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After surviving her rape and the medical exam at the hospital Tori continues her struggle to grow up. How much had she contributed to her own downfall? What responsibility did she have for the situation she found herself in? The story again returns to erotica as things began to happen to Tori again, but are they reality or nightmares, read on to find out.
Sunday morning my mother told me the doctor had called Saturday night and had given her good news about my ribs. I did not have any broken or cracked ribs but I did have bruised ribs. He prescribed a pain medication that my father picked up that night. But I was already sleeping so my mother didn’t wake me. Elizabeth called me Sunday afternoon to see how I was doing and she was very relieved that I had gone to the doctor. I spoke with her quite a while and told her about the doctor’s visit and she listened intently. She was sorry I had to have the pelvic exam and I told her it was more humiliating then painful. She then changed the subject and we talked about her dog getting into the trash and making a mess of her yard. That made her mom upset and she had to clean up his mess. As always she was such a good friend and we had a long talk about other things and she got my mind off how I was feeling. I was a little sad when the conversation ended but we seemed to run out of silly things to talk about and I didn’t want the conversation to go back to what happened so we said our good byes.

I spent most of Sunday resting too and avoided any conversations with my family about what happened. I did feel incredibly guilty about my father being questioned and hoped that the police would realize he had nothing to do with any of it. I was worried about Scott and that somehow they might question him and maybe even figure out we were having sex and that he would get into trouble. But I tried hard to put that all out of my mind and just tried to get some rest. I wasn’t very hungry and ate very little and that worried my mom some. She brought me snacks to my room and I didn’t want to disappoint her so I flushed it down the toilet when no one was looking. I went to bed that night with hopes that I would be able to sleep without having nightmares. . .

I found myself in the hotel room and my wrists were tied with satin scarves wide to the head board. Each of my feet was in metal stirrups like at the doctors and I could not pull them free. I could not speak or yell or cry as my mouth was full of cloth. And when I opened my eyes the coach and Scott were there looking at me smiling. I was naked, my legs wide and I could hardly move at all. The coach stood there with the bamboo stick and was patting it in the palm of his own hand. Scott starred at me with a devilish grin and both their cocks were hanging out. I looked at my boyfriend my eyes pleading but nothing seemed to affect either of them.

I watched each of them walk to opposite sides of the bed. They then both leaned over me and began to kiss on my breasts. Within minutes there mouths were sucking on my breasts and my nipples. It felt like they both had tiny teeth and that they were nibbling on each nipple simultaneously. They sucked and seemed to chew each nipple and I felt like they were being scraped and chewed up. Their mouths then went all around each breast and they would suck in my skin hard and then bite on the part of each breast they had in their mouths. It hurt and burned inside each breast where their mouths sucked. They seemed to do that to each place for a couple minutes and then move to another place, leaving behind a red mark like I had gotten before. Before long each breast was covered in hickeys and I felt ashamed and scared remembering the doctor’s words about bites on my flesh and that they could get infected. They finally stopped and I was stunned when the coach then pulled out his bamboo stick and swung it and hit one breast, then the other. He went back and forth between each of my breasts leaving red marks on each from the hit and he and Scott just laughed as I cried out in pain. I pulled as hard on each wrist as I could trying to pull free, trying to cover my chest but it was of no use as my poor boobs were beaten red by the bamboo stick.

I then watched Scott go down to the end of the bed between my open legs as the coach was hitting my breasts and placed his cock to my sex. He pushed into me hard and fast and began to stroke inside me as the coach hit each breast stroke after stroke, hit after hit. I wanted to die. This went on and on and I hardly thought I could stand it anymore. Finally I felt Scott cum inside me and when he pulled out they both laughed at me.

I then felt them roll me over. It happened so fast and again my wrists were bound to the headboard and my ankles were out wide. Scott now took the bamboo stick and the coach went down between my legs. As I felt the first strike on my ass, I felt the coach thrust into my sex. His cock felt so huge and the stick left a horrible burning pain on my bottom. Again like before with each thrust came a hit from the bamboo stick. Over and over the strokes and hits came and again I wished to die. This went on quite a while until finally I felt the coach cum inside me. He seemed to erupt like a volcano and I didn’t think he would every stop cumming inside me. I was disgusted and ashamed to have him inside me. I was angry at Scott for spanking me with the stick.

