which i slid my tongue into her pussy and just began eating her out nothing out of the ordinary. Once my mom called us for dinner we went downstairs ate and put on some movies i rented (Blair witch project, One of the nightmare on elmstreet ones) Everyone went to bed but us. after all the movies she got up to get a drink when she came back i scotted to my left so when she say she sat on my lap. (this made me horny) I pulled her up and pulled her back down just messing with her and getting alittle pleasure after awhile she was curled up beside me with my hand traveling down the back of her pants i was touching her ass and kissing her lips. I gently slid a finger in her pussy and also rubbed her clit she was still scared, but got used to the pleasure pretty quick after about 10 minutes of that i asked her if i could do something and not get her mad she said yes i pulled my finger out and slid it all the way inside her TIGHT asshole (It was extremely tight) she jumped and yanked my finger out after that i got her to lay on her stomach and got ontop of her (didnt take boxers off) I had my cock inside my boxers but rock hard i put it up to her ass and forced the head in she jumped and groaned (in alot of pain I was 7 inches then). after this i pulled my cock out and we had a normal night. (she said her ass hurt for a week! thats fucking tight!) my other cuzin (the guy) came down a few weeks later and we went to babysit little kids. They fell asleep about 8 and before this i had been looking up rape porn and things like that because i get off to things like that and so we were both laying down..I told him lets play a game rape or be raped and sucked his cock for a few minutes. then rolled over (i was wearing pajama pants so it was easy to remove) He pulled may pants down with my boxers got ontop of me and pushed the head of his cock in the pain was un bearable as a reaction i pushed up trying to push him off this caused him to push forward at the same time which caused me more pain he rammed forward as all of his length went inside my ass i was in so much pain he just started thrusting while holding me down for about 5 minutes then flipped me onto my side and took his cock out got onto my chest and grabbed my hair (long black hair) and forced his cock into my mouth as he cummed he forced me to swallow it all. (I enjoyed being raped ive always wanted to be raped my strapons too but yeah...) and thats all for now tell you more soon.

PS. I know this storie isnt that erotic but its all true it all has happened pm IF you want more details or whatever anyways peace for now

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2015-11-13 08:40:15
Good story needs a little work mostly at the beginning, a little more detailing would do it good it feels rush

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-19 22:42:40
Very good. Redundant, but paragraphs please.

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2010-03-27 13:25:15
Keep writing. Its more healthier for your mind than porn and this way you can tell some people the truth without the risk of jail time. This story was way more realistic cos you weren't trying to fool us into believing the victim's body liked it when it really didn't.

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2009-03-19 00:54:38
Use paragraphs.

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2009-03-19 00:53:55
Your story would be more enjoyable to read if you used paragraphs. It would flow better.

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