Please read Part 1 first so you know where we are in the story
I lay there watching my sister and babysitter kissing, swapping my ejaculate between them. My dick fully hard, once again. They finally broke their kiss and Amber looked down at my stomach, “look at that, his lovely dick is ready for more action.”

She moved back over next to me and leaned in over my stomach, and proceeded to finish to licking up my ejaculate off my stomach. She sat back up, “but before you get to cum again, you have to please your sister.” I nodded as I sat up on the bed.

Amber had me stand up and Larissa move over into my spot right next to her. She told Larissa to stand up and remove her panties. Larissa grabbed the sides of her panties, lifting her butt up off the bed she pushed them down to her knees. She sat back down on the bed and pushed them on down to the floor and kicked them off.

Amber put her hands on Larissa’s thighs and pushed them apart, spreading my sister’s legs wide open exposing her crotch area to me. I just stared between my sister’s thighs at her blond hair, covering to two little lips. Amber slid her hand over the lips and spread them apart, it was pink on the inside of her lips and red further in.

I was on my knees slowly stroking my dick watching what Amber was doing to my sister. Amber moved her thumb up to the top of Larissa’s crotch area and started moving it in circular motions.

Larissa began moaning loudly as she closed her eyes, she started gyrating her hips into Amber’s hand. “Sam you are going to put your mouth on here where I am rubbing, but you are going to suck on it instead,” Amber said. She teased a nubby looking thing with her fingertip while she said, “This is known as her clit, positioned just above her pussy hole. This is a very exciting spot for girls when you play with it.”

I nodded as I moved between my sisters legs, bringing my face down between her open thighs. Amber moved her hand away and grabbed the back of my head and pushed me forward right into Larissa’s crotch. “You need to eat her pussy good Sam, make her cum real hard,” Amber said as she start pushing my head hard into Larissa’s pussy.

I slid my tongue out across Larissa’s pussy lips, tasting some sweet nectar coming out of her pussy hole. I opened my mouth wide and put it fully over Larissa’s pussy area, my tongue nudged against her clit, causing her to shiver and jump a little. Larissa started moaning even louder as I wrapped my lips around her clit and started sucking hard on it. “Put a finger into her pussy and start finger fucking her Sam,” Amber said.

I brought my hand up under my chin, I started rubbing my finger around her pussy lips until they split apart. My finger slipping just inside, feeling the heat and wetness coming from the inside of her pussy. I slid my finger further into her until I was all the way up to my hand. “Now start sliding that finger in and out of her pussy slowly Sam,” Amber said. I did as she said and start pulling my finger back out until I was almost out, then pushed it back into Larissa, slowly. Larissa’s moans began getting even louder, as her breathing became more labored.

She was getting even wetter between her legs as I clamped my lips on her clit and sucked as hard as I could, while flicking the tip of my tongue against. She put her arms behind her back and began to lift her hips up off the bed into my face. All of a sudden her legs clamped tight against my head and she shoved herself into as a sudden rush of fluid came out around my intruding finger and down on to my bed. She let out a loud scream saying, “oh my god, oh my god.” Over and over she said it, as she clamped her legs even tighter around my head, making it hard for me to breathe.

Finally she released her legs around my head, and her ass fell back to the bed. Her breathing still heavy as she turned to Amber, “Oh my god was that incredible.” I moved back from between my sister’s legs and sat on the floor, feeling the wetness on my face that came from her pussy.

“So you liked that huh?” Amber asked Larissa smiling.

“Oh heck yes I loved that, that felt so good. Mmm.” Larissa said.

“Well now that you have both had an orgasm, I think it’s time to move on to real sex,” Amber said. “Larissa, move back on the bed and lay on your back.”

Larissa did as she was told, and laid on back, spreading her legs apart. “Now Sam, climb up here on the bed between her legs, and slide up here until your dick is just over her pussy,” Amber said. I did as she told me and slid up between my sister’s legs. Looking down at her face, she was smiling up at me.

Amber grabbed my dick and stroked it a couple times. “Now I am going to guide you into her pussy, but I want you to take it slow or you might hurt her,” she said. I nodded in agreement as she grabbed the base of my dick and pushed my head down into Larissa’s pussy lips.

I looked down there to watch, as Larissa’s pussy lips spread open and the head of my dick was greeted with the warmth coming from her pussy. I felt the tip of my dick slide into a tight ring constricting around my dick. “Now start to slide it in very slowly until you meet some resistance,” Amber said as she removed her hand.