They again both began to laugh. Scott was now again hard and he walked between my legs and said, “Wow that little asshole sure looks tight, think I’ll give it a try.” To which both of them laughed. Suddenly I felt Scott push into my butt and I felt so dirty and used. As he was fucking me there, the coach came up to my face turned to one side on the bed and began to rub his cock on my face. It was so disgustingly sticky with his cum and it smeared the nasty goo all over my face. I thought I was going to throw up. Down below I hurt so much feeling my boyfriend push in and out of my butt as hard and fast as he could. As I finally managed to turn my head facing the other way the coach quickly moved to the other side of the bed and continued to smear now the other side of my face with his sticky thick goo. The stench was incredible and I didn’t think I would ever forget the smell.

Finally I felt Scott explode in my butt and it felt like he came with the next ten strokes. I felt like someone was squirting thick lotion into my butt and I wanted to poop or throw up. No sooner then he had pulled out then I saw coach walk down to the end of the bed. Now hard from rubbing his cock on my face he then pushed into my butt and began to thrust over and over. Deeper and deeper he worked his cock into my butt. It felt like he was going to tear me in half. While he was stroking inside me there Scott came up to my face and began to rub his cock on my face. Now I smelled the scent of my own butt on his cock and again thought I was going to be sick. But he just laughed as he rubbed it all over my face. I even felt him push it into my hair. Finally I felt the coach begin to cum inside my bottom and had hope this was soon going to come to an end.

My hope grew stronger as I felt first my wrists then my ankles untied. And I felt my body pulled down off the end of the bed until I was kneeling there. Both men then moved in front of me and I watched as Scott pulled the material from my mouth. I gasped a fresh breath of air but as soon as I did and was about to scream I felt both cocks push into my mouth at the same time. I was stunned at the disgusting taste and thought I would vomit right onto their cocks but somehow I didn’t. The cocks seemed to do a weird dance in my mouth first both stroking in together then out, then one would stroke in and out then the other would stroke in and out. This pattern repeated over and over as I felt them force me to pleasure them. The smell and taste like nothing I could have imagined. They were both so hard their cocks pulled at the sides of my mouth and I thought they would tear it open. I felt like I had shoved two huge sausages all the way into my mouth. The stroking seemed to go on forever before finally I heard Scott’s voice in my brain and he said, “Swallow.” Suddenly I felt more cum then I could ever have imagined and it gushed down my throat. Over and over and over they came squirting gobs of goo down my throat. It somehow even managed to come out of my nose. I finally felt them pull out of my mouth and I felt myself cough up a bunch of the cum down onto the carpet at my knees. I felt myself begin to collapse and then. . . .

. . . I opened my eyes and there was my sister standing over me calling my name shaking me, “Tori, wake up your having a dream.” My eyes shot open and I felt my body trembling as I looked up at my sister her hands on my shoulders shaking me. I exhaled hard as I realized it had only been a nightmare and I was relieved I was awake but still feeling very dirty. “Are you okay,” she asked looking quite concerned as she looked down at me. I nodded not feeling too good. She then said, “I think you wet the bed, why don’t you go to the bathroom.” I sat up a little bit and she was right I had wet my bed, something I had not done since I was about 5. I looked down at the floor ashamed and pulled the covers back off me and sat up slowly and headed to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom I wanted nothing more then a hot shower and I was standing in there feeling so tired when I heard my mother call to me, “Tori, are you okay.” “Yeah,” I replied. “Well you’ve been in there quite a while and its 3:30 AM,” she said. “Oh I’m sorry,” I replied realizing Sherri had woken her too. I turned off the shower and mom handed me a towel. I got out and she helped me dry off. She then held my robe open for me and helped me tie it tight around my waist. “I guess you had a pretty bad nightmare, your sister heard you all the way in her room,” she said. “I guess so, I’m sorry,” I apologized. She walked me to my room and sat down on the bed with me.

“Something horrible did happen to you didn’t it,” she asked? I nodded. “I’m here if you need to talk Tori, I’m going to try not to push you to although its very hard not to,” she added. “Will you try to answer me one thing,” she continued. “I’ll try, ”I replied. “Was Scott part of it,” she asked? I shook my head no. “Okay, “she said and put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. I couldn’t help crying on her shoulder some. She sat with me quite awhile and then got me to lie down. I didn’t even think about the fact that I had fresh linens on my bed. My mother then got into bed with me, held me gently and finally after a while I managed to go back to sleep. My alarm went off far too early and it woke us both up. She asked me if I was okay and when I told her I was she headed down to fix the morning coffee like any other morning.

