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I met my current wife when I was in my late 20’s. She was a few years older than me and had a nine year old daughter. I had been a bachelor for a little over year since my divorce and had sewed my wild oats enough. I was ready to settle down once again and give a committed relation another try. Heather, my wife, and I clicked immediately. She had been in an abusive relationship and like me was looking as well to settling down after being single for 2 years.

In addition, her daughter (Samantha) needed a father figure in her life as her biological father was a dead beat. Samantha was a loving child. She and I became close quickly. After dating for 6 months Heather and I decided to move into together. We rented a 4 bedroom house so Heather and I had a room, Samantha had her own room, and my son and daughter had room when they visited every other weekend. We lived together for a year and finally got married. Everything was great, Heather and my relationship was wonderful. We complimented each other perfectly, our outlook on life was the same and our sex life was unbelievable. I have never met a woman like her, her sex drive and desires are identical to mine. She is open minded and willing to do anything sexually, as long as it is pleasurable.
We lived in complete harmony until Samantha hit her teenage years. She became increasingly independent and the once loving relationship we shared turned sour. I became the root of all problems in her eyes. I was too demanding of her in school, I was out of touch with teenage needs, I was too strict. The same song and dance everyone in this situation has to face. During the same time my son and daughter came to live with us. All this placed a heavy strain on Heather and my relationship. Samantha had a half-sister from her biological father’s first marriage. When Samantha turned 17 she dropped out of high school and went to live with her half sister.

Her and her sister lived together for about a year. Things were rough from the start, Samantha took the same all about me attitude up there and soon they were fighting at every turn. In the mean time, Samantha had met a young man that lived in the town her sister lived in. He was 24, had his own place, and a well paying occupation. His name was Kyle and soon she moved into his house.

During this time Heather had only heard from Samantha twice. Samantha accused Heather of siding with me against her and therefore refused to communicate. She would only talk to Heather as long as Heather called her. As you can imagine this killed Heather, but she marched through it. We had my son and daughter to raise and they had entered their terrible teens as well. We both worried about her all the time, but knew we could not do a thing for her until she learned what it was she had to learn. Kyle and Samantha’s relationship grew and after a year Kyle proposed. This was the pick that broke the ice for us and Samantha. She so wanted to share this with her mother. She called telling the good news and asked for her mother’s forgiveness.

They got married and for the next 5 years they seemed really happy. Samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Christina. Once the baby arrived their relationship changed. Kyle no longer looked at Samantha the same, he did not treat her same. He did not want to spend time with her. Things got really bad and Samantha and Christina came to live with Heather and me. Needless to say a nasty custody episode pursued. After what felt like an eternity, Samantha won custody and Kyle was out of her life.

Heather and I agreed it would be best for her and Christina to stay with us; we had plenty of room. I told her it would be best for her and Christina if she enter college and worked part time. Heather had become a stay at home wife a couple years prior and would be able to watch Christina while Samantha was away. Up to the point that Samantha had moved back to our house our relationship stayed on rocky ground. When she would visit we would be nice and even a little loving to each other, but she never really desired to be close to me. She seemed to still hold resentment toward me. During the custody battle I paid for everything and helped guide the fight so she would prevail. After that and the offer to put her through college the ice melted. She broke down one night and apologized to Heather and me for everything she had put us through and that she did not deserve what we had done and was doing for her.

Life was great once again. I must take a moment to explain a few more things before I get into the heart of this story. As I had stated before Heather is extremely sexual and open minded and she shared everything with her daughter. So Samantha knew full and well about her mother and me. See once all the kids had left the house to live on their own, Heather and I entered into an alternate and open lifestyle. We knew friends that would get together and if the sexual urges would arise would have group sex. We started exploring a sexual world I could never imagine. But I will save those stories for later. Heather had shared most, if not all, of our adventures with Samantha.

One weekend when Kyle had visitation with Christina, Heather and I took Samantha to a club that catered to our lifestyle. Both the girls dressed in the sexiest outfits they could find. I must say I had never seen Samantha look so sexual, I had never thought of her that way before. I had always noticed that she looked a lot like her mother, but this night she was unbelievable. Heather is 5’3” dark skinned brunette, 38C-24-36, 125lbs. Even though she is 45 you would swear she is in her 30’s. Samantha is 5’4” dark skinned brown haired, 40DD-22-34, 125lbs. She is 25. Together they look more like sisters. I could not help myself, every chance I got I explored Samantha's sexy body with my eyes. I think on a couple of occasions she noticed, but did not say anything.

We had a blast that night. We met up with some friends we knew and they had an after club party setup. We told Samantha she was welcome, but things would probably get sexual and if she wanted she could take the care and go home and we would get a cab in the morning. She wanted to go with us. Heather and I grinned and said alright, but once there she had to live with what happened. She said she was s big girl and it was time for her to enjoy life.

