After a tough day at school, Diane helps Lisa relax...
Chapter 8 - A Brief Interlude

Lisa stood on her tiptoes, raised her arms out level with her shoulders, closed her eyes, took a step forward and fell - landing heavily on the thick comforter of Diane’s bed. She lay still for several moments, ignoring the difficulty she was having breathing through the heavy material, content to simply do nothing for a change. There was a minutes pause before the strangest of sounds emerged from beneath her head, though whether it was a mumbled complaint or a muffled groan Diane couldn’t tell. Turning around in the chair at her desk, she faced her girlfriend.

“Tough day at school?”

“Argh, it was horrible!” Lisa craned her head upwards to make her words understandable. “I hate the beginning of a new school year! All those freshman jocks thinking that because I’m in a skirt made up in school colors that they can take a free grab! Makes we want to just grab them by their skinny little throats and throttle them!” Her arms leapt forward and made grabbing motions, properly choking the blanket in place of the ones whose deaths would instead bring her comfort.

“Aww, poor girl, stuck playing the cheerleader for a bunch of horny little boys,” Diane teased as she got up and headed over to the bed. Pulling a few stray strands of hair back she climbed up on to the bed so that she was straddling Lisa’s back, so that she was just kneeling just in front of the other girl’s ass. “How about I try and make it up for you with a nice massage?” She leaned over and slowly kissed her way down the back of Lisa’s neck, stopping just above the collar of the Lisa’s shirt. “Just need to take this off so that I can do it properly, ok?”

“Mmm, that would be nice,” Lisa agreed. Reaching down she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Before Lisa could drop it off the side of the bed Diane had already undone the clasp of Lisa’s bra, pushing it down and to the side so that there was nothing in front of her but the smooth, slightly tanned skin of Lisa’s back. Unlike most girls, who seemed to prefer going as dark as they possibly could, the girls preferred a lighter tan; just enough color to not be peachy white, but not so dark that they might get lost on a cloudy night.

Diane shifted back, kneeling just behind Lisa’s butt, and rubbed her hands together quickly to get them nice and warm, silently wishing that she had some oil as well. ‘Ah well, if wishes were horses and all that,’ she thought. She placed a hand to either side of Lisa’s spine and slowly pushed her hands up her lover’s back, curling her fingers up over Lisa’s shoulders as the heel of her palms pushed the tension out of the other girl’s muscles. She folded her arms together as she dragged them down Lisa’s back, repeating the cycle several times, slowly circling out the edge of Lisa’s back and then returning to the center. As Diane’s hands returned to the base of Lisa’s spine for the fifth time, she twisted her hands at the wrist and curled her fingers in against her palm. She placed her wrists back to back over the base of Lisa’s backbone and slowly pushed out to the sides, working her way up one inch at a time.

“Mmm, that feels gooood,” Lisa moaned. She could feel her muscles loosening up under Diane’s tender ministrations, a low thrum of pleasure radiating out from the girl’s touch.

“You like that?” Diane asked teasingly. Her hands were now about mid way up Lisa’s back, just about opposite where the other cheerleader’s breasts would be. She let her fingers uncurl as they slide down Lisa’s side, the tips of Diane’s fingers grazing the bottom of Lisa’s breasts, slowly following the curve until she had a tit in each hand. She could feel the press of Lisa’s already hard nipples against the palm of her hand, and she couldn’t resist giving them a light squeeze before slowly withdrawing her hands and returning to the massage. And yet, she didn’t seem to go quite as high up this time, her hands once more sliding down for another squeeze. She had to go lower down, pressing herself flat against Lisa’s back, crushing her own breasts between them. She took a slight nip at the base of Lisa’s neck, then slowly licked a path up the other girl’s spine before withdrawing both herself and her hands. The next time she went over the top of Lisa’s breasts, slowly fanning the nipples with her fingers.

“Aaeh!” Lisa cried. “Stop it, you’re just making me horny!”

“What if that’s my intent, love?” Diane whispered in her ear. She slowly slid the tip of her tongue around the edge of Lisa’s ear, starting at the top and working her way down until she gave the lobe a little flick and sat back up. She let her hands rest on Lisa’s ass for a moment, then shrugged and removed her own top as well. It fell, piling up on top of Lisa’s shirt. A moment’s fumbling and she had her own bra off, which soon joined the rest of the clothes. Skin to skin contact was always better.

She had to raise herself up on her knees, or risk being knocked off the bed entirely when Lisa turned over beneath her, so that the two girls were facing each other. Lisa’s hands slid up Diane’s legs until they were resting on Diane’s hips. “Oh really? And why would you want to do that?”

“Because you make me horny.” Diane bent at the waist and kissed Lisa, lightly at first, a brief meeting of lips that became longer each time, slowly building in intensity until the girls’ mouths were fused almost as one, their tongues twirling about and teasing one another. Lisa’s hands began to roam up and down Diane’s back, sliding under the hem of her skirt and into her panties so that she was holding Diane‘s tight ass. She gave it a hard squeeze before dragging her fingers along the sensitive skin, forcing a gasp from Diane.