I managed to get up and picked out clothing and took another shower needing to feel clean. I got dressed for school in jeans and a t-shirt and sweater. I then headed down for breakfast. I still felt pretty much in a daze and my mom had to tell me I’d better get going or I would be late. I rode to school with my sister and as I started to walk to the school I felt so weird. I felt dirty and ashamed and I felt like everyone would see what had happened. I kept my eyes down and just nodded back I walked feeling very different from myself and then was stunned back to reality when Scott’s voice rang in my ears as he said, “Hi baby.”

He leaned in to kiss my cheek and I pulled away. He looked at me very surprised. He took hold of my hand and led me down the hall and he opened the door to a janitor’s closet and pulled me inside and closed the door. He pulled me to him and hugged me close and pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me passionately and I gave in and let him push his tongue into my mouth. I was realizing I had no will power when it came to Scott. I was more stunned when he gave me one of his one word commands, “Kneel.” And I felt him pushing on my shoulder. “Noooooo Scott,” I protested but felt the pressure on my shoulder increase. I then felt his other hand on my other shoulder, “Kneel,” he said again and pushed me down with two hands I felt my body sink down to the floor. “That’s my girl,” he said pushing my hair back off my face then he added, “Open.” Foolishly I opened my mouth and watched him take his cock out. There I was kneeling on the floor of the janitors closet three days after being raped and feeling my boyfriend push his cock into my mouth. I felt him take hold of my head and began to stroke his cock inside my mouth over and over. I just closed my eyes and tried to take my mind anywhere else and accepted his desire to do this. In and out he stroked over and over and I hated how long it seemed to last. Finally I heard him speak again pulling me out of my haze as he said, “Swallow,” and I did as I had been taught and swallowed his seed over and over till his cock finished cumming. As usual he pushed his hips into my face tightly and wrapped his arms around my head and held me firmly against his groin. I felt so much like the word the coach used so often I felt like a slut. Finally he pulled it out of my mouth and stroked my hair and then asked me, “How are you feeling?”

I looked up at him from kneeling there and I wanted to let him have it but his eyes looked at me softly and I didn’t have the guts to do so. “I have bruised ribs Scott I don’t feel very good at all,” I replied and was proud I had the guts to at least say that. “You’re so beautiful baby,” he said making me wonder if he even heard what I’d said. He then spoke to me softly and said, “I’m so sorry he hurt you. I never would have let that happen if I had known he would do that. Do you forgive me baby?” I looked up at him not really knowing what to say to this. With just that short quick sentence he wanted me to completely forgive him. “Scott, he raped me,” I added still kneeling on the floor in front of him. “I know baby and I’m sorry for that. He was supposed to be nice to you and you were supposed to be nice to him,” he added. I looked at him shocked wondering did he think it was MY fault. “I didn’t hit his hand with my face Scott,” I said. “I know baby,” he said stroking my hair softly. “He got out of control,” Scott added. He then took hold of my hands and pulled me to my feet. “Thursday after school we need to get together for something special,” he said. “I don’t think I can Scott my parents are pretty shook up,” I replied. “Well you’ll work it out,” he said assuming I could do so. He then opened the door and we walked quickly back into the hallway and of course as luck would have it Elizabeth saw me come out with him.

She walked over to the two of us and she looked at him with distain. He did not look her in the eyes which surprised me as Scott always seemed to have self confidence to spare. “How are you feeling,” she asked? “Okay,” I said nodding. “How are your bruised ribs feeling,” she asked looking right at Scott? “Still really sore,” I replied. She then put her arm around me and walked me away from Scott down the hall towards my first class. Right before the door to my next classroom she stopped and moved in front of me putting both her arms over my shoulders only inches from my face she looked at me and said, “You need to dump that loser.” “I love him,” I replied. “He doesn’t love you. He’s just using you Tori,” she added. I looked down and away from her. She didn’t let me though and put a finger under my chin lifting it up so I had to look at her. “I. . . love you girlfriend,” she said softly to where only I could hear her emphasizing the “I” and then took her arms off my shoulders. “Now get to class and let’s do lunch,” she said looking me in the eyes for confirmation. I nodded and said, “Okay,” and then headed into my class as she walked away. I went to my seat and sat down amazed by her, stunned by her words, glad she was my friend.

