The person is real, but none of this happened ... sadly.
Morgan is a bitch. Her hair is dark and down to her shoulders, C-cup breasts, brown eyes and is skinny (but not so skinny that you can see her bones). She is about to be punished for being suck a bitch.

She was walking home from school, she’s 16. She was almost at the street that her house is on. I park my van and check that no one is around. I wait in the bushes for her to walk past. When she does, I grab her. I quickly put a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and she falls unconscious. I check again for people, I see none. I drag her to my van, open the door and shove her in. I tie her up and drive her out to my dungeon. My dungeon is in out in the country, so when she screams, no one but me will hear it.

We arrive at my dungeon just before it gets dark. I haul her out of my van and drag her inside. I tie her up with some rope and gag her. I go through her school bag, finding her cell-phone, books and empty lunch box. I go through the messages on the phone and find some boring crap about parties and some gossip, nothing interesting. I go through the pictures on it and find that she likes taking pictures of herself wearing skimpy outfits, in the mirror. I use it to take a picture of her lying on the floor, tied up.

I turn off the cell-phone and go over to Morgan. She’s still asleep, good. I go over to my collection of restraints and find a pair of handcuffs and a dog collar. I go over to her unconscious body, still in its school uniform. I put the collar around her neck and attach a piece of rope to it. I untie her hands, put them behind her back and cuff them together. I take off her shoes and put them to the side. She’s wearing stockings, a short plaid skirt and a white blouse. I check and she is wearing a pair of boxes and a white training bra as underwear.

I open her eye lids and slide contact lenses in. They are special contacts; they are completely black so they make her blind. I put them in both of her eyes. She starts to wake. She looks terrified as she can’t speak, move properly or even see. I just laugh at her. I sit next to her as she starts to struggle. I hold her tight and say “Hello bitch. Nice to see you’re awake. Now, you have been a bad girl and I am going to punish you, you dirty filthy slut.” She moans through the gag, trying to tell me something. I laugh at her attempt. I stand up and pull on the rope. She ties to stay down so I pull harder. She has a hard time getting up, while I half choke her. She finally gets onto her feet. I tell her “Good slut, when you do what I say, the better off you are”

I tug on the rope and walk along. The slut follows immediately. I take her to an area of my dungeon where there is a pulley-system hanging from the ceiling. I feed the rope through it and tie it up at the other end. That end is attached to a wheel that I can turn to make the other end go higher. I walk behind the slut and tell her that I am going to take the handcuffs off, as long as she does exactly what I say. If she doesn’t do what I say, then she gets a worse punishment. She starts crying. I take the handcuffs off of her and throw them to the side.

I tell her “Now, you are going to strip off that uniform or I am going to cut it off. Which will it be?” I get no answer. I repeat myself “Which will it be?” There is still no reply. I say “I guess you want me to cut off your uniform” She shakes her head, no. I ask “do you want to strip for me?” She nods, yes. I turn the wheel a click and it raises her head up to normal standing height. I yell “Do it now slut or I will choke you!” She unbuttons the blouse, slowly. As she does, I see her bra. She slides it back and drops it on the ground. I tell her “Good, now the rest.” She reaches down and unzips the skirt. It drops to the ground. Next, she tries to bend over to reach the stockings. I pull on the wheel and it forces her to stand up. I tell her “Lift your leg up, it is a better way to take them off.” I hear her sigh through the gag as she lifts her leg. With some trouble, she takes it off and drops it on the floor. She does the same with the other one.

She stands there, in her underwear. I yell at her “Keep going, you stupid slut!” She cries some more. I give her and evil look, even though she can’t see me. I turn the wheel, which makes her stand on the tips of her toes. I say “Listen slut, either you do it or I choke you!” She slowly reaches behind her back, and undoes the clasp. The bra falls to the ground. Her breasts are fairly big; her nipples are hard from the cold air. I say “Now the rest, you stupid slut.” She puts a hand across her breasts, to cover them. I turn the wheel and she leaves the ground. Both hands go to her throat as she tries to break free. I let her down, so that she’s back on the tips of her toes. I tell her “What a naughty slut, I told you to take your clothes off, not cover yourself up. Next time, the punishment will be worse. Now, take off the rest of your clothes!” She has a humiliated look on her face. She slides her thumbs into the waste-band of her boxes and slides them down as far as she can reach, they fall the rest of the way to the ground.

I walk over to the handcuffs, and take them over to Morgan. I hold her hands behind her back and cuff them again. I tell her “You have a whore’s body. Also, you took to long getting undressed, so I am going to punish you.” She struggles against the handcuffs and collar. I walk over to the wheel and lift her off the ground again. She starts thrashing around as her air supply starts running out. Her legs fling wildly around and he breasts bounce side to side. I let her back down onto the ground. She’s breathing properly again. I tell her “Now you will remember to do exactly what I say, when I say it. Understand?” She nods her head, yes. “Good slut. Now, it is time to commence with you punishment.”

I take the rope out of the pulley system. I say “Slut, I am going to take the gag off, as long as you don’t scream. Will you scream if I take the gag off?” She nods her head, no. I unlatch the gag and take it out of her mouth. She asks me “Who are you and why are you doing this to me?” in a scared tone. I tell her “You are forgiven for you mistake this time because you didn’t know. Next time, you will ask to speak.” She asks “Can I speak?” and I answer her “Yes”. She repeats her earlier questions, to which I answer “You don’t need to know who I am and you know full well why you are being punished!” She asks “Can I speak again?” I say “Yes, but from now on, call me master, understand?” She says “Yes, I understand. I want to know, why can’t I see?” I reply “I put special contact lenses in your eyes, they stop you from seeing.” She seams to have no more questions.