Diane decided to retaliate, and kissed her way over to the small crevice at the edge of Lisa’s jaw. She licked, nipped, sucked and bit slowly and gently, tugging at the skin in a slightly different way each time. She tucked her knees in a little, pressing tightly against Lisa’s hips and slowly arched her back as she teased her way down to Lisa’s tits, until she was hovering over her lover’s dusky nipples. She licked across one already hard nipple, dragging her tongue over it as slowly as she could and still be said to moving forward. She continued to taunt Lisa for a few minutes, until Lisa’s hands tangled themselves in her hair and pressed her against the tit. Diane reacted eagerly, biting just shy of the areola before covering her teeth with her lips and tugging at the sensitive nub. Lisa gasped, raking Diane’s back with her fingernails.

Diane let her hands shift as she fixed her attentions on Lisa’s other breast. As her tongue flickered across Lisa’s nipple, her left arm moved so that it was behind Lisa’s neck, her other arm sliding between them and into the cheerleader’s skirt. Her fingers caressed the soft cotton panties underneath, rubbing the other girl’s labia through the already damp material. She started softly at first, pressing down with the tip of her middle finger to press the material between the lips of Lisa’s vagina as she ran her finger up and down, then using two fingers to gently circle Lisa’s clit, Lisa’s quiet gasps telling her just how close she was getting each time.

Lisa was hardly going to be a passive participant, however. Her knees arched as a spasm of pure pleasure shot through her, locking behind Diane’s back and pulling the girl close once again. Her hands flew to either side of Diane’s head, preventing any escape as she aggressively kissed her lover. Their tongues eagerly met, tangling about each other. Distracted by Lisa’s sudden burst of desire, Diane had to fumble for a moment to get her hand past Lisa’s now soaked panties. She considered trying to go past the elastic band, but in the end it was easier to just shove the panties to the side and push her middle finger into Lisa’s wet pussy. Diane’s hand soon became sticky with Lisa’s juices as she added another finger to the finger fucking she was giving. She pushed Lisa across the bed carefully, until the other girl’s head was hanging over the edge, her dark hair brushing the floor. Lisa let out a short gasp Diane removed her fingers just long enough to brush Lisa’s clit “Uh!”, Lisa was forced to cover her mouth with her own hand to muffle her cries of pleasure, lest she let on to Diane’s parents that the two girls were doing more than studying.

Diane slipped her fingers past the hem of Lisa’s thong, and slowly began to roll the undergarment down the other girl’s thighs. Lisa obligingly bent her knees allowing Diane to toss the thong into the corner once she had removed it, leaving Lisa entirely naked except for the shirt pushed up around her shoulders. Diane carefully kissed her way along the inside of Lisa’s thigh, until she was face to pussy with her lover. Her tongue slid across the sensitive flesh of Lisa’s labia, twirling slightly as she worked her way to the top and Lisa’s waiting clit.

Lisa’s fingers scratched across the thick material of the comforter she was laying on, her finger nails catching at the threads as she rocked with pleasure. Her eyes began to water as she squeezed them so tight in response to the awesome feelings that were coming out of her crotch. Warm , liquid pleasure oozed up her sides, making her shiver with delight. Her hands entangled themselves in Diane’s hair, pressing her girlfriend tighter to her pussy. Diane eagerly complied, digging her tongue in deep as she worked Lisa over. There was a slight aftertaste to Lisa that Diane just could not get enough of. Lisa’s orgasm was a sudden as it was powerful, every muscle in her body tightening up as over stimulated nerve endings exploded in ecstasy, her back arching as one of her fingers managed to rip a small hole into the blanket. A ragged gasp tore its way past her struggling lips before she collapsed into a quivering mass of exhaustion.

Diane began to idly kiss her way back up Lisa’s body, pausing to once again tease the cheerleader’s tits, but Lisa was still caught in her post orgasm haze, and didn’t come out of it until Diane’s lips found hers. As their tongues reunited, Lisa’s hands slid over Diane’s firm ass, squeezing before they slid across her firm stomach and dove between her legs. Lisa was much less patient than Diane, wasting no time in finding Diane’s clit and busily fondling it.

“Ah!” Diane let out a surprised gasp as her body took its turn in being consumed by passion. Her spine bent, thrusting her pelvis down and against her lover’s hand, an urgent request for more contact. Lisa happily obliged, sliding a little lower beneath Diane to slide the fingers of her other hand into Diane’s waiting cunt. First one, then two, and finally three fingers, roughly formed into a triangle, began to thrust in and out of the lust consumed cheerleader, her body held paralyzed as sexual bliss tore through her.

Lisa took the chance to fasten her mouth to a pert nipple, grazing it slightly with her teeth as she tugged at Diane’s dangling breast. Diane, unable to take the pleasure and strain of supporting her own weight at the same time, collapsed on top of Lisa, slowly draping her body over the brunette’s. She began to grind in time with Lisa’s fingers, treating them as if they were a lover’s cock, letting them push in and out of her as they rubbed against the most sensitive parts of her inner walls. Her pussy contracted, squeezing Lisa’s fingers so tightly it almost seemed as if they were being crushed.

A lone knuckle grazed against Diane’s g-spot, and then it was all over. A gasp, so loud it almost had to be heard on the floor below, echoed through the room as she came, clitoris and vagina alike going off like a brilliant display of fireworks. For a moment she saw stars, her finger nails scratching red marks down the side of Lisa’s arms. For several moments her breath came in uneven gasps as her heart slowly went from a full gallop to a steady pace.

As they lay there in the quiet, listening to the sound of what ever bad sitcom Diane’s parents were listening to below them, Lisa leaned over and kissed just below Diane’s ear. “Thank you love. That was /just/ what I needed to relax.”

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