She found me leaving my class at lunch time and took my hand and walked with me to the cafeteria. We then went through the line and got out lunches and headed towards the tables. She didn’t go to her normal varsity cheerleader table but instead she found a table for two. As we started eating she started asking me questions softly. “Tori did you think more about what that counselor said to you?” I nodded and answered, “I guess so some.” “Are you going to go to one of the rape support group sessions,” she asked. “Shhhh,” I said in a panic afraid someone would hear. I looked down having no confidence at all and not wanting to lie to her, “I don’t know if I can,” I replied. “I really think you should,” she added. I just shrugged and looked at my food moving it around my tray. “Aren’t you hungry,” she asked seeing I was mostly just playing with my food. “Not really,” I replied. “What if I went with you,” she asked? I looked at her stunned that she would offer that. “Wouldn’t you be ashamed to do that,” I asked and continued, “I’m terrified what they’ll think of me, that they’ll think I’m some kind of slut.” “Tori, this wasn’t your fault, you didn’t ask for it, you told him ‘NO’ right,” she asked? I nodded. “Would you really go with me,” I asked. “Of course,” she replied. “I don’t think I could tell them anything,” I said. “You don’t have to. Not until you feel ready,” she added. She then picked up her book bag and unzipped it some and showed me a brochure inside it and said, “There’s one tomorrow night. It’s not too far from here. It’s at 7:00 PM. I’ll drive us if you want,” she offered. “Put that away,” I said panicked! She simply let go of the brochure letting it fall inside her backpack and then zipped it closed again. “No worries,” she said, “Will you go?” “You’re worse then my mother,” I answered, “but okay if you’ll go with me.” She smiled. We took and dumped our trays and put them on the belt for washing and headed off to our lockers to get ready for our next class. I was surprised that not too many people seemed to make a big deal of my black eye and my lip. I told a few people I had fallen down stairs and they seemed to accept that. I still felt like everyone could see how dirty I felt but no one seemed to say anything crazy rude or anything and I was glad that I survived the day.

When I got home that evening I quietly told my mother about the group the next night and that Elizabeth was going to take me and made sure it was okay if I went. She didn’t resist at all and agreed I could go. I then did something I had been doing a lot more lately and I lied and said it was Thursday too. She nodded agreement to me going Thursday too. Of course I was lying but had just found a way to be with Scott that day as he wanted. I stayed up till after midnight hoping to keep nightmares away. . . .

. . . .There I was in Billy’s apartment and I was the only girl there. There were so many guys there and it was weird because they were all in their football uniform. I couldn’t make out any of their faces except Scott’s as he wasn’t wearing a helmet all the rest even had their helmets on. Scott brought me over a drink of tequila and as he handed it to me he said, “swallow.” I downed the shot of tequila and he began to undress me. “Don’t, “I complained but it didn’t affect him and he continued to unbutton my shirt. Slowly I felt him removing my blouse and then my bra exposing my breasts to the group of guys. They all seemed to be watching me and I felt so ashamed. Next he pulled my skirt down my legs and I stepped out of it one foot at a time. Then he pulled my panties down slowly kissing my thighs as he pulled them down my legs and there I was standing almost naked in front of them all other then high heel sandals. He then gave me a soft kiss on the lips and walked me backwards and the next thing I felt was someone behind me. The back of my knee hit his knee and that forced me to sit in his lap as I sat I felt his cock push to my sex and next thing I knew I felt him pushing inside me. Scott took his cock out of his pants and pushed it to my mouth and he held his hands under my arms helping me go up and down on the football player behind me as he pushed his cock into my mouth. Up and down I went over and over riding the cock between my legs as I felt Scott’s cock push in and out of my mouth. Finally I felt both cocks cum squirting inside me and as soon as they finished Scott turned and walked away and another football player walked in front of me. He helped me to my feet and guided me forward then to the side a few steps. Then he pushed me backwards and again a knee hit the back of my leg and forced me to sit down in another player’s lap. As I got down on his lap his cock pushed into my sex and the player in front of me pushed his cock to my mouth. I felt each cock push inside me and was lifted and lowered over and over on the cock between my legs. The cock in my mouth began stroking and again I was servicing two cocks. In and out over and over moved both cocks till each erupted inside me. As the finished cumming again the player in front of me pulled back and walked away and another guy in uniform walked in front of me helping me stand up. He guided me to another seated player and soon I was servicing two more cocks. Player after player continued to use me until I felt my arms being shaken. . . .