Once we arrived it was not long until couple our female friends got naked and in the hot tub. I joined the 2 ladies in the hot tub while Heather entertained their husbands in one of the back bedrooms, she so loves multiple partners. I had completely forgotten about Samantha being there, as my attention was focused on the 2 lovelies working my cock and mouth into submission. While we were all having fun she had met another couple that showed up late. They were more her age and immediately all 3 were attracted. To Heather and my surprise she spent the whole time in another bedroom with them. She had never had group sex before nor had sex with a woman before. Well both those cherries were popped that night.
I was sitting at the bar relaxing and catching my breath whiles my 2 lady friends finished themselves off on the couch. I look up and Samantha entered the room without anything on. She sees me sitting there, turned red and pauses. I am mesmerized. Even though I had just fucked a marathon race with two fine ladies my dick started to immediately get hard. This made me extremely uncomfortable, especially since Samantha was staring at it as it was growing. It felt as though we were frozen there forever, I finally broke the awkwardness by telling her it was ok everyone else is naked as well. She grinned and entered the kitchen to get a drink. Not much later we all got dressed and we left for the house. It was 6 am in the morning when we got home. We were all 3 tired, so we took showers and hit the bed.

I could not get the image of Samantha's naked body out of my head. As I was laying there all I could think about is how wonderful it would feel to hold her, kiss her, to feel her warmth. I felt so guilty; she was my step daughter I should not be feeling this way. My cock was raging hard and hurting. I had been fucking all night and here I was with a full erection and ready to go like I had not had any pussy in a year. I knew I could not get to sleep in this condition, so I turned to Heather and rubbed it on her ass. She immediately responded to my touch and to how hard I was. I told her I wanted to finish the night buried in her ass. She purred, reached into her nightstand and produced a bottle of lubricant. I applied it to her tight little asshole and my raging cock. I slowly slid it into her hot anal cavity as she lay on her side. My cock was so hard that I needed her assistance in pushing back to get it past her anal ring. Once in she started bucking back and forth. She started moaning loudly and begging for me to fuck her in her ass. I am sure Samantha could her us which turned me on even more. I wanted her to her me fucking her mother. I wanted her to know I was pleasing her. As I start to pick up the pace and take over I envisioned it was Samantha I was ass fucking. It was Samantha that was screaming and begging for me to take her ass. My mind was a blur of erotic images all of Samantha taking my cock. I heard my wife scream out in pure ecstasy as she was thrown into one climax after another. This only heightened my arousal as I knew for sure Samantha was listening; only the dead would not here Heather at this point. I felt the head and shaft of my cock expand; I was not going to last much longer. With a vigor like I had never felt I thrust my full cock deep into Heather’s ass. I exploded like I had never exploded before. I pumped a huge wad of cum into my wife’s hot tight ass.

As I regained control I slid to the side and lay back down. Heather rolled over and asked what just got into me, she had never felt me let loose like that before. I told her she drove me crazy and that I just could not help myself. I hoped to god she did not sense my desire and passion was a product of my thoughts of Samantha. She knew Samantha had experienced a wild night and that she walked out in front of me naked. I laid there until I passed out wondering if she suspected anything.

I woke up around 5 pm that evening; I smelled something cooking in the kitchen. I got up to investigate, as my stomach was eating itself. I walked in the kitchen and saw Heather in a tight little pair of boy shorts and no top cooking some hamburgers. Samantha was sitting at the kitchen island in a house robe, which was not tied all that tight and revealing much of her legs and ass as well as a fair share of cleavage. They both greeted me good morning and laughed about it being 5 pm. Samantha asked me if I was worn-out, especially after that wild ass fuck she had to listen to before we went to sleep. She went on to explain that she and probably the whole neighborhood heard Heather scream for me to fuck her in the ass. I apologized and laughed. We all chuckled and nothing else was really said.

For the next couple of months Samantha would meet the couple she met and the house party whenever Christina was with Kyle. She would leave on Friday and return on Sunday. She was opening herself up to a whole new world of pleasure and fun. She was somewhat of a prude during her marriage, as Kyle was not that experienced nor exciting in bed, but now she wanted to experience it all. She had never been with a woman, now she loved pussy. She never liked to be cummed on or have cum in her mouth, now she was a cum hound. The one thing she had never tried and was not willing to was anal sex. She was extremely curious, but said she was to afraid of the pain and to do it she would really half to trust the guy. We teased her and said if it ever happened she will never go back to getting it in the pussy only.
During those couple of months Samantha and I became extremely close. She constantly thanked me for everything I had done and was doing for her. She also kept apologizing for all the trouble she caused me. I told that is what a being a father is all about, to ignore the garbage and be there when your kids need you. We would run errands together and sit in the evenings and talk. We would flirt a little, but nothing to over the top. It was great to be close to her once again, and talk openly about all sorts of things. Our conversations would always end up about sex, which left me with many fantasies involving her.