I slowly started to push my hips forward, inch by inch my dick started to sink into my sister. Her pussy muscles, squeezing tightly around my dick. I kept sliding into her until I felt the tip of my dick hit something kind of spongy, and I couldn’t push forward anymore. I stopped in place there and looked down at my sister, her eyes were closed tight as if she was in pain.

“Ok Sam you must have hit her hymen, you can’t push in anymore right?” Amber asked. I nodded. “Ok now Larissa, when he breaks through your hymen, it will hurt a bit, but then it will go away after a while. Sam when you get your dick fully inside her, just stop there and don’t move ok?” She said. I nodded again. “Ok Sam pulled out until your dick is just inside her then push back into her as fast as you can.”

I started to pull my dick back out until just the tip was inside of my sister. I gripped the sheets on my bed for leverage then pushed my hips forward as fast as I could, snapping through her hymen, until my balls slapping against her ass. When I broke through her hymen, Larissa let out a blood curdling scream in pain. As I looked down at my sister, she had tears in her eyes looking up at me. “Good job you guys, now Sam just stay there until she recovers,” Amber said.

I stayed in place there until my sister wasn’t crying anymore. I started to pull back out look down at my dick as it came out of her. It had a light tinge of blood on it, and I cringed a little. Amber must have notice it because she said, “don’t worry about that Sam, it’s just blood from her hymen. Now you’re no longer a virgin, either one of you.”

I pulled out until just the head of my dick was in her, then pushed back into her fast, burying my dick fully into her again. Her pussy constricting tight around my dick as I buried myself in her. I started to build up and slow rhythm, pulling out slow until just head of my dick was in her, and slamming back into her fast.
Larissa started moaning and moving her hips to meet my thrusts. “This feels kind of funny. I feel full down there now, it feels like he pushing my insides up inside me with each thrust. But yet it feels so good, I’m start to feel like I did just a bit ago before I had an orgasm,” Larissa said. I started picking up the pace faster and faster, feeling wetness leaking out around my dick and down my nuts.

Amber slid her hand down Larissa’s stomach and started rubbing her clit with her fingers. This caused Larissa to start moaning even louder, as she pushed harder back into me with each thrust. “Cum on Larissa, cum all over that dick of your brother’s make him feel it,” Amber said.

I could feel my balls tightening up as I slammed into my sister as hard and fast as I could. Larissa pushed her hips up into me hard as she screamed, “oh my god I can feeeeellllll it againnnnnnn, yesssssssssssss.”

Her pussy clamped hard around my dick, making it hard for me to move, as I felt fluid come shooting out around my dick and down my balls. Her pussy muscles were massaging my dick as I felt myself getting ready to cum again. I announced it, “oh god, I’m going to cum too, and it feels just like it did when I came before.”

“Do it Sam, fill up her pussy with your cum, show her how much you love your sister,” Amber said looking up at me.

My dick hardened like it did before then shot deep into her. I started moving my hips again as Larissa’s orgasm began to subside, her hips falling back to the bed. I slow moved in and out of her pussy, stopping each time my dick hardened and shot into her. I was groaning loudly as I shot cum into her.

“I can feel him shooting into me,” Larissa said. “It kind of feels like he’s peeing in me,” she giggled.

My dick finally stopped shooting into her as I collapsed on top her. Both of us breathing heavily, as my dick still twitched inside of her pussy, causing her to giggle each time. “Oh my god that was so hot you two. You really have me turned on now, you ready for some more Sam?” Amber asked.

I looked over at her and gave her a weak smile. “I will give a little break, but I want that dick in me now,” she said.

I felt my dick begin to deflate inside my sister’s pussy and slip out. I pushed myself up and off my sister and moved off the bed. “Wow, my crotch is so wet down there now,” Larissa said.

I looked down between my sister’s legs and at her red, swollen pussy. Some of my white cum leaking out a bit and down onto the sheets of the bed. Amber moved between Larissa’s legs and ran her tongue across her pussy lips, licking up the cum leaking out. She buried her face into my sister’s pussy and buried her tongue as far as she could into Larissa’s pussy.

When she finished she sat back up, her face covered with juice. The mix of cum and a little blood, running down her chin. She moved up the bed and started to kiss my sister again, swapping my cum once again.
I could feel my dick begin to twitch a little once again, while watching them kiss.

To be continued….. Please let me know what you think

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