I looked up and saw my sister’s face looking tired and angry. “Tori, you were dreaming again, are you okay,” she asked? I felt myself shaking but tried to nod my head. When she saw me trembling she called out, “Mommmmmm.” My mom was there soon and Sherri just looked at her aggravated and turned and headed back to her room. My mom sat on the bed next to me and put her arms around me and held me for a little while till I told her I needed to use the bathroom. She helped pull my covers back and I got up and headed to the bathroom. I returned a few minutes later telling her, “I’m sorry.” And I couldn’t help it I started to cry. She helped me sit on the bed and held me while I cried. When I calmed down she got me to lie back and covered me with my covers. “Do you want me to stay with you Tori,” she asked and even though I wanted to be grown up and tell her no I couldn’t and nodded that I did. She then got into bed with me under the covers and pushed my hair away from my face. “Try to get some sleep angel,” she said softly.

Tuesday morning I felt a little bit more normal when I woke up and my lip looked a lot better when I looked in the mirror. The black eye was even fading some although my ribs and thigh continued to look bad. My mother looked at me so odd though like I was fragile and even Sherri seemed to be trying to be nice to me when I came down for breakfast. Scott found me that morning as I got to school and as usual wanted to take me somewhere to be alone. I so wasn’t in any mood for it. “Come on baby we only have a little time before class,” he said persuasively. “I. . . I just don’t have the energy Scott I’m not up for it,” I replied and actually let my body slide down till I was sitting on the floor. He looked at me disappointed but squatted down in front of me. “You’re not going to let me down Thursday are you,” he asked? “Actually no, I already worked it out,” I said. “I knew you could do it baby,” he said leaning in kissing my lips. He then pulled me to my feet and said, “Okay let’s get you to class,” he said and started walking me to my first period class. On the way we passed Elizabeth and she just rolled her eyes and frowned and walked the other way. I felt bad but couldn’t do anything so I just went on to class.

She was waiting for me outside my classroom when the bell rang for lunch. And we headed to the cafeteria together. I was relieved when she didn’t say anything about me being with Scott as I didn’t want to have to defend him. I think we both knew how the other felt. We got our lunches together and in the line she asked me were we on for group that evening. I didn’t answer in words but nodded my head yes. To that she patted me on the shoulder and said, “I’m glad.” We then went to the varsity cheerleader table and ate with her normal friends. It was nice to hear gossip about other people besides myself so I was glad we did that. The plate lunch was anything but appetizing so I just ate few green beans and left the rest. I think Elizabeth noticed because I saw her looking at my tray but as usual she was a good friend and said nothing. Lunch finished far too quickly and we cleared our trays and then headed off to class. As it got closer to the end of the day I got more nervous about what the group meeting would be like and if I would have to talk. I could hardly admit to myself I had been raped I knew I couldn’t admit anything about it to others. But I had committed to go so I felt I had to go through with it. I was pretty quiet on the car ride home with Sherri and glad to get up to my room. I listened to music till dinner time but hardly ate anything as I was so nervous about the meeting. Mom asked me was I still going and seemed happy when I nodded my head that I was going to go. Elizabeth got to my house 15 minutes early and came inside and visited with my mom for a few minutes. Then we headed to the confidential location and I thought I was going to be sick. As she parked the car I was breathing quickly and hurting in my chest and told her I didn’t know if I could go through with it. She put her arm around me and told me softly, “Calm down. . . You don’t have to say anything I promise.” We sat there a little longer then she got out of the car came around to the passenger side and opened my door. I walked with her slowly and soon we were inside.

She found us seats in the room and then when I was seated she went and talked to the lady that looked to be in charge. She came back to me shortly and sat next to me. The meeting started and different people spoke. There was a mix of women of various ages but I think I was the youngest in the room. Elizabeth held my hand through the whole meeting and I think at first I must have been squeezing very hard. I can’t say anything that was discussed there but I can say that I was not required to speak to my relief. I wasn’t sure if this was going to help me but I knew I’d better try something as I still was feeling so guilty, getting little sleep and seemed unable to eat. We left quietly after it was over and after I got into her car I started crying. I have to say I think it was good she came into my life because I think she is the most patient person I have ever met. She sat there with me holding me letting me cry not saying a word. Just holding me and letting me cry which is what I needed. After I calmed down she drove me home and even walked me inside and told me and my mother good night. Mom walked with me to my room and asked me how it went but I wasn’t full of words and only managed to say, “Okay.” She was kind enough to leave it at that and left me alone in my room. I turned on my music and let my mind escape in the songs and took one of my pills and went to sleep for the night. . . .