Heather’s sister had sold her house and asked if she would mind driving over and helping her sort and pack things up. Heather wanted Samantha or me one to go with her, but Samantha could not leave school and I had to stay to watch Christina while she was not at home. Heather left the next day, a Wednesday, and would not be back for a week. The next couple of days were uneventful, while I was at work Samantha was at home and while I was at home she was at school. One of us had to be at home with Christina. Friday evening came and Kyle stopped by and picked up Christina for the weekend. As usual Samantha stayed away from the house so she would not have to put up with him. He still wanted her back and would make a spectacle of himself.

Kyle left after making small talk forever. I settled into my game room and started playing poker online. After about an hour I heard the front door open and heard Samantha call out if I was there. I yelled back that I was in the game room; she came in and gave a peck on the cheek and a hug. She held the hug for what seemed a little longer than normal. The feel of her firm large breasts on my chest and arms lit the fire I had been containing for awhile. As she left the room I could not take my eyes off of her ass, I immediately saw images of it turned up, naked, wanting my touch. She stopped in the doorway and looked back at me; she had to notice I was staring at her ass. She grinned at me and asked if she could take a shower in Heather and my shower as it is more spacious and she needed to shave her legs. I agreed and was left with the image of her showering and shaving those luscious legs.

I attempting to get back into my online poker game, it was hopeless. The last thing I was thinking about was cards; all I could think of was the beauty in my shower. I placed my seat on post and folder and shut down the computer. I got up and fixed myself a gin and juice and settled into the living room and turned the TV on. Samantha came out about 45 minutes later in her robe with towel on her head. She saw my drink and asked if I would fix her one. I agreed.

I asked if she was spending the weekend with her friends again. I was surprised and elated to hear her say no, she could not leave me hear all alone all weekend. She said that would not be fair. I told her I was a big boy and she did not need to feel like she had to entertain me for the weekend. She said that she was tiring of spending every open weekend with them and that she thought it would be fun hanging out with me. At that point she shot me a seductive little look and asked if I did not want her to entertain me. I thought for a moment and decided to push the issue a little. I winked at her and stated she could entertain me any way she would like. At that she said well I should have a great weekend according to her plans, and then she wheeled and went back to our bathroom to finish getting ready. I was left wondering what she had in mind, was I reading to much into what she said? I told myself to stop having an over active imagination, she is your step daughter and is just playing around with good ole dad.

I returned to my TV and forced myself to forget about all my sexual thoughts, soon I was engrossed in the show I was watching. After awhile I started getting curious as to what was taking Samantha so long., she usually is in and out after her shower is done. Just as I was about to see what she was up to she called out for me to assist her in the closet. What in the hell was she doing in our closet? I get up and entered our bedroom. I came to a complete stop as Samantha was lying on our bed in a red sheer teddy, white thigh high stockings, and red platform shoes. She had raided my wife’s sexual outfits and I must say was filling this one out wonderfully. I could not take my eyes off of her. She was lying on her side with her head resting on her hand and top leg bent at the knee. She asked me if I licked the outfit on her. I actually do not remember what I said, but I take it by the look on my face and bulge in my shorts she knew I did. She slowly raised herself up and motioned me to join her. I walked over to the bed and sat down.

She slid over to me and laid back so her head was in my lap and started to rub my face and chest. She started talking about how helpful I had been with everything recently and that she wanted to show her appreciation in a special way. My mind was firing a million different ways. I felt guilt for being here while my wife is away, I felt guilt for lusting for Samantha, and I felt so aroused at the same time. Samantha was so hot, sexual, and sensual as she lay there in my lap. I wanted to touch her, take her, but at the same time I wanted to run as far as I could to get away.

She saw my confusion and anxiety. She took my left hand and placed it on her right breast, it felt so full so much more than her mother’s. My cock was so hard I know she felt it pulsing on the side of her face. I could not help myself; I started to fondle her breast with wild abandon. Samantha started to explain that she had been having dreams of me and her together. She told me that she had noticed my watching her and that she wanted to share herself and make me happy. With that she slightly turned so she could grasp my ever hardening cock. At that point I knew I could not stop what was about to happen. I did not want to. Samantha and I were going to enjoy the weekend and not worry about anything beyond that.
I move my hand from her breast down her stomach, as I moved I felt her shiver slightly. I realized at that moment she was as turned on and wanting as I was. That made my cock even harder, I looked down and saw a large wet spot in my grey shorts from my pre-cum leakage. Samantha was looking at the same spot, she looked up at me and with a smile she pulled my shorts down. I do not wear underwear so my hard-on sprang out like a baseball bat. She took the head in her hand and rubbed the pre-cum all around. As she did this I reached her honey spot and to my delight she was soaked. I gently rubbed her engorged and wet clit. She moaned ever so softly, I felt her warm exhale on my stiff cock. Samantha gently started kissing the shaft of my cock, flicking her tongue around it in circles.

I had never felt sensations like that before. I was amazed and becoming more excited by the second at how talented my little girl was with a cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the erotic feelings coming from my groin. I slowly raised my hand from her wet pussy and breathed in her sexy aroma. The sweetness of the scent drove me wild. I had to taste her right there and right then. My lust and desire for her had taken over. I asked her to lie back on the bed, that I must taste her. She grinned the most erotic grin I had ever seen and slowly moved herself from my lap. She scooted up in the bed and laid her head on the pillow and slowly opened her legs. I stopped and took a moment to drink the site of her in; my cock was aching at this point. It must be released from my shorts. I took the time to remove my shorts and t-shirt. As I return to bed Samantha is staring at my cock with wanting hunger. She reached out and took it in her hand and rubbed the head, another drop of precum escaped onto her fingers. She smiled and put her fingers in her mouth and seductively cleaned them.

Remembering my desired intent, I slowly removed her platform shoes and thigh high stockings. I rubbed and licked each luscious leg as I removed the articles from her body. She was quivering and moaning from each touch. I looked at the little thong she had on and it is soaked. I lowered my head to her pussy a gently pushed my mouth over the wet material. I exhaled a warm breath into the material, which caused Samantha to let out a deep throaty moan and push her hips up into my mouth. She started grinding her pussy into my face, placing her right hand on the back of my head. I felt her swollen clit rub back and forth over my top lip. She was grinding with such force the clit popped each time it entered and exited my mouth.

I pulled back from her wetness and with one subtle move I pull the soaked thong down and off of her. Since the night of the house party I had imagined what the inner sanctum of her pussy would look like. I can say it was better than my imagination ever dreamed of. Since I was married to her mother I figured a resemblance would be there. Heather’s pussy is the tiniest thing I had ever seen. Well Samantha was a carbon copy, a perfect little camel toe. The lips small, just enough to provide protection when it was all folded up. A small but budding clit that engorged so much it stayed rock hard when excited. A hole that is nothing but pure muscle, even as excited as she was the hole was clamped shut demanding to be forced open.

I lowered my head back to her pussy but this time slowly licked from the clit to hole, making circles around and in the hole. The response was immediate; her right hand once again grabbed the back of my head, her hips thrust forward, her breathing deep and throaty. She pushed my head so hard into her pussy I thought she was trying to push my head into it. I pushed my tongue into her tight hot hole; she let out a primal scream and started bucking wildly. I could tell by the way her pussy was sucking my tongue it would not be long until she had her first orgasm. She settled into a slow grinding rhythm as she fucked my face. I could tell she was totally engaged as she had no thoughts of my ability to breath; she wanted her entire pussy covering my face. Just as I was about to have to pull back for a breath of air I felt her tense up, I knew it was coming. With one last thrust I felt her pussy literally grab my tongue and pull it inside then squeeze it for all it was worth. I could not remove my tongue from her tight little box. I all of a sudden felt her pussy release my tongue and in a wave she was squirting cum everywhere. She was shooting hot cum down my throat, in my hair, all over the bed. She started to tremble and scream uncontrollably as she continued to squirt repeatedly. She squirted at least 5 times. Then as sudden as it had started it was over. She collapsed all the while bucking and gasping for air. I must say I was a little taken back myself and had to gain control. I had never experienced anything like that before. I pull myself up on the bed so my head was next to hers. I reached over and took her hand and ask if she was alright. She looked at me with the fullest and warmest eyes, grinned and said she was wonderful. She asked if I was alright, I answered that I was but was a little wet and needed to wash my face. She laughed and told me she had never done anything like that before and could not explain what came over her. She said she liked it though and hoped to experience it many more times. I told her if I had anything to do about it she would. With that she got up went into the bathroom and returned with a damp wash cloth.