I take her to a metal frame. I tell her that I am going to get her to sit down on something. She doesn’t reply. I lift her up and sit her on the frame. I spread her legs apart so that she is doing the splits. She looks uncomfortable, good. I take the handcuffs off her and attach her arms onto the frame. I also attach her legs to the frame. Now she can’t move. I go over to where her bag is, I grab her cell-phone and take it back over to her. I turn the camera function on and take photos of her and send them to various contacts on her phone. I take more pictures of her, once her phone credit runs out.

I put the phone down and get a home-made device of mine. It is used to stretch an asshole open and keep it open. It’s sort of like a set of claws and a winch. I walk back over to her, spread her ass-cheeks and push the device into her ass. She moans loudly in pleasure and pain as I push it in. It goes in as deep as it is meant to. I start slowly winding the handle. Her ass stretches open and she moans in pain. I laugh at her. Looking through the bottom of the device lets me view the inside of her ass. The frame is able to be flipped upside down and that’s what I do. Now her ass is facing upwards and her face is just above the floor. She squealed as I tipped her over. I grab a lighter and a candle. I light the candle above her ass. It drips and falls deep inside her ass. She screams. I tell her to be quiet. Another drop hits her and she screams again. I ask her “What is wrong, you stupid bitch?” She replies “Please stop, just stop, please stop!” I tell her “but this is your punishment, bitch! Do you want it to be worse?” She stops talking. Another drop hits inside her ass, this time she tries not to scream, but she does moan loudly. I grab the extension to the device that I put in her ass. It is meant to hold the candle in place. I click it in place and put the candle in place as well. I get a chair and watch her ass full up with hot wax.

Once the candle finally burns out, I go over to see the bitch. I take the device out of her ass and it slowly closes over the wax. I get out a roll of black duct tape and cover her ass with it until there is no way that the wax could escape. She’s moaning in pain from the heat of the wax. I smile to myself. I tell her “There is still more to your punishment.” She doesn’t respond. I say “I am now going to rape that loose pussy of yours, you whore.” She starts crying again. I take out some nipple clamps and attach them tightly to her nipples. I flip the frame around so that she is was facing up. I tie some rope to the chain linking the nipple clamps and throw it over a bar above my head. I pull on it so that her breasts are pulled upwards. It looks painful, I hope it is. I position myself between her legs. It’s the right height to fuck the bitch. I notice that her pussy is very wet. I say “Well you definitely are a whore. You’re wet from the punishment I gave you.” She blushes. I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. It feels great. I thrust harder into her. Again and again. She moans with pleasure. I see her clit poking out from under its hood. I pull out and get a clit clamp. I put it on her as tight as it can go, crushing her clit. She moans very loudly as I do this. I push my cock back into her wet pussy. I thrust deep into her, over and over again. I fuck her hard, I fuck her deep. I feel her almost at an orgasm so I pull out again. I sit on her and put my cock between her breasts. I unclamp her nipples and push her breasts together. I hold her breasts in place as I fuck them. When I feel close to coming, I move up to her mouth. I rub my cock all over her face. This makes me come. I come hard and all over her face. I manage to aim my cock so that I came up her nose. This made her open her mouth; I quickly put the ring-gag (that I stashed just beside her head) into her mouth, holding her mouth open. I shoved my cock down her throat and told her “Lick it clean” which she did. I took off her gag and told her “You are a good slut. Your punishment is over. But there is one last thing left to do. You have to answer a question.” She asks “Is that it?” I say “Yes, but if you answer wrong then you stay here with me for the rest of your life. If you get it right, then you are free to go, although, you will have to find a way to get that wax out of your ass yourself.” She says “Ok, what is the question?” I ask her “Why did I punish you?” She starts to think. “Ten seconds” I say. She goes “Um … err … ah … Because I was bad?” I sigh and say “What did you do?” She keeps thinking. I tell her “Three seconds” She can’t think of anything. The time runs out. I tell her “You ran out of time and you don’t know why I’m punishing you. I will tell you why. I’m punishing you because we slept together three weeks ago and you don’t even remember my voice. On the night, you said that you loved my voice. You are such a slut and this is what happens to sluts. You are now my slave forever!” She starts crying. I smile and laugh.

This was my first story for this website, I hope you guys like it. And no, this didn’t happen … even though many of us wish it had. Tell me what you guys think; I would love some constructive criticism.

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2014-08-05 21:31:13
JNi4qq Thanks so much for the post. Much obliged.

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2013-03-15 02:34:01
I read this story because of the tags. I loved it. My favorite part is the hot wax. I am a part time submissive and I would love it if my Dom were to fill my ass and my cunt with wax. I am now off to read parts 2 and 3 of Morgam is a bitch. :)

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2012-08-15 21:16:13
I liked this story :) thought the gramma could be improved a little, but no ones perfect :) would love for that to happen to me, although probs not the candle thing but i know some people are into that kinda stuff :) great STORY :)

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2012-07-06 04:06:37
i went to read this bc of the tags, and then realized i read it b4. im certain i liked it.. just one thing for future reference.. you put morgan @ 16 with c-cup breast, but said she was wearing a training bra.. might want to proof read content so that it doesn't disrupt the atmosphere. ;)

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2012-01-21 02:02:27
For all of those fucks who think that this is stupid and fucked up this has tags and come to think of it a title. If you see the title is Morgan is a Bitch then don't open it up let alone read and post comments. You guys who like "Morgan" and still read this, your the real fucking people who need help. Plus if wee have thoughts like this then its better to let them out on a website and decompress then to acctualy snap and go and do this. So this may be in his head but he will never do this stuff. All you haters are really just encouraging him to stop writing these stories and for him to acctualy do this. So in conclusion, haters go fuck yourselves and I liked this story.

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