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the 2nd chapter to a day at the County Fair and 5 different girls i fucked
After Abby dressed and left, I jumped in the shower to wash up after sex and being covered in shit. I put on some crisp new jeans and one of my good show shirts and headed back up to the barns to check on my animals. My steer was happily munching some hay when I checked on him, and my buddy Travis was feeding his steer. We bullshitted as he worked and I combed out my steer. We decided to get fuckin drunk later that night, and he had said he talked to Megan earlier about drinkin. Travis had stayed a few nights with me and we always seemed to get pretty fucked up. Megan was a counselor with us that year at camp, and she was also best freinds with Libby, my girlfreind.

Megan and I had flirted quite a bit at camp that year. We were chicken fighting in the pool one day, Megan on my shoulder's, and travis with another female counselor on his. Whenever we would fall into the water, Megan would grab me with her legs and we would wrap our bodies together under the water for a moment. each time we went under it got a little more intense as we would dry hump each other. (or wet hump, i guess*) we started playing around in the pool away from other peple, just Megan and I. I was throwing her in the air and she was trying to pull off flips before splashing back into the pool. One such "graceful" landing in the water, Megan swam back up to the surface in front of me and i noticed both of her beautiful tits had come out over her top. I stared at the gorgeous pair for a while before looking back at Megan's face. She had a naturally dark complection with dark curly hair, wet and pulled back around her soft round face. She had a beautiful smile that could light up a room, and her perfectly shaped 36c breasts sat atop a well toned body. She was an all star soccer player and an excellent long distance runner. To say the least I wanted to fuck her, and she told me right there in the pool with her tits hanging out of her bikini, if it wasn't for Libby she would fuck the hell out of me. We played a little more in the pool that day, coping feels of each other whenever possible, but not much else happened after that. That is until, the Fair....

Travis and I walked up to the hog barn so I could feed my pigs. We ran into Megan on our way up the road and she came along with us. We planned our booze for the night, Wild Turkey and Bud Light, and tried to figure out who would buy it for us. (since we were all only 18). Megan got a call from Abby, and she invited her to join us for the party. I laughed, knowing where Abby had been the past hour, and finished feeding. We left and met up with Abby, who winked at me, blowing me a kiss. We went to go find our good old friend Joe, who had been hooking us up all week. Trav, Meg, and Abs went to my camper to start partying while I went with Joe to get the party. I still dont know how in the hell I got 48 cans of bud light, 6 bottles of coors light, 6 bottles of down home punch, 6 bottles of Mikes hard lemonade, and a gallon of wild turkey into a duffel bag and carry it past 3 sheriff's deputies without making so much as a clink or a clang. When I came in Travis and Megan were curled up on one side of the table, laying under a blanket. Abby was laying on the the other side of the table, and they were watching American Pie on the TV. I unloaded the duffle and stocked the fridge as much as I could. The turkey I brought to the table, along with a stack of shot glasses.

We started playing Euchre, me and Megan partners and Travis and Abs partners. We did shots for every eucher, set, or loaner. Me and Megan were killing travis and abs the first 3 games.. We flirted back and forth across the table while we played, shooting each other looks. After about 5 or 6 hands we were all feeling mellow from the half bottle of turkey we had tore through. We decided to watch the rest of the movie, and turned out the lights. Me and abs curled up on the bench seat on our side of the table, with Trav and Megan on the other. In no time, Abs had my hand working her pussy outside her jeans. I could tell she was very moist, and began working my hand down inside her panties. we laid still except for my fingers creeping to her clit. her pussy was very wet from my cum, and hers. I slid my fingers over that delicious pussy, lubing them with the wetness, and worked circles around her clit. she moved her hips slightly, and I drover a finger up into her sweet hole. The cum I shot in her earlier must have came out then, or she came massively when I shoved it in, because i felt a large load of warm liquid run down my finger. her panties were completly soaked now from her soggy pussy, and it wore through her jeans too. I could feel her gripping my thighs and my fingers worked her hot little pussy into a frenzy of orgasmic pleasure. I could hear her breath pick up, as well as Megan's as I realized she had travis working on her pussy, although I coulnd't see.

By Now I had 3 fingers pumping into Abby's hot qium. She was bucking ever so slightly into my hand, and her hand had found it's way to my now very rigid cum cannon. Just as I thought she was going to cum, someone pounded on the camper door only 4 ft. away. Abby and Megan both jumped up, Abby pulling me along with my hand still in her panties. I freed myself from her soaked snatch, and opened the door as Abby was buttoning her jeans. It was her mom. And she was pissed. She yelled at Abby for numerous things, and she had to leave. I was left blue balled. Stone Cold Blue Balls with a great big fat hard on and no where to stick it or hide it. and that was when I realized the stars must have aligned themselves for me that night. Travis had to leave also. Apparently his mom was experiencing vehicular difficulties, and he had to make a service call. Suddenly, Megan and I were left, all alone, me with a raging hard on, in my camper.