As I was cleaning my face she slipped out of the teddy and returned to the bed. I looked up and standing over me on her knees was Samantha totally nude. Her heavy large breasts heaving up and down with each breath she took. She took my extremely hard cock in hand once again. She slowly stroked it up and down, then shot me a devilish smile and said it was my turn. With that she leaned forward and took half of my 7” cock in her mouth. The feeling made my mind explode. She worked up and down on my cock until I felt her lips at the base. She pushed slightly more and I felt the head pop into her throat. She tensed, moaned slightly and started rocking her head from side to side. I had never felt my cock so deep in a woman’s mouth before, most of the time they would gag near the base and pull back up. Not Samantha, she had it buried and was working it like never before. I was feeling sensations that words cannot justify the deion. I instinctively placed my hand on the back of her head and grasp a handful of hair.
My cock was so hard I felt as though it was going to rip down the sides. Her throat started to contract and then loosen around my cock head. I could not hold back much longer, I warned her I was close. She pushed harder on my cock and worked it with more vigor then before. I felt a swell build deep in my balls and make its way up my cock shaft. Samantha must have felt it as well as she opened her mouth slightly. I was past the point of return; I pushed her head down on my cock and thrust my hips up. I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into her throat. She was swallowing as fast as she could. Once the first blast of cum made its way out and into her throat I pulled back so she could breath, the second blast filled her mouth full and once again she swallowed it all down. I could not believe it but I felt a 3rd blast and with that I pulled out and unloaded on her lovely full breasts.

I collapsed back on my side of the bed, my head swimming. Samantha laid her head on my chest and I hugged her into me. She was gasping to catch her breath, as I was. We both lay there quite, recovering from what just happened. Samantha was the first to talk. She told me she had never wanted to drink a man’s cum as much she had wanted mine. We chatted for a few minutes, but we both were spent and drifted off to sleep holding each other.

The next morning I awoke with Samantha still lying on my chest. I admired her body as she was sleeping. I gently rubbed the small of her back and slowly worked my hand to her lovely ass. She started to stir to my touch. She slowly opened her eyes, adjusted to the light, and grinned at me. I told her good morning and that I needed to get up to potty, with that she rolled over and I went to the bathroom. When I returned she had fully awakened and was lying on her side. She was so beautiful lying there.

She motioned me back to the bed as she went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and the faucet turn on; she was washing the sleep out of eyes and face. The bathroom door flung open and she came running, jumped on the bed, and crawled on top of me. As usual I was sporting my morning wood, this morning even more so. Once on top she sat up, causing her pussy to push down on my hard cock. She started rocking up and down teasing my cock. She was teasing herself as well, her pussy gave her away as it started to open and dampen. I pushed up from the bed and she let out a familiar moan. I pulled her forward and kissed her passionately. Our tongues danced inside of each of our mouths. She continued to grind her pussy on to my cock. She pushed herself back up, reached between her legs, grasp my cock, and in one smooth move pushed the head inside her hot, wet, and tight pussy. The feeling was indescribable. The heat she was generating was beyond belief. She placed both hands on my chest and as she looked me in the eyes she lowered herself on my cock until the whole thing was buried deep inside her. When it hit bottom we both moaned and our eyes rolled back.

Samantha slowly started to grind my hard cock in and out of her pussy. Each time she would push down I would push up, penetrating her as deep as I could. Her rhythm sped up; she leaned back and started driving her pelvis into my cock. She was a woman possessed; she lost all contact with her surrounds and surrendered to her lust and desire. She fucked my hard cock with reckless abandonment. The entire time she was fucking me she was screaming my name and demanding I fuck her harder. I could feel her orgasm building; the inner walls of her pussy were pulsating. They were literally sucking my cock. The pressure was mind blowing. The closer she got to her orgasm the harder it became to push my cock back into her. She was engulfed fully in the passion and sensation coming from her pussy. I started to feel that all too familiar swell in my balls.

At this pace I knew I would not last much longer. Samantha must have sensed this as her pussy started to spasm and squeeze; I felt her juices increase as my balls were soaked. This sensation made my situation hopeless to stop. The hot cum moving from my balls entered my shaft and pushed so much blood into it I felt my head slamming the bottom of her pussy. This was the magical touch that set her off. Once again I felt her pussy spasm, but this time it clamped down on my cock and felt as though it was attempting to rip it from my body. She started to squirt everywhere again. As I pulled back I would feel a steady stream spray up my chest. I could not hold back any longer. I pushed up with all my might, driving my cock as far as I could. I felt as though the head exploded inside of her. I cummed so hard I started shaking. I did not realize it but I was yelling to the top of my lungs. The sensation was beyond explanation.

Samantha collapsed on my chest. We were both breathing heavy, trying to regain our senses. Once our heart rates and breathing returned to normal, we kissed passionately. We broke our embrace, and Samantha rolled to her side of the bed. We were both soaked in sweat and each other’s sexual fluids. We did not care, we were in ecstasy. After about a half hour of small talk and kissing we decided to shower and head out for a bite to eat, as we had fucked through breakfast and lunch was approaching.
While on the way to lunch Samantha laughingly said that I put her mother to shame as far as yelling while cumming. I told her that with her I could not help myself. She smiled and said she would take as a compliment. I teasingly said she was not a quite one herself, she grinned again and to my surprise stated that was just from my cock being in her pussy and that she could only imagine how loud she would be if it was up her ass. Again she had that same erotic playful look that I had seen the night before. The rest of the drive was uneventful, but I could not get my mind off of her comments. I know she had never had a cock in her ass, guys had tried, but she never allowed them to get much in before stopping them. So the thought of being the first man to introduce her to anal orgasms turned my limp cock into another raging hard on.

During lunch we talked softly, so nobody could over hear us. She playful teased me by telling me how wet her pussy was thinking about the orgasms she had experienced. My desire for her ass was getting the best of me. I had to know if she was thinking of it, or better yet willing to offer that part of her to me. I looked into her eyes and told her how great our weekend had been so far and that I did not want it to end, that I wanted to share everything with her and ensure she experienced everything she wanted to.
Again that devilish smile crossed her lips. She told me she knew I was referring to her ass. I admitted I was and that I was sorry and did not intend to push her into something she did not want. She looked straight at me with the most sincere look and said I was not pushing her there, that she wanted to do it. She told me she had always wanted to feel what it was like, but never trusted anyone enough to let them try. She saw and heard how much her mother enjoyed it and did not want to miss out. She explained that I was the only person she would trust to help through the first time. The thoughts of burying my cock in her hot little ass drove me wild. I could not wait to eat and get back to the house.

Samantha, while sexually charged, wanted to go shopping. Wouldn’t you know it she wanted to go to a sex store. I thought she was there to buy a toy or an outfit. She immediately went to the store clerk and asked if they have any anal numbing cream. The older lady guided her to the counter where it was at. As she turned to head back, she shot me a dirty look. She seemed a little pissed that I was with a young hot woman. Maybe it was that she knew I was going to break Samantha’s ass cherry. Either way I laughed and paid for the cream.

Once back in the car, Samantha said the cream would help relax her and maybe numb some of the initial discomfort. Her mother had explained to her that anal sex is uncomfortable for the first minute or so, but once she is relaxed the sensation is great. Samantha did not have a high threshold for pain and wanted all the help she could get. I felt sorry for her and told she did not have to do this. She was adamant on doing it. Again she said that I would be the only man she could ever trust to take her ass for the first time. She knew I would be gentle, that I understood how to take my time, and that I would be patient while she got used to it. If I did not help her with this she may never experience it. With that I conceded and thanked my luck stars that I was to receive such treat.

The rest of the ride home was consumed with small talk. When we got home we went our separate ways, as Samantha had some studying and homework she had to complete and I had stuff around the house I had to get to. Heather called soon afterward. The normal questions came up how are we, do you miss me, what do you have planned to do. Up to this point I had not really thought of Heather that much, I had been all consumed by Samantha. I started to feel guilty once more. What was I doing, what if Heather found out? She would disown Samantha and throw me out for sure. Samantha must have been thinking the same thing. She came out and we sat down to discuss everything that was happening. We both felt guilty for doing these things behind Heather’s back, but we did not feel guilty for enjoying each other. We agreed that she would never be able to find out and that we would put it all on the down low once this weekend was over.

With that Samantha took off to get shower, I figured I would do the same. I got finished first and fixed us both a drink. I took Samantha’s hers. I entered the bathroom in time to see her rubbing lotion all over her body, especially those large lovely breasts. Knock Knock mister woody was back….

I left her to finish and went to the kitchen to fix a snack tray. Neither of us wanted to eat anything heavy that evening. After a few minutes Samantha appeared in the kitchen wearing a sexy black silk nightgown. The top was low cut and almost showing her large brown areolas. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out like stiff pencil erasers. The site was mesmerizing. She enjoyed the way I was looking at her; I could tell she very much liked being desired. Oh how I ever desired her. We finished our drink and had a few snacks.

We fixed another drink and retired to the living room. I turned the stereo on, Samantha so loved to dance. The Gin was relaxing her and she started a sexy dance to a modern song on the radio. She was so hot and seductive. At that point I would have given her my life savings if she would have asked for it. The song changed to a slower more seductive one and Samantha did not miss a beat. She danced over to the sofa I was sitting on. She worked her body better than any stripper I had ever seen. At the end she ended up stradling me with her tongue buried in my mouth. The passion between us was so intense. As she straddled me I reached back and cupped her ass. She moaned that oh so erotic moan I had heard all weekend, the sound of it made my cock fill full of blood. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. She was so ready to fulfill her deepest and darkest desires. Without any words we communicated it was time to retire to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Samantha turned to me, kissed me deeply and passionately, and removed my clothes. She kissed and licked the head of my extra stiffened cock. She told me to lie back in the bed. As I made myself comfortable she moved around the bed looking at me like a cat stalking a mouse. Pure desire was in her eyes. She slowly pulled the nightgown up and over her head, exposing her nakedness to me. She crawled in the bed and rolled to her side. On cue I move down to her ass, she pushed it up and into my face. The aroma was delicious. I gently kneaded her ass cheeks in my hands, making sure my thumbs caressed her budding hole. Each time my thumbs would brush her hole she would thrust back trying to push them into it. I told her to relax, enjoy my touches, and not to rush anything. I explained that anal sex is as much about the buildup to it as the actual action itself. She relaxed and I commenced with preparing her. After kneading her ass and watching the hole relax a bit, I started kissing her cheeks. I slowly moved until I was kissing the inner part of her ass. I purposely avoided her hole, making her want me to kiss it. As my lips gently touched her little brown button she bucked with anticipation. She was so sensitive by this time, again I calmed her down.

She responded as I asked and snuggled into me a little closer. I returned my mouth to her pulsing asshole. This time I slowly licked it, the sensation was driving her mad. She was moaning from deep inside her the most sexual sound I had ever heard. I had to concentrate on what I was doing so I would not get so fired up I would rush things and ruin it. As I was rimming her wonderful asshole I felt it relax and give away to my tongues probing. Step one accomplished. Her ass opened to my explorations. She moaned and mumbled repeated how wonderful it all felt. Her pussy was soaking the bed she was so turned on.

I felt it was time for the next step, while continuing to kiss and tongue her ass I gently moved my thumb to the rim. Once she felt the gentle pressure I applied with it, she tensed and the hole closed. I expected this and slowly moved in the same circular motion I had with my tongue. Within a few minutes she had became at ease with my thumb and her ass opened once again, but this time just a little wider. I told her to relax as I reached back to the nightstand and retrieved the astroglide lube. I applied a small amount to my thumb and returned to her asshole once again. I circled her asshole a couple of times and then moved it completely over the hole. I gave her a moment to realize it was there and to become comfortable. Once I sensed she was ready, I pushed my thump gently past the anal opening. She let out a gasp and her ass tightened around my thumb knuckle. I stopped and gave her to time to relax once again. Once I felt her relax I pushed a little more of my thumb into her. This time the ass did not resist, I slowly pushed the entire length of my thumb into her ass. She was breathing a little fast. I asked if she was ok and she said yes it was just a little uncomfortable. I told her that would pass in a few minutes.
As she got used to my thumb in her ass she relaxed once again and I felt her anal walls starting to squeeze on my thumb. I positioned my thumb so it was pushing on the bottom of her pussy wall from inside her ass. I could tell this sensation was new to her, but she appeared to be enjoying it. After a few minutes of this she started to move her hips. I keep my thumb in a stationary position letting her do all the moving. Eventually she was driving my thumb in and out of her ass at a steady pace, suddenly she came to a dead stop and I felt her entire insides tense up. With one big push she had her first anal orgasm. She screamed to the top of her lungs, she pushed back so hard on my thumb and hand I thought she was going to impale herself on it. Her pussy squirted stream after stream. After she relaxed I removed my thumb from her ass and let her rest.

She caught her breath and told me she now understood why her mother licked anal sex so much, that was the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever experienced. She told me she had to have my cock in her ass, if my thumb made her feel that way she can only imagine what my hard cock would do to her. I told her to lie on her back as that would provide the easiest and least uncomfortable position for her first time. She eagerly got into position.

I reach over and took a pillow and had her place it under her ass, this way her ass was elevated and made for easier access. The rush of excitement was almost to much for me to hold back. Here I was on my knees between my step-daughters spread legs, looking at her upturned ass and knowing I was moments from feeling the inner sanctum of her never before explored anal region. I had to pause and get a grip on myself. I did not want to shoot off like a teenage boy experiencing his first piece of ass. I decided it would be best to apply some of the numbing cream we had purchased earlier. It would take about 10 minutes to take affect, I would use that time to relax her as well as myself. As I applied the cream to her asshole, she moaned softly to my every touch. I slowly worked the cream around her puckered rim, then slowly inserted my finger so as to apply some to the entire anal ring. As I had hoped the application of the cream was relaxing her and her ass was opening up. After 10 minutes was up I raised up kissed her deeply and passionately, she responded by lifting her hips up and grinding her crotch into me. She was on fire, her eyes was full of lust and desire. She whispered to me to take her in the ass and how much she longed to feel my hard cock inside of her. With that I applied a liberal amount of lubricant to both her ass and my rock hard cock.

I lowered myself between her spread and inviting legs. She pulled them back slightly and offered an unobstructed entry into her ass. I placed the head of my swollen cock on her pulsating asshole and pushed slightly, not enough to penetrate but enough to apply pressure. She flinched slightly and as expected her little asshole tightened up. I kept the head of my cock pushing on her asshole, but did not go any farther. I wanted her to get used to the pressure and relax before I actually entered her. Within a few moments she relaxed and her asshole opened once again and started to suck on my cock head. I told her to remain relaxed as I was going to push the head inside her. She nodded and I pushed the head into her ass ring. She flinched a little but did not tighten her ass. The head of my cock slipped into her asshole and pushed past the ring. I stopped at this point to let her get used to it. I could tell she was uncomfortable and asked if everything was ok. Through throaty breathes she said yes, but asked for me to wait to put any more in. My cock is fairly wide and both of us knew the widest part was next to be slid into her ass.