. . . I was woken up by Scott standing in my room looking down at me. He smiled his handsome smile and had a finger up to his lips shushing me. He pulled my covers back and helped me up out of bed. We walked over to the window where he had come in and went out the window. We went out on the roof and over to the edge where he had a ladder waiting and down the ladder we went. Scott went first and I followed and I realized I was still in my panties and t-shirt. We reached the ground and I started to tell him I needed to get dressed but he just put his finger back up to his mouth and shushed me again. We got in his car and rode for a while and then we pulled up to the little car race place. I was stunned when he walked me up to the building and the door was open and we both went inside. Once inside there was loud music playing and I was surprised when Scott started dancing with me. He turned me around and around dancing me all around the room and I was even more surprised when suddenly Jose appeared and started dancing with us as well. He spun me around as well and then Billy came and joined in the dance. I was being turned and spun and passed between the three of them when again another guy joined the group and Mike walked into the room. He took my hand and turned me around and even did a dip. As he pulled me back up from the dip I then saw Daryl enter the room. He came over to me and spun me and danced me around as well it was all so odd I didn’t understand it. Then again I was with Scott and he slowly began to undress me in front of them all. I tried to resist but I couldn’t stop him as Mike and the others held my arms open making it easy for Scott to pull up my night shirt. As soon as he had it over my head they let go of my arms and he tugged it right off. They then held my arms again as he quickly tugged my panties down and off. There I was now naked in front of the five of them. Scott then pushed me down onto my knees without saying anything and he knelt in front of me, Mike got in behind me. I felt Mike push his cock to my butt and I knew what he was going to try to do and I tried to get away from him but they were all around me holding me still where I couldn’t get away. Then I felt him open my butt cheeks and push his cock into my body. No sooner then he had penetrated me Scott had pushed into my sex. I then felt Billy take hold of my hair and he turned my head where I was facing him he tugged my hair hard until I let out a cry in pain and that opened my mouth and allowed him to push his cock into my mouth. For the first time ever I had three cocks in me at the same time. I could hardly believe it. I then felt the other two boys each take a hold of one of my hands. They wrapped my fingers around their cocks and put their hands over mine. They then began to work my hands up and down on each of their cocks. I now felt myself servicing 5 boys at one time. I felt as slutty as I could feel. Each guy continued to move his hips over and over forcing my body to satisfy their cocks. I felt my body pushed here and there and gagged on the cock in my mouth often. I felt like a rag doll pulled in five different directions and I thought I would just break in half but somehow it managed to continue. Then to my surprise Daryl in one of my hands began to cum and he squirted his seed into my hair making it feel sticky and wet. No sooner then he had finished cumming then Billy pulled his cock from my mouth and he began to squirt cum all over my face load after load of thick warm goo sprayed down my face and fell onto my naked breasts. Next Jose began to cum pulling from my other hand and squirting on my hair and my back. Then I felt Mike pull his cock from my butt and begin to spray his load onto my butt and the back of my legs and feet. Finally Scott withdrew and squirted his cum on my stomach, between my legs and down the front of my legs and I now felt soaked in gobs of goo. They were all there laughing at me taking pleasure out of the fact that I was completely soaked with cum. I started to cry from humiliation when I felt my body shaken. . . .

. . . I woke to see my father looking down at me concerned shaking my shoulders. “Tori, are you okay,” he asked looking concerned. I looked over at the window where I dreamt Scott had come in and seeing it closed I looked back at my father and nodded. I felt covered in sweat and I was breathing heavy. My father sat me up and rubbed my back. “Were you having a bad dream,” he asked? I nodded. “Okay, can you get back to sleep,” he asked. Again I nodded. And with that he left my room. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my face. I was sure something else horrible was going to happen but I managed to get back into bed. I turned on some music and tried to go back to sleep but I really didn’t sleep very much the rest of the night.

To be continued.

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