It took all of one minute before we stripped each other naked and had at each other. We did a shot for good times, and I curled her muscular legs back, admiring her sexy feet. Her pussy was certainly wet, and well trimmed. Two tight little lips that looked barely fucked. I dove in tongue first and ate as deep as I could into her sweet center. She moved her hips back and forth, laying on her back on the table as I bent over to have my fill of her pussy cream. I groped at her luscious tits as i worked her pussy with my tongue, running figure 8s over her clit, then running my long tongue deep up her twat as my nose pressed into her clit. She came in 2 minutes, soaking my chin in her juices. I stood up and she pulled me onto her, grabbing my cock. before we started, she told me Libby couldn't find out about this, or anyone. Then she also said to do whatever i want, but make sure when I cum, I pump my load up into her. I guess Libby had been telling her stories, and she wanted to know. My cock was broad and standing tall, so I plunged it with easy into Megans hot tight little pussy. I wanted to cum right there and she yelled Fuck Yes!. I bottomed out in her love box, and slowly rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of our tight embrace, the deep penetration, her soft whimpers and ehr pussy clenching my throbbing cock. She whispered Libby was right, and I decided to fuck Megan better than I ever did Libby.

I stood up and pulled Meg to the end of the table and started ramming her pussy into a froth. She moan and lifted her legs, allowing me deeper access to her pussy. I used every inch I had to pummle her pussy. her big boobs bounced back and forth and i felt the camper rocking as I gave her everything I could. My hips were a fury, and I could feel my thighs and abs burn as I watched her curl her pretty toes and flex her calves and thighs. The sight of those perfect legs made me wanna drop a load, and I let out a "oh god" and felt my cock throb in anticipation. I held my load and kept my very quick pace, and Megan noticed I was ready to cum. That sent her into an orgasm, and her knees bent down to her tits with her feet curled back, spread wide open, and I forced my cock as deep up into her as I could. Meg howled and started cumming, her eyes rolled back in her head and she was silent and I kept pounding her cunt, forcing her thighs wider, her feet lock back and toes spread. I could feel ehr cum coming out around my cock and working around my balls. I grabbed her by her hair and by the shoulders, using my shoulder to force her legs back, and used my weight to fuck her tiny twat into submission. She was cumming like a banshee, shooting hot cream onto my balls as I plowed her. but when I pulled her hair, her eyes shot open and she demanded my cum in her pussy. That was all I needed and began to unload into her. She was yelling, "Cum in me! cum Right there.. OH fuck, your cum is Soo fuckin hot.!! " anyone outside would hear her getting a royal reaming, but I kepting fucking my own cum into her spasming pussy. When my first volly hit her pussy she came again, or was still cumming, and she somehow spread her legs father. I did my best to kept working her pussy with my cock, but as I came, i slowed to a stop, my cock buried balls deep inside her, her feet over my head, our mouths locked in the most passionate kiss i have ever felt.

We kissed a long time, laying there like that, until my hips started unconcsiously bucking into her. she started moaning, and my cock was fully hard still and ready for more action. I stayed deep in her pussy, slowly fucking her as we laid there in a warm embrace, but I could not hold it any longer. I got up and pulled her off the table and bent her over. As she bent over the table, her ass cheeks spread and revealed a thick mass of cum that had pooled around her asshole . I dove in, licking her asshole clean as she moaned. i ran two fingers into her tight cunny, and my cum came running out. I used the extra lube and rimmed her asshole with my finger. I fed my cock into her hungry pussy and resumed my orginal hard fast steady pace, occasionaly playing with her asshole with my fingers. She was loving ever second of it. She came twice more as I plugged away at her from behind, enjoying her nice round behind with slim hips, teasing her nipples and pulling at her hair. she had been asking for a refill, wanting my to cum inside her again. I had her lay on her tummy on the floor legs spread, and lift her ass. I had intended to stay on my feet and really give her a deep dicking, but ended up sitting between her thigs, shoving my cock up into her tight tight sweet lil pussy, my legs stradeling her hips. it felt so amazing, and megan worked her pussy up and down on my cock as I rammed upwards into her. she told me to let it all go, fuck my cum into her hole. fill her up. I unleased with another load of babymaker batter from the depths of my nuts and started to cum my brains out shaking. Megan was going nuts, grinding her pussy down onto my spasming spurting cock, and kept saying fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

We released each other and and I watched as my cum poured out of her abused pussy and hit the carpet of the camper. SHe told me that was the best fuck she had ever had. We slowly dressed, still rubbing our bodies against each other. We sat back down and were just starting to deal some cards when there was a knock at the door. Jared, Mike, and Dan brought over some whiskey, and also brought Katie and Ashlyn along.....

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