Her asshole started flexing on my cock, which drove me wild. Samantha started slightly gyrating her hips and a look of pure desire came across her face. She opened her eyes, reached up and placed her arms around my neck, and slowly pushed her hips up and into my raging hard cock. As my wide shafted entered her asshole she let out a long breath and grinded her teeth. I could see she was in pain, but her desire was pushing her past it. Once the widest part passed the anal ring the rest slid comlpetely in with no problems. Samantha stopped and remained motionless, once my cock was buried in her ass. The look on her face was a mix of pain and pleasure. Her asshole was squeezing, pulsing, and attempting to push my cock out.

Samantha took a few deep breathes and I felt her relax. Her asshole calmed down and began to form a tight grip around my engorged cock. The feeling was heaven sent. I knew at this point I could not move, it was up to her. I asked how it felt to have my cock in her ass, she replied she had never felt anything like it. She felt so full. I told her I would not move that she could do everything at her own pace. She slowly started to push her hips farther into me. Slowly at first, but shortly her rhythm increased. She was grinding my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. I felt her anal wall constrict and wrap around my cock. Her breathing increased and she started to grunt and groan deep in her chest. She was now fully engaged in the pleasures she was experiencing in her ass. Her grunting got louder, her thrusts harder. With an ear piercing scream she was taken away by her second anal orgasm. This time though she was filled with hard cock. Her pussy was pulsating, her hips grinding more and more on me. She looked at me and screamed for me to her. She continually screamed for me fuck her up her ass. With that I leaned forward and started pushing my cock into her at first, then I pulled back slightly. Her ass clinched but gave away. I pulled back and then thrust my cock deep back into her ass. This set her into another series of spasms. Her ass was starting to suck on my cock. As I would pull back it would grip it, not wanting to release. When I would trust back into it her ass would open and take it all. I was gentle at first, to ensure she was comfortable. She was way past any discomfort, she was in another realm. Her head throwing from one side to the next. She started beating on my chest and begged me to fuck her harder.

I could not resist any more, I had to take what I had dreamed of for months. I gave into my carnal desires and started fucking my sexy step daughter as hard and deep as I could in her ass. It was sure bliss. Lights were swirling in my head. My ears was being pierced by her screams and shrieks. I lost all control and the animal in me took over. I no longer cared about hurting her, all I wanted was to be as deep in her ass as I could get. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and pressed forward on her, her screams of approval was all I needed. I started to jack hammer her asshole with everything I had. I was slamming it as far, hard, and fast up her ass as I could. Her ass was completely open to my assault, taking every bit of it. Samantha was in an erotic trance, her eyes was open but I could tell she was not present. She was in a wash of constant anal orgasms. Her screaming had been replaced with deep breaths and moans. She was no longer thrashing around, her only movement was that for which my thrusts were causing. She was completely locked into the pleasures she was experiencing.
The site of her in this state pushed me to my limit. I felt my cum swelling up from my balls. As it entered the shaft of my cock I quickened my pace. This jolted Samantha from her trance. She realized I was about to cum and she wanted evey drop deep in her ass. She started to beg for me to cum deep in her ass. She was screaming for me to push as deep as I can when I cum, she wanted to feel it spray deep in her ass. I could not hold back, with one last forceful thrust I buried my cock as deep as possible and busted loose. It felt like a fire hose was spraying. I felt my cock spew an endless stream of cum deep into Samantha bowels. I was shaking and screaming uncontrollably. Samantha the whole time had head thrown back screaming as her ass and pussy both exploded into an unrelenting orgasm. We both pushed into each other with all our might, until the sensations started to subside.

I started to get concerned that I had hurt Samantha during my loss of control. She said far from it, that she had never felt anything so pleasurable in her life. Finally it was time to remove my now softened cock from her ass. I pulled back and with a pop my cock exited her lovely ass. A long stream of cum followed behind it. We laughed about the mess we made and went to clean up in the bathroom. After cleaning we returned to the bedroom and cuddled up in each others arms. Samantha kissed me deeply and thanked me for showing her the pleasures of anal sex. She said she did not know any guy she would trust to do it to her. I told her in time she would. Then she said that until that happens she had me. I agreed knowing that I could never tell this girl no. I wonder to myself at the moment, should we be forthright and tell Heather about us. She is extremely open minded and life would be much simpler if she was aware of Samantha and my desires. Samantha was thinking the same thing as she looked at me and ask should we tell mom?

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