Aunt Fulfills Promise Made By Her Late Husband
As I stepped into my Aunt's car, the memories started running through my mind. I remembered how my Uncle had always been the black sheep of the family, but when he dumped his wife of thirty years for a younger woman, that was it as far as family was concerned. Uncle Jake told them to take a hike, and he and his new wife Penny moved back East. I'd always kept in touch with him, and he told me that after I finished junior college he'd pay for my last two years at the University there, and I could stay with him and Penny. I'd figured that all died with him when he passed away suddenly.

Shortly after my Uncle's funeral, my Aunt called and insisted that my Uncle would have wanted to fulfill his promise to me, so I accepted and went East to finish my last two years of college. My Aunt seemed happy to have me staying with her, I think she wanted me there just so she wouldn't be alone. She was in her mid-thirties, with really nice full tits and long red hair, along with great legs. As we drove home in her new red T-Bird convertible, she told me my Uncle Jake had left her well off financially, but the house was really to big for just one person. She was looking forward to my being there.

I started to call her Aunt and she stuck her finger in my face telling me to NEVER call her AUNT was too old lady. Then she laughed and told me to relax, and just call her Penny. As we chit-chatted my eyes lingered on her long sexy legs....damn they were nice. She knew I was looking, and started to tease me by running her hand up and down her leg as she talked, looking at me out the corner of her eye to see if I was paying attention to her legs.

My hormones took over and I had a raging hard on going down the side of my leg causing a huge bulge in my jeans. I noticed as she looked over at me, she was peeking over the top of her sun glasses, and seemed to be checking out my hard on. I noticed a sly smile grace her sweet lips. Finally, we arrived at the house. As Penny walked ahead of me, showing me around the lower floor of the house, I checked out her ass and how well her shorts molded to every shapely curve. As we made our way up stairs I watched as her ass swayed to and was nice.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Penny showed me to my room, casually mentioning that it was next to her room. I stepped inside, and as I looked around I noticed there was a door that adjoined the two rooms. Penny asked if I'd like to take a shower and cool off some before dinner. I told her that sounded good. Penny left and I stripped down to my shorts. As I started into the bathroom Penny came back in the room with an arm load of towels, and wash cloths. My cock was still half hard as I stood there making no effort to hide it. As I took the towels from her, Penny looked at my crotch and said,

"Here I thought you might need these."

Then she turned and left the room, she looked back over her shoulder with smile on her face. Later Penny and I had dinner out on the porch where it was cooler thanks to an evening breeze. Afterward we watched a little TV and then she made the excuse that she was tired and was going to bed. She came over, and said she was glad I was staying with her, and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. That got me hot all over again. By the time she reached the top of the stairs I had a hard on again. I wasn't tired, but there was nothing good on so I decided to go to bed as well.

It was still humid so I opened the French doors, that led to the balcony hoping for a slight breeze. I laid on top of the bed trying to fall sleep, thinking of Penny. I must have dozed off...only to be awakened by a sound coming from my Aunt's room. Curious, I tip toed over by the door that adjoined out rooms and listened. I could swear it sounded like moaning, and I could hear a buzzing sound. It was a big full moon, and it was shining into Penny's room through the open French doors in her room. With my heart pounding in my chest, I decided to look through the key hole and maybe get a better look.

What I saw nearly made me cum right there. Penny was lying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide, and she was masturbating using a vibrator. I watched as she squeezed her tits and tugged at her nipples with one hand, while working the vibrator in and out of her pussy with the other. Penny would pull the vibrator out long enough to run it over her lips and tease her clit with it, then she would slip it deep inside her pussy again. I was stroking my cock as I watched the show being put on before my eyes. Damn, how I wished that was my cock in her pussy instead of that damn vibrator. She fucked herself furiously, bucking and moaning on the bed till she finally lifted her ass off the bed and came like mad, her whole body shaking from the orgasm.

My cock started to throb, and I started cumming, covering the door with my load of cum. In my haste to get up, I accidentally bumped the door, making a thud. I wasn't sure if Penny had heard the noise or not, so I hot-footed it back into the bed. I laid with one eye slightly open so I could watch the door. I could see the dim light underneath the door, then I noticed shadows at the bottom of the had to be her standing by the door.

Thinking she might be peeking into my room, I pretended to be restless, unable to sleep. I pushed the sheets down exposing my half hard cock, with my head slightly turned towards her door. I watched the shadows still lingering at the bottom of the door, wondering if she was watching me? I moved my hand down my stomach and grabbed my cock, and started stroking it up and down, eventually making it hard again. I noticed the shadows were still there so I really started pumping my cock. The thought of Penny watching me made me hotter than ever.

I grabbed my balls as I pounded my cock, becoming more and more aroused at the thought of her watching me. I felt my cum moving up my shaft, then my cock began throbbing, and I shot a stream of cum into the air...a large dollop of cum landing on my chest. The rest oozed from my cock, and ran down the sides of my fist. After several seconds had passed I swore I heard a moan. Then the shadows disappeared and the light shown again through the crack under the door. I was sure Penny had watched me jack off. The next morning I woke and went downstairs to find Penny in a cheerful mood, humming as she made breakfast. She asked if I slept well.

"Like a log," I replied.

As she set breakfast on the table Penny and I locked eyes, and I wondered what was going on in her mind. That evening I went to bed shortly after Penny, hoping she would put on a show like the night before. I laid there with another hard on waiting, wondering and hoping she would start soon. Sure enough, I heard the sounds just like the night before, and like the night before we put on a masturbation show for each other. This went on for a couple of nights, and I wondered how long we could keep this charade up.

Another night had come, and I waited like I had other nights for the show to start, but tonight....nothing. I tried looking through the keyhole, but I couldn't see anything. Had Penny grown tired of our fun, was she in the bathroom and hadn't......then I heard her soft voice behind me. I spun around, and there standing in the French doors off the balcony was Penny. I could see right through her sheer nightgown with the moonlight as the backdrop. She pointed towards the bed and I went over and sat down. Penny untied a bow at each shoulder and let her nightgown slip down towards her tits, but her arms were folded keeping the gown from falling away and revealing her tits to me.

"I know you've been watching me pleasure myself."

"Yes, and I know you've been watching me too."

Penny smiled, "Maybe it's time to stop playing games, and do something about seems we both need the same thing."

"I agree."

Penny moved her arms allowing her nightgown to fall away. I had to gasp as her beautiful body came into view. Her breasts were round and firm...her nipples so damn hard. She looked beautiful standing there, the moonlight silhouetting her beautiful body. I stood up and slipped off my shorts, standing there just looking at her. Penny sat on the bed as I began to stroke my cock as Penny watched.

"Do you know how long its been since I've had a cock?" she asked me.

"Too long I'm sure."

"Yes, far to long."

"Your Uncle was having problems getting it up for the last few years before he nearly drove me crazy."

I stopped stroking my cock, and started to move toward her when Penny said,

"No, don't stop....not yet...I want to watch."

As I started jacking off again as Penny moved her left leg, so I could see her beautiful pussy. Even in the dim light, I could see her beautiful, thick bush. Penny moved her hand down, sliding her fingers through her forest of thick red curls, her middle finger sliding between her folds. I was mesmerized as her finger disappeared into her pussy, while she started teasing her huge clit with her other hand. Her mouth was slightly open as she watched me, her arousal growing as she neared orgasm.

"Faster!" "Stroke your cock faster."

I started stroking my cock faster as she was really getting so close to cumming.

"Faster!" she told me again.

Now my balls were slapping aganst my legs as I jacked off. She told me to cum on her tits. I pounded my cock till I felt the cum rushing up my shaft. My knees shook as I exploded, covering her tits with a load of hot cum. I watched as Penny massaged my cum into her tits thinking how I'd like to suck them. Penny leaned over the bed and took my still hard cock in her hands and began licking up the cum that was still on the head, then running my cock along her cheek. I gasped and closed my eyes as I enjoyed a sensation of my cock on her soft skin. Penny knelt down and began kissing her way up my legs, teasing me with her tongue.

By the time she had reached my inner thighs I was teaming with youthful lust. Penny started licking my balls while she slowly pumped my cock. Then ever so slowly she started licking her way up my shaft till she reached the head of my cock where she teased me unmercifully licking and sucking me, bringing me to the edge and back again. Then she licked her way up my stomach to my chest where she bit my nipples. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. She started kissing my neck and face, and finally her tongue slipped past my lips and we were in a passionate soulful kiss.

I began to kiss my way down her neck to her tits. I took her nipples in my mouth, tasting some the cum that was still on her nipples. I continued squeezing and caressing her breasts and sucking and nibbling her nipples. I knew I was on the right track from her moans of approval, and feeling her body tense and then shudder as she started cumming. I worked my way down her flat tummy through her thick forest of pussy hair to her clit. Even though her bush was thick, her clit stood out.

I moved between Penny's inner thighs, that were still glistening from all the juices that had been flowing from her pussy. I began licking and kissing my way up to her full wet pussy lips, parting her folds with my tongue as I let the nectar of her love run over my tongue and down my throat. Then I started sucking and kissing her clit as I slipped one, then two fingers deep into her hot, creamy pussy. Penny was moaning and clutching the sheets lifting her ass off the bed.

I sucked her clit, working her pussy with my fingers until she begged me to let her cum. Penny let out a scream of passion and started cumming hard. Before she could finish I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my cock, fucking her hard and fast. She was loving it, telling me how good it felt and to fuck her harder. After several minutes of me pounding her pussy, Penny stopped me for a moment, while she turned around and held onto the headboard.

I slipped my cock deep into her wet pussy from behind and started fucking her again. She was moaning again, telling to me fuck her hard, and make her cum. As I pummeled her ass, I decided to try something. I slapped her sexy ass wondering what her reaction would be. Penny moaned, telling me she loved it, and to slap her ass harder. It seemed the harder I slapped her sexy ass, the more she squealed with delight. I watched her as she reached in the bottom drawer of the dresser and pull out a vibrator. Out of breath, she told me to fuck her ass with it.

I told her I had a better idea. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and eased it slowly up her ass.

Penny said, "Ohhhhhh, ya.....fuck my ass!"

"Fuck my ass baby....fuck it good and hard!"

As I started fucking her ass handing her the vibrator, watching as she took it and shoved it into her pussy. Penny's ass was so tight I couldn't believe it, having never experienced anything like it before. I closed my eyes and listened as my balls slapped against her ass while we fucked. I felt my orgasm nearing, so I pumped her ass as hard as I could before I lost my load. At her request, I pulled out and covered her sexy ass with a coating my cum, rubbing it in with the head of my cock as Penny started cumming in wave after wave of strong orgasms.

After that night, Penny and I slept in the same room. Those were a great two years we spent together. By the end of the second year, I'd found a girl at school that was as sex-crazed as Penny, and Penny had met a really cool guy that I knew would make her happy. Things turned out great for both of